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Boot en una oración (en ingles)

You’ve got to boot it.
A boot was trapped in it.
I also had a boot pistol.
He kicked the Major's boot.
And he was a hero to boot.
It all starts at Boot Camp.
It was a dirt road to boot.

He turned and with his boot.
She had a knife in her boot.
He tried to use the boot.
Merlot in the boot of the car.
Pop the boot as I approach.
Boot heels clicked on asphalt.
They’d laugh at a mere boot.
Life is not unlike a boot camp.
That put a bur in Jean’s boot.
We had a boot camp, I say.
We could use my boot instead.
The last one in closes the boot.
He could lace his boot up later.
His dagger was in his left boot.
I really did have only one boot.
All this and a blue chip to boot.
McLean set a boot on the mans.
He was given the boot, after all.
And gave him the boot to larn him.
I had a knife; it was in my boot.
My boot stamped hard on the handle.
He was a tremendous drinker to boot.
I checked the boot for blood stains.
I took it and put it in my own boot.
Men’s boot heels and horse hooves.
If the ski is your horse, the boot.
Howard said, before I got the boot.
The leather boot gave more protection.
He was trying to boot us out of his.
Westwood took his gun out of his boot.
In the confined space, Tom’s boot.
One of his toughest soldiers to boot.
Afterwards she called Matthew to boot.
My computer is still booting up, Henry explained.
Fate was not only pointing the way but booting from behind.
The AI simulator is booting up for the first time and it has to.
As Gonzalez sat watching the screen, waiting for the computer to finish booting up, he smiled to himself.
The Communists now have a strong hold on the whole of the Korean Peninsula and booting them out would require from us a military effort of huge proportions.
Maybe he shouldn’t have yelled quite so loud? Maybe he shouldn’t have said anything at all? Maybe he should have come in early to give his computer a head start in booting up? What was he supposed to be doing again? Looking for the sales report!.
What under the heavens he did it for, I cannot tell, but his next movement was to crush himself—boots in hand, and hat on—under the bed; when, from sundry violent gaspings and strainings, I inferred he was hard at work booting himself; though by no law of propriety that I ever heard of, is any man required to be private when putting on his boots.
I was being booted out.
A booted foot caught me in the gut.
Jill finally booted the asshole out!.
And, again, I booted him into the air.
I just booted his ass out of my office.
Someone gasped as if booted in the stomach.
A burly rough pursues with booted strides.
At MIT I would have been booted out long ago.
He'll have him booted from the Order for sure.
Soon, two pairs of booted feet stood at her head.
I booted up my computer and opened the calendar.
Apprehension about being booted out of her sleeping.
That can change when they are booted out of a company.
She heard the sound of booted feet running over carpet.
Hearing booted feet dogging my steps, I span about in alarm.
She rolled, barely escaping the booted heel aimed at her face.
I cannot now be certain, but I think there were many booted feet.
I booted him out of the door, off the porch, and into the street.
Melvin booted up his computer, bypassing numerous security checks.
He was booted out of the United Kingdom and Germany for his habit.
If he was totally deaf, they would have booted him out of the Army.
After what seemed like an eternity, the computer was finally booted.
With a solid kick from his booted foot, the grate swung down and over.
Suddenly they heard timber crack as Alex booted the door one more time.
He was cloaked and booted as if for a journey on horseback; and indeed.
Each of the hobbits saw in his mind a vision of the cloaked and booted.
Suited and booted, they both looked like a million dollars, with their.
Jack then ran to the computer room with Max as he booted up the computer.
That I could live with, especially since I booted Frank from my party.
Booted and spurred, he scrambled into the hammock with undignified haste.
I booted up the disk and stared at Jane Doe EC 2 as she came on my screen.
She rocked her booted foot to and fro as she made her mental calculations.
Closing the drive manually, he booted the machine and crossed his fingers.
He booted his mount into a swift gallop as horns began to sound behind him.
John switched on his 21 and 40 inch screens, then booted the filter routine.
She was certain she heard the clomping of booted feet up the corridor outside.
I’ll probably get sued or at least booted out with my books on the next visit.
Once we were in the lab, Chandler flicked on the monitor and booted the computer.
Tires squealed, the sound of car doors booted open, shouts, a crash, a shatter of.
Caramarin booted the door wide, hurling the young man back into the dark interior.
She put on the boots.
He pulled on his boots.
A man must have boots.
He took his boots off.
Your boots are worn out.
He could hear the boots.
I bet his name was Boots.
He likes the boots though.
Dar brought him the boots.
She groped for her boots.
You may forgo your boots.
A pair of football boots.
Quickly I put on my boots.
Her boots clanged on metal.
Gwog handed the boots back.
I told you the other boots.
With the fall of my boots.
That and the boots fit well.
The boots had saved my life.
Draw on these boots of mine.
Boots: Warring in the Spirit.
The boy had put his boots on.
He heard boots in the hallway.
The rigger boots in her hall.
It is squelching in my boots.
Those old boots will wash out.
But I can’t get new boots.
He started removing his boots.
The boots looked like her own.
You’re as tough as old boots.
Wash your wading boots as well.
They were the only boots I had.
The noise of boots on pavement.
Godwyn stared down at his boots.
He removed her boots and socks.
Heavy boots on the boards of St.
Like the touch with the boots.
Boots and hands rolled him over.
My father unlaced his boots on.
Up came Tom with his big boots on.

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