Oraciones con la palabra "be"

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Be en una oración (en ingles)

  1. I have to be free.
  2. And this must be Mr.
  3. But it can also be.
  4. It will be a shame.
  5. All as it should be.

  6. So that must be an.
  7. It'd be a gold mine.
  8. What will come to be.
  9. It should be a norm.
  10. And so it came to be.
  11. Could be a fire risk.
  12. You have to be first.
  13. This was going to be.
  14. You should be ok here.
  15. I want to be a friend.

  16. She would not be the.
  17. He will be my husband.
  18. It has to be bad for.
  19. It would be up to you.
  20. I’ll be out in a mo.
  21. Herbal Soaps can be a.
  22. But when will that be?
  23. For us it will be days.
  24. Other than to be good.
  25. You'll be safe with me.

  26. She would be all right.
  27. Today, the tale can be.
  28. And what would that be?
  29. He needed to be patient.
  30. LUIS: Should be, you say.
  31. He is to be transported.
  32. She sure could be a heel.
  33. He would not be hurried.
  34. What can she be up to?
  35. This is as it should be.
  36. Our faith will be tested.
  37. There would be hours yet.
  38. When Things Appear to be.
  39. I did my best to be her.
  40. Justice will be done now.
  41. The Lord be with you all.
  42. I’ll be there in five.
  43. There has to be a reason.
  44. Oh it won’t be burnt.
  45. Could be worse than that.
  46. He wanted to be with her.
  47. Yes, things could be worse.
  48. She was to be taught all.
  49. They have to be protected.
  50. There would be no miracle.
  51. There may be more of them.
  52. It would be about a month.
  53. This will be all right.
  54. There can be no isolation.
  55. Praying has to be regular.
  56. The guards must be asleep.
  57. No-one wanted to be there.
  58. Let God be our defense.
  59. This is to be expected.
  60. It would be perfect timing.
  61. How will it be displayed?
  62. He would be closer to the.
  63. That'll be about two years.
  64. I want you to be committed.
  65. He can be really decent Da.
  66. This could be viewed as a.
  67. They agreed it would be ok.
  68. None of this would be easy.
  69. And you had better be good.
  70. They could be anywhere now.
  71. It would be an evening of.
  72. There would be two little.
  73. Now be quiet said Fred.
  74. We can be in touch with God.
  75. Your feet should be barely.
  76. It's so good to be welcome.
  77. This day is designed to be.
  78. They appeared to be unarmed.
  79. Who knew when that would be.
  80. We need to love to be human.
  81. In a week, we’ll be able.
  82. He himself could be at risk.
  83. He was not meant to be here.
  84. How could he be so cruel?'.
  85. This was to be their final.
  86. So it should be in the Body.
  87. He is to be buried tomorrow.
  88. It would be enough and now.
  89. How can this be happening?
  90. Things could be a lot worse.
  91. What can be said about the.
  92. Don’t be too concerned ….
  93. Their bats will be replaced.
  94. We need to be sure that all.
  95. This would be a majority rule.
  96. Be careful in your decisions.
  97. The idea would be to fly on.
  98. She needed Luray to be whole.
  99. The silence had to be broken.
  100. But that would be stupid, I.
  1. That being as it is.
  2. At the limit of being.
  3. And being more of a.
  4. Being there as if it.
  5. I hate you being away.
  6. Being angry is on thing.
  7. Core of Being, 233, 240.
  8. No one is being accused.
  9. They being the Reds, of.
  10. Being what it wants to be.
  11. They are happy being cats.
  12. Because I was being stupid.
  13. Being human than with our.
  14. I just called into being.
  15. The trouble with being a 2.
  16. Vices that Rob the being:.
  17. So much for being sensible.
  18. Afraid of never being loved.
  19. What we sell is being used.
  20. Bernie went on being Bernie.
  21. Thanks for being so helpful.
  22. New stars are being created.
  23. I’m not being honest with.
  24. The ship’s hold was being.
  25. The company hated being sued.
  26. Being a witch and all, that.
  27. Love u Dear with all my being.
  28. For the time being, at least.
  29. But she wasn't being defiant.
  30. He hated being called Connie.
  31. This ended up being located.
  32. Instead of being jealous of.
  33. Something was being held back.
  34. This being as the same, only.
  35. I was being daft and insecure.
  36. For what’s still being done.
  37. There are no tears being shed.
  38. BeinG Healed and StayinG alive.
  39. It is in simply being together.
  40. That comes from being sickly.
  41. Jodie's mind was being fed data.
  42. Values That Supply the Being:.
  43. Mine’s being a complete pain.
  44. Old being the operative word.
  45. Still, they were being watched.
  46. I love being his helpmate, too.
  47. Even this is being conservative.
  48. This is about being circumspect.
  49. Reilly being the only one home.
  50. The energy was being collected.
  51. There was a Mass being sung at.
  52. There had never being a circus.
  53. Being at ease is more than that.
  54. Even children are being corrupt.
  55. We count them as being precious.
  56. He cares more about being with.
  57. And Ozzie, he was being strange.
  58. Perhaps I was being too cautious.
  59. For the being that is not yours?
  60. He never sensed the other being.
  61. The Price of being Called by God.
  62. It was like being a Scout-Master.
  63. Everyone is already being bugged.
  64. I have no plans of being too far.
  65. Of being and bursts at the seams.
  66. Heart is Core of Being, 233, 240.
  67. Ah, but being the astute student.
  68. Being a victim of the whims and.
  69. Thomas, stop being so dramatic.
  70. She had no need for being told.
  71. Because we were being attacked.
  72. I thought I was happy being with.
  73. The human being follows the earth.
  74. She felt again her hand being held.
  75. There ain't no law against being.
  76. But she was being unfair to Frank.
  77. For the time being, just hate her.
  78. He understood what was being said.
  79. The fifth thing is being committed.
  80. There is only being and not being.
  81. He wiggled his way up from being.
  82. Jorma asked him about being a pro.
  83. Being taken hostage is not a game.
  84. Now with there being eleven of you.
  85. In 1487, being the 4th of Henry VII.
  86. You were not the one being shot at.
  87. He wasn’t being rude—that was.
  88. M’s baby being decidedly awkward.
  89. Being honest will earn you respect.
  90. She really did love being with him.
  91. Being Happy Without Doing Anything.
  92. That cause being Holy Earth?
  93. You are being in a pensive mood.
  94. Then you can try the fun of being.
  95. He was being treated as if he was.
  96. But, and forgive me for being blunt.
  97. Maybe my dad wasn’t being careful.
  98. She never admitted to being in the.
  99. Being saturated with this solution.
  100. In 1463, being the 3rd of Edward IV.
  1. We have been led to.
  2. He never had been a.
  3. All that had been so.
  4. It had been a tiring.
  5. It had been a day of.
  6. I wish it had been me.
  7. It had been that way.
  8. It had been six years.
  9. It’s been a busy day.
  10. Now, there has been a.
  11. It has been said many.
  12. It had been his first.
  13. He's been asking for it.
  14. Anyone who has been to.
  15. The way it had been so.
  16. He's been here with you.
  17. It would have been good.
  18. I may have been too good.
  19. I’d been either of them.
  20. They had been told that.
  21. It should have been fine.
  22. I’d been a pirate for.
  23. It has never been done.
  24. It could have been worse.
  25. I've been so wrapped up.
  26. I've been to Russia, twice.
  27. It’s been 3 weeks since.
  28. We have been expecting you.
  29. Al Capone would have been.
  30. He knew he had never been.
  31. The Thane would have been.
  32. Heather must have been as.
  33. I know you have been lied.
  34. Nowhere has this been more.
  35. It had been getting on for 4.
  36. Jim, you haven't been there.
  37. It might have been anywhere.
  38. I have been waiting for you.
  39. You've always been that way.
  40. Skin that has been tattooed.
  41. I had been using this type.
  42. I’ve not been here before.
  43. Man, you have been in a coma.
  44. I've been on a kranjan hunt.
  45. I had been told that he had.
  46. Yes, I've been there and back.
  47. His privy must have been an.
  48. It has been nice to meet you.
  49. And even though he had been.
  50. I’ve been all the way back.
  51. He might has well have been.
  52. That could have been awkward.
  53. It’s been a hell of a week.
  54. Word has been revealed to you.
  55. I’ve been on the national.
  56. He hasn’t been back either.
  57. Roman, who had been through.
  58. Henri had been reluctant to.
  59. There must have been thousands.
  60. It may have been a costly one.
  61. It must have been a sad movie.
  62. Have the Gardai been informed.
  63. They could have been out here.
  64. It had been explained to Tom.
  65. I’ve been able to track down.
  66. I'd been in bed about an hour.
  67. Haymer been taken care of?’.
  68. As I had always been with my.
  69. That young girl had been Sonia.
  70. What have you been up to?’.
  71. It’s been such a lovely day.
  72. We been outsmarted, fair and.
  73. Could have just as easily been.
  74. It must have been the removal.
  75. His ignorance could have been.
  76. We've been on the road all day.
  77. But, it's been used since then.
  78. It’s been ages since she did.
  79. A few novels have been sent.
  80. This has been quite an evening.
  81. Tom thought he must have been.
  82. A heavy wooden table had been.
  83. So he had also been with Venna.
  84. Craig had never been very much.
  85. They’ve been taken care of.
  86. They have been lucky until now.
  87. We’ve been standing here for.
  88. Although he had been unable to.
  89. She’s been good to me, mostly.
  90. Could he have been a transient?
  91. Ali would have been completely.
  92. Kulai has also been promoted.
  93. I must have been out of my mind.
  94. It can't have been easy for him.
  95. I've been asking the questions.
  96. Yet what has been is, no longer.
  97. Aye, but he's been on the sauce.
  98. He had been up for forty hours.
  99. I should have been here helping.
  100. Yes they have been good to us.
  1. I am at a loss.
  2. I mean, I am a.
  3. I am not as they.
  4. I Am that I Am.
  5. I am one of the.
  6. So what? So am I.
  7. Here am I, my son.
  8. What I am Tel ing.
  9. I am not in the.
  10. Deep down I am a.
  11. I am proud of you.
  12. I am what is —.
  13. And what I am not.
  14. I am 24 years now.
  15. And yet here I am.
  16. Oh, I am so sorry.
  17. And yes what I am.
  18. I am afraid of him.
  19. I am here for the.
  20. I am born in the U.
  21. I am in the crypt.
  22. I am chosen to show.
  23. I am sure you will.
  24. Q: I feel that I am.
  25. Of which I am made.
  26. Q: Then what am I?
  27. Yes, I am that good.
  28. But I am not fooled.
  29. I am there in heart.
  30. It was now seven AM.
  31. I am very tired now.
  32. I am here my love.
  33. I am ashamed to beg.
  34. I am no beauty, Mrs.
  35. When I am aware, I.
  36. Now, here I am ….
  37. I am not worth that.
  38. I am always with you.
  39. M: Because I am in it.
  40. Where the hell am I?
  41. I am out in the open.
  42. But what I am trying.
  43. Here I am, once again.
  44. I am now 74 years old.
  45. I am alive and happy.
  46. I am both a patient.
  47. I am blessed to have.
  48. I am The Only Truth!.
  49. What am I afraid of?
  50. Wait until I am done.
  51. For one thing, I am.
  52. I am happy for her.
  53. To the I am a dolphin.
  54. He told me that I am.
  55. I am confident in you.
  56. I am with you, beloved.
  57. I am also a mutant.
  58. Oh yeah, I guess I am.
  59. What a statesman I am.
  60. When I am in the base.
  61. I am happy about that.
  62. I am tel ing you this.
  63. I am sorry I did not.
  64. Being all, what am I.
  65. I am not very fertile.
  66. I am a fake communist.
  67. I am sick of this shit.
  68. Kind sir, I am fine.
  69. I am here with a few.
  70. I am reminded of the.
  71. I am glad you were not.
  72. I am a child of God.
  73. In the end I am happy.
  74. I am so sorry, Pat.
  75. I am here to help you.
  76. Am I in a no parking.
  77. And he said, Here am I.
  78. And, well, here I am!.
  79. Why, then, am I here?
  80. But I am out of it all.
  81. I am the Root and the.
  82. I am as you were Moshe.
  83. I am as shocked as you.
  84. I am there, I am there.
  85. I am worried about him.
  86. Lincoln died at 7:22 AM.
  87. But I am afraid of love.
  88. Who Am I? she whispered.
  89. I am sorry about Dylan.
  90. And I am glad of it.
  91. Am I not The Victory?!.
  92. I am praying for you!.
  93. I am OK with dolphin-.
  94. I am here in the stars.
  95. I am kidding, of course.
  96. I then said Here I am.
  97. I am the bread of life.
  98. It is not known: I am.
  99. I am not afraid of you.
  100. I AM knows what is best.
  1. You are one of us.
  2. If you are a match.
  3. You are a good crew.
  4. If you are to lead.
  5. You jes thank you are.
  6. You are then a full.
  7. We are here to serve.
  8. They are lot's of fun.
  9. They are the same God.
  10. You are all my family.
  11. We are not a sax-cult.
  12. The trees are all dead.
  13. Ants are good at this.
  14. The birds are all dead.
  15. Q: What are you doing?
  16. So we are at his mercy.
  17. You are staying in my.
  18. By His stripes we are.
  19. My Lady you are correct.
  20. Are We the New Israel?
  21. Not all insects are bad.
  22. You are a wizard, Alexi.
  23. Tell me, what are your.
  24. All actions are for God.
  25. Both are a little tipsy.
  26. You are still our mayor.
  27. So there we are, right.
  28. We are playing in a bank.
  29. Then there are the gangs.
  30. I and the Father are one.
  31. Are you still on duty?
  32. Although, we are in the.
  33. May I ask who you are?
  34. You are repelled by this.
  35. We are baptized in Jesus.
  36. The victims here are men.
  37. I like that you are poth.
  38. If they are forty years.
  39. We are seeing God as God.
  40. Aye, where mine are also.
  41. We are going to stop them.
  42. The countries are all dead.
  43. They are: The Living Dead.
  44. Our lives are not our own.
  45. Wonders of the World are:.
  46. They are happy being cats.
  47. He is our God and we are.
  48. We are the same seed God.
  49. The testing you are doing.
  50. But as long as you are in.
  51. Because the crew are flesh.
  52. Those that are should not.
  53. Are you okay about it?’.
  54. All religions are the same.
  55. You are going to begin to.
  56. The covers are in disarray.
  57. You are calm and confident.
  58. What are you doing here?'.
  59. Because we are in heaven.
  60. John? Are you there, baby?
  61. You are her teacher damn it.
  62. Those who are in the bible.
  63. What are you going to wear?
  64. These are times where most.
  65. How old are the children?'.
  66. We are now approaching our.
  67. You are always my son first.
  68. Where we and our ideas are.
  69. The blinds are always drawn.
  70. They tell me you are on.
  71. We are all God’s creatures.
  72. Again, orders are to follow.
  73. You think only you are the.
  74. These are wounds that time.
  75. What are they doing here?'.
  76. Again these are found in I.
  77. Because that's what you are.
  78. You are like an angel to me.
  79. There are no childhood tales.
  80. They said we are all immoral.
  81. The needles are still buzzing.
  82. These are the same kinds of.
  83. So, with what you are (you).
  84. All my symptoms are temporary.
  85. Leaders are needed who have.
  86. The fact that you are all on.
  87. You are the best man,.
  88. There are no eyes to see,.
  89. She and the house are old,.
  1. He is a God of.
  2. It is not my work.
  3. The One Who is in.
  4. That is kind of them.
  5. Power is what God is.
  6. That is why I will.
  7. If He is taking you.
  8. My kiss is not death.
  9. This is how the name.
  10. That is why in that.
  11. In a yes love is born.
  12. Hell is a real place.
  13. By the way, this is.
  14. It is strong and big.
  15. He too is crying now.
  16. He is always with us.
  17. Fear is a primal thing.
  18. It is His will for us.
  19. And that is the point.
  20. This is his woman now.
  21. But of course, it is.
  22. Sin is all the cause.
  23. It is my prayer that.
  24. Three is what we got.
  25. Mighty is what God is.
  26. And that is a process.
  27. In fact, it is unique.
  28. It is a low, long cry.
  29. I think this is a test.
  30. This is quite a boat.
  31. Now the A is achieving.
  32. If that is true what.
  33. Mine is the God of love.
  34. He is wearing his Rolex.
  35. The vimmen is a story.
  36. It is causing the lake.
  37. The One Who is in you.
  38. This is the end of me.
  39. What the hell is this?
  40. What orbit is it in?
  41. Darklow is a small town.
  42. There is a paradox here.
  43. God of Abraham is the.
  44. How old is she then?
  45. This is at our disposal.
  46. If this spirit is not.
  47. Jesus is the Word of God.
  48. This is the power of God.
  49. He is to be transported.
  50. That time is ticking by.
  51. Ricci does as he is told.
  52. This is your truth, Mac.
  53. All I know is he's gone.
  54. A woman I know is in it.
  55. David soul here is not.
  56. Me and my mom, that is.
  57. It is tested and proven.
  58. God Himself is the Word.
  59. There is a short silence.
  60. The best you can do is.
  61. God is with us whether.
  62. All is not lost, habibi.
  63. What kind of dog is it?
  64. This is what we need, Mr.
  65. While this is true, we.
  66. The coast is that way.
  67. Where is her mother now?
  68. He exists! And He is Love.
  69. Boil until water is dark.
  70. What is difficult is you.
  71. He is married to Clydeen.
  72. That is why your Doctor.
  73. This is not real, is it?
  74. Otherwise he is dead to.
  75. It is quite the opposite.
  76. Seven is a magical number.
  77. It is hoped this book,.
  1. Ah, he was a bum.
  2. It was fine by me.
  3. It was dark by now.
  4. It was a nice day.
  5. I said I was sure.
  6. It was so like her.
  7. It was one of mine.
  8. Tom was a tough guy.
  9. It was Will, my son.
  10. She was of his line.
  11. It was not a vision.
  12. It was an old story.
  13. He was at her place.
  14. None of it was real.
  15. I was an only child.
  16. It was hot out there.
  17. I thought it was her.
  18. But he was a man of.
  19. It was a good evening.
  20. It was my turn to nod.
  21. Travis was in a daze.
  22. He was armed and fit.
  23. I was there for him.
  24. There was more to it.
  25. She was right so far.
  26. With that he was gone.
  27. That was our deb year.
  28. It was Peter, my boss.
  29. So far today that was.
  30. It was a small thing.
  31. It was too late though.
  32. People said it was Dr.
  33. Will was beside me now.
  34. This was going to be.
  35. It was very well done.
  36. It was a frugal meal.
  37. He was flying too low.
  38. My voice was a whisper.
  39. I was trying not to.
  40. Now the game was tied.
  41. This was not good news.
  42. It was not the modus.
  43. My head was full of it.
  44. It was very dark Theo.
  45. I was tired of waiting.
  46. I was pretty good, too.
  47. I think he was beyond.
  48. Will was in the kitchen.
  49. Hon, it was a comedy.
  50. She was the woman you.
  51. He was as choked as me.
  52. But Baggy was still sad.
  53. All he could do was nod.
  54. Herndon was such a bull.
  55. He was waiting for my.
  56. And he was so very old.
  57. There was no other way.
  58. I was an intelligent man.
  59. My son was bullet proof.
  60. The right hand was gone.
  61. He knew what was coming.
  62. He was slow on his feet.
  63. It was 20 minutes to 11.
  64. All told, that was that.
  65. It was a friend of mine.
  66. She was going to the pub.
  67. I was surprised by this.
  68. I was totally wiped out.
  69. My mad outburst was over.
  70. But then it was too late.
  71. That He was healing her.
  72. She was truly the most.
  73. It was as simple as that.
  74. She was left alone again.
  75. I was three years ahead.
  76. It's exactly what I was.
  77. He was a client of yours.
  78. This was the instant of.
  79. This was not much closer.
  80. All was silent amid the.
  81. He was reluctant to speak.
  82. The leopard was out for.
  83. That was his name: Black.
  84. All was silent, bar the.
  85. It was a perfect summer.
  86. Oh yes, it was lovely.
  87. He was at ease with that.
  88. That man was still alive.
  89. This was my daily torture.
  90. God was healing my son!.
  91. Travis stood where he was.
  92. I was also a little wild.
  93. He was a dog man himself.
  94. There was a brief silence.
  95. The faith was given to us.
  96. I was pleased with myself.
  97. I was born about 55,04,14.
  98. Yeah, he was really sound.
  99. Tig Meester was no snitch.
  100. There was just about none.
  1. Most of them were in.
  2. There were two of them.
  3. Said you were doing a.
  4. They were part of the.
  5. We were doing all right.
  6. There were many of them.
  7. There were four of them.
  8. They were close to the.
  9. There were a few rather.
  10. These things were not me.
  11. There were only two beds.
  12. They were after the Chip.
  13. They met when they were.
  14. They were quite proud of.
  15. Her pleas were to no avail.
  16. Yes they were still there.
  17. You were down there awhile.
  18. They were going to kill us.
  19. They were part of the hack.
  20. Even the birds were silent.
  21. Even so, there were a few.
  22. The results were due that.
  23. There were two chairs set.
  24. They were gifts, you see.
  25. Were others to examine my.
  26. Heaven and Hell were human.
  27. He and the Father were one.
  28. The rest were on top of him.
  29. You were shot, he said.
  30. The keys were old and loose.
  31. The folk of Buttercup were.
  32. The lips were pale and thin.
  33. Ish and I were too overfed.
  34. The carpets were a disgrace.
  35. They were close to a forest.
  36. They were probably out cold.
  37. Man, we were dumb back then.
  38. Of course, there were rumours.
  39. The other woman were shocked.
  40. Many of the tales were told.
  41. They were nearing the tunnel.
  42. Those men with whom you were.
  43. They were joined by Poopsie.
  44. All of the doors were closed.
  45. As cocooned as they were in.
  46. The men on the causeway were.
  47. We were destined to remain a.
  48. The teams were just assembling.
  49. The Ogatu we were meant to be.
  50. Kev and Angie were doing okay.
  51. The waves were getting higher.
  52. They were all angry with me.
  53. When they were up they talked.
  54. That is, those who were women.
  55. Poopsie and Lardyme were amazed.
  56. Like the daisy, they were too.
  57. JOYCE: Were you afraid of him?
  58. Who were they? Ava asked.
  59. If you were paying the market.
  60. They were quiet for a long time.
  61. They were wary of a detonation.
  62. They thought you were captured.
  63. The ratings were measured and.
  64. The two men were both dressed.
  65. Fred were still sat at the table.
  66. We were keeping the city safe.
  67. She felt as if she were on fire.
  68. There were eight of us gone now.
  69. They were not mistaken in terms.
  70. I thought we were back together.
  71. My eyes were beginning to sting.
  72. Inside they were both terrified.
  73. They were a team on this planet.
  74. They were painful, but worth it.
  75. They were named Lmore and Nuran.
  76. The crowd were silent but happy.
  77. There were even some in English.
  78. These buildings were cheap and.
  79. The guards did as they were told.
  80. They were either brought here by.
  81. The Scientology doors were locked.
  82. Think back to when you were a kid.
  83. The crew of the helicopter were.
  84. They were met by Lardyme at the.
  85. You were absent from your duty.
  86. Her lips were eight millimetres.
  87. I lost her as we were escaping.
  88. None of the plankways were shown.
  89. The obstacles were further apart.
  90. In the end, they were all pleased.
  91. What were you doing in Athens?'.
  92. Things were still very bad for me.
  93. They were greeted with honor and.
  94. And there were many others, each.
  95. We were wrong, as it turned out.
  96. There were no tanning creams here.
  97. Then they were out in North Harbor.
  98. Local people were staying at home.
  99. They were giving off mixed signals.
  100. The aliens were already too close.

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