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    1. "Then a sky-high cliff slammed into us broadside

    2. We went out a little and turned, presenting a broadside toward the ships, just in case anything was amiss

    3. She guided the boat in to an area only slightly more open than the rest, and turned broadside to a large flat rock, pulling with short, David

    4. Besides the Church of the Hanging Christ copping a broadside, pressure is

    5. With no one at the sweep, the Argus rolled broadside, and the steel-baked prow of the raider crashed into her amidships

    6. But then, as Rachel well knew, no plan survives contact with the enemy and here she was watching a broadside of Disruptor missiles slicing through space in her direction

    7. Although she was designed for speed, her 15-inch broadside firepower could match that of anything then afloat

    8. She completely outclassed the older British battleships and even the new King George V class was not so well armoured nor so fast, although they did fire a heavier broadside

    9. I fell in and out of wakefulness listening to the wind whistling around me and feeling the gentle rocking of the truck when the gusts hit broadside

    10. As they drew within firing range, they turned broadside and fired a devastating volley at the attackers

    11. After the intercept squadron had fired off a round of broadside shots, the two enemy ships that survived the encounter unscathed wisely chose to veer away and wait for reinforcements

    12. In the latest broadside a former senior officer from one of the main riot affected areas claimed that better preparation by senior police could have stopped the riots at that point, but which he pointed out were then copied across England

    13. Titus’s big hand gripped the back of her shirt and gun harness in a tight hold and he swung with her in tow around the side of the pillar, as the group of gunmen making their way along the upper walk came broadside of their hiding location

    14. Flynn blinked and then glanced off to the side to see the USS Nathaniel had come broadside and was even now rotating her twin guns away in search of a new target

    15. It was time, for just as I jumped the deck burst with a noise like the broadside of a man-of-war

    16. When it had gone a few yards, the stern swung slowly outward until it was broadside on to the stream

    17. The punt had been drifting broadside on, but now one end swung forward, so that Hazel lost his bearings and found that he was no

    18. Broadside on, the punt struck gently against two of the piers and stopped, further

    19. When this was over, how to make my retreat was my concern; for, though I had been so extremely pleased with the difficult between this warm broadside, poured so briskly into me, and the tiresome pawing and toying to which I had owed the unappeased flames that had driven me into this step, now I was cooler, I began to apprehend the danger of contracting an acquaintance with this, however agreeable stranger; who, on his side, spoke of passing the evening with me and continuing our intimacy, with an air of determination that made me afraid of its being not so easy to get away from him as I could wish

    20. His order came too late to stop the next broadside, and he coughed as the dense brown cloud of smoke erupted across the open bridge wing

    21. If it was possible for them to be trained from side to side—and it certainly looked as if it was—then all of the guns on either side could be fired in a single broadside and half the guns on either side could be fired at a target which lay well ahead or astern of the ship

    22. A single full broadside into the unarmored portion of their hulls from one of the Charisian galleons would probably send one of them to the bottom

    23. Thunderer’s orphans were packed belowdecks like sardines to clear Sojourn’s deck, and he considered instructing Cupyr to engage with his broadside guns

    24. Unfortunately, the carronades on the broadside carriages were shorter-ranged, and closing to use them would have required the schooner to close to no more than five hundred yards or so of her target

    25. The mast ripped through the protective netting rigged above the decks, crushing half a dozen men, fouling three more guns in the starboard broadside, and then plunging over the side like a sea anchor

    26. Another savage broadside screamed across the water, trailing the red streaks of burning fuses, and HMS Riptide shuddered in agony as the exploding shells savaged her

    27. In Saint Frydhelm it simply formed a space—open at the front, closed at the back—almost like a cave, over the wheel, the stern chasers, and the last two guns in each broadside

    28. There was no sternwalk at that level, but there were no lids on the quarterdeck gunports, any more than there were on the spardeck broadside ports

    29. If they could find it, all the shotguns in the world wouldn’t protect it from a forty-gun galleon’s broadside

    30. He put on the brakes and we came abruptly to a halt broadside across the road

    31. What should he find but a military convoy? Couldn't stop, drove right into it, smack into a tank, broadside on

    32. What is this thing, a song for the barricades or a sermon from the pulpit? Is that a broadside, a bulletin, or a lecture?

    33. At least I hadn’t hit them broadside

    34. We’d scarce fire Cannon, lest we sink a fair Prize with all her Booty, but rather we would seek to board her from the Bowsprit—oft’ without a single Broadside being fir’d

    35. Then there was a fierce, rending squeal right on top of me, and a heavy blow on my right arm so that I staggered and nearly fell, and I was in the middle of Pall Mall with a taxi broadside on across the road beside me

    36. He was assailed by a broadside, composed of a quadruple

    37. Then Captain Morgan, hanging aft, out of range of her broadside, poured shot into her hull until the flag fluttered down

    38. Glancing northwestward, my brother saw the large crescent of shipping already writhing with the approaching terror; one ship passing behind another, another coming round from broadside to end on, steamships whistling and giving off volumes of steam, sails being let out, launches rushing hither and thither

    39. There was more virtue in our barrels of flour as to coercion than in all the guns of our navy; and we had lately given our adversaries a supplementary broadside, which he hoped would tell well

    40. , we engaged the sloop-of-war, having first received her fire at the distance of fifty or sixty yards, which space we gradually lessened until we laid her on board, after a well-supported fire of forty-three minutes; and although so near, while loading our last broadside, that our rammers were shoved against the side of the enemy, our men exhibited the same alacrity which they had done during the whole of the action

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