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    2. I barely remember Earth and when I try to picture it in my mind today I notice the fields covered with ribbonleaves and archwoods shading the houses

    3. “I’m just glad I could help on such short notice

    4. "Did you notice there is someone in my life that's important to me?"

    5. Another thing that you should notice here is that, the

    6. “Oh my,” he said as he watched it all while holding the Super Chip up in his hand for anyone to notice

    7. One needs to notice the tiny pinpricks of ship's lanterns receding into the distance

    8. Every time you notice that your mind has wandered off the breath, notice what it was that took you away and then gently bring your attention back to your belly and the feeling of the breath coming in and out

    9. that’s just it, Molly, my tenants have given notice … they’re moving out next week, in fact

    10. ‘Yes, I’m renting here and what with the job situation I don’t feel comfortable not having any income … I think I shall have to give my landlord notice and move back to my house in Bridgwater

    11. ‘Liz’s tenants have given notice

    12. Neither move or appear to take any notice

    13. She didn't bother turning her head around as she spoke and Sammy seemed only to notice her for the first time

    14. The heat of Noonsleep and Afternoonday was only a tiny bit blunted as they descended into the Gengee, but they had lost only a few hundred feet of altitude, just enough for him to notice

    15. ‘I’ve given my landlord notice that I’ll be vacating the house and that it will be left empty for a few weeks as a result

    16. ‘You didn’t notice it this morning when you got in?’ he asked, a closed expression on his face

    17. "I notice it's quite a bit later," Glenelle said, letting her eyes tell her how shocked she was at how much later

    18. But Stephen isn’t here to see it and Liz doesn’t notice

    19. ’ I said ‘I didn’t notice those

    20. She’s been up and down like the proverbial yo-yo all day … I don’t think she intended me to realise but I could hardly fail to notice

    21. something made him notice the further extremes of possibility painted upon the

    22. She knew that somewhere there were files that she could file compare to backups to notice Glenelle had made changes, but she wasn't here when it was done and might not notice

    23. ’ She said, exchanging a smile with Stephen while I pretend I don’t notice

    24. His yacht was something he loved and would notice if something was out of place

    25. A while later, lying drowsily in his arms, I notice with disbelief what the time is

    26. Funny the things you notice when you are in fear of your life

    27. It actually felt good to go without that stream of constant data, that instant information, that knowing of whatever she wanted to know at a moment's notice

    28. Notice Acts 7:22 - “And Moses was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians, and

    29. Notice Deuteronomy 1:16-17 -

    30. Notice Deuteronomy 34:9 -

    31. Since all souls personifications had to be evaluated to supply the eyestream of the first, Bahkmar was forced to drop the eye-stream by another clock, and when it gets two clocks behind, souls begin to notice that the universe they see and the universe they feel are out of phase

    32. Notice I said "qualified

    33. Yet, I keep on playing the role of the match-maker, hoping that Dimitri will eventually be disappointed from Mandy's frigidity and notice me

    34. Notice that Paul is very clear on elders being in

    35. Notice that Paul began by reminding man he has a head who is Christ

    36. " I rise to leave and notice neither object

    37. I hardly notice the rain as I load the shopping into the car

    38. As they approach from the road that leads to her house, I notice Sabrina has her arm around his shoulder

    39. Before long I notice George, Clair's gorgeous brother

    40. I notice Julia and Luna talking between one another

    41. He thought someone should notice he hadn't reported for duty by now

    42. "The less notice we attract, the better

    43. "You asked not to attract notice

    44. Would he notice less care in the rendering? Would things stop moving? An Angel civilization had never decayed before, he had no idea what to look for

    45. He didn't notice anything different yet, but this was only the third apparent day

    46. But they couldn't ignore the asteroid for long, in another Earth year at most, the natives will notice the direction it will emerge from its close encounter with Cynd and become alarmed

    47. We will find at the end that it misses, but we will find even later that it is shepherding a smaller rock that impacts the Kassikan, a rock they won't notice till a couple days before the impact

    48. He had to trust that the native astronomers would notice something like that

    49. He had to notice it, he was genuinely worried about it, but separation got it done, got Alfred his own vessel and got all the annoying souls away at ever-increasing speed toward a destination twelve billion miles out of his hair

    50. "When he does notice it…" Vic began

    1. She didn't say anything more, but looked around the camp, noticed the planks providing privacy around the digester and seemed to approve

    2. I noticed they can be a lot more monogamous than we are

    3. She noticed a fisherman about a thousand yards out had turned his glass on her so she waved and posed

    4. "Whatever papers there are in that lock box, I've looked at them a dozen times and never noticed

    5. The officer remembered me but had not noticed anything unusual in

    6. " He had noticed that only twice with her, but this was now a strange place and he remembered that Noonsleep was dark at YingolNeerie

    7. Have you noticed the kinds of

    8. Have you noticed that those two part dramas beginning on Sunday

    9. I noticed that the volume of noise in the adjoining seats had lowered and eventually I whispered “Do you

    10. If your parents noticed you were hanging out with kids that maybe didn’t have the same values your

    11. He poured some and leaned back, but soon noticed the sound of distant thunder

    12. She withdrew her hands from his butt, not noticing they'd gone there till she noticed it wasn't returned

    13. He noticed that he was still clutching the door knob with a straining hand

    14. He noticed her staring out of the corner of his eye and looked directly at her, at which point she looked away

    15. As Nancy looked closely at Bread Crumbs, she noticed that there was a small speaker attached to the collar around her neck

    16. At one point, some child noticed him watching and pointed to his window

    17. As they searched for the hidden inlet, she noticed a plank-up on the beach that wasn't here before

    18. Johnny was about to agree when he noticed the three guards that stood between them and the nearest exit

    19. "What is that supposed to mean?" he asked with heat, but noticed a girl halfway across the courtyard

    20. ‘That’s easy, Liz … a load of stuff was lent out for a themed party of some sort, and we know that Dan was involved in the collection … in fact Henry didn’t check over the stuff until quite recently which was when he noticed the gun was missing

    21. He noticed that the map was an eye-copy of an old handwritten scrap of paper, more evidence that there was plenty of money involved in this deal

    22. The Ava that courted them wasn't listed as Yingolian, he noticed that

    23. The last time I went in there I noticed that the walls were peeling badly

    24. I noticed the signs on the bridge suggesting that those in need call the

    25. Because of that Tahlmute was well down the path before he noticed his approach

    26. The tautness I noticed round her eyes when I first saw her has disappeared now … again, I debate how rough the last few weeks have been on this woman

    27. If Tahlmute had noticed he was glad he didn't get charged that much for the Brazilian crate and set to work on the cargo without having to be told, Taktor probably would have stayed and help unload the cargo also

    28. By the time they decided these girls might really have reasons for being hermits out here and taken their leave, Tahlmute noticed that Estwig was out of their sight and he was nervous

    29. It did look like Tahlmute had been drinking a bit more than doostEr but he hadn't noticed him filling his cup more often

    30. ‘Yes, I’m sure it was all right when we came back with the paint yesterday – I’d have noticed if there was a mark like that on it

    31. I went straight home … didn’t hit anything on the way as far as I know … and surely I’d have noticed … the car was parked out in the road at the front of the house all night and I came straight here this morning

    32. while pondering on such possibilities that Johnny first noticed his erection, and then

    33. She noticed it was the native liquor, not alcohol

    34. "Those things aren't allowed in here you clown," Peadar said, "This is the Intensive Care Unit in case you hadn't noticed

    35. That was when he noticed the change

    36. She noticed Ava was on her second cup of the stuff and ahead of Glenelle's progress with her first

    37. She even noticed there was an android on the surface, an Android of Ava

    38. Glenelle noticed he was longer and thinner than the bartender, and more of a pale blue

    39. As she took her first step down towards the underpass she noticed a slight

    40. Melinda noticed a stain on her shorts

    41. She noticed the letters VD printed large on the locker girl's t-shirt

    42. His colleague at the desk noticed something was wrong

    43. The huge wagon pulled up at that time, they must have noticed it approaching

    44. He noticed her watching him eat

    45. Most of the day staff passed Ted ‘Bugle Boy’ Williams, on their way into the building and noticed nothing unusual

    46. before supervisor McManus finally noticed that old Ted hadn’t entertained the other guards with his impression of a bugle call to signal the end of another long night shift

    47. Bahkmar already had enough crystal in place that everyone's rendering was out with only a one clock delay, but he thought he noticed the audio getting two clocks behind for a few slices

    48. Bahkmar noticed most people in this meeting opened new notebooks for it

    49. It's about three months since I first noticed a radical change in Persephone's behaviour: She is always shouting and laughing at top voice, she is trying to be clever and expert in all subjects, she is constantly asking for favours: “Type these poems for me” … “Tell your mother to sew this skirt of mine” … “Will you paint this picture for me?” … “Go to that public service and ask this or that” and so on

    50. As soon as I arrived at the gym this afternoon, I noticed a white card on the reception desk saying “Massage from Themis

    1. Ahmed notices that Ricci is giving him a pained look

    2. As I go through the door of the village hall, I’m greeted by Andy who’s hovering in the hallway reading the notices on the board in the entrance hall

    3. He looks to the bed, and notices a mass buried underneath the sheets

    4. He didn't expect something like that to come from such an exquisite creature, "What kind of name is that?" She notices his confusion and returns it with a puzzled look of her own, like the answer should be obvious

    5. " He wants to lash out at her but then he notices her voice

    6. There were notices given to the mistresses in the

    7. All these notices said one thing and one

    8. The man in the centre of the bench notices them both

    9. It says much for Berndt’s distracted state of mind that he doesn’t notice; he usually notices my every move – this whole situation with Joris has hit him hard

    10. Notices are being circulated – the ceremony will be held in two days’ time

    11. Usually it was notices of more processing nodes smashed to rubble and additional delays in getting souls into smaller targets

    12. time she notices something is wrong it will be too late

    13. Julie notices that he has one of his bags with him

    14. The consultant barely notices the flicker of horror in Billy's eyes

    15. Dave notices the inflexion for the first time

    16. For the first time in all the years that he has owned Sillick Farm, he notices the ornate ridge tiles that run along the apex of the barn roof and he tries to smile, but none of his facial muscles seem to work anymore

    17. Notices were posted and the response by the community was positive indeed

    18. He hadn’t gotten mail from Sol in almost a week, the only personal mail he got from there was legal notices

    19. Mandy and Belle published notices of hiring for the 'Concessions,' and Sarah Bunker assisted them in sifting through the applications for the most likely candidates based upon her firsthand knowledge of her former students

    20. They moved away from the store as notices flipped and flopped all over the windows, when Beauty moved closer they all converged in the spot opposite her face, slipping and sliding to get her attention

    21. Grimes reckoned there was little difference between them and approved of neither, for every time they harangued one another, his Harvest Festival Poster flapped around the window in sheer terror, leap-froging less sensitive Government notices who stayed sublimely cool, obviously they had heard it all before

    22. But over the screeching of the government notices, came the loud bellowing questioning call from Harvest Festival, its voice ringing out what it had previously whispered

    23. She notices that the waiter has a spot on his coat and that the room is a little warm

    24. When she notices the group, she takes one look at Mr

    25. Sometimes the trench would be so shallow that you had to bend double to continue along it and in these places you would often see notices warning ‘Beware Sniper’!!! We followed the course of the communications trench which twisted and turned as it followed the landscape along

    26. There is no record that any special alerts or notices were sent to any of the American stations in the Pacific that were more than of a routine nature

    27. So she notices the reaction and over her face passes a smug little grin

    28. I stood up slowly and, keeping my face towards the signs and notices along the back edge of the Rennie/CLEARWATER JOURNALS

    29. He thought to himself with bitterness that he might have been spared such skills, but then again, how would the army live and breathe without notices, requisition forms, and orders in triplicate?

    30. Amanda notices Mandy is wearing the same dress as her

    31. Harry is pleased that the dots have gone and notices they are now on Bob's shirt, "You've had this planned from the off

    32. Charles notices Philip looking at Deifilia, "Is that her?"

    33. Yet above her bed stood notices informing of measured fluid intake and excretion

    34. You can place the notices in the paper yourself at negligible cost, but the biggest cost here and also for the entire funeral is the grave itself

    35. One notices that the result of this these brigands ceased to attack Israel 1 Kings 1 28

    36. One notices that the result of this these brigands ceased to attack Israel

    37. mankind, except Jesus, one notices that Paul stops short of saying that all mankind will

    38. As she got inside of the castle, looking out of the balcony, she notices at least a thousand creatures walking on four legs coming toward her

    39. He turns and looks back at the screen and he notices he is towards the middle on the screen

    40. He notices there are some nanoeyes behind his body and focuses on them

    41. Jaden notices in red: Light reflection / Invisibility

    42. He notices the words are of space, stars, and galaxies

    43. He flies under the heavier clouds and notices it is beginning to pour down rain

    44. He notices an alien character on his screen that reads: threat level 49%

    45. Jaden notices the pilot is petrified, as the nanoscanner gets very close

    46. Jaden notices an alien character on the screen that he translates into MPB -Matrix Plasma Beam online

    47. Jaden notices this is creating a tunnel through the steamy compressed hydrogen clouds

    48. Jaden notices it is pointing towards him in the UFO

    49. Jaden can zoom in and out to different parts of this large map and notices a line

    50. He notices something flashing on the screen: Subspace Optic-warp path 98% stable

    1. Underling and slide him the report without anyone noticing

    2. She withdrew her hands from his butt, not noticing they'd gone there till she noticed it wasn't returned

    3. She was disappointed with herself for noticing that the fact that he had kidnaped her only added to his appeal to her body's glands

    4. Henry doesn't remember noticing it in the cupboard since then

    5. All the other androids, noticing their companion had fallen down, immediately stopped what they were doing and turned their lidless eyes to Scar

    6. In profile he had a slightly aquiline nose, slightly ridged in the middle, and I couldn’t help noticing that his shirt strained a little around his mid-riff

    7. He wondered how Diam was arranging to cover other sensors, because too-late Bahkmar realized that they had to encapsulate all the ships instrumentation to keep the crew from noticing the effects of their intervention

    8. Yarnay was noticing a lot more about her than her thirst for yaag, so was Tuida, the other guy on mast six

    9. but observed everything without anyone noticing they were there

    10. Just when she was noticing that the ground outside the old roadway was pretty damp and there were far too many chillettes in the air, she encountered a chuff

    11. Alan was also noticing his foot, which he thought was good as new, was started to ache painfully again

    12. She noticed that the one who was slicing the pulley was also looking her over and noticing

    13. She gave him an appraising glance also, noticing both Troll and Yondure in his ancestry

    14. There had been a few cups at that table and Desa and Luray are similar in size and shape so he had an excuse for not noticing right away

    15. They were so very happy and everything seemed to be working out perfectly for them, but as the honeymoon neared its end, they couldn’t help noticing that all was not well between them

    16. there, never once noticing that a dilapidated and rusty old saloon

    17. end, they couldn’t help noticing that all was not well between them

    18. When did you take them in without our noticing?” She challenged, stumped by the information

    19. Belle, as George had done years before with Harry, lounged in the bow feigning sleep under her parasol; but she kept careful vigilance on both of her daughters' form and progress without them noticing

    20. The man snapped his head back in surprise noticing the beer in front of

    21. Andy stared at his hands, noticing how dirty the fingernails were

    22. The lady circled behind the young man without his noticing, as his eyes were fixed on the face and bodice of the young girl

    23. He put a hand on Roman’s shoulder, noticing

    24. “I don't remember when that sign didn't read as that,” said Chloe, noticing her companions' glance at the sign

    25. ‘When are you going to bring Alastair over to see me, eh, girl?’ he asked, those all-seeing eyes noticing the way I jump at the question as thought he’d stuck a pin in me

    26. Harman looked around his empty office again, noticing that the ceiling fan

    27. Boochie picked up the Kit-Kats, noticing the softness of the once-hard

    28. " Noticing Emma's intense look he added, "At least we haven't been able to

    29. Meanwhile Alan was noticing her but trying not to show it

    30. While they ate Desa couldn’t help noticing that Alan was acting like he’d never had thesh rolls before

    31. Noticing Jim's truck parked out front she refigured

    32. He couldn’t help noticing the fleur-

    33. Finally she snapped out of it, noticing Roman on the ground, unmoving

    34. "I still think one could make a better living out of renting beds down here," Klowa joked, noticing the way they held each other's ass as they walked away

    35. His lungs filling with smoke, Alec couldn't help noticing the bitter flavor of Chopa intermingled with the scent of tobacco

    36. She almost panicked, almost leapt from his grip for after closer observation she couldn't help noticing how skeletal the elf actually seemed

    37. She recovered from the initial shock of his appearance after noticing his hair -- which was woven into an elven ponytail and reached down to his lower back--and that it was whiter than bones bleached by the sun

    38. "Well, is the party over or only just begun?" Shinvei asked, noticing they were both still naked on the bed

    39. had managed to overtake the thief without noticing

    40. been? He looked around again, noticing some of his

    41. , Alec thought, noticing the many frayed edges and holes in the garment

    42. The system plotted a new route, he nearly got the android damaged because he was busy looking at that plot and noticing what a challenge Alan's new location was going to be, so he paid too little attention to the android's sensors

    43. Hogan sat down on the edge of the bed and lit another cigarette, idly noticing that there were only three left in the pack

    44. Noticing that I looked very pale, he asked me what was wrong

    45. I couldn’t help noticing that

    46. Her thoughts left her drifting through the last legs of her short journey to Solitude, not even noticing the small farm that greeted her before the main gates

    47. He took off his shoes, gathered up his tunic and sat down next to her, noticing that she’d been crying

    48. "Something wrong, Lunarey?" she asked, noticing the appalled expression on Lunarey's face

    49. And so he shifted his thoughts again, noticing the rustic structures dotting the countryside some distance from the camp

    50. couldn’t help noticing that he was a very pretty youth

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