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Bed en una oración (en ingles)

  1. I sat up in bed.
  2. I sat on the bed.
  3. I sent him to bed.
  4. He lay in the bed.
  5. He slid off the bed.

  6. You wait on the bed.
  7. He was still in bed.
  8. June sat on the bed.
  9. She was still in bed.
  10. He is here in my bed.
  11. You should be in bed.
  12. I spent it in my bed.
  13. I like her in bed.
  14. In bed I phoned Josie.
  15. I had gone to bed.

  16. Throw her on the bed.
  17. He sprang out of bed.
  18. Ma was ready for bed.
  19. Thank God I had a bed.
  20. I was in bed, and my.
  21. I sat on the bed dazed.
  22. I sat next to her bed.
  23. Fall back in bed, love.
  24. He lay among a bed of.
  25. She perched on the bed.

  26. He jumped off the bed.
  27. She stands by your bed.
  28. I walked up to the bed.
  29. He lay back on the bed.
  30. We can’t share a bed.
  31. Lying in a hospital bed.
  32. She got back on her bed.
  33. He was terrible in bed.
  34. On the bed was a person.
  35. And he sat up in his bed.
  36. Brian got up off the bed.
  37. Robert tossed on his bed.
  38. She collapse on the bed.
  39. I was in the bed while.
  40. You put her to bed one.
  41. Ras moves toward the bed.
  42. As I lay in bed, Swami.
  43. Put it next to your bed.
  44. Joe and Beth on their bed.
  45. I slid my legs out of bed.
  46. He lay Murray on the bed.
  47. Denson is stirring in bed.
  48. She bundled me off to bed.
  49. Wisdom flopped in his bed.
  50. The bed was damp with it.
  51. Ron sat next to the bed.
  52. He wanted her in his bed.
  53. Now they flew bed sheets.
  54. He rolled over in bed and.
  55. I jolted up and out of bed.
  56. Mum hasn’t made her bed.
  57. There a figure in the bed.
  58. Sanjay led him to the bed.
  59. The bed is the holy table.
  60. Sebastian moved to the bed.
  61. I’m not his bed slave.
  62. The dog is ________the bed.
  63. Come on, let’s go to bed.
  64. Penn crawled out of the bed.
  65. He would bed her, and she.
  66. A proper bed, that’s all.
  67. I have decked my bed with.
  68. Kate was sitting up in bed.
  69. Stand pandar to their bed;.
  70. She would rather go to bed.
  71. Scoot back up on the bed.
  72. Jared slipped into the bed.
  73. He was in bed with Angelia.
  74. Cool, I’m going to bed.
  75. Bubba stood next to the bed.
  76. She puts the bag on his bed.
  77. The bed had barely cooled.
  78. Then we walked to your bed.
  79. Patrick was by Ruby’s bed.
  80. She got out of bed quietly.
  81. He stood by the bed panting.
  82. And then it was off to bed.
  83. Carol lay quietly in the bed.
  84. This is a bed, not a coffin.
  85. A package appeared on my bed.
  86. The bed beside him was empty.
  87. As she got out of bed, she.
  88. Sam woke up in the bed alone.
  89. Getting the children to bed.
  90. He moved to kneel by the bed.
  91. Wearily, she went to her bed.
  92. He hops behind the bed again.
  93. He sat on the edge of the bed.
  94. Put your knife on the bed.
  95. Batistuta remained in his bed.
  96. He sat on the bed next to her.
  97. He sat on the bed and waited.
  98. The children pile on the bed.
  99. That flower bed looks a mess.
  100. I expect she’s gone to bed.
  1. Judy will fix bedding there.
  2. I put the bedding in the washer.
  3. After that, I went through the bedding.
  4. Remove and pack the bedding separately.
  5. She punched the bedding in frustration.
  6. I had put on the bed new bedding, though in.
  7. His sweat soaked body had drenched the bedding.
  8. He reached out and touched the bloodied bedding.
  9. Lillies of the Field, Box of Bedding, etc.
  10. I placed the bedding in the corner of the cottage.
  11. I packed you four changes of bedding, said Mum.
  12. The mess on my bedding appalled me more than all the.
  13. And something that looked black and wet on the bedding.
  14. The old woman lay emaciated under institutional bedding.
  15. Arguing with him thrilled her almost as much as bedding him.
  16. She knew that Theoton wasn’t bedding their son’s gerula.
  17. This can be sprayed around pet bedding, rugs, furniture, etc.
  18. These materials are used for curtains, bedding, slip-covers, etc.
  19. He had left Ruth lying in a pile of crumpled bedding, fast asleep.
  20. The coroner drew a few strands of sewing thread from their bedding.
  21. The bedding was now purple and made with a much higher thread count.
  22. I walked over to the near end of the couch and flopped the bedding.
  23. All bedding in his household was regularly beaten and hung in the sun.
  24. The bedding was still shimmering in blood and he stared at it in wonder.
  25. Well, as it turns out, years of bedding hot babes (plus perhaps a very.
  26. Darren came in, saw me holding the bedding and tried to take it from me.
  27. She could just make him out through the bedding he had carried up there.
  28. Tragus was far too jealous to bear the thought of another man bedding her.
  29. Bedding, clothing, tables, chairs, all hard to come by in the front lines.
  30. Thank goodness I changed the bedding this morning … It is nearly three a.
  31. A bare ass stuck out of Hayley's shorts, bent face down over some bedding.
  32. The garden centre should have some bedding type stuff which you could put in.
  33. He picked his bedding from the floor and tossed it back on his bed in disgust.
  34. I then started buying the furniture and mattresses, bedding, towels and carpets.
  35. They ate a cold breakfast, Jasper sitting next to the fire draped in his bedding.
  36. Blankets were placed ready, tables laid with hot soups and coffee, bedding, etc.
  37. The major cause of the stench lay in the tangle of crumpled bedding on the floor.
  38. Increase the bedding inside the coop to protect the chickens from the cold ground.
  39. I looked over at the little girl and then looked down at my bedding, and I knew.
  40. The twin beds had been thrown onto their sides and the mattresses and bedding were.
  41. Not much to it really, his clothes, a little bedding and a few personal possessions.
  42. All of the dresser drawers were flung about the room, even the bedding lay on the floor.
  43. With no rubber gloves to hand I gingerly lifted up the soiled bedding, keeping my fingers.
  44. Some form of bedding should always be used to avoid lying directly on cold or damp ground.
  45. He can see how tired I am and, with an understanding smile, helps me straighten the bedding.
  46. They planned on bedding down for the night and staying out there on their new mining claim.
  47. One day he cornered me in this quiet little area in front of the bedding store where there.
  48. He led them to the other end of the camp where bedding and cots had arrived for the clinic.
  49. The bedding was brought out from many trunks located in a storeroom in the back of the cave.
  50. The short session that he'd had with the old man and Youssaf before bedding down reinforced.
  51. Some animal would have found it if nothing else, all you’ll find now is inglethor bedding.
  52. The presence of water in the bedding will help microorganisms to flourish and infect the birds.
  53. Thoughts of bedding S’us left Joey’s head and he looked at her with a new profound interest.
  54. From the state of the bedding, it looked as if the mice had more use of it than the owners had.
  55. When he gazed into those eyes of hers his mind suddenly filled with quick flashes of bedding her.
  56. First a large washing basket full of food, then rolls of bedding followed by two small suitcases.
  57. She pushed the bedding off her, and watched Chinedu's eyes leave her face, and settle on her bosom.
  58. The kids in the back seat woke up and pried themselves out of the dusty litter of bundles and bedding.
  59. Their own bedding! What a complication of burdens to lay on the back of the patient father of a family.
  60. He was checking the tangled bedding when Dario, over by the desk, said, ‘I think I know what happened.
  61. Tightly hand woven mats were placed on this straw and then their bedding was placed on top of the mats.
  62. Yosef then remembered the gossips about Miriam possibly bedding a Roman soldier and anger flared in him.
  63. Then we had to unload everything and dig out sufficient bedding and so on for Liz to cope for the night.
  64. I have watched an invisible entity methodically remove the bedding off two beds and search the suitcases.
  65. It has shown particular malice towards my own possessions, covering my clothes and bedding in toiletries.
  66. Al walks in, and I don’t even have to ask him to help me; he just walks over and strips bedding with me.
  67. Near the road, they saw a creek, and enjoyed a cool drink before bedding down for the night in a secluded area.
  68. This adjutant was also there and sat dozing on the rolled-up bedding, evidently exhausted by work or by feasting.
  69. Relatives provided the bedding and clothing as well as did tasks that nurses’ aides would perform in the states.
  70. Upstairs, Jesse pulled bedding from the closet before following her grandmother to the room at the end of the hall.
  71. With Brian then locked up, frequent visits carrying food, cigarettes and clean bedding would win his total confidence.
  72. The horses stamped and snorted, and they chewed the straw of their bedding and they clashed the chains of their halters.
  73. He could see from the state of the bedding that Nemia had been asleep on the other side of Talia, but had already risen.
  74. He was on the floor of The Lonely River Pass Bar and Grill with no bedding of any kind and wearing his full work uniform.
  75. So much so that sometimes she would hide in the garden or under bedding, in the foolish hope that she would not be found.
  76. She organised a camp bed for each of them in their respective offices, and drew bedding from the store run by ‘Aunty’.
  77. Every corner is crammed with cuddly toys, videos, bedding, crockery, radios, wind-up toys and other Garfield-related items.
  78. Smith and Dryac, and inform them they can have the quarters assigned to me and appropriate bedding will be provided for Mr.
  79. Although cancer is not supposed to be an infectious disease, they had orders to take all the bedding away and have it burnt.
  80. Dry grass was tamped between the cross sticks and then more was spread on top so that a soft warm bedding covered the floor.
  81. I chose to start a quest in which I will walk the State of Texas carrying two bags-one with my clothing and one with my bedding.
  82. Each man carried forty pounds of rations and bedding, two water canteens, fifteen magazine clips, four grenades, and their gun.
  83. I don't have information on our crew's bedding habits, but I perceive Luray to have concern for her companion's character also.
  84. Bryce Cooper was in the middle of an enormous bed near the windows, ensconced in soft bedding and a dozen European-size pillows.
  85. The backseats were packed with dusty children and dogs and toothless grandparents and rolls of bedding and boxes of canned goods.
  86. Sawkins was instructed to take a truck to the house and get the bedding and take it to the town Refuse Destructor to be destroyed.
  87. A half-used bale of straw stood against it -- no doubt clean bedding which, in the dry weather, had not been put back under cover.
  88. Now I best be off and get some bedding to sleep on the recliner, if that is still on offer, as I could do with the company tonight.
  89. The bedding was the smoothest she’d ever had, even in her virtual life, but his hands felt smoother, til she was ready to explode.
  90. He turned to see Bryce Cooper shrug off the bedding, hoist himself out of bed with a gun in his hand; must’ve been under his pillow.
  91. Forced to defecate in his cage, he pushed the waste between the rails with as little straw as possible, trying to conserve his bedding.
  92. At the same time he would be able to give Sam the attention he needed, at least in the short term while she was bedding in her new job.
  93. Pressed between his wife and the woman he enamored, Raja Rao realized that his sex life would be dull without bedding the latter as well.
  94. He excused himself from the group and personally saw to it that a robust fire was prepared, and the softest bedding was laid on their bed.
  95. Much later, ensconced in soft bedding, I clutched my postcards from James and looked out at the moonlight caressing the treetops in the park.
  96. There are coffee pots in every room, and of course, fresh bedding, so you really have nothing to worry about for the remainder of your stay.
  97. She is aware of the friction of the mattress on her knees, but also, strangely, on her back, as one of them moves the other across the bedding.
  98. Lavrushka turned all the bedding over, looked under the bed and under the table, searched everywhere, and stood still in the middle of the room.
  99. Lavrúshka turned all the bedding over, looked under the bed and under the table, searched everywhere, and stood still in the middle of the room.
  100. Use a towel to dry This mixture can also be sprayed around the dog’s bedding area and around the entrances to the house as mentioned in step 1.
  1. Once the deal had bedded.
  2. So he hadn’t bedded Dora.
  3. Gad and his father had bedded down with the drovers.
  4. I have bedded women with far more wealth than she.
  5. Once his trusted friend had been fed and bedded down.
  6. Several men were bedded there, and he recognized Caymus amongst.
  7. I have bedded women with far more grace and breeding than she.
  8. The meeting broke up late, and Charlie bedded down with mixed emotions.
  9. I have cleaned and bedded down many sleeping and unconscious patients.
  10. The blond girl in Thornton's bedded the wicker basket with rustling fibre.
  11. To the north, at the site of the town's only well, the herd lay bedded down.
  12. She quickly bedded and discarded the good looking single guys, Neil and James.
  13. When he bedded down for the night, that was all he had; unanswered questions.
  14. As I bedded down for the night, I watched the ’puses on the trees around me.
  15. Moshe, on seeing that the motley herd had already been bedded down next to whatever.
  16. If the hermit bedded me for seven years, wouldn’t I have quickened before this?
  17. By the time that Moshe and Judah returned to where the herd and drovers had been bedded.
  18. We can get Anita bedded down in the back, she will be warm enough with blankets around her.
  19. Evander says, ‘I’ve bedded hundreds of women in my life, Nerissa told the jurors as.
  20. They bedded down in a little copse of quibreaks out in the sparse wild theshes of the chaparral.
  21. If that is the case, then he should be after the other million and a half women Jared’s bedded.
  22. Did you know she bedded all six studio heads? It was a bet she took at the Brown Derby from Harry Cohn.
  23. Everyone’s afraid that your Myserrah will come back here and catch us bedded down or not ready for them.
  24. No, we bedded them down in the cottage for now, and the elven children with them, whose parents were glad to watch over them all.
  25. Right lets get the chaps on their way and get them bedded down for the night and make sure they also get a hot meal inside them.
  26. The pooch was the closest living animate object Bob had in his life and he talked about it like it was a Scandinavian model he bedded.
  27. By the time that Moshe and Judah returned to where the herd and drovers had been bedded down, early morning activity had already begun.
  28. Immoral? Well, he was a charmer and had bedded many young women – including his own cousins and even the family’s slave girl, Helda.
  29. General Shafter has stated that he left ambulances at Tampa, since army wagons bedded with straw make efficient transport for the wounded.
  30. On his way to where Judah was leading horses out of the larger herd, Moshe came to where Gad and his father had bedded down with the drovers.
  31. It took me five trips, but I finally had a nice little soft bed to lie on so, lying there looking at the full moon, I bedded down for the night.
  32. It had been a long, long time since he had bedded anything and an erection in the standard USAF K-2B flight suit was about as concealable as a tent pole.
  33. He had bedded the queen and she had born a child who had both Niptun and shifter blood and the real king had been none the wiser and neither the queen knew.
  34. He knew that it would be some time after the herd bedded down for the night that the women would be able to catch up, as they carried all the provisions and equipment.
  35. A Nogay dragged up a lot of green reeds; they bedded the grave with it, then quickly filled it with dirt, levelled it up, and put a stone up straight at the head of it.
  36. Adem wasn’t the first man she had bedded; she had slept with more than a few in her young adult years, but she kept that secret from him, fearing he would judge her for it.
  37. From Morola de la Brea, a hired pickup carried them to La Union, another to Gualán, where they bedded down in an air-conditioned room with cable television and fabulous showers.
  38. How did it get there? And so they'll say in the resurrection, when they come to fish up this old mast, and find a doubloon lodged in it, with bedded oysters for the shaggy bark.
  39. He also possessed a premature and strong sexual drive, due to the boosted levels of testosterone produced by his body, and had bedded his first girlfriend, Tera of Sparta, when he was still only eight years old.
  40. The widow's servants kept him clean and neat, combed and brushed, and they bedded him nightly in unsympathetic sheets that had not one little spot or stain which he could press to his heart and know for a friend.
  41. Over the next few weeks, as the procedures and the rituals bedded down, as Robbie and Mick and the other guards who rotated on shift, mixed bonhomie with casual insults and violence, I started to listen and to watch.
  42. It was a sweet long time in the deep grass of the garden where they idled most deliciously, sipped huge cupfuls of apple cider with their elbows on crimson silk cushions, their shoes kicked off, their toes bedded in sour dandelions, sweet clover.
  43. And here Grandma was busy clearing the table, circling, taking the plates, studying each face as she passed, touching Timothy’s cheek, my shoulder with her free hand flowing along, her voice a quiet river of certainty bedded in our needful house and lives.
  44. Having shepherded the last of the exhausted stragglers into the already settled encampment, Moshe, on seeing that the motley herd had already been bedded down next to whatever pasturage was available, slim as that appeared to be, headed to the tent of Moses and Aaron.
  45. It was a sweet long time in the deep grass of the garden where they idled most deliciously, sipped huge cupfuls of apple cider with their elbows on crimson silk cushions, their shoes kicked off, their toes bedded in sour dandelions, sweet clover, Mother jumped twice when she heard Monsters roar beyond the forest.
  46. Towards the stern of the boat it is spirally coiled away in the tub, not like the worm-pipe of a still though, but so as to form one round, cheese-shaped mass of densely bedded "sheaves," or layers of concentric spiralizations, without any hollow but the "heart," or minute vertical tube formed at the axis of the cheese.
  47. We are bedded in the ground, we are rocks,.
  48. His scent, the scent of straw bedded animals,.
  1. In it are raised beds.
  2. The two beds lay empty.
  3. Pinch off early beds to.
  4. There were only two beds.
  5. Alex’s room had two beds.
  6. No more was said about beds.
  7. Its beds were empty and cold.
  8. It was a series of bunk beds.
  9. Section of Beds at Sterling, N.
  10. Even all of the beds were in.
  11. There were flipped bunk beds.
  12. Raised beds may have been used.
  13. The beds around his were empty.
  14. In shining beds of tulip leaves.
  15. They had two narrow little beds.
  16. Both rooms contained double beds.
  17. I cut the ropes on the other beds.
  18. Haircuts and adventures with Beds.
  19. Vertical Section of Coal Beds, 12.
  20. There are beds along here, I think.
  21. It was actually beds and not tables.
  22. Under The Beds Of Sleeping Children.
  23. Opening eyes to a room with two beds.
  24. Inside, there were three single beds.
  25. I sleep in hotel beds half my life.
  26. All of the eleven beds were occupied.
  27. There were no tables, chairs or beds.
  28. I was fabricating truck beds for him.
  29. And look, proper beds and a bath too.
  30. There were dustcovers over both beds.
  31. I want it scrubbed, and the beds made.
  32. Got beds an’ a stove—ever’thing.
  33. There are fifty beds in there!.
  34. Beds of coral are found on the Florida.
  35. Rotting wooden bunk beds lined one wall.
  36. A light sparked and hovered over the beds.
  37. His brothers had already left their beds.
  38. He pointed to a row of beds along the wall.
  39. Marc had reserved one room with twin beds.
  40. It was toward those beds that LeCynic went.
  41. These bass will defend the spawning beds!.
  42. We had forty-two beds, too, so it was full.
  43. Beans o’ radiation, sent to ethereal beds.
  44. Get your cabin with beds that are parallel.
  45. The beach beds were all stacked up, lonely.
  46. We kids slept in the room with the two beds.
  47. Beds no place for eating - encourages mice.
  48. The ones passed out in the beds were too old.
  49. There was blood everywhere; on the beds, on.
  50. Murdered in their beds a couple of years ago.
  51. The four beds are different from each other.
  52. I was always falling out of beds at that age.
  53. The aristocracy were butchered in their beds.
  54. We’ve both made our share of hotel beds.
  55. Pull them from their beds! he screamed.
  56. Not to worry, plenty of beds in this house.
  57. Earthquakes and avalanches filled the old beds.
  58. There were another four empty beds in the room.
  59. He eyed all the beds, there seemed to be more.
  60. In the four rooms for visitors there were beds.
  61. Let us assume the existence of beds and tables.
  62. She knew there were beds that were available to.
  63. They slept on beds in the dormitory and shared.
  64. But they were too terrified to leave their beds.
  65. The boys lay on their beds, listless and ruined.
  66. Uriah falls on one of the beds in the back corner.
  67. LP finished his stubby and helped set up the beds.
  68. No beds just a hot wooden floor to sit or lay on.
  69. Two new blankets were thrown across the two beds.
  70. An old man was snoring gently in one of the beds.
  71. The usually vibrant flower beds were banked and.
  72. The beds had indentions in them that moved slowly.
  73. I reserved beds for Christina and Cara already.
  74. Fluffy towels and water beds with feather pillows.
  75. Coal, gas beds and oil beds were taking all they.
  76. She sat on one of the beds and wept into her hands.
  77. Supposedly the victims were sleeping in their beds.
  78. Beyond the beds was a bathchamber with a stone tub.
  79. Laino slowly walked over and stood next to the beds.
  80. She opens the cabinet to the left of our bunk beds.
  81. They each slept in the same room, in separate beds.
  82. There are four beds, four dressers, and four desks.
  83. Skirting the wrap-around porch were beds of flowers.
  84. Deep Sand Beds are used in saltwater aquariums for.
  85. In great haste, she walked to a room with three beds.
  86. The restless sink in their beds, they fitfully sleep.
  87. It was larger with two beds, separated by a few feet.
  88. And you came back later to turn down the beds?
  89. Hopefully everyone was at home in their beds sleeping.
  90. Their small children were safely tucked in their beds.
  91. Some men had beds, some had cots, some were on pallets.
  92. He had put the beds back in place and rehung the door.
  93. An apartment with neatly made beds was no escape plan.
  94. He missed his palace with its fireplaces and soft beds.
  95. She reached a part in the field surrounded by beds of.
  96. Joseph worked on baby beds and cradles when he had time.
  97. There was no confusion and many returned to their beds.
  98. Ted was also something of a wizard with the flower beds.
  99. Terry moved in to Hal’s room which had two single beds.
  100. Stop making the beds, Finn said, walking up to her.

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