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    1. Rom: 8:33: Who shall lay anything to the charge of God's elect? It is God that justified

    2. will take charge of your affairs and institute your

    3. “What about you, Sadie? You need a brain charge this morning?” She holds out her fist

    4. If he wanted, he could try and charge her before she got her hand back near the activation button

    5. ‘The latest news on the shooting in Bridgwater is that the woman who has been helping the police with their enquiries for the past two days has been released without charge

    6. Inspector Ditton, who is in charge of the enquiry, has issued a statement that the police are now exploring other avenues in their search for the murderer

    7. ‘I don’t charge my friends

    8. "You is in charge of that investigation in Sunnyvale, init?"

    9. "I know my uncle owns this place but really, who else could they put in charge? Draper? Hah!" Benji Draper was the oldest employee in the office

    10. For He shall give His angels charge over you, To keep you in all

    1. With a yell, Bob charged at Johnny

    2. “Looks like a party!” Big Petey hollered as he came out of the stairwell and charged the guards

    3. They both cleaned up at a public bath, had a passable meal, took as much fuel as there was, and he charged off into Dawnsleep while she huddled in both quilts in the chilly cabin

    4. Scar charged and Silence jumped to the side, kicking out at his ankle as she went

    5. She clung to the companionway rail while he charged thru the remaining canal

    6. Enzymes are positively charged ions

    7. "I have no idea what's in the crate, I'm charged with delivering it unopened

    8. If Tahlmute had noticed he was glad he didn't get charged that much for the Brazilian crate and set to work on the cargo without having to be told, Taktor probably would have stayed and help unload the cargo also

    9. “And I charged your judges at that time, saying, Hear the causes between your

    10. The things that went wrong… the radiation in the wreckage and the way the capacitors got charged by the atmo

    1. This enables cheaper average handling charges and getting better market rates than quoted

    2. "Now should you have any windfall in the meantime you could of course pay a lump sum with no fear of punitive charges Sergeant Biggs

    3. I could leave without a fuss and he wouldn't press charges

    4. What he did know was that he hadn't been brought up formally before the Haadij and/or the Council of Faith and Doctrine on charges of trespassing in the woman's universe

    5. Using just as much theatrics, Moamar read the long list of charges, the council shouted 'witness' on cue in unison if not quite on key, and then Moamar shouted 'GUILTY' and that was about the extent of it

    6. You know about logic and you know the physiology of the human brain, you know it is logic conducted by nerve cells with a form of electrical charges, and you know it is moderated by chemicals and hormones

    7. Begin replacing negative emotional charges and negative

    8. No one who charges Jerusalem the second time is worthy of the New Heaven and New Earth

    9. ‘I regret to say that I think she will probably face serious charges, Karalintze

    10. "Just be confident, watch for it, be ready to spear it if it shows, think with anger about how deep you're going to drive that spear into his throat when he charges

    1. “Dad!” I yell, charging in, ignoring the officers telling me to wait

    2. He went charging in there, she and Elond followed

    3. Burn insisted on charging the capacitors in flight

    4. There were flashes of Sally screaming; the ‘thing’ charging; burning pain in his chest; blood flowing on the ground, and the woman by his side; so tender, so soft

    5. All of a sudden the first of those terrible ‘things’ came charging out of the brush

    6. The damn thing came charging after us

    7. This was followed by some yelling from the front and the driver appearing, unsteady and charging towards us like a runaway horse

    8. She looked straight at the charging youths and yelled at the top of her voice, “You’ll have to answer to me to first!”

    9. impression that she could impale a charging tigress at fifty paces

    10. charging youths as they crashed into his stomach

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    charge commission mission care guardianship tutelage burster bursting charge explosive charge armorial bearing bearing heraldic bearing complaint accusation direction billing bang boot flush kick rush thrill cathexis electric charge blame burden saddle accuse file lodge bear down level point load agitate charge up commove excite rouse turn on buck shoot shoot down tear bill consign commit institutionalise institutionalize send appoint allegation imputation reproach indictment amount assessment fee toll encumbrance price expense keeping supervision custody control responsibility management superintendence duty part office employment trust payload cargo freight ward dependent subject instruction requirement command admonition exhortation injunction mandate assault attack invasion onslaught onset encounter outbreak sell for assess levy figure impose debit require