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    1. an iron plate that would eventually be a bracket for the mainmast of the sailing ship The Windjammer which was docked here in Boston for repairs

    2. Yanking it from its bracket, she climbed in through the hatch to see what had happened

    3. At each corner was a small turbine unit, mounted on a pivoting bracket that would allow it to point in almost any direction

    4. “I’ve fixed the part that had come loose, sir,” said Fletcher, “But I think we’ll have to cut the bracket down here away

    5. “This should cut through that bracket like a knife through hot butter

    6. The seatbelt bracket slice into his scalp and he gasped in pain, shaking his head, trying to focus as the car slid sideways on the gravel

    7. He grabbed at the bracket of the seat she was still strapped into and hung on, pulling himself to her

    8. their age bracket, the association forbids that they are classified as DMAS

    9. screw in the wall at the top-mounting bracket

    10. lift this point up to the point where a bracket is

    11. Her room was on the 4th floor and was modestly furnished: a queen-sized bed—the mattress caved into the middle with wired springs that jabbed into her back when she slept; two wooden chairs by the window which looked like they were held together with rubber bands; a wooden side table; and a small 24-inch old style Cathode ray tube television that sat on a metal bracket that hung from the ceiling in the corner of the room

    12. Those in the $4000 to $8000 bracket had theirs cut from 8 percent to 2 percent

    13. In that year the government revenues increased after Congress’s passage of Mellon’s tax cuts, but those in the $100,000 bracket still paid 65 percent of the income taxes, compared to the 1

    14. What do you perceive as being the bonuses and negatives for being in this price bracket?

    15. Con handcuffed Reins to a wall bracket, assisted Rex to neutralise his nurse, then ran out in search of Farzdbuk

    16. They all seemed to be within the same age bracket (late teens I surmised) and were lowly, as I have said

    17. your tax bracket and the total will be the amount of money that

    18. The left side of the headset bracket was a black cushion that rested on the external ear, while the other side of the head set bracket tapered off, curving elegantly around the ear, but leaving the right ear free

    19. By the way, if the policy holder happened to be in a 38% tax bracket when he started taking out the funds, the $120,000 tax-free dollars a year would be approximately the equivalent of $210,000 taxable dollars

    20. mounted on a metal bracket that fit snuggly over his shoulders

    21. wooden bracket that hung on the wall with a small shelf

    22. bracket on top of and behind the customer’s side of the bar, he

    23. It’s because of college that I learned how to launder money, so now I stay under the tax bracket, and I only pay taxes when I want to

    24. Set into a bracket on the wall was the metal holder of an unlit torch; Cerian lifted it, surprised at how light it was

    25. Remember, mum, that Ben falls within my age bracket

    26. bracket that have been through this, I think it went on a whole lot more

    27. Again, I hit the damned bracket

    28. essential then it could be placed within a bracket (KM)2 then

    29. It was played up on stage featuring a very fast-playing southern banjo player who also used a harmonica mounted on a metal bracket that fit snuggly over his shoulders

    30. The cue sticks were held by a wooden bracket that hung on the wall with a small shelf on it for some chalk

    31. Levi stood at the boat’s bow, his foot holding down the button that operated the electric anchor windlass as the anchor chain noisily wound up from the water and down into it’s storage locker in the boat’s bow, until the anchor was yanked into its holding bracket and the boat drifted freely

    32. Diseases are best fought when those in the high-risk bracket understand as to what are the risk factors involved

    33. Usually, your tax bracket will be lower after retirement and so you won't have to pay as high a percentage of the money in taxes as you would have if the money had been taxed at the time it was originally earned

    34. As with the IRA, the idea behind it is you'll be in a lower tax bracket after retirement and therefore will have less tax to pay on the saved money than you would pay now at your higher salaried income rate

    35. I don't think the Parian Psyche Laurie gave lost any of its beauty because John put up the bracket it stood upon, that any upholsterer could have draped the plain muslin curtains more gracefully than Amy's artistic hand, or that any store-room was ever better provided with good wishes, merry words, and happy hopes than that in which Jo and her mother put away Meg's few boxes, barrels, and bundles, and I am morally certain that the spandy new kitchen never could have looked so cozy and neat if Hannah had not arranged every pot and pan a dozen times over, and laid the fire all ready for lighting the minutèMis

    36. He was no longer astonished when he searched on to find in the register this note, placed in a bracket against his name:—

    37. " He compared the writing in the bracket with the writing of the certificate placed beneath Morrel's petition, and discovered that the note in the bracket was the same writing as the certificate—that is to say, was in Villefort's handwriting

    38. Crass struck another match and lit the gas at the jointed bracket fixed to the wall

    39. One of them bracket tables what you fix to the wall, without no legs

    40. For a long time he gazed upward at it, and then in an attempt to get nearer to it he rested his knee upon a wooden bracket on the wall

    41. This brought his hand within a few inches of the broken end of the rope, but it was not this so much as the bracket itself which seemed to engage his attention

    42. No one but an acrobat or a sailor could have got up to that bell-rope from the bracket, and no one but a sailor could have made the knots with which the cord was fastened to the chair

    43. A single small lamp stood upon a bracket on the wall

    44. Each new tax bracket was a kind of elevation from which you could survey all the things you couldn’t yet afford

    45. Of course you’ll have to pay taxes on that money eventually when you withdraw it in retirement, but by then you’ll undoubtedly be in a lower tax bracket than you are now

    46. We can also use them to bracket technical indicators to help identify the extreme levels where trends are likely to reverse

    47. But meanwhile, as the price of the stock rose, successive blocks of the bonds were converted (partly under the impetus supplied by successive calls for redemption of parts of the issue), thus tipping off higher conversion prices until the $55 bracket was reached in 1937

    48. The choice of issues in the bond component of the investor’s portfolio will turn about two main questions: Should he buy taxable or tax-free bonds, and should he buy shorter- or longer-termmaturities? The tax decision should be mainly a matter of arithmetic, turning on the difference in yields as compared with the investor’s tax bracket

    49. Hence if the investor was in a maximum tax bracket higher than 30% he would have a net saving after taxes by choosing the municipal bonds; the opposite, if his maximum tax was less than 30%

    50. We assume here a top tax bracket for the typical investor of 40% applicable to dividends and 20% applicable to capital gains

    1. An ornamental pool with a fountain graced the center of it, they took the scotch to some high-backed stools that bracketed a small table next to a small raised lawn upon which houris might perform

    2. We moved along and began to move down ‘Fir Tree Spur’ and then we wound down into one of the gullies that bracketed the spur as we got into it we could see that it would be the same as last time

    3. Behind it were two Army sedans that quickly bracketed the Mercedes and forced it to a halt by driving into each front fender

    4. The few Australian planes on the airfield, along with two American C-87s immobilized for repairs were quickly bracketed by 250 kilo bombs and burst in flames one after the others, while the piles of supplies and equipment still left in the open were also hit

    5. � Shells splashes bracketed the submarine at a rate of over nine rounds per minute, with a solid hit on the conning tower with the sixth round

    6. � The grief stricken German then died when the bombs of the second wave bracketed the south part of the castle

    7. While his warning probably saved many of his remaining pilots from crashing down into the sea later on, that moment of inattention cost him dearly, as a salvo of 76mm rockets bracketed his aircraft

    8. The violet beams of Morg antimatter discharges closely bracketed the interceptor despite the frantic changes of course from its pilot, Lieutenant Kaprayon

    9. All bracketed expressions, strikeouts, footnotes, and endnotes appearing in this

    10. Her soft brown eyes crinkled at the corners and a series of lines bracketed her mouth as she smiled at us

    11. I have bracketed

    12. considered the primary virtue and even his innocuous curiosity would be bracketed as

    13. Words that are bracketed ([ ]) in the verses below show words that were dropped from the

    14. “I’ll take care of it,” Alex volunteered, though a glance in his direction showed grim lines bracketed his mouth

    15. The earl smiled at his friend’s expression, then flipped up a tight-fitting, hinged metal cover on one end of the device to reveal what looked like a lamp wick with a milled metal wheel bracketed in front of it

    16. Now you’ve bracketed your solution

    17. His arms bracketed her body, and he gazed down at her, still straining against what he knew was right and wrong

    18. The original VIX was calculated from calls and puts at the two exercise prices that bracketed the index price—essentially the at-the-money options

    19. Joe came back with a wedge of cake and a glass of milk for Hazel, and while Hazel munched and drank, Joe’s large damp eyes bracketed him but never hit him

    1. He was handsome with thick laugh lines at his eyes and others bracketing a mouth that had a tendency to curve up at the corners

    2. Having the longest range, plus proximity fuses on their shells, the four 75mm guns opened fire first, bracketing quickly the BETTY bombers approaching at low altitude

    3. � Folding up her night goggles, she was able to look directly through the gun sight and to adjust her fire, bracketing the Schnellboot with five successive bursts

    4. Two more explosions followed in quick succession, bracketing the hangar

    5. He stood carefully upright, bracketing his back with his

    6. That is one of the reasons why I like writing to you and getting your letters; only you mustn't be offended at my bracketing you, you splendid young man, with poor Vicki and poor myself in the class Unwise

    7. I’ve seen that flash when he’s on top of me, hands bracketing my head, eyes dark with lust

    8. His sharp gray eyes fixed on me, and I noted the laugh lines bracketing his mouth—because he wasn’t laughing

    9. The exercise prices available for trading on an option exchange are set by the exchange, usually at equal intervals and bracketing the current price of the underlying contract

    10. 8 The three-month implied volatility was calculated by interpolating between the implied volatility of options bracketing three months

    1. The basin was fixed to the wall by two long metal brackets that extended out from the wall along a groove moulded in the porcelain

    2. “That, I suppose, means these brackets, here, here, here and here

    3. ” said Hugh, pointing at each of the brackets that held the four corners of the base of the antenna

    4. One day, this union member for the electricians was welding up some real simple brackets

    5. As said I loved the MAG or LMG and so did SAP COIN who had a song about it! Something like this which is in Afrikaans for it is very hard to translate being slang but I tried in brackets:

    6. “Red, can you make sure that the brackets are holding down the batteries securely this time?”

    7. Each of their incomes is in the lower brackets and sometimes spotty

    8. He then quotes in brackets the following verses:

    9. He then quotes two sections from scripture in brackets)

    10. A phenomenon I have seen in all my years of reading so-called Christian books is that when the highly educated theologian makes a statement, they usually supply a quotation from scripture in brackets and then continue with their teaching

    11. Now, let’s look at the verses in brackets

    12. The next quotation of the doctor in brackets:

    13. Quietly, I slipped the hockey stick out of its mounting brackets and inched my way back to the door jam

    14. Remember that the numbers in the brackets following the network number in the

    15. spouting out of the brackets

    16. If putting up steel spouting the brackets are

    17. the distance the brackets will hold the

    18. the log, so that if I could bring it above the shallow brackets,

    19. The records of 1929 show that the upper three to five percent of the higher income brackets paid the overwhelmingly major part of the tax burden

    20. Trask struggled to lift an oaken two-by-six until realizing it needed to be slid out the end of its brackets

    21. The explanations in brackets are by Madame

    22. Without the square brackets, this example advert will appear for anyone that

    23. However, with the square brackets you are aiming for a much more specific

    24. At the end of the winding corridor Aram halted at a door, across which a heavy iron bar rested in powerful metal brackets

    25. 'I'll show you!' roared the maddened Cimmerian, and he wheeled and bounded toward the rail, where weapons hung in their brackets

    26. So, what was his turning point? Early one morning he was rudely awakened by the fingernail-screeching-on-a-blackboard when the two forward blades of a dump truck slid into the brackets on either side of the dumpster

    27. The list of items should be enclosed in square brackets so that Python understands that you are specifying a list

    28. We can access the items in the tuple by specifying the item's position within a pair of square brackets just like we did for lists

    29. ated themselves by commas and all this is enclosed in a pair of curly brackets

    30. Whenever you specify a number to a sequence within square brackets as shown

    31. numbers separated by a colon within square brackets

    32. It will rest against the inner surface of your lower dorsal spine and will be held in place by composite pins and brackets

    33. Federal income and Social Security Taxes would be zero for wage earners under national subsistence guidelines ($35K) for total family income, and at increasing rates for higher brackets

    34. The Words in brackets are mine for clarity:

    35. the receiver with little white buttons in between the brackets that

    36. This time he needed no car, so he took an upright bicycle from the wall brackets on which it was stored and propped it up outside

    37. He put them to work mounting the special brackets they’d ordered on the light posts running the length of Main Street

    38. This is a moot point, since affiliates do have to identify themselves in the AdWords text (by placing the abbreviation “aff” in brackets, at the end of their text ads)

    39. The text that appears between the HTML brackets above (Newbie affiliate

    40. carefully secured it into the brackets on the underside of the false bottom, and then reattached

    41. They’d barricaded it with a thick wooden beam that sat on metal brackets, as well as a shelf full of chain and leather armor pieces, two wooden chairs, and a bench

    42. brackets that were just under the roll-up to lift the container and the first foot or so of the

    43. They sometimes put referring to these principles as law in brackets to deny the

    44. They are usually sold with all the mounting brackets, nuts and bolts

    45. the form of tags and the text is kept within angled brackets

    46. On account of the many inaccuracies of the usual version, the reader will find it desirable, if possible, to refer to the original texts, in which case the figure within brackets will facilitate his research

    47. Microwaves – can be supplied with a ‘building-in’ kit which normally consists of a stainless steel facia and support brackets

    48. The bedroom seemed fit for these catastrophes--cheap, mustard-coloured, half attic, half studio, curiously ornamented with silver paper stars, Welshwomen's hats, and rosaries pendent from the gas brackets

    49. "See the cunning brackets to hold candles, and the nice green silk, puckered up, with a gold rose in the middle, and the pretty rack and stool, all complete," added Meg, opening the instrument and displaying its beauties

    50. Cut out four corner brackets (B) with 45-degree angles

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