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    1. And because he wasn’t trying to be sexist or nothin’, he put up a poster of Rosie the Riveter because she had strong arms

    2. Unable to keep still in my exasperation, I rise to my feet and move over to the wall where there is a poster about something or other … I stare at it blindly, annoyed with myself for losing control

    3. There is a huge poster of a dragon on the wall – one of the semi-mythical ones set in a rugged landscape … it is all shades of green with the dragon a gorgeous greeny-bronze

    4. Use a spare white board or a poster if this helps

    5. If that is the activity of a machine, I'm the poster child,” acknowledged the host

    6. One of the other guys, who wasn’t on the boat but saw you on the way, said they must have used your picture on the poster

    7. "Desa, after all these decades, what kind of greeting is that? When I saw your name in the poster I had to come check out this band

    8. “And stop chasing that Harvest Festival Poster around the glass

    9. “No, what I asked was how come you are here at this precise minute chasing my Harvest Festival poster around my window with a big hammer in your hand balancing on the top of an unstable ladder brandishing a political banner in the other hand, throwing tacks about

    10. Grimes reckoned there was little difference between them and approved of neither, for every time they harangued one another, his Harvest Festival Poster flapped around the window in sheer terror, leap-froging less sensitive Government notices who stayed sublimely cool, obviously they had heard it all before

    11. So the poor poster sat there bored to tears taking in all that was said

    12. It would whisper until one cool night the gum hardened and fell away allowing the poster to flip flop and continue whispering to any official Post Office notice it came across

    13. ” She smiled at the poster which immediately stopped in its tracks

    14. The poster shot down the window, and Beauty whispered quietly to it

    15. “She used to have a giant poster of a Navajo Indian Chief

    16. He stared at the poster, wondering how men could find her attractive

    17. She looked up from Sanjev’s photograph and her eyes landed on her own new publicity poster, which hung on the wall

    18. He was the poster boy of the “I

    19. “Also,” Maldynado said, “just to be clear before this all starts, no one has a poster out accusing me of magic use, so that kill on sight thing need not apply here

    20. Remembering her wanted poster, she winced

    21. The wanted poster featured the picture the woman in the ink shop had sketched of him

    22. “Forty times more, you dolt,” Books said, eyes glinting with apparent appreciation for the poster

    23. “That’d be a step up from a wanted poster,” Maldynado said

    24. Next he considered Amaranthe’s poster

    25. On her poster, he crossed out the line about her being a magic user and simply wrote: “Wanted Alive — 10,000 ranmyas

    26. Wade, as a (poster) example

    27. "'Ave yer seen this?" he asked, holding up a small yellow poster

    28. She requested a new poster with

    29. We placed her cat candle on the nightstand next to her, put up a new poster of kittens, and asked the head

    30. I thought of what the Boers said in their wanted poster

    31. I could see inside a poster of Paris at night

    32. Jeremy’s poster started with an example of arithmetic progression (1, 2, 4, 8, 16…) compared with geometric or exponential progression (1, 2, 4, 16, 256…)

    33. They found the next poster, under

    34. In the hall, there was a giant poster of Sierra with her trademark white Stetson sitting on top of her head

    35. Even in the poster, Noah’s eyes seemed deliberately fixed on hers

    36. “Yeah, that was about the gist of it,” he said as he looked at the poster

    37. professional and you probably won't be invited to come back as a paid poster

    38. He lay on the big double poster antique bed draped in white material like a shroud, and watched her go

    39. I found a poster of Warhammer and some miniatures on a shelf directly next to it, which also housed some Ciaphas Cain novels inside it

    40. After that, she gave up on the idea and instead used the money she had saved to buy a large poster of dolphins that she had given to Daisy

    41. the gift that the next day, she offered an even larger poster of horses to Yania

    42. He is the poster child for white liberal guilt

    43. The Scranton plant, consisting of roughly 1,000 12'-x-24' poster billboards and many large 14'-x-48' painted bulletins, had already been unionized by a branch of the AFL-CIO

    44. I fell back against the poster for international phone tariffs, holding my nose

    45. “Do you want to kiss it?” Jess said, tapping the poster as we passed

    46. , Pops had buried an ‘out’ in their agreement allowing him to sell for himself the Scranton–Wilkes-Barre poster and paint plants, the largest and potentially most profitable

    47. The weather was so cold in this part of our territory for five months of the year that we had to mix calcium chloride in the paste to freeze the poster paper on the boards

    48. He returned with a ring board with each poster trapped on two

    49. time, sent a wanted poster to station #2 for his brother to give to Pete

    50. The poster was yellowed with age and looked to be

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