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Bluish en una oración (en ingles)

  1. There was a bluish midst that.
  2. It was distinctly bluish in hue.
  3. His bluish lips were adding to the.
  4. Certainly she looked bluish round the mouth.
  5. The tiny fairy was bluish in colour and wore.

  6. Its colour is a bluish white, and clear white.
  7. The pigment of the eyes will be a bluish white.
  8. Darren noted the slightly bluish tint to Mara's skin.
  9. The entire top of the dome was no longer bluish white.
  10. Out puffed the bluish smoke and a smell of burned bread.
  11. He is hypnotized by its beauty and silver bluish color.
  12. She stood in front of a bluish flickering wall of sorts.
  13. Their lips were bluish and their eyes were almost out of.
  14. Its colour is not so strongly marked with the bluish tinge.
  15. The cat was brown and bluish coloured, otherwise, it looked.

  16. He was a young lad, with a pale, sallow face and bluish lips.
  17. The sound of the trains vanished into the bluish green horizon.
  18. Old ice is bluish and has rounded edges, caused by weathering.
  19. They gave off a bluish color as they swam a short distance in one.
  20. The rolling hills on the horizon looked bluish gray from a distance.
  21. There was an eerie bluish glow inside, almost like electrical arcing.
  22. Every blast of energy illuminated the entire palace in a bluish glow.
  23. He was lost in the midst of a blinding bluish blur of whirling speed.
  24. He lowered his face to plant a kiss on the bluish skin near the stab wound.
  25. Lorna looked more closely and saw that the diamonds had indeed a bluish hue.

  26. On top of that, it was a bluish hue, atypical for naturally occurring melanin.
  27. Roric stepped up to the bluish wall of energy and reached out a hand toward it.
  28. The walls, the floor, and the ceiling were made of metal—a cold, bluish steel.
  29. A few moments later, they saw the bluish outline of the Gate in the near distance.
  30. Below him a bluish shadow of movement flowed smoothly out over the lowland, slowly.
  31. Fred stuck the red pin in the middle of the bluish span on the left side of his map.
  32. The first was of a light rose hue whilst the color of the other was dark bluish red.
  33. The first was of a light rose hue, while the colour of the second was dark bluish red.
  34. Everything had a bluish tinge as the giant star cast its burning rays onto this world.
  35. Actually there was a lot of light, but it was bluish light like what my sword gave off.
  36. Marsha took one look at his bluish complexion and knew; she had seen dead bodies before.
  37. With their halos little more than a bluish mist, the pair turned and bolted – or tried to.
  38. A low, bluish gray fog had settled in, but there was still enough visibility for our search.
  39. The garland of lights at the foot of the houses seemed to burn at the bottom of a bluish pool.
  40. Off in the distance, two miles away, the woods hung like bluish lace over a field of pure snow.
  41. Then, still clutched tightly in his skeletal hands, the bluish glow of his staff faded to black.
  42. Tourists are mesmerized by its bluish appearance as they have never seen anything like it before.
  43. Well, when we look at an object in bluish light, the brain produces extra red to compensate.
  44. The bluish, pale light of the PADD gave Crusher’s face an unearthly glow, with lines of light.
  45. Nestled inside was a tear shaped lead crystal vial with a tiny amount of shimmering bluish liquid.
  46. A box sat on top that admitted a bluish light and the screen flickered as if the images were moving.
  47. Below them the moon broke through a partly cloudy sky, casting a bluish silvery look over the ocean.
  48. The rest of the environment had a faint bluish and purple glow to signal areas with a low temperature.
  49. There were traces of dark bluish color still visible on the side of Phoebe’s face from the last fight.
  50. Next the shorter bluish grass dominated, but there were occasional oaks and junipers dotting the prairie.
  51. It was a beautiful long sword, the hilt was wrapped in leather, and the blade was made of a bluish alloy.
  52. The sky was a dark bluish color from horizon to horizon, interspaced within were white lightening strikes.
  53. Drops of sweat oozed from her bluish face, that seemed as if rigid in the exhalations of a metallic vapour.
  54. Into the bluish sheen of a night without stars the lantern sent out a yellow beam towards the far horizon.
  55. It smelled fine and appeared to be just a regular pool of water, except lit up with shards of a bluish light.
  56. Shaped much as the other two, it is distinctive in that there is a bluish crystalline vein running through it.
  57. In the distance the golden bands of the sun were appearing timidly behind the bluish summit of the Monte Glaslo.
  58. Batam-Al-Bur came exhausted just when the colors of the west began to crown the bluish peak of the Monte Glaslo.
  59. The area around them was instantly flooded in bluish light so bright the men had to shield their eyes for a moment.
  60. I stared at the luminous ripples breaking over my hands, shimmering sheets spattered with blotches of bluish gray.
  61. Manon touched the screen of her pad again, its electronic screen illuminating the cabin with a dimmer, bluish light.
  62. The bluish pearl-white of the inside of the jaw was within six inches of Ahab's head, and reached higher than that.
  63. Niles steps forward and plunges the needle into Tobias’s neck, squeezing the cloudy, bluish liquid into his veins.
  64. It is usually spoken of by the inhabitants as the gray limestone, the colour of the other being usually of a bluish cast.
  65. Looking at them in the dim light, I had the impression that the milky, bluish white color was swirling inside the stones.
  66. He looked at the boy, pulled back his eyelids but all he could see were the whites, bluish and streaked with swollen veins.
  67. The skinning is finished under the bluish glare of our head-flashlights, though, for John, the toughest part is still ahead.
  68. Looking like big bluish shadows, thresher sharks went by, eight feet long and gifted with an extremely acute sense of smell.
  69. The man was wearing a bluish coat of broadcloth, he had no knapsack or cap, his head was bandaged, and over his shoulder a.
  70. Dimly I thought I saw a bluish color beyond the walls of energy surrounding us and then it briefly turned red and then black.
  71. The aromatic herbs were still smoking, and spirals of bluish vapour blended at the window-sash with the fog that was coming in.
  72. She was upset and the alteration reflected in the bluish vein that was sparkling in her forehead with every word she promulgated.
  73. The milk from these cows tended to be bluish in color, so other ingredients were added in an attempt to turn the milk white again.
  74. His eyes, which were of bluish slate-colour, relieved his unhealthy pallor and shone out plainly above the vivid orange tie he wore.
  75. We were floating in the midst of gigantic bodies, bluish on the back, whitish on the belly, and all deformed by enormous protuberances.
  76. Warm glances of love caressed his face, still cold with the touch of the grave; and a friend's warm hand patted his bluish, heavy hand.
  77. Thin streams of energy leapt out before him, illuminating the room in a bluish glow as the threads traced the path of the serving girls.
  78. His cheeks and nose became a changing palette of colors—red to mauve to purple—and the veins on his forehead formed thick, bluish ridges.
  79. He was neatly dressed as Indians often are, beige pants nicely creased, on top a stiffly ironed yellow shirt, and his black bluish hair combed backwards.
  80. The One Elf’s staff began to take on a bluish hue as Tetloan leapt forward, his strength, speed and agility enhanced to their utmost by the Singularity.
  81. The man was wearing a bluish coat of broadcloth, he had no knapsack or cap, his head was bandaged, and over his shoulder a French munition pouch was slung.
  82. Another steely tentacle directed the powder from the basin along a ribbed channel towards some receiver that was hidden from me by the mound of bluish dust.
  83. She smirked and shook her head at the fear the sound had awakened in her, when she saw Truman in the bluish light of the moon, on his patio whistling down to her.
  84. And Senor Fuentes, puffing out his leathery cheeks, had inclined his head slightly to the left, letting a thin, bluish jet of smoke escape through his pursed lips.
  85. To speak to you he threw back his head with an idiotic laugh; then his bluish eyeballs, rolling constantly, at the temples beat against the edge of the open wound.
  86. It is easily kindled; burns with a bright flame; yields a bluish smoke, and produces an odour similar to that which attends the combustion of gramineous substances.
  87. A lamp post cast a bluish light over the house, and a nice house it was too, architect-designed with large glass windows, and built to look a little like a train.
  88. The body was quite rigid; the bluish hands, that had evidently been folded on the breast, had separated; the legs were also apart and the bare feet were sticking out.
  89. After inspection, I noticed the purple, bluish beginnings of a bad bruise, but before I could finish my sentence of This is going to bruise, the healing was complete.
  90. Below him a bluish shadow of movement flowed smoothly out over the lowland, slowly enveloping the natural stone causeway, which disappeared as the apparition moved eastward over it.
  91. The children especially going to school, the bluish doves flying down from the roofs to the pavement, and the little loaves covered with flour, thrust out by an unseen hand, touched him.
  92. This vein of silicious feldspar contains also a vein of bluish white transparent quartz, which is from three to eight inches thick, and passes through the centre of the vein of feldspar.
  93. The meat of the sheep slaughtered with pronouncing Al’lah’s Name over them was of a light rose hue which delighted the seers, whereas the color of the other animals was dark bluish red.
  94. The circular rune carved into its front glowed with a faint bluish hue, and two high-ranking priests of the Church stood on either side, watching Aiden and his companions as they approached.
  95. Sometimes I would fix my sight for a long while upon the poor smoky cabin of some baïgouch; I would study the bluish smoke as it curled in the air, the Kirghiz woman busy with her two sheep.
  96. For a moment as he was rearranging his cloak Pierre opened his eyes and saw the same penthouse roofs, posts, and yard, but now they were all bluish, lit up, and glittering with frost or dew.
  97. Among others I noted some long–finned albacore, a species in the genus Scomber, as big as tuna, bluish on the flanks, and streaked with crosswise stripes that disappear when the animal dies.
  98. Between sunset and starlight this dexterous machine must have made more than a hundred such bars out of the crude clay, and the mound of bluish dust rose steadily until it topped the side of the pit.
  99. The third room led to a back garden with a climbable tree and a view of distant mountains, covered with pine, and in between them when the atmosphere was limpid one could see a bluish, shimmering sea.
  100. In the lower part of the vein, five to six feet from its interruption by the mica slate, the red tourmaline scarcely appears, and the vein contains chiefly bluish amorphous quartz and green tourmaline.

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