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Nighted en una oración (en ingles)

Their torches bobbed away into the nighted vault, and he followed swiftly.
More than once, passing a nighted arch he seemed to feel the glare of unseen eyes fixed upon him.
There seemed to be neither windows nor doors in the walls, or else they were concealed by the nighted tapestries.
Balthus did not reply; he had strained at a Pictish stake and seen the nighted jungle give up its fanged horrors at a shaman's call.
The rocky ground hurt her slim feet in their soft slippers and she felt very small and helpless in that brutish, primordial blackness among those colossal, nighted crags.
Half mythical and altogether horrible, these apes were the goblins of Hyborian legendry, and were in reality ogres of the natural world, cannibals and murderers of the nighted forests.
Set the Old Serpent, men said, banished long ago from the Hyborian races, yet lurked in the shadows of the cryptic temples, and awful and mysterious were the deeds done in the nighted shrines.

Those eyes grew and became gigantic, and in them the Cimmerian glimpsed the reality of all the abysmal and blasphemous horrors that lurk in the outer darkness of formless voids and nighted gulfs.
When he shook himself from his revery and drew back his mind from the nighted abysses where it had been questing, the moon was rising, casting long shadows across the smooth marble back of the garden-seat, at the foot of which sprawled the darker shadow which had been the lord of Attalus.

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All these nights.
Of nights spent.
for the two nights.
my bed most nights.
It was nights like.
away into the nights.
The wedding nights.
Two nights, two men.
In bed nights by ten.
and the silent nights.
So we switched nights.
But some nights that.
Those late nights of.
Those nights are dark.
the summer most nights.
It is two nights later.
nights since the storm.
Tonight of all nights.
She remembered nights.
of the darkest nights!.
In the darkest nights,.
And then two nights.
nights suited him better.
The hot nights of July.
In the darkest of nights.
I remember those nights.
It was night.
At night he.
Always at night.
He broke night.
He hunts at night.
Day and night a.
Every night, it.
most of the night.
On the night of.
It was Prom night.
The night is calm.
and stay the night.
The night is here.
But that night Mr.
to stay in at night.
The night she was.
The stars at night.
Ten thirty at night.
Last night he had.
middle of the night.
The night was still.
I slept that night.
canopy of the night.
The night is still.
As in that night!.
into the cold night.
in the waking night.
In the night waking.
Then the third night.
The Night Mother.

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