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Bluish in a sentence

nothing, but a bluish hue.
Her fingertips were bluish.
There was a bluish midst that.
It was distinctly bluish in hue.
The device shot down a bluish.
His bluish lips were adding to the.
Certainly she looked bluish round the mouth.

The tiny fairy was bluish in colour and wore.
and a slightly bluish cap, but the cap is much.
ter, except lit up with shards of a bluish light.
The pigment of the eyes will be a bluish white.
motor sputtered but ended in a ball of bluish smoke.
Darren noted the slightly bluish tint to Mara's skin.
The entire top of the dome was no longer bluish white.
He is hypnotized by its beauty and silver bluish color.
Out puffed the bluish smoke and a smell of burned bread.
She stood in front of a bluish flickering wall of sorts.
Their lips were bluish and their eyes were almost out of.
with a mystic background of green treetops and bluish gorges.
The cat was brown and bluish coloured, otherwise, it looked.
Old ice is bluish and has rounded edges, caused by weathering.
The sound of the trains vanished into the bluish green horizon.
They gave off a bluish color as they swam a short distance in one.
The rolling hills on the horizon looked bluish gray from a distance.
There was an eerie bluish glow inside, almost like electrical arcing.
He was lost in the midst of a blinding bluish blur of whirling speed.
Every blast of energy illuminated the entire palace in a bluish glow.
checked their bluish stones, too, but were disappointed in what they saw.
He lowered his face to plant a kiss on the bluish skin near the stab wound.

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Synonyms for bluish

blue blueish bluish