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    1. They make tunnel like tubes to connect the soil and wood

    2. This Niyama encourages us to let go of our false sense of control and to connect to the Divine or that which gives us the sense of wholeness and sacredness

    3. connect with the Holy Spirit of God

    4. I ended up sitting on the bench for hours, afraid to move, terrified for my family, trying to connect up the dots, but it seemed like suddenly my brain just couldn't form clear thoughts any more

    5. She would soon encounter the ship, and knew that the android's skin was wired with pain sensors that she could connect up to her pain input channels

    6. the canals and wires that connect the universal whole

    7. They proposed buying a corridor thru the wild chaparral to connect their lands and Ernesto was arriving with a delegation of his sons to discuss it

    8. As soon as you give up all that, you immediately connect with

    9. As Smith dreamed and experimented and changed the fabric of time and space, as He formulated infinite varieties of life and death across the vast expanse of the void, small packages of His thought leaked out from beyond the horizon of Smith’s dreaming and drifted through the aeons and along the canals and wires that connect the universal whole

    10. I’ve already given you the information you need to connect the dots

    11. Regardless of what it is that you choose to share via video, it is a great way to connect with your followers and show they you truly care about them

    12. to members so they can connect with assorted potential dating partners from every corner of the

    13. connect, it is always important to dive into the conversation

    14. This will help you to really connect with the limiting beliefs and strong emotions that are fueling the fear in the first place

    15. order to connect with your source

    16. release fear and connect with your heart in any moment

    17. reservoirs of energy, which connect with and supply

    18. “Bloggingehow was my one source of inspiration that i could easily connect to, unlike other big corporate blogs that, although provided the information, lacked the intimacy a beginner needs in order to get the wheel turning

    19. Asking that question helped Joanne connect

    20. open the clamshell display and pressed the connect button

    21. to reach out and connect with people, even the people

    22. the words, but they do seem to connect with the

    23. The clearer your intention to connect Ryan and

    24. “Thank you Ship, we are here to correct that problem,” Tam answered, “please connect to

    25. Set a pure intent to directly connect to the heart and love of

    26. open and one with your desire to connect with God’s love and

    27. Connect with J Bennington

    28. I had no idea Tdeshi might have succumbed to shonggot at the time so it didn’t connect

    29. There’s the equivalent of all kinds of different plank-ups with different people’s notions of what was supposed to connect to where

    30. Now connect the points of sevenths in the order of there series: 1-4-2-8-5-7-1

    31. Jock is aware of pain, aware of the needle being stuck into his buttocks, but he is in that quiet moment of shock when a broken body fails to connect with the receptors in the brain that describe a wound

    32. Places where the magnetic field of Earth connect to the magnetic

    33. He usually sends more than one a day, but, I suppose if they are travelling in some of the wilder areas, he’ll trouble finding somewhere he can connect to the internet

    34. the green button and the numbers dialed but did not connect

    35. Nor would the operator connect you – not

    36. You are trying to connect thru an eye of your own that you've parked on a frond near the Kaldiss eye in the city of Zhlindu

    37. Angel simulations connect only the sense and motor I/O to the brain, not the brain's internal memory

    38. Love them, connect with them

    39. Something needs to connect the two energy sources so they can touch one another and bring the needed balance

    40. the Son of God as the musical warriors connect with the sound of

    41. always victorious in Heaven and, as we connect ourselves to that

    42. prophesied, there was a noise as bone began to connect to bone

    43. Connect with me on facebook

    44. The Death Guards, along with Rafe's elven companion X'ander, had organized construction crews throughout the city and had begun building huge wooden planks which, once the battle began, were to be used as pathways to connect the city's rooftops

    45. "You know nothing of my love," she said, slow to rise and not daring to connect with his mind

    46. If not, he would be forced to connect directly with the Tree, wherein it would no doubt refuse his request to leave – perhaps for eternity

    47. He communicated little through the flap in his head, nor did he attempt to connect with them telepathically

    48. connect to the universe

    49. In the silence, you connect to love

    50. connect to the universe, the core element in achieving your success

    1. They're connected at every eye room, and you know you don't know where he is

    2. The computer he was using was connected to a transparent plastic box beside him

    3. His device was one of the new 3D ones with the seed pod with holes in it connected to a pair of spectacles by a piece of tough monofilament

    4. Scales are usually connected to the presence of ants

    5. A spirit, a soul, a GOD FORCE, that is directly connected to universal life force energy

    6. Benjamin was put in a special ward where he was connected to

    7. was connected to the power of God to the event which happened two

    8. family is connected to the oil

    9. ‘… which has re-activated local discussion concerning Mrs Elizabeth Wynell, the woman who was helping police with their enquiries recently, but the police have refuted any suggestion that Mrs Wynell is connected with this

    10. at first they connected a device to my head

    11. croscope was connected to my head

    12. Glenelle was listening, but though she thought she knew the words, none of them seemed connected in a sensible way

    13. They are connected to something much bigger

    14. If a man is not connected to life, his spirit is dead, so

    15. While those natives had to be informed by the one of their clan who had gone to a data terminal, the network was connected to everyone on Narrulla's Tear and she was able to query, 'what is known about an asteroid that could collide with the planet Kassidor?' and find out quite a lot

    16. I forced myself to move, but it felt like I wasn't connected to my body any more, like I was walking on the moon

    17. Version three had introduced trans-volitional search, whereby the device would immediately seek and discover throughout the connected universe whatever topics had entered the host's little mind

    18. same way, we are connected by something beyond chance Tell

    19. The gossip says his name has been connected with several of the local ladies at various times over the years, though he’s never married

    20. ? How are you connected with the Mukhabarat? What’s your real job here? Who were you spying on? Who are your contacts?”

    21. Around the third night of my captivity in the apartment, late into the small hours, I heard a faint tapping coming from the pipe that connected the radiator in my room to the circuit of pipes that ran through the apartment

    22. Once the signals were physically connected, he wasted more time before he understood that it was a pointer source leading him to another hardware connector in the game room

    23. "And in business, when connected to world wide communications with that suntower thing, and in many, many other things

    24. Learn how to become permanently connected to the radiant

    25. wearing a jumper whose holes are connected

    26. They connected again and slowly smiled at each other

    27. She was in Zhlindu when it became part of the mainland, connected by a bridge to a road that could take you dry all the way to desert

    28. He missed with the first swing but was on his feet and connected with the second

    29. At no point is the wall connected

    30. On the second morning after the party, however, there was a loud bleep on the intercom that connected the house with the electronic gates

    31. Thom had designed the equipment purely at the user level, it was all standard packages connected to one another

    32. When conversing about anything connected to theology, church doctrine or ancient scripture, they were as knowledgeable as any human being could be, and operated as if they had a full understanding of the subject matter

    33. connected to another being, and to live according to both them and their partner's wishes

    34. If Ish named it, he would feel more connected to the project

    35. The tug connected to

    36. moved his bat in a smooth movement and connected

    37. From that alone we know two things; one, whatever is making these signals is connected to the impactors in some way and two, it/they are able to react to it and 'evacuate' if you will, the body in question

    38. and connected - six!

    39. kids and Omi's dumbness in anything remotely connected to numbers

    40. response is usually deeply connected to your limiting beliefs,

    41. But Laxman connected with the ball and bat

    42. and try to feel the feelings that are connected with

    43. feel the feelings that are connected with this thought

    44. We are all Connected

    45. The reality is, the entire human family is connected

    46. she was connected enough to her son to literally “feel

    47. – was specifically connected in her mindbody to the

    48. were still mysteriously connected

    49. is connected to everything else!6

    50. Something about yaag allowed nipples to be connected even more directly to the pleasure centers of her soul

    1. He could even see the connecting pieces where the electrical circuit was able to monitor the status of the door

    2. His wide variety of clients - including in the past, such celebrities as Olivia Newton-John and Mark Harmon, attests to his effectiveness in connecting with people who share his motto (“happy, healthy, holy”) when it comes to living and interacting with the natural surroundings

    3. ‘There’s a staircase down the side of the garage there so you can come and go as you please, although there is also a connecting door inside which links to the rest of the house

    4. It's only a mile and a half long and hardly ever more than three stories high, with stairs connecting to both fourth and ground floors of the outdoor streets

    5. connecting with the heat haze blue way-out

    6. "You can clearly see that these connecting filaments have already been removed

    7. This showed one of the connecting filaments free of the larger bodies

    8. "Notice the light streaks here," he pointed to the ends of the blur that was probably the connecting filament

    9. I needed neither but by then he was in full flow, 'Sophia is unspoiled because the village was cut off from the whole world until about thirty years ago when a dirt road was made wider, connecting the north to the south of the island and this explains why time seems to have stopped for Sophia and all its traditions

    10. He could find no notes connecting Thom's device to any theory of physics

    11. interests and connecting with them if they match your own

    12. while mentally connecting their interests with your own

    13. Connecting with Your Source Through Prayer

    14. joined by a couple of other Guardians, started connecting the hoses to

    15. There are indoor locks connecting the levels at two places inside the walls

    16. Alex steps out of the bed-sitting room shadows and into the black frame of the connecting arch way

    17. A connecting bath served both suites, and Chloe and Kaitlyn held each others hands as they were shown the appointments and were told of the functioning of the house

    18. posts, and from them hung chains connecting in the center to several leather

    19. Soon he reached the smaller of the bridges connecting the

    20. Kit had re-run the satellite cable connecting a transceiver, in addition to the receiver they owned

    21. brought their meagre meals through the connecting

    22. Think of it as connecting at the cortex, directly to memory

    23. They were able to get an aromatic and tactile sense established on his network, and Brancettrabble was able to continue research he was doing on the helmet he was using and how that was connecting to his brain

    24. the sake of connecting with what God is doing in the city

    25. With only five city blocks remaining before he reached the city's end, he pulled himself onto a slate tiled rooftop and continued on, crossing it to where another span of boards lay, connecting that rooftop to the next

    26. Since she arrived on Ki'minsyllessil, she had dreamed of connecting with him, but there had always been an excuse to bar her way

    27. No creation, whatever its nature, can come to life without a link connecting it to its creator

    28. Chose one other method of connecting to the universe (presented before the

    29. attempt to connect with God, whereas Christianity is God connecting with

    30. With an artist's flourish she made a last connecting trace on the course and grinned at the rest of them on the bridge

    31. He was inside the docking building, directly connecting the shuttle that would take

    32. It was one of the B’tari, and he was jabbing something into a connecting band beneath a node

    33. He switched off his computer-pad and set off towards the connecting tube between the command and mid sections of the ship

    34. “We are over Lake Erie,” she said and we will be connecting to the master ship

    35. according to the AI, which told him that the negative energy levels were not sufficiently stable to create a connecting channel

    36. Scott fumbled clumsily with the connecting wires, to the concern of Dr Lichman who seemed poised to take over

    37. But he couldn’t risk connecting his power packs at this stage

    38. He didn’t think it was the same as feeling lonely, that was him as the outsider: observing others but never connecting

    39. The science which pretends to investigate and explain those connecting principles, is what is properly called Moral Philosophy

    40. His attention was caught by an image on one of the video feeds, the gradual movement of a mechanical figure – Torbin Lyndau making his glacially slow way along the corridor connecting the hanger

    41. A cable connecting it to the casing of what was undoubtedly… “A

    42. who, at the bridge connecting the Etruscan and Roman lands, held off the invader, and then went back to his plow

    43. As we arrived at the connecting trenches that would convey us into the front line trenches we had to hug the walls as men who had been relieved stumbled past us in their haste to get to the reserve trenches where they could rest for a while

    44. connecting various sections of a home or building together

    45. building, connecting them from one area to another

    46. “pathways” connecting various sections from one to another, typically to and fro to the main

    47. be built above the ground, again, connecting sections to the main section of a house

    48. The land bridge connecting what are now Russia and Alaska existed some twenty thousand years ago, and provided the means for Asians to come to the Americas

    49. Why, pray tell, are there no connecting fossils to what came after?

    50. Monitoring machines, not of the electronic variety, but with flickering dials, and adjacent cylinders with pumps pushing air – and fluid – through connecting tubes

    1. long, that word comes with revelation and connects with

    2. your faith connects into that word it can change your life

    3. It then invoked a deletion routine, removed all trace of itself from the machine and let its digital DNA drift away on the ether that connects electronic super highways to Acacia Avenues the world over

    4. She disappears into the corridor that connects the main function room to the kitchen and the office while the young man resumes his place at the bar and gets his pint

    5. It does have a back stairway that actually connects to his home, but its front door was four floors above the business street in this neighborhood

    6. This bridge connects the two sides with the pinnacle in the middle where the South and combined North Canyons come together

    7. It is interesting that the following psalm connects victory in war with an understanding of family; as we understand that

    8. devotional at the start of the day, but a life of extended prayer in which the person connects deeply with God

    9. The same causes which gradually raise the price of butcher's meat, the increase of the demand, and, in consequence of the improvement of the country, the diminution of the quantity which can be fed at little or no expense, raise, in the same manner, that of the produce of the dairy, of which the price naturally connects with that of butcher's meat, or with the expense of feeding cattle

    10. (with or without words) that immediately connects you to the universe at

    11. individuals and religions believe a mantra connects with evil or

    12. how it connects you: “A” is where you are current in a

    13. meditation, because it connects you directly to the universe and affirms your

    14. station and see it connects

    15. is accessed by and connects one billion+ people) where I

    16. is accessed by and connects one billion people) where I

    17. It connects to the overflow of the reservoir and carries the waste materials down into the river further down

    18. as an indivisible expression of what connects all of us - the underlying,

    19. Yoga is an ancient practice that connects the mind, body and spirit

    20. has tragedy with what connects?

    21. With this he appears to deny vocal articulation to any but humans as he connects this with speech or linguistics, that is, the symbolic representation of specifics of the environment through an agreed-upon combination of sounds

    22. loss of family, friends, and the support system that connects most of

    23. I twist, and my fist connects with her jaw

    24. The blow connects with his nose, and he shouts, bringing both hands up to cover his face

    25. Tori’s fist connects with the side of my throat

    26. Once they entered into the physical realm they then became separated from the spirit energy (consciousness) which connects them to the Creator of All

    27. connects a program with a subroutine and Return command causes the program execution to be

    28. Ruwana: Indeed something that connects the Abyss with these Realms or with Earth

    29. The spinal cord connects the brain with the rest of the body by sending out millions of electrical signals

    30. He shrugs and connects with my eyes

    31. silver thread that still connects you to your material body

    32. Jaden walks into the virtual pool of liquid and instantly connects with his Gravhawk

    33. "It's more about the way the hand connects that gives it the best sting

    34. "Beyond this tiny doorway exists a huge cave system, which eventually connects with the metropolis's catacombs

    35. For the next passage connects with the catacombs—and, from there, it is just a fifteen-minute walk to the above-ground world and freedom

    36. Let no man break the stem which Connects you to life in its real sense

    37. “We have to go into Aiken’s mid-plane, the pass that connects with Enos

    38. theory that connects embedded time to your alarm clock

    39. We will climb down to the vent that connects to the stasis

    40. Human hope is based on this certainty, and this is the thread that connects the

    41. Body experiencers, that connects the

    42. Hindu metaphysics, connects the ‘permanent atoms’ or the nuclei within the

    43. in pairs and have circular wave-fronts a tube or channel connects the

    44. most computers and Internet connects are now easily able to handle the strain of

    45. connects the area near the heart to the area surrounding the brain accord-

    46. tively connects the poles of the relevant magnetic field, creating a circuit

    47. No one connects the killing to the mob

    48. connects with your fanpage, facebook users choose whether they ‘like’ you or

    49. Lui had heard Hung Sim mention some individual by the name of Ice Cream Man that was trying to muscle some of the connects he had

    50. 17, a parallel line is drawn against a resistance line that connects the two tops

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