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    1. It’s in a United Order base hidden within the city in the basement of a building posing as a bank,” Ackers said in one large breath

    2. “They’re all in the basement,” he declared as he looked down at the ground through his technological gadget

    3. Multiple guards were posted throughout the basement; all of them had laser rifles

    4. Red stepped into the basement, still clutching her four square grenades, and scanned the room, taking stock of everything that was going on

    5. From the opposite end of the basement, Johnny and Nancy also entered the room

    6. “What’s happening? Can any of you read me?” Vinnie asked as he looked at displays of the bank’s basement floor

    7. He slipped the computer into his pocket and headed for the stairs leading into the basement

    8. Vinnie entered the basement from the other side of the room

    9. Everyone in the basement now had their eyes on them, watching in frozen anticipation for what would happen when they landed

    10. The CTO had a room in the building's basement and most of the testers were housed down there as well

    11. Smiler rarely ventured down into the burrow world of rabbit Marwan, preferring to leave others more attuned to the rhythms of nature to tend the sick foreign heathen in the basement

    12. He used to work with wood as a hobby and had a small workshop in the basement

    13. Cyberia, unaccustomed as she was to seeing the metropolis in its daytime apparel, walked open-mouthed past dingy basement flat windows, down long, dark alleyways and visibly felt herself shrink before the impressive, classically styled porticos of ancient institutional temples

    14. This alley sloped steeply down and turned, so that soon they were in a basement stables

    15. Ava had been caught up in it while it was happening, but while listening to it in words, it seemed a silly little walk thru a damp basement compared to the abandoned areas of Zhlindu or Yondure, or even the canyons of the Yakhan

    16. The Basement Saturday

    17. The Basement is located in what was once the little white town’s local cinema

    18. The Basement should carry a health warning for epileptics

    19. He slides five twenties off the top and passes them to the owner of The Basement

    20. "Earlier this morning two girls were rushed here to A&E having collapsed at The Basement club in Bideford

    21. The canteen is in the basement of the hospital, not far from the mortuary

    22. levels to the lodging house, a basement, ground

    23. The stairs into the basement were rough-hewn stone

    24. The basement was split into

    25. the commotion in the basement and were running to

    26. There’s a story in the news this morning, two girls taking drugs in a club in Bideford, called The Basement

    27. if home was to Scotty’s basement then I guess I was telling the truth)

    28. down in the basement

    29. had in the basement that night—and this time I was going to finish the deal

    30. door that was used to get to the basement if the police should arrive

    31. basement of the old house

    32. In the basement there were already several couples making out on the

    33. Heather wobbled out of the doorway into the darkness of the basement

    34. Carl opened the basement door and pulled on a chain, illuminating the

    35. house with a full basement

    36. at the top of the basement steps

    37. The first thing I saw when I stepped onto the basement floor was the color

    38. But we have a way to defend ourselves!” Moana said, opening the door to the basement

    39. “Just protect Wiremu!” Tane said, and Tane and Moana ran down to the basement

    40. The stairs came down between that and another door that must lead to a basement room back under the kitchen

    41. prize accomplishment was the basement

    42. The basement was covered with more white carpet on the floor and on the

    43. designed the basement for this very thing? The thought sent shivers down her

    44. He uses the basement as a kennel the day of the fight

    45. The only problem is the only way into the basement is through the arena

    46. concrete ramp that led to the basement

    47. down the ramp to the basement

    48. perfect the basement was

    49. basement as long as he could

    50. in the middle of Carl’s basement, a structure with four legs underneath and several

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    basement cellar footing wall bed bottom groundwork excavation vault