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Benighted en una oración (en ingles)

thought processes of the benighted masses.
Myserrah had stumbled down that benighted sand dune.
In Arabic, the word "beastly" means the "benighted".
cemetery on this benighted Christmas evening, so she had her.
benighted family came to own and run a house like this and to have.
Semiliterate, uneducated senior senator from the benighted State of New York.
"in the last time, there will be benighted worshipers and debauched reciters".

most benighted perspective in the current study of human cognition, equivalent to behaviourism.
all the other others along with thee & me who call this poor, benighted, man-wrecked planet home,.
What perhaps Democrat Congressmen could use, especially New York States benighted Representative Weiner.
When he had identified these objects in what benighted mind he had, he said, in a dialect that was just intelligible:.
It seemed that a spiritual hand had thus emblazoned the heavens in omen of the flag so soon to float over that benighted land.
It explained why, earlier in the afternoon, he had espied a chest by the side of the track while riding through this benighted forest.
But their main gate used to come out on a different pass, one more easy to travel by, so that they often caught people benighted near their gates.
He accepted it in the benighted way of men, who, though made in God's image, are like stone idols without sense before the smoke of certain burnt offerings.
We existed in a world of words and imagined intellectual propositions, spending hours talking through the possibilities for the citizens of this benighted planet.
The action is shrewish, benighted, mediæval, nay, barbarous; and this box was a very hard one indeed, extraordinarily hard for so little a hand and so fasting a girl.
His Tragick Flaw is that he thinks himself a Rational Being, when ’tis clear from all his Acts that he is more benighted than the lowest Insect that crawls along the Ground.
Looked up at his audience and said words about the saintly man that were unheard of amongst the country’s elite; far from the unlit nights of most lives in his benighted country.
No mischance befell them; if benighted in the wood, they lay down on the moss to repose and sleep till the morning; and their mother was satisfied as to their safety, and felt no fear about them.
Compare that stance with that of Obama, who, while a state senator from the benighted state of Illinois, even voted against the law entitling new-born survivors of abortion to have life-support systems.
Where in the world did this benighted expression originate? We all have a sex, either male or female (with a few pitiable transgender exceptions which should, by the way, be referred to as transsexual).
Perhaps, when contemptuously signifying to him his release, the Citizen Saviour of the Country might have thought this benighted aristocrat too broken in health and spirit and fortune to be any longer dangerous.
Youssaf, waving a final, rather formal-looking farewell in Moshe’s direction, strode away at their head, leaving Shobal to round up some dockhands to carry all the paraphernalia with which Myserrah had stumbled down that benighted sand dune.
And as long as the treasure flowed north, without a break, that utter sentimentalist, Holroyd, would not drop his idea of introducing, not only justice, industry, peace, to the benighted continents, but also that pet dream of his of a purer form of Christianity.
{114} The porter answered, This man is in a journey from the City of Destruction to Mount Zion, but being weary and benighted, he asked me if he might lodge here to-night; so I told him I would call for thee, who, after discourse had with him, mayest do as seemeth thee good, even according to the law of the house.
The benighted disbelievers from among them shall be all killed by the believers, while all the others who will keep alive shall certainly believe at the hands of our Master Jesus (pth) as the Almighty mentioned and promised in the Holy Qur'an when He says: There is some of the people of the Book but will believe in him before his death; and on the Day of Resurrection he will be a witness for them.
He was an alcoholic, according to his son, and this was the first time Jenny had seen him inter pocula, but the implications for Chip and for family life in general seemed to fall away beside the manifest injustice of being made to perform for these people like trained monkeys, of having to be Jenny, and of not quite being able to recall the country that was supposed to be hers, on whose benighted people the fascist Nixon was even now dumping his bombs.

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