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    1. Rom: 8:33: Who shall lay anything to the charge of God's elect? It is God that justified

    2. will take charge of your affairs and institute your

    3. “What about you, Sadie? You need a brain charge this morning?” She holds out her fist

    4. If he wanted, he could try and charge her before she got her hand back near the activation button

    5. ‘The latest news on the shooting in Bridgwater is that the woman who has been helping the police with their enquiries for the past two days has been released without charge

    6. Inspector Ditton, who is in charge of the enquiry, has issued a statement that the police are now exploring other avenues in their search for the murderer

    7. ‘I don’t charge my friends

    8. "You is in charge of that investigation in Sunnyvale, init?"

    9. "I know my uncle owns this place but really, who else could they put in charge? Draper? Hah!" Benji Draper was the oldest employee in the office

    10. For He shall give His angels charge over you, To keep you in all

    11. He is the in Charge of life

    12. will give His angels charge over me, to keep me in all my ways

    13. Stephen is behaving like a collie in charge of a flock of sheep, almost comical in his endeavours to be of comfort to Liz

    14. Just as Moses led those under his charge, elders today must do the same

    15. ’ The one in charge said

    16. Tig said, "How’s that charge feeling? Reactors still good?"

    17. They were heading away from their target when Tipperary’s ring section crackled with charge

    18. A tiny, arcing, charge came off the command chair and wormed and noodled its way into the back of Tig’s hand, making him let go

    19. “I only hope I am not the one who caused this,” he said, and then he tried to make me feel better by revealing to the class that “Yvonne is an unselfish person indeed: she was willing to translate ''Self-knowledge and Metaphysics'' from Greek into English free of charge, she did her best and finished it within a month!”

    20. It is very soothing having Janet in charge; she mothers me while I drink the herbal tea she brings

    21. After thinking about it overnight, Kelvin had second thoughts about leaving Alfred in charge of a permanent base

    22. Ship's foreman Nlara was with them, she usually took charge of the sleep shift, but the journey was so leisurely that there was often a half-hour between trim changes

    23. more and more frequently with the vibrational charge of

    24. What’s even more interesting is that the rather jumpy young man we just met is brother to the woman in charge of organising transport for the Guild

    25. Son left his brother in charge of the Kingdom and the captain of the

    26. You want to showcase your business as an innovator, as a company that is a leader and as a company that is going to take charge in the industry that it is in

    27. We are all entitled to charge money for our time, our services and our products

    28. JUDGE: This is the time and place for the trial of Erick Folsom, who has pleaded not guilty to the charge of rape of Samantha Perez on April 12 of the past year

    29. She reached out and touched him, and a charge of electricity shot thru her

    30. Transfixed she felt the charge build up and saw the energy passing thru them

    31. She felt the electric charge shoot thru her body, but she wasn’t afraid

    32. She felt another charge of electricity, light filled the cavern; her clothing fell away in shreds

    33. before the baton charge

    34. Kate noticed that the electric charge they both received was a rather large one

    35. Master Jeffery asked them what they could do; and after seeing their writing skills he placed them in charge of detailing the history of the Dragons; they would work directly for him

    36. She began to feel the electrical charge that Sally had told her to expect

    37. When you have a satisfactory seated position rub your palms together vigorously to charge them with electricity and place them over your closed eyes

    38. Ichor was left in charge to guard the camp

    39. It looked like the evening was over before it had begun but Aristethes took charge

    40. It was stuck in three-d reality however and he could not pull it thru to his duty station to check its charge

    41. Remember that this is your profile and you’re the one who is in charge of who you date

    42. But by then the chap next to me, in charge of our bottle, was offering me the screw top from the bottle filled to its brim with whisky

    43. He was in charge of security for the planet

    44. But his mother had been a Senator from the late great state of Ohio, his father an officer in the occupation in charge of keeping order in the senate chamber

    45. “No, no, Duncan is not my lover; he is my mentor; he was given charge over me by the Eloi

    46. "There is a whole department on Heavenly Mother with anti-hacking operatives and a no-nonsense colonel in charge

    47. Mistress Tara’s voice indicated that she was in charge here

    48. “It is a singular achievement and a great honor to be placed in charge of one of these Inns; and it is only by appointment of the Queen herself

    49. allowances, party frocks and charge card accounts would be

    50. ” She pleaded for her little charge, “The Eloi say if you raise a child from the time of birth you can teach it anything

    1. With a yell, Bob charged at Johnny

    2. “Looks like a party!” Big Petey hollered as he came out of the stairwell and charged the guards

    3. They both cleaned up at a public bath, had a passable meal, took as much fuel as there was, and he charged off into Dawnsleep while she huddled in both quilts in the chilly cabin

    4. Scar charged and Silence jumped to the side, kicking out at his ankle as she went

    5. She clung to the companionway rail while he charged thru the remaining canal

    6. Enzymes are positively charged ions

    7. "I have no idea what's in the crate, I'm charged with delivering it unopened

    8. If Tahlmute had noticed he was glad he didn't get charged that much for the Brazilian crate and set to work on the cargo without having to be told, Taktor probably would have stayed and help unload the cargo also

    9. “And I charged your judges at that time, saying, Hear the causes between your

    10. The things that went wrong… the radiation in the wreckage and the way the capacitors got charged by the atmo

    11. ” Paul charged Timothy to

    12. During that time he was charged with learning all he could of the ship's interface to the outside universe

    13. charged Son, and swung his sword at Sons’ head

    14. Son was charged a tax at the gate and

    15. You are charged with the responsibility of bringing

    16. If ever there was woman in love, it is my cousin as she charged along the path towards her man

    17. That's when I found out I was charged with rape

    18. JUDGE: The jury has found Eric Folsom not guilty as charged

    19. “Lady Rayne, I am charged with your safe-keeping while you are here

    20. The house was stripped of the appropriate electronic devices and following a brief forensic examination of hard drives, flash disks and sundry other items of magnetic storage, the Detective Superintendent in command of the vice squad charged the young man with a number of crimes related to the storage and distribution of banned materials

    21. Releasing Charged Emotions Through Grounding

    22. The other girl barked another command and the bull charged

    23. The bull charged, the man yelled, took a tentative step forward and grabbed for the horns

    24. Superintendent in command of the vice squad charged the young

    25. They were specifically charged with the delivery of letters,

    26. mindlessly charged the two men

    27. Embarrassed that he charged and missed Roman

    28. Brunno charged with his head down and arms outward, but Roman

    29. Apollo charged, not barking but snarling

    30. A few guys shouted but she charged thru

    31. More glad when she charged up the back porch steps to the third floor above the dock

    32. another charged silence, before Sandini finally repeated his

    33. This was charged to the department budget, but the eleven iron and ten charge was nothing, what it could be used for was key

    34. He charged up to the gate as soon as he lost sight of his quarry, but lost him in the crowd

    35. They charged as well as they could, stumbling mostly

    36. regained his breath, Johnny charged, throwing another right

    37. Lunchtime is difficult as we are both emotionally charged, but this is not the first time we have parted and we are getting better at it

    38. Likewise, in her earlier more naive years, Heather would’ve charged down the

    39. Harry ducked back into the station and charged the porter with minding her valise until they should return for it on their way back to Clive House

    40. The principal took two small steps back and then charged

    41. “You got some balls,” Bobby said as he charged

    42. Now the handlers charged Roman, cracking their whips

    43. – charged me to come to Paris with the hope of

    44. She had such a good basic understanding of physics and such intelligence that after an hour she was able to agree it could be possible that charged electrons in a microscopic crystal could handle energy more densely than an acoustic circuit could

    45. Briefly, she included the new conversion idea, of Kit's to have all cars running on battery power charged by their free electricity by spring

    46. I understand that Sue ‘was charged but not convicted of forcible confinement when she used GBH, known as the date rape drug, to nobble the competition!’ Apparently the model competition went to you as the number one contestant had fallen

    47. Heather went for the lock but John charged, knife

    48. Roman charged the Agent with a flurry of kicks and punches, moving his

    49. both hands now and charged in an attempt to bulldoze Roman into the wall

    50. I charged with the last of my weapons—the

    1. This enables cheaper average handling charges and getting better market rates than quoted

    2. "Now should you have any windfall in the meantime you could of course pay a lump sum with no fear of punitive charges Sergeant Biggs

    3. I could leave without a fuss and he wouldn't press charges

    4. What he did know was that he hadn't been brought up formally before the Haadij and/or the Council of Faith and Doctrine on charges of trespassing in the woman's universe

    5. Using just as much theatrics, Moamar read the long list of charges, the council shouted 'witness' on cue in unison if not quite on key, and then Moamar shouted 'GUILTY' and that was about the extent of it

    6. You know about logic and you know the physiology of the human brain, you know it is logic conducted by nerve cells with a form of electrical charges, and you know it is moderated by chemicals and hormones

    7. Begin replacing negative emotional charges and negative

    8. No one who charges Jerusalem the second time is worthy of the New Heaven and New Earth

    9. ‘I regret to say that I think she will probably face serious charges, Karalintze

    10. "Just be confident, watch for it, be ready to spear it if it shows, think with anger about how deep you're going to drive that spear into his throat when he charges

    11. I hope you don’t mind, but he took me up to show me where it was located so we could put the charges in the right place

    12. KELLY: Of course she wants to press charges

    13. Yes, I want to press charges

    14. JOYCE: I understand you were reluctant to file the charges

    15. CARRIE: The fact that she wanted to go through with filing the charges, the medical examination, and the embarrassment that she knew was inevitable as a result of a rape trial

    16. Sleeping bags had been brought in earlier as they knew these people would not leave their charges or this spot till morning

    17. ROBERT: What was your reaction when you heard about the charges against Erick?

    18. Master Jeffery was very pleased with the results and praised his young charges

    19. They stood over me in their authoritative positions asking my parents if I wanted to press charges and asking if I was on drugs then pressing the question again in disbelief that I wasn't

    20. He was indicted for stalking, for abduction and for a host of other charges, which lead, with a nod and a wink and some party donations, to the minister responsible for such matters making stalking a capital offence

    21. He reports that Joan is defiantly proud of the fact that she sent the letters; he goes on to ask if I want to press charges

    22. He makes the point that if I decide to press charges, my anonymity could be maintained … though I don’t see how … Jim accepts this course of action on my behalf, saying that he’ll contact Joan’s next of kin and see if that produces any possible way out of this impasse

    23. bound charges careered back down the road

    24. and for a host of other charges, which lead, with a nod and a wink

    25. “As First to Queen Naria, I hereby read the charges: For those countless boys that you corrupted; for the many innocents that you stole from, raped, and murdered; for following a man you knew to be mad and doing his bidding; for attempting to kill Lord Tarak; for plotting to murder the Queen and aiding Lord Boras in taking the throne, you are hereby sentenced to death

    26. The charges against him are many, treason, murder, torture, etc… Proof of his crimes will be entered into the records

    27. In between charges the nurses compress her chest, counting out the rhythm of life in beats delivered by the heels of their hands

    28. detonators for the charges

    29. Okay, so calling Tracey would be unpleasant … she’d probably be less than forgiving, but with a bit of luck he could talk her into dropping charges … he even contemplated the possibility that she might take him back … settling down with a baby wasn’t his idea of the perfect life, but it would be somewhere to go

    30. The bar looks like a waiting room for the terminally depressed, somewhere that the Grim Reaper might park his latest charges while he goes off to collect the rest of the damned

    31. “The charges brought by Ava,” Vilbarl said, “The ones against Althart that you interviewed several of our staff about

    32. “I did not take the charges as being directed specifically against Althart, I took it as within my prerogative to investigate any who might have gained by the availability of the body Ava was put into

    33. “Since the professor is here, I assume you are talking about the investigation of the charges Ava brought,” Delurna replied

    34. charges against the poachers caught in the Bishop’s forest,'

    35. Knights over the jurisdiction of heresy charges

    36. The plans were straightforward enough: Main Hall, Dining and Kitchens, Upstairs Sleeping quarters for children, a few Office areas for the local administration of the charges, a Chapel, gardens with playgrounds

    37. ” He spoke at length of the tales and stories she had confided in her charges so long ago

    38. “Desa, remember when we talked about ‘charged’? Well the technology of YingolNeerie is more advanced at sending charges thru intricate microscopic paths of metal than the labs in your magazines are at sending audio thru tubules

    39. Don't you ever bring charges or say anything like that against a priest or nun again; they are God's servants

    40. “Yes she told me and she said if you were looking for the red ones she chose two of those for delivery charges!”

    41. ‘I was imprisoned for more than a year on charges

    42. custody to answer charges of heresy and witchcraft,’ he

    43. The gross rent of a private estate comprehends whatever is paid by the farmer; the neat rent, what remains free to the landlord, after deducting the expense of management, of repairs, and all other necessary charges; or what, without hurting his estate, he can afford to place in his stock reserved for immediate consumption, or to spend upon his table, equipage, the ornaments of his house and furniture, his private enjoyments and amusements

    44. The treason charges failed

    45. It was amazing the number of charges he had levelled

    46. that the government increases some charges but

    47. Regardless of whether the man was guilty of the specific charges, it did not lessen the tragedy

    48. The rent never pays the interest of the purchase-money, and is, besides, burdened with repairs and other occasional charges, to which the interest of money is not liable

    49. Come to think of it, I never really was informed of the charges against me

    50. “Homer’s charges are the two sons of Theoton

    1. “Dad!” I yell, charging in, ignoring the officers telling me to wait

    2. He went charging in there, she and Elond followed

    3. Burn insisted on charging the capacitors in flight

    4. There were flashes of Sally screaming; the ‘thing’ charging; burning pain in his chest; blood flowing on the ground, and the woman by his side; so tender, so soft

    5. All of a sudden the first of those terrible ‘things’ came charging out of the brush

    6. The damn thing came charging after us

    7. This was followed by some yelling from the front and the driver appearing, unsteady and charging towards us like a runaway horse

    8. She looked straight at the charging youths and yelled at the top of her voice, “You’ll have to answer to me to first!”

    9. impression that she could impale a charging tigress at fifty paces

    10. charging youths as they crashed into his stomach

    11. She looked straight at the charging youths and yelled at the top

    12. Come charging at him

    13. Of these things put them in remembrance, charging them before the Lord that they

    14. “I’m not charging you for the feel,” she said

    15. “Three coppers! One iron would be more than enough if I was charging

    16. with Greemore as the warden, instead of charging full steam ahead as they did with

    17. Stab the passenger like and night would stab you in medieval times when came a knight came charging at you on a horse

    18. out the letter officially charging him with undertaking a

    19. They were charging up the spiral by now

    20. ‘What point is there in charging for water?’ Asked Manson

    21. Patrick’s rifleman missed all of his shots and the group charging their wall surged within twenty yards before the volley of shotguns fire forced them back

    22. "Here apprentice, you try," Theodorous said, picking up his axe and charging to the One Elf's side

    23. More than once, the other Guardians had to pull her away from the battle, keep her from charging into the thick of things where she preferred to pound her enemies to death with nothing but her fists

    24. If you are charging much more than

    25. Otherwise, he never would have come charging at them while she’d breakfasted with Homer

    26. The animal did not waste much time in charging her again, but this time the young woman was a bit more ready

    27. Jeremos came charging forward

    28. Instead, he ended up with an enraged face-eater charging him down

    29. As our contract indicates, we begin charging 5% interest for any outstanding balances after 30 days

    30. “I told you this would happen and that it would bode no good for us and I was right charging fucking trenches with a handful of blokes mark my words no bloody good will come from this escapade and that’s a fact

    31. The next flares shot up into the sky and burst into brilliant light and we could see the charging Turks clearly now as they rushed towards us shouting something that sounded like Allah Akbar as they reached six hundred yards the machine guns opened up with their hail of death

    32. By charging upon malt the whole revenue which is at present levied by the different duties upon malt and malt liquors, a saving, it is supposed, of more than £50,000, might be made in the annual expense of the excise

    33. I could feel his presence charging towards mine, the triumph in his mind,

    34. Had money never been raised but by anticipation, the course of a few years would have liberated the public revenue, without any other attention of government besides that of not overloading the fund, by charging it with more debt than it could pay within the limited term, and not of anticipating a second time before the expiration of the first anticipation

    35. These also served to stop the enemy charging along the trench in sufficient numbers to be able to capture it

    36. He reminded Adem of a bear, though with the sword he was even more dangerous than a charging grizzly

    37. The only thing they believe in is bloody horses charging across a field and onto glory with their sabres and lances flashing in the sun

    38. Soon a hundred Fire Lions and over sixty Shadow Hounds were charging through the camp, knocking down and devouring vampires in massive gulping bites

    39. He knew his friend was ready to fight! His sense of direction told him Wil was charging south towards the demon flanks

    40. The woman had the temper of a charging bull, and that was on a good day

    41. If the weaver of the shield was strong enough, they could deflect a herd of charging bulls if they wanted to however

    42. ” At that, the guests all clapped, knowing they’d each eaten enough sweets, cakes, and pies to stun a charging bull, yet being Halflings, wondered if there was room for a few more nibbles

    43. Lastly he checked the batteries, which he’d left charging over-night

    44. As far as we are concerned a foreigner has the money to spend lavishly! After all we are professional men and used to charging good money for services rendered

    45. A ladder on the catwalk led up to the charging platform, where workers could shovel ore, coke, and limestone off the skip car and into the belly of the fifty-foot beast

    46. Her boots protected her feet from the rungs, and she made it to the charging platform

    47. Amaranthe studied the scant offerings of the charging platform

    48. Then suddenly, he was screaming at the top of his voice, charging across the room, repeatedly pulling the trigger as he came

    49. Also, the cab fares in Chicago were ridiculous and Steve was tempted to arrest the bastard for charging so much

    50. The LED in this circuit flashes alternatively because each transistor is switched On and Off in turn due to C1 charging and discharging through R2 and C2 doing same through R1

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