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    1. He would have to move this boat well before dusk if he didn't want it to sit on the bottom while the tide was out

    2. this year that will move you forward towards achieving the life that you want to live? Just achieve a simple goal that you haven't done yet

    3. that God only move in the church

    4. God wants to move in the same way in their homes, their

    5. Encourage your daughter to try new things, to move out of the

    6. God will never move until you act on the

    7. some time on your hands, are you being effective with your time, or are you being lazy? If you are being treated the way you want to be treated, pay attention! How are you being? Your life is going to move in a certain

    8. I’m not saying that you have to move to the rich neighborhood to succeed

    9. He tried to move but his legs wouldn’t listen

    10. Before you move on to The Next Level, I’m going to ask that you set, and then achieve one goal for yourself

    11. How can you move more in your life?

    12. I will move more by doing

    13. Try annoying them to move first

    14. But here, the Instinct said she could always withdraw her consent, any violent move he tried to make would leave him paralyzed

    15. He kept his eyes down and tried to move as slowly as possible so as not to attract any attention

    16. This is the first move you have to

    17. When the good guys move in, the bad guys move out

    18. Lord, will move from the kingdom of darkness into the

    19. Senior Citizens who meet a wider cross-section of people are more likely to have healthy relationships than those who move in a closed circle

    20. We need to overcome these and move forward confidently

    21. Vinnie was going to move up in the world, it was only a matter of time

    22. She tried to roll back up to a standing position, but he kicked her before she could move

    23. Unable to keep still in my exasperation, I rise to my feet and move over to the wall where there is a poster about something or other … I stare at it blindly, annoyed with myself for losing control

    24. They can move through the cracks in walls

    25. And have connections to move freely after indulging in violence

    26. roach infestations, the first choice is to move

    27. Flies are attracted by the bait, by pass it and move up the cone where they are trapped in the chamber and die in the sun

    28. They were locked in a neutral expression, and couldn’t move their mouths or any other part of their head besides their neck and eyes

    29. Ackers reached out his hand and tried to turn the door handle, it didn’t move

    30. We tried kicking him and poking him with driftwood, but he didn't move

    31. Give your older relative time to mourn a loss, but help her to move on once sufficient time has passed

    32. Knowing that physical life is temporary, behaviours are more focused towards acquiring valid knowledge to move to spiritual maturity

    33. Bush takes his finger out of his nose, wipes his finger on the arm of the chair, but otherwise doesn’t move

    34. to have to insist that we move

    35. ‘Why was he talking about it?’ I asked as we move away to stand in front of another portrait

    36. A look of awe slowly overcomes him as they move out onto the balcony, and they slowly stop struggling with each other

    37. Move the chairs, Antonio”

    38. There’s no avoiding it, I am going to have to leave this house and move back to Bridgwater

    39. ‘Yes, I’m renting here and what with the job situation I don’t feel comfortable not having any income … I think I shall have to give my landlord notice and move back to my house in Bridgwater

    40. He was neither here nor there on the boundary issue, so long as he didn't have to move

    41. Hesitating, I reach out unsure whether it is a wise move on my part to answer it or not

    42. ‘Hmm … I understand that your tenants are intending to move out of the property, Mrs Wynell

    43. Their every move was slow and sensuous, from the unbuttoning of a shirt, to the

    44. Neither move or appear to take any notice

    45. The old man says nothing, doesn’t move

    46. However, the net result is that Emma has made me promise I will not move back to the house … which is all well and good for her … but where am I to go?

    47. ‘Stephen, don’t be absurd! I couldn’t possibly move into your house

    48. I daresay she didn’t intend for it to come over so clearly, and maybe I am being over-sensitive but I felt it all the same … Well, if the only job I can get is in Taunton, I’ll just have to move back to Bridgwater … at least that will cut my travelling costs

    49. Once he saw what doostEr wanted to move, BobbingTwo went and got BigThree up

    50. Adrian and I are worried sick that mum will move back to Bridgwater, even though I have made her promise she won’t

    1. “Was the body moved here?” Tobias asks the Militia guard

    2. “Damn it, Toby! I thought we moved past this!”

    3. I unholster the revolver that he passed down to me when I moved out on my own

    4. that it had just moved into another time-zone – yet another cautionary

    5. “fellow patients” have now, shal we say, moved on

    6. cannot be moved, let us have grace, whereby we may serve

    7. Isa: 6:4: And the posts of the door moved at the voice of him that cried, and the house was filled with smoke

    8. As soon as he moved, the candle went out and he knew someone was here

    9. Micah, holding a small trash bin in his hand, was not moved

    10. They were inside by now, Athnu had moved off

    11. That traffic moved at the speed people paddled and the speed big teams of kedas moved the heavy barges around

    12. Henry slowly moved his eyes back up the page to see the year beside the month beside the date column

    13. "Actually, she latched onto Jorma when I moved a couple cabins down the hall where I could maintain a once a week schedule

    14. "But you don't know she hasn't moved them

    15. No one moved or said anything

    16. I stuck it out for a good while, but it was making me ill … in the end, I let my house out and moved away

    17. ‘Well, they got married and moved into Dan’s house …’

    18. It was making me ill … in the end, I let my house out and moved away

    19. Dan moved into the spare bedroom a few days after that conversation

    20. She moved over to stand behind him, the stool was high enough so her breasts were on top of his shoulders

    21. She passed her hands over his chin, natives either grew full length beards or had their facial hair genetically removed, so this roughness was something she seldom sensed and after the fifty Earth years since he'd left, it moved her in unexpected ways

    22. For a moment, nobody moved

    23. They left the chaos behind as they moved quickly but cautiously up to the ground floor

    24. when they first got married and moved into that house of his, for instance

    25. But it all got too much in the end and she moved away

    26. I mean, why ever should she act now when she's moved on … built a new life for herself

    27. It was lunch time before they finally moved off, but they ate fruit and bread as they moved out into open country

    28. Slowly, she moved her hand away from the holopad that controlled the androids

    29. They moved on, settling into the rhythm of the land again

    30. She moved as close to him as the beasts would get and put her hand out to him

    31. After dark they had moved far enough toward Gengee City that its towers could reach them now

    32. "I need some help," she said, "The shuttlecraft moved

    33. They moved there just before they got married some years ago

    34. "Got something heavy you need moved?"

    35. And then moved on to an illustrious

    36. It's not really very heavy for its size, it couldn't be a treasure chest, all metals are much heavier than that, it's lighter than a section of tree trunk that size and I've moved them with the rockosaur

    37. there came a darkness, one single patch that moved in synchronicity with the black

    38. I had to cut it back just after I moved in so that I could get to the washing line and ended up with several lacerations as a result

    39. moved both armchairs so that the couple could sit opposite the Marchese

    40. He hadn't caught on down here, since that was decades before the first Brazilian moved here

    41. room rose, as they both moved languorously towards their climax, and as the sweat on

    42. If he moved the crate for them, from one faction to another, that could be considered interference in tribal affairs

    43. "But yeah," doostEr said, "I moved some big timbers for one of them about eight miles out and a windwheel assembly for another who's at least twenty five miles out

    44. He moved in the back axles on each truck also because the smaller wheels didn't need the overlap

    45. "So we'll be polite, but we need this moved, we're a week late already

    46. His hand moved to Cat’s elbow

    47. He moved her with a firm but gentle pressure out of the aisle with the still

    48. ‘I wish I could believe that she has dealt with that Dan Sadler and moved on

    49. a result, when i stopped, the Spirit moved away

    50. Once things were sorted, Stephen insisted that I moved in with him

    1. factor that moves God

    2. He moves quickly to stand in front of whatever it is he is working on

    3. the ticking of the clock attracts my attention and I watch the minute hand as it slowly moves round the clockface steadily using up the minutes of my life

    4. She moves his arm, seems to scold him, continues with the feeding

    5. John moves back out of the way

    6. I get the feeling that she deals with things and moves on

    7. Hassan sneers, slowly moves his foot

    8. He leans in closer to Baker, who moves back, a bit

    9. A tide swells, a tide of souls that moves to my imperial call as

    10. The cleric moves in close to Ricci

    11. ’ I said, stunned by her fantastic head gear which towers a good foot above her head and wobbles most precariously every time she moves her head

    12. It also gave her a killer body and the opportunity to use some of her more interesting covert martial arts moves when opponents got nasty

    13. Her left arm moves slightly in my direction, her hand obviously seeking for mine

    14. The spectre of death already lingers in the rooms of the house, yet neurotic aunt Despina moves around with a liveliness I have never seen on her before

    15. My friend Mandy, who is with me, suddenly talks about a whip and moves her hands accordingly; she is dressed exactly like Sandra in a similar scene, where Venor holds a whip

    16. Since then we’ve been running rehearsals on the set which meant that some of the moves had to be altered to accommodate the furniture, which was confusing at first, but it all seems reasonably comfortable now

    17. ‘Andy … we can’t …’ I murmured half heartedly try to stop him, but he kisses me again and all thought of stopping him disappears from my head as he moves over on top of me

    18. I often have the impression that my inability to perform certain moves correctly has been noticed and commented by the rest of the pupils

    19. You are having a nice conversation with a person and warming up when all of the sudden, the topic moves

    20. this is what truly moves you from this point forward!

    21. The maelstrom moves in her sleep

    22. he moves his arms to the perpendicular

    23. His mouth moves, jagged, aping

    24. holding onto the vines as he moves,

    25. ERICK moves with her as if they are dancing

    26. A slight glint as he moves suggests it might be a knife

    27. He moves away slowly,

    28. As it was she was quite content to end the day as she often did by toasting the world with another hint of single malt, safe in the comforting knowledge that the sun, like people, inevitably moves towards sunset

    29. We both watch him as he moves off to speak to another group of pilgrims further down the room

    30. As the barge moves out and the deck under her hooves shifts, Sefir’s ears go back but the proximity of Adamant and the scent of the hay soon calm her again

    31. “The Holds are closed and everyone moves to Ohmu

    32. I used some of those Eloi moves you taught me; seemed to have surprised the hell out of him when I slit his throat

    33. That would enable us to move in here, clearing the other cottage so that it can be painted before the new tenant moves in

    34. He truly enjoyed strategizing and planning moves; and much to the surprise of Alexei, he won most of the rounds they played

    35. I start making moves to get out of bed, but he stops me by coming over and sitting down on the bed

    36. She couldn’t order a meal yet, but she knew how to describe the techniques for various poses and moves

    37. One outfit that they had to perform in was a very skimpy little loincloth that didn’t really cover anything during some of the moves

    38. Most of the girls seemed to be saying they were familiar with most of these moves and there was a lot of easy laughter and teasing but no tense squealing

    39. ’ I said as he moves off to join a crowd over by the bar

    40. He moves slightly

    41. Spotting this she quickly dashes over and moves it further onto the table

    42. This recognition alone moves me into alignment to truth (I see the truth

    43. The world of popular music moves rapidly at the best of times,

    44. Davie begins to heave as soon as the lid moves away from the tank

    45. The doctor moves to the centre of the room and stands by the two tables

    46. when he had joined up: “If it moves, salute it

    47. There is something utterly compelling about this ingénue, something naïve and spellbinding in the way that he speaks and moves

    48. Disaster moves in painfully slow motion

    49. Thru three moves, not counting to Ava’s place on North Island

    50. For Davie the round of check-ups at bars and the odd meeting with Jock’s business contacts moves him that little bit closer to the streets of Glasgow

    1. "And what of Kulai, he doesn't mind moving to a Yingolian area?"

    2. they are not moving enough

    3. You can have the people in your life that you want to have in your life and begin to associate with other people who are moving more in the direction that you want to go in

    4. people aren’t moving enough

    5. He thought he could see the reflections of the light of a hooded candle moving about

    6. It was moving too slowly to be a meteor, but he knew it looked like that only because of its tremendous size

    7. Also with a greater number of individuals moving out of the joint family system, this will ensure that retirees are better equipped to fend for themselves when faced with medical expenses

    8. But the worst problem was, "I had all my old papers sent north when I thought I was moving there

    9. With this sort of mind-set, retiring, changing jobs, or moving to a smaller place are not likely to significantly reduce stress levels – the stress will be there whether it is imposed externally, or whether you have to manufacture it

    10. Now, moving on, your assignment will be to infiltrate the structure

    11. She wound up saying she might be detained a little longer than she had hoped but things were moving along and Herndon swore he still needed her help

    12. As you start moving up the age ladder the tendency is to be at peace and you are looking at more comfortable life rather than risky venture

    13. It started with a glint of light, a dot on the darkening horizon might be moving

    14. If still moving then you have a leak

    15. Construction Sand (90%) and DE (10%) mixed together and laid down around the house 3 feet deep and 3 feet out from the house will prevent termites from moving into your house

    16. "They're warmer moving than watching us huddle by the fire

    17. Keeping moving, I’d started on the bathroom, dealing with the bath, hand basin and loo in turn and ending up scrubbing the bathroom floor with an energy driven by desperation not to fall apart

    18. ‘It’s possible … things are moving in the Sadler case

    19. But then she started seeing some guy who worked for the EPA, and she ended up moving to DC with him

    20. “Dale and I are moving to Virginia

    21. " He wondered how much of that pronouncement was due to the fact that Estwig was moving to this end of the harness and could be listening

    22. that’s just it, Molly, my tenants have given notice … they’re moving out next week, in fact

    23. ‘Liz is talking about moving back to Bridgwater

    24. "It's moving a big crate, that much is public," doostEr said

    25. Emma suggested a cock and bull idea of moving Barney into their bedroom and thus making space for me, but I know how small that house of theirs is

    26. ‘Are you still set on moving back to the house in Bridgwater?’ he asked quietly

    27. Moving to Ireland had been an effective strategy for a long time

    28. "No, but joining the moving crew might help," Taktor told him

    29. ‘So have you always lived in this area, Stephen?’ I asked, moving along the wall a little to attack another patch of plaster

    30. What I’m calling about is to let you know that I’m moving over to The Stables tomorrow

    31. ‘I don’t suppose you have any boxes you don’t want, do you? Only I’m moving house and …

    32. ‘I hope it works moving her into The Stables

    33. They were moving faster than an atmospheric warplane, closer to the speed attributed to flying saucers in the 20th century

    34. Moving quickly, he goes round and speaks into the intercom on his desk

    35. ‘You moving back in, then?’ he asked turning and facing me, leaning his backside against the window sill

    36. lyzed, waiting for the moving of the water

    37. Eventually, munching on our apples we pack up the debris and start thinking about moving on

    38. Come on, you have beaten me hollow … we’d better get moving

    39. For a moment he felt extreme nausea and could see only the burning eyes of the tall stranger, surrounded by a swirl of moving facial scars

    40. It felt good to be moving with a purpose, actually going somewhere for a reason

    41. Those heavy nuclei moving that fast… just rips right through flesh, but not the way you’d think

    42. While everyone was in their seats and not moving very much, very little re-rendering is done and the visuals were running cool, often not needing the second clock cycle

    43. "There’s a handful of amorphous transient contacts moving in the debris…

    44. Probably can’t catch us if we keep moving at this speed," Phipps said, "but we’ll have to stop if we actually find anything and we want to secure it

    45. I was hopeless about the problems mentioned above, but this morning an unexpected solution came up: After years of moving houses, my sister has just decided to return here, at her own house, so that my mother can help her even more with raising her children

    46. He thought seriously of attempting that hack, and was just moving to his lab to think of a way to carry it out when his good friend Jaseem Attuk rang in

    47. Some of the stars weren’t where they should have been by only a tenth of a degree, but when the images from all the friendly craft were combined, the positional discrepancies were enough to make the stars appear to grow in angular diameter in one, moving location

    48. The side of the ship where the mothers of his children should be languishing in the universe of their desires with castrated servants who delighted in moving furniture hither and yon

    49. “You’re moving on, Marwan

    50. I heard odd scufflings and the opening and closing of doors, assuming that it was my guards moving about my new and as yet undiscovered home

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    move relocation motion movement motility be active go run make a motion actuate incite motivate prompt propel affect impress strike locomote travel displace act proceed progress advance budge move on remove stir action transit arouse agitate dislocate disturb excite drive rouse influence touch propose bring forward submit bring up introduce recommend suggest