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Barrage en una oración (en ingles)

  1. A barrage of pain rains over me.
  2. The crew's barrage splintered the.
  3. He laughed at their barrage of tuts.
  4. Another barrage, then a little pause.
  5. They let fly another electric barrage.

  6. The barrage of shapely and misshapen.
  7. She was greeted by a barrage of demons.
  8. Gilead released a barrage of electric pulses.
  9. The barrage from the other ship came in waves.
  10. The artillery barrage continued into the night.
  11. When should I expect the barrage of victims?
  12. The enemy tried to shred him with a fresh barrage.
  13. Under the barrage of waves of Chinese troops the U.
  14. Inward, she felt a barrage of conflicting feelings.
  15. In a voice that sounded like a barrage of powerfully.

  16. They guided their barrage of electric bolts at Tiamat.
  17. Janet had hit me with a constant barrage of questions.
  18. The halflings maintained their barrage of round stones.
  19. The sounds kept their promise as a barrage of men, not.
  20. Melvin was quite adept at dodging the barrage of fists.
  21. The earth was heaving all around us with the heavy barrage.
  22. Believers are experiencing a barrage of temptation through.
  23. He went down after the second barrage of bullets struck his.
  24. Muffled screams could be heard through the barrage of terror.
  25. But I’ll say this, Jumbo threw a barrage of punches too; I.

  26. When Christine did not receive the barrage of questions that.
  27. The barrage battered against the helicopter, rocking it as it.
  28. A session grant and then no more barrage of unanswerable reads.
  29. The fiery barrage on the city and the tidal wave coming from.
  30. This time it was neither a cavalry raid nor an artillery barrage.
  31. A barrage of shouts and catcalls erupted as we boarded the plane.
  32. Ingrid then raised both hands up to stop the barrage of questions.
  33. Any questions? Smith prepared himself for a barrage of words.
  34. The woman appeared delighted and began firing a barrage of questions.
  35. Starfling and Flamering continued their barrage of incendiary missiles.
  36. When the barrage had stopped, the smoldering dust and ashes dispersed.
  37. He held up his hand to stop the barrage of questions before he answered.
  38. Many pushed closer, fearless of the barrage of bullets spraying in their.
  39. Cass is also under attack by the barrage of emotions this moment is causing.
  40. A barrage of beer cans and bottles then batter his body, badly bruising it.
  41. Then answer a barrage of questions while a penlight was flashed in his eyes.
  42. Gloria no more than got out of her car, when the barrage of questions started.
  43. She closes the distance between them quickly and delivers a barrage of blows.
  44. A number of merchants have already been forced to turn around at the barrage.
  45. The others reappear with reinforcements as the rebels release another barrage.
  46. As Loki suspected, the barrage of fire stops as they get close to the civilians.
  47. His offensive was due to start in a mere hour with a massive artillery barrage.
  48. The chairman could see the assassin was wavering and hit him with a barrage of.
  49. An unblocked door, though, left him open to the barrage of a dozen angry trolls.
  50. Starfling and Flamering unleashed a barrage of fireballs at the armored invaders.
  51. A few managed to push through J T’s barrage and were engaged by the Swordsmen.
  52. He found himself subject to a barrage of gentle kicks from both sides in retort.
  53. Suddenly there was a barrage of arrows from above; they had indeed trained well.
  54. Let me explain it first, Sheila said, quieting the sudden barrage of chatter.
  55. That was his girl! A second enemy ship fell to the coordinated barrage of lasers.
  56. In a barrage upon Elm he pulled his nose forward and then back in a swift motion.
  57. He launched a barrage of fire towards the control panel and the open elevator door.
  58. A child can feel devastated by a barrage of words that feel like an assault, even.
  59. When the barrage ceased, only a few arrows were left in the quivers of the archers.
  60. They were less than five minutes from the moment of phase-shift when the barrage of.
  61. They did keep up with their barrage of the wall and the city beyond at night though.
  62. He unleashed a barrage of gunfire before he slashed each and every member of the gang.
  63. At a flick of Kai’s hand a barrage returned the gesture, but with deadlier accuracy.
  64. And it took the burst of fresh adrenaline for Penelope and Mercer to dodge the barrage.
  65. The mental barrage he sent into Anon’s mind would have instantly killed an Elder God.
  66. That had prompted a barrage of calls that still hadn’t slowed, even three days later.
  67. He was prepared to do so in 30 seconds when the barrage was due to lift in their sector.
  68. He guided his hands over the battling humanoids, releasing a barrage of electric missiles.
  69. The smallest came right up to Daniel and Kate attacking them with a barrage of questions.
  70. An artillery barrage was underway, something often heard sporadically from our aerodrome.
  71. It quickly slowed down and lost altitude as it approached the road barrage from the North.
  72. And that chemical barrage is supplemented by rampant industry, business and home chemical.
  73. Rainer’s way of teasing him, he now waited for the barrage of verbal abuse that was sure.
  74. He blasted out, one barrage of flames after another, obliterating large chunks of the giant.
  75. It wasn’t the barrage of questions that flustered her grandmother; she was very used to that.
  76. He quickly hurried up the wide hall as another rasping barrage of knocks thwacked the entryway.
  77. It literally created a massive barrage of needles, like shrapnel, that flew in all directions.
  78. There was a massive groan as a corner of the house collapsed under the Thunderhead head barrage.
  79. They released a barrage of magical fire that spewed across the marsh when it struck the ground.
  80. Spinning this way and that, her blades constantly clashing with a barrage of the demons' steel.
  81. Once trapped, a barrage of energy should overload The Eliminator and squash it into nothingness.
  82. Night had fallen when the section of wall collapsed under the continued barrage from the cannons.
  83. Smitty shook his head violently as the room once more broke into a barrage of chortles and sighs.
  84. The usual barrage, and over we went, and were met by the Germans standing on top of their trenches.
  85. As we were coming down the duckboard track after being relieved Jerry started to put over a barrage.
  86. To the stunned surprise of all, Sarah faced calmly the barrage of bullets, apparently unarmed by it.
  87. Andrew’s hands were down by his sides and he unconsciously started thinking a barrage of questions.
  88. The battle began with an artillery barrage from us into the area where Silpitocle had seen the cannon.
  89. Her photos went flying, surrounding the two in a barrage of odd family memories held together on paper.
  90. Even if Adros could reach the staff through the barrage of acidic blood, it would be impossible to wield.
  91. The enemy ranks had reformed after Cadman’s barrage, and they started to push up the switchbacks again.
  92. The wizards aimed their hands at the dwarves and stone giants and released a barrage of sparkling spikes.
  93. In the barrage, one of the missiles penetrated the ship’s magazine and detonated the ship’s munitions.
  94. We neatly stepped out of the way of our artillery, which fired a devastating barrage of grapeshot into them.
  95. He grew stronger and faster, but the constant barrage took its toll on his spirit as the summer progressed.
  96. The anthromorphs from the Plane of Chaos were no match for the united barrage of the various races of Gaea.
  97. They won’t stop everything, but they will reduce a barrage to where your lasers can deal with the rest.
  98. I managed to strafe him with a barrage of plasma bolts, but his shields held and his ship remained undamaged.
  99. A whirlwind barrage will be directed at the German front line trenches and this will last for ten minutes.
  100. The man threw an angry look towards the barrage and the soldiers before answering Joseph in a frustrated tone.
  1. Destroy all interest in history by barraging the masses with trivia so their brains are permanently scrambled and they have no interest in the past and what actually happened.
  2. He was raging at the uproar and after several seconds of his mother’s barraging, enough to hear the facts, he swivelled the sheet in his hand and took the blond boy by the ear, lifting him up before he threw him to the ground.
  3. As things were, the approaching hordes of Hell weren’t as relentless as I would have hoped in their pursuit of overrunning our position; instead of simply barraging us with hellfire, storming the impromptu trenches and cover positions of what few defenders remained with their halberds, axes, scything claws and gaping maws, they were content to keep our heads down by taking occasional shots, keeping everyone busy by assaulting a position with enough force as to give ground.
  1. They are barraged with hundreds of.
  2. These reporters must get barraged with useless tips and false scoops.
  3. In that moment I felt that I was alone with just him in the room, as the dark prophets around us barraged us with their dark words.
  4. Despite my laughing Tim marched over to the gate and passed the guys the package which took him a while as they barraged him with questions.
  1. We ended up digging narrow trenches for cover, watching and wondering when the barrages would stop.
  2. Disabling a P I ship generally took multiple missile strikes or concentrated barrages of laser fire.
  3. A succession of rapid knocks barrages my door and Glacia shoves through before I’m able to open it all the way.
  4. Every inch of the rain-sodden landscape seemed to be heaving beneath the combined barrages of the opposing forces.
  5. The Botanical gardens, the Zoo, the Barrages which were the first large dams of the Nile built by Mohammed Ali, the tombs and step.
  6. They were at their most vulnerable and feared that the British would be waiting to sink them with massive air and sea attacks and coastal gun barrages.
  7. Harris was guilty of the same error as the First World War generals who had been so awed by the effects of their own barrages that they found it inconceivable that the enemy could have survived them.

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