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Bombardment en una oración (en ingles)

  1. The bombardment of water on the.
  2. Then the bombardment began in earnest.
  3. Within moments their bombardment commenced.
  4. Then without warning the bombardment ceased.
  5. The Commanding Officer of a Bombardment Group.

  6. Constant bombardment from the catapults achieved.
  7. Roman ended the bombardment with one final upper-cut.
  8. In Syria, the city of Homs was still under bombardment.
  9. A scheduled bombardment of the village by the Allies on.
  10. First Regiment routed under the lash of that hurricane bombardment.
  11. Michael’s, or remove the shells of the bombardment from her walls.
  12. The result was a bombardment of information that sent him into a tailspin.
  13. The bombardment group, for example, is composed of 60 officers and 800 men.
  14. We hadn’t noticed any, in the flares and well-lit scene of the bombardment.
  15. The bombardment of the city had ceased, as there literally was no need for more.

  16. Stop the constant bombardment day in and day out of all the negative mass media news.
  17. It is a myth that meals have to be finished with a bombardment of sugar and chocolate.
  18. We had only been in the line a few hours when we had the worst bombardment I remember.
  19. These are transports; fighter; light; medium and heavy bombardment and reconnaissance.
  20. As the hot noisy days of August were drawing to a close the bombardment abruptly ceased.
  21. We also did not consider aerial bombardment from spacecraft or the use of incendiaries.
  22. When the hour long bombardment lifted, the first waves of German troops then rolled forward.
  23. Her own opposition to the bombardment of German civilians suddenly felt hypocritical to her.
  24. So the bombardment has been extended for two days when the weather is supposed to pick up.
  25. We know for a certainty the ship can’t survive that sort of bombardment all at once—even.

  26. So far, the Jihad had been good for South Harchong—aside from the bombardment of Yu-shai, at least.
  27. All the training and discipline and soldierly skill vanished during the first minutes of bombardment.
  28. Most of the battles with the Moros had been sieges with artillery bombardment and hand-to-hand combat.
  29. With Armstrong and Bengough I rode out to the advance ridges, to witness the effect of the bombardment.
  30. Between her warning and Antonia's constant cerebral bombardment, Apollo's not sure of anything anymore.
  31. The battleship was now relegated to secondary duties such as offshore bombardment and convoy protection.
  32. The 1st of July that sounds like a good omen lets hope we get the luck, and so the bombardment continued.
  33. Unfortunately, the Soviets have kept hidden to date the results of my bombardment, even to their own population.
  34. You see, your bombardment attack exploited a big weakness in their defenses; they can only scan for living things.
  35. That is if the latest American bombardment of the beachheads has not destroyed any of our supply dumps on the shore.
  36. This would take care of any Turks who manned the trenches again after the first bombardment had finished Elijah said.
  37. I allude to the repeated recital of British outrages, the bombardment of Copenhagen, and the attack on Constantinople.
  38. The softness of the Earth’s upper skies protects us from being utterly destroyed by constant bombardment by meteors.
  39. Ingrid didn’t dare comment on that, measuring in Jones’ tone how deeply that bombardment truly affected the British.
  40. Through the little light that shone from the moon, I could clearly see the devastation from the bombardment of the city.
  41. I checked out the Sunday bombardment of ads in the paper and discovered that a few places had the same software for $39.
  42. The more intelligent class roundly berated General Shafter, when his threat of bombardment was postponed from day to day.
  43. We had to know if the bombardment had wiped out the German presence in the front line trenches and we prayed that it had.
  44. I would like to discuss with you and Major Villamor how to coordinate your actions and those of the 27th Bombardment Group.
  45. A terrific bombardment by both the Germans and ourselves was in progress just prior to the launching of our Somme offensive.
  46. What are the chances of my planet and my citizens in the underground shelters to survive a Morg bombardment, Admiral?’’.
  47. If they were lucky, the stress of the bombardment and its aftermath would make the soldiers at the outpost tired and careless.
  48. There’d been no way to predict how the bombardment system might have reacted to that, and so he’d been powerless to intervene.
  49. Because of those women, there has been no Japanese air bombardment of the airfield in two days, and the soldiers around know that.
  50. The barrage of spam should convince you of that as well as the constant bombardment of your inbox with faint attempts at humor or.
  51. Please understand that I was in 1940 a war orphan, after my whole extended family was killed in Berlin by a British air bombardment.
  52. I’m sure with the bombardment that we are being given that it will be alright after all everyone says that it will be a walkover.
  53. A portion of the attackers had to divert their efforts to protecting the city from this bombardment, but the rest continued the attack.
  54. As soon as the bombardment finished the whistles went and we set off on our country ramble with our rifles and bayonets held at high port.
  55. It was Saturday the 24th of July 1916 and this was the opening of our five day bombardment that would pave the way for the ‘Big Push’.
  56. Let’s look first at how our bombers are presently flying bombardment missions over Germany, so that we can look at where the problems lay.
  57. It is claimed that air bombardment, sea blockade, and Russian intervention would have forced Japan to capitulate, regardless of atomic bombing.
  58. The city had been under heavy bombardment for the past couple of weeks and was expected to fall into the hands of the Revolutionary Army soon.
  59. As for Cavite, I want our stocks and equipment there dispersed out of the base as much as possible, to make it less vulnerable to bombardment.
  60. We hypothesize that the virus came from space, either from the main meteorite or from a subsequent bombardment - but it was during that period.
  61. Venerable was bombarding the Belgian coast and Thames tugs were pressed into service to carry ammunition to ships taking part in the bombardment.
  62. After all, it was the Scientists' fault that they had been placed upon this terrible world! Sim flinched under the bombardment of oaths and curses.
  63. After all, it was the Scientists’ fault that they had been placed upon this terrible world! Sim flinched under the bombardment of oaths and curses.
  64. They, like Nancy, ran and crouched behind an old, derelict pick-up truck parked along the sidewalk that had been the victim of a previous bombardment.
  65. There, despite the bombardment, we found a Cockney Tommy of the Buffs playing "Tipperary" on a piano which had been blown out of a house into the road.
  66. A bombardment which had continued all night became so severe about noon of the next day that orders were given for all to take what cover was available.
  67. That means we will now go over the top on Saturday the 1st of July and let’s just hope this two days of further bombardment finally sorts the Huns out.
  68. Kraut made them all lively; he told about the bombardment, he inquired what had been going on in his absence, and entered into conversation with every one.
  69. At Okinawa twenty five thousand Japanese troops hemmed in by naval and air bombardment had held off American forces six times larger for one hundred days.
  70. It was now about 10:30am and I was just about to say something myself when the naval bombardment started up and although it was noisy it didn’t last long.
  71. Now, with Thunderer gone, Firestorm and Catastrophe, his two bombardment ships, were the only ships who could probably penetrate the screw-galleys’ armor.
  72. Unfortunately, the news are not good, as that armada is proving to be a bombardment force, rather than simply a resupply force of destroyers and transports.
  73. In eight months the RAF had dropped four thousand tons of bombs and it was becoming increasingly difficult to protect the ships from this aerial bombardment.
  74. We could see the wire on the beach as we rowed in fucking bombardment hadn’t touched it and we could see the massive entanglements running into the sea.
  75. On July 5th a second demand for the surrender of Santiago under threat of bombardment was rejected by Toral, and non-combatants were advised to leave the city.
  76. These pilots are lodging here in this hotel, like the pilots and aircrews of the 27th Bombardment Group, which arrived here with 52 Douglas A-24 dive bombers.
  77. Tactical Groups are for the most part heterogeneous in that their three component squadrons will be of the same tactical type, that is fighter or bombardment.
  78. About half a dozen of them crawled into a shell-hole and lay there wounded or exhausted from their efforts, and afraid to move while the bombardment continued.
  79. The further forward we pushed the more we could see that the bombardment had hardly touched the Turkish positions and we were in deep shit again and out on a limb.
  80. Your comrades are doing mostly well, but the constant missile bombardment on London, while at low cadence, is affecting their nerves as badly as those of Londoners.
  81. The noise of the bombardment covered our comings and goings, eased my initial navigation woes, and was an interesting experiment in army-air co-operation in the field.
  82. But at least the blocked channel had prevented the infernal ironclad from continuing its bombardment once he disengaged and managed to fall back upriver towards Evyrtyn.
  83. I will tell you something else if the bombardment after all this time and concentration hasn’t touched their wire then its god help us when we go over the top lads.
  84. I’m confident the armor piercing can handle it, but neither of the ironclads have as many rounds of that as I’d like, and the bombardment ships have even less of it.
  85. They’ve got plenty of regular galleons—God knows they took enough prizes in the Markovian Sea and at Ithryia!—so it almost had to be one of their bombardment ships.
  86. The Imperial Charisian Navy had already shut down its eastern terminus by moving their armored bombardment ships into Silkiah Bay and demolishing the defending batteries.
  87. Who the hell’s shooting at us what’s going on? I thought we were just supposed to stroll up the beach after that bombardment that’s what they told us the bastards.
  88. In Smolensk, at the Malakhov Gate, he had hardly dozed off in a paroxysm of fever before he was awakened by the bombardment of the town- and Smolensk held out all day long.
  89. To give you an idea of the severity of that bombardment, my experts have calculated that, on average, one 500 pound bomb fell each forty feet inside that leadership compound.
  90. He continued saying to us that we had nothing to fear from the Huns because the artillery bombardment was going to be of a duration and ferocity never seen in a battle before.
  91. In Smolénsk, at the Malákhov Gate, he had hardly dozed off in a paroxysm of fever before he was awakened by the bombardment of the town—and Smolénsk held out all day long.
  92. Gates are typically the weakest points in a fortification; get enough ramming, bombardment, and a heavy enough massing of troops and any gate can fall; except maybe these gates.
  93. The spirit of camaraderie brought people together as never before and the effect was to toughen British resistance and increase their resolve to retaliate by aerial bombardment.
  94. By the time the first counterattacking companies of Colonel Sahndyrs’ 4th Regiment emerged from the smoke, dust, and flying snow of the bombardment, the scout snipers were ready.
  95. The continuation of the financial crisis and the bombardment against the honesty and integrity of the administration had combined to add further doubts about the immediate future.
  96. It is estimated that over three thousand people lost their lives through the humanity that allowed non-combatants to escape the puny bombardment which destroyed but a dozen houses.
  97. Nor was he any lover of Jews enough to put them into camps to keep them safe from aerial bombardment, just because he knew the Allies had specifically excluded them from any attack.
  98. The next morning after an even shorter naval bombardment that yesterday if that was possible I timed it at just fifteen minutes we set off to attack the Turkish lines once more at 10am.
  99. Even without the Attorgron invasion from the rear, it is doubtful whether Kingdom Pass could withstand the bombardment by the advanced siege weapons that the Zoarinians have created.
  100. His eardrums cringed under the rolling thunder of that bombardment, and through the sound and fury of the heretic shells, he heard shouts of alarm and the bloodcurdling screams of the wounded.

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