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    1. The music goes on for another half an hour at which point an announcement is made that supper is being served on the patio

    2. ’ She said, noting how wary he looked at this announcement

    3. And then they both began to mouth the announcement:

    4. Gilla, we ought to organise some sort of announcement

    5. We dug into our pockets for contributions to the bill whilst Mercouri heaved himself upright and made a loud announcement,

    6. They watched and listened in the market places, taverns and forums, and then, one morning, they called an impromptu press conference where they made a grand announcement

    7. As long as he had enough cash in his pocket to put petrol in his rather sparkly cabriolet and to fund his passion for angling, he simply didn’t have a care in the world, and so things progressed for nearly two years until his wife made an announcement over breakfast one morning

    8. He wanted to make that announcement at his presentation, but that was more than a week away

    9. Each grant announcement will contain instructions on how to apply, including where to get an application packet, information the application should contain, the date the application is due, and agency contact information

    10. Unfortunately, there is no single document that contains every Federal grant announcement and no uniform format for these announcements, although the Administration is working to change this

    11. Applicants may call the official identified in the grant announcement or contact an agency's regional office

    12. conference where they made a grand announcement

    13. I know Mum was iffy on the phone, but it was the first she had heard of your existence so you can understand that she was taken unawares by my announcement that you’re moving in

    14. The announcement from George at the Council meeting, after his presumptuous offer of assistance as 'adviser' for dubious civil improvements, and that he would then 'push forward' to become a hotelier, as a model for the rest of them, was the last straw

    15. "Although there has been no official announcement, early indications from hospital staff suggest that the girls had taken a cocktail of Ecstasy and other drugs together with substantial amounts of alcohol

    16. Allcock made a grand announcement that his pursuit of New York City merchants for his tackle merchandise had at last yielded some success---thanks in large part to Harry

    17. In the end an announcement is made that there will be another train at the other platform in ten minutes and everyone dashes off over the footbridge

    18. Clive House was the scene of frenetic activity from their reception of the announcement forward to the named date of the blessed union

    19. After they were seated in the restaurant and drinks were served around the table, Harold stood to make an announcement

    20. “Chloe and I are thrilled at our reception here and have an announcement

    21. The summer of the Bessamer's announcement to relocate to San Francisco and the Spelman's extended visit in Tahoe City was rapidly drawing toward September before any one realized the air was growing nippier

    22. She woke to the mechanical announcement: “This will be a preboarding announcement for families with small children and those…”

    23. The tin can announcement jabbered on

    24. They had either heard the public announcement from the city square or somehow sensed that something big was about to happen there that day, and they started gathering to watch

    25. At the end of shift, near to seven in the evening, the Elf made a general announcement that all hands should assemble in the galley for dinner

    26. Well, if we could turn to the subject of this latest announcement: the prohibition of sandals for Catholics

    27. UBO: And I'm pretty confident that the Pope's latest announcement has nothing to do with scripture and everything to do with his own strangely deluded reactionary views

    28. Joss frowned at my announcement, but he didn't protest

    29. This announcement peeked Martin’s interest ever since his suspicions about Sloan had been aroused

    30. A little later there is an announcement over the school speaker system

    31. Martin saw an announcement this past summer that the Administration had decided to use it as a storage facility, however there had been a groundswell of citizen opposition to this plan

    32. When the room had been sealed and the heater switched on, Chris moved to the centre of the open floor space, partially to be nearer the heater, gestured to everyone to be quiet and made an announcement:

    33. ‘What’s more, there was no announcement from the computer

    34. I sat in the midst of them at the table and knew I should make my announcement

    35. My announcement came with more difficulty than I expected

    36. She knew Frank was nervous about this engagement party and the announcement

    37. Frank had argued that it was a bit much having the announcement in Shelagh's own house

    38. He hadn’t even noticed, he’d been so deep in his musings that he hadn’t heard the announcement

    39. In the backstage dressing room, Raven gritted his teeth as he listened to the announcement and prepared to enter the ring

    40. “You will make a general announcement over the tannoy,” a hard voice whispered into his ear

    41. The Prime Minister was due to give an announcement later in the day, in the meantime all ferry traffic to and from the Isle of Wight had been suspended and a no-fly zone had been introduced

    42. A testament of My love and sacrifice, the announcement of My coming, a proclamation of truth

    43. Not disclosed in last week’s announcement are additional costs

    44. “This is in response to Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s announcement that Canada will be unable to meet the new environmental protocols

    45. She barely heard his announcement that it revealed a cracked rib, for her gaze had come to rest on the stirrups

    46. Apparently this was his version of the triumphant announcement of their arrival

    47. The First Lady then made the announcement for everyone to venture to the Red Room for the reception

    48. His mood slumped the very moment of Gordon’s unwelcome announcement that Leon was coming along

    49. Sylvia was on her fourth drink and really feeling its effects when, without announcement, a perky American woman sat beside her and introduced herself as Beth Tierney

    50. Day three brought reprieve in the form of an announcement by Herminia’s dentist that her appointment, which they had anticipated to be her last, was rescheduled for three days hence

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