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    1. She knew it said, 'Let all who's way is eased give thanks to those who's centuries of toil have joined our basins in peace and brotherhood

    2. your reality born out of the realisation that Rousseau and freedom and brotherhood

    3. He preached the commonality of life, the brotherhood of all living things and the

    4. brotherhood and written for several brotherhood papers

    5. We were a happy band, an imagined brotherhood

    6. This is your reality born out of the realisation that Rousseau and freedom and brotherhood are lies

    7. He preached the commonality of life, the brotherhood of all living things and the community of all men

    8. In a corner, Citizen Marat’s severed head, trailing veins and cables, ground out one last phrase on behalf of the revolutionary committee of the brotherhood of new men before dropping its eyelids and falling permanently silent

    9. Love the brotherhood

    10. That, ultimately, was the over-arching achievement of the theater: it made peers of people who might otherwise seldom speak on the street; it created a brotherhood

    11. "All those preaching peace and brotherhood on one hand and firing off anger, discontent and bomb throwing on the other

    12. I…suspect they have had their hands full with the Dark Brotherhood as of late

    13. That’s…you’re telling me the Dark Brotherhood has been…destroyed? How and when?!”

    14. What had those eerie eyes seen? Who haunted his thoughts now? The Dark Brotherhood and sad stories of betrayal…it was conceivable and yet perplexing

    15. Indeed, whoever has ruined the Brotherhood has done us a great favor, both in the short-term and long

    16. “Destruction of the Dark Brotherhood has been the touted objective, but they secretly have been funneling resources into rounding up the Manes

    17. and any type of brotherhood or telepathic

    18. The Muslim Brotherhood, n

    19. And we welcome, therefore, dialogue with those Muslim Brotherhood members who wish to talk with us

    20. I’m sure they’ll embrace us with heartfelt brotherhood and forget about all the men slain, the land taken, the freedoms stolen, the laws imposed

    21. In the center of the melee, defying the immense power of the Samosa regime, would be Raul, with the charisma of a Greek god and a voice to match, speaking of a new commune-ized Nicaragua built by the hands of the people: a Nicaragua where all the land would be owned by everyone, equally, a brotherhood striving for the common good without the greed of capitalistic competition

    22. The knowledge that there existed a brotherhood of other governments overseas armed them with renewed confidence for eventual success in their struggle

    23. The Pilgrim jogged him back into reality with a slap on the shoulder that he must have considered an expression of brotherhood and amicability towards him

    24. A brotherhood, they call themselves, to subject the world in darkness

    25. “We are the Brotherhood of the Earth,” said the tree-voice

    26. us, 10 Have nevertheless attempted to send to you for the renewing of brotherhood and friendship, lest we should become strangers to

    27. of brotherhood, which the Divine and all wise Providence has imparted through fathers to children, and has engendered through the

    28. and associated himself with the Muslim Brotherhood

    29. The Brotherhood, founded in Egypt in the 1920s, is the first and most radical of the Shariah movements dedicated to establishing global hegemony for Islam by whatever means required

    30. Alluding to Obama’s early childhood, his long affinity with a radical anti-American church, his favorable view of the Muslim Brotherhood, and his now happy propensity to feature his middle name, Hussein, forbidden during his campaign for office, Frank Gaffney offers a “stunning conclusion” that he sees as “increasingly plausible

    31. I had a new-found confidence and brotherhood with my cousin

    32. Before returning to the ship, Roger and Lucille went to the “Arctic Brotherhood Hall” where they attended a semi musical, semi comical show, which was rather instructive

    33. When they were leaving, they were made members of the Brotherhood of Arctic Art and received a small card that so indicated

    34. sage of the church in social ethics, notably the values of cooperation, brotherhood, simplicity of tastes, and the spirit of self-sacrifice

    35. 9 Therefore we also albeit we need none of these things that we have the holy books of scripture in our hands to comfort us 10 Have nevertheless attempted to send to you for the renewing of brotherhood and friendship lest we should become strangers to you altogether for there is a long time passed since you sent to us

    36. 17 We commanded them also to go to you and to salute and to deliver you our letters concerning the renewing of our brotherhood

    37. 22 But as though transformed by fire into immortality he nobly endured the rackings saying: 23 Imitate me O brethren nor ever desert your station nor abjure my brotherhood in courage: fight the holy and honourable fight of religion; 24 by which means our just and paternal Providence becoming merciful to the nation will punish the pestilent tyrant

    38. 15 By the blessed death of my brethren and the eternal punishment of the tyrant and the glorious life of the pious I will not repudiate the noble brotherhood

    39. 19 Now you are not ignorant of the charm of brotherhood which the Divine and all wise Providence has imparted through fathers to children and has engendered through the mother's womb

    40. Then there are the following attendant on these: helping widows looking after orphans and the needy rescuing the servants of God from necessities the being hospitable-for in hospitality good-doing finds a field-never opposing anyone the being quiet having fewer needs than all men reverencing the aged practising righteousness watching the brotherhood bearing insolence being long-suffering encouraging those who are sick in soul not casting those who have fallen into sin from the faith but turning them back and restoring them to peace of mind admonishing sinners not oppressing debtors and the needy and if there are any other actions like these

    41. 4 You all contended day and night for the whole brotherhood that in his mercy and good pleasure the number of his elect might be saved

    42. ” He believed that a life of brotherhood and sharing would spread his philosophy and would demonstrate the happiness and efficacy of collective living

    43. me on the inner workings of brotherhood, but never mind,”

    44. ‘It is obvious that the Brotherhood is ultimately after this region and it will not be long until I discover why

    45. ‘The Brotherhood of Keth has found a way to harness a dormant power inside of the crystals to bring chaos to our nations, but they lack the power to free their Queen, they lack the size to hold enough power to break her free of the rift

    46. She is said to have beauty beyond compare and her Brotherhood will stop at nothing to meet her requests

    47. She knew that he was part of the Brotherhood yet he never seemed to have any contact with them

    48. Each man quite accomplished in their own right and all brought their own unique set of skills and experience to the table – they were united in their dislike for the Brotherhood

    49. The Brotherhood had a habit of holding a large reserve of potential members, ever-ready to augment their ranks and with the potential rewards of renewed youth, acolytes were often willing to risk their lives to advance their careers

    50. What a Brotherhood you have

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