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Bluish in a sentence

There was a bluish midst that.
It was distinctly bluish in hue.
His bluish lips were adding to the.
Certainly she looked bluish round the mouth.
The tiny fairy was bluish in colour and wore.
Its colour is a bluish white, and clear white.
The pigment of the eyes will be a bluish white.

Darren noted the slightly bluish tint to Mara's skin.
The entire top of the dome was no longer bluish white.
Out puffed the bluish smoke and a smell of burned bread.
He is hypnotized by its beauty and silver bluish color.
She stood in front of a bluish flickering wall of sorts.
Their lips were bluish and their eyes were almost out of.
Its colour is not so strongly marked with the bluish tinge.
The cat was brown and bluish coloured, otherwise, it looked.
He was a young lad, with a pale, sallow face and bluish lips.
The sound of the trains vanished into the bluish green horizon.
Old ice is bluish and has rounded edges, caused by weathering.
They gave off a bluish color as they swam a short distance in one.
The rolling hills on the horizon looked bluish gray from a distance.
Every blast of energy illuminated the entire palace in a bluish glow.
He was lost in the midst of a blinding bluish blur of whirling speed.
There was an eerie bluish glow inside, almost like electrical arcing.
He lowered his face to plant a kiss on the bluish skin near the stab wound.
Lorna looked more closely and saw that the diamonds had indeed a bluish hue.
On top of that, it was a bluish hue, atypical for naturally occurring melanin.
Roric stepped up to the bluish wall of energy and reached out a hand toward it.
The walls, the floor, and the ceiling were made of metal—a cold, bluish steel.
A few moments later, they saw the bluish outline of the Gate in the near distance.
Below him a bluish shadow of movement flowed smoothly out over the lowland, slowly.
Fred stuck the red pin in the middle of the bluish span on the left side of his map.
The first was of a light rose hue whilst the color of the other was dark bluish red.
The first was of a light rose hue, while the colour of the second was dark bluish red.
Everything had a bluish tinge as the giant star cast its burning rays onto this world.
Actually there was a lot of light, but it was bluish light like what my sword gave off.
Marsha took one look at his bluish complexion and knew; she had seen dead bodies before.
With their halos little more than a bluish mist, the pair turned and bolted – or tried to.
A low, bluish gray fog had settled in, but there was still enough visibility for our search.
The garland of lights at the foot of the houses seemed to burn at the bottom of a bluish pool.
Off in the distance, two miles away, the woods hung like bluish lace over a field of pure snow.

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