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    1. It’s a hiring process that ensures the leader of the organization has followers, and therefore, power

    2. She was an important member of the largest organization they have, the Kassikan

    3. Neither the "Majority Rule" nor the "Minority Rule" have any place in the organization of the New Testament church which we read about in the Bible

    4. Leadership begins with the head of any organization! This is certainly true of the Lord’s

    5. Any organization must have vision, or purpose, in order to be successful! When a

    6. Things family members so inspired by the OAU when he visited Africa in April and did in my youth; like eating collard greens and cornbread May, 1964, founded the Organization of Afro-American with our bare hands, or big Sunday dinners so plentiful they Unity (OAAU) in America

    7. The OAAU was an organization rivaled Thanksgiving feasts, or how we held our elders in focused on the fight for human rights of Afro-Americans and such high regard—the highest in fact, or how arriving on promoting cooperation among Africans and people of African time to an event was never as important as showing up in descent in the Americas

    8. Then my anger would subside and I would unleash a tirade of accusations towards him and his conspirators, within this organization and elsewhere

    9. "I'd hate to think what this means if some organization that pervades interstellar space should target us

    10. If you run an organization to help those in need, you may be eligible to receive Federal money through grant programs

    11. We are a small organization and we can't afford to hire a grant writer, accountant, and lawyer to help us seek a Federal grant

    12. They do this at no cost to your organization

    13. I made thirty one coppers profit on that, I’m proud to say, one of the best deals I’ve made this decade and too new for those outside my organization to have counted in my income

    14. “So what you are saying is the Kassikan is beyond organization?” Yorthops asked

    15. An organization of labels and directions, understandable expressions of tangibles and intangibles had to be structured in such a way to provide unambiguous communication from one person to another

    16. He probably should have gotten the name of her source in Tahlmute’s organization, but she was testy enough already, so as long as the name and particulars were recorded it was fine

    17. Yet there is something amoral in an organization that can collect shonggot victims to experiment on

    18. How many agents could an organization with a million members send against him? How could he ever be safe? He couldn’t

    19. The Fnord is a bipedal Reptilian organization

    20. organization that has control over the entire

    21. Miss Backhouse gulped as Harry, the unfamiliar young man, stood up and presented the salient points of the processes and purposed organization of the plans before them

    22. The parlor was his office away from the office, and plans, designs, elevations and perspectives covered the walls in no certain pattern or apparent organization to anyone's eye but Harry's

    23. I can't remember if I told you about the Newman Center yet but that was a truly God sent to me because it was the Catholic student organization on the University of Arizona campus on Cherry Street very near the campus

    24. Until then, she will have to continue giving back to the organization that helped her by

    25. has a natural structure of organization, with leaders and

    26. But the organization supposes communication and here

    27. You need a plan, a program and an organization

    28. Only organization of sensation

    29. the typical weak Greek organization,

    30. would be guilty for the poor organization of

    31. means a good organization

    32. That attack, like all actions of the organization, is going to have to be sanctioned by you

    33. Drug use was strictly prohibited in his organization, and those who were caught doing it were banned from Code Sanguinary

    34. It was said that no official information exists about the organization in almost every aspect, including its leadership, member count, headquarters location and recruitment process

    35. Though many consider the Justicars a criminal organization just as much as other ones for their use of lethal force in the name of justice, others simply see them as vigilantes who are using the only way left of dealing with the ever-rising crime rates

    36. To see or dream that you are a secretary indicates that you need to more order and organization in your life

    37. Reus's father, Joseph Mallistrom, was the one who first gave his lieutenants sanction rights over every illegal action that the organization was thinking to take

    38. That method, which has been preserved to this day, made sure no one in Men of Midas would go on to do something foolish that might jeopardize the organization and its ringleader

    39. She recalled what she had read about that organization

    40. Sunyula Trife, the ringleader of the organization is said to be a very powerful person

    41. to a new city, switched to ITF, which is the organization that was first started

    42. Today, members of Cayce’s organization, Association for Research and Enlightenment (A

    43. the set up or organization of a document

    44. With proper preparation and careful organization, a meeting can run smoothly

    45. Scott said, ‘I have to admit I have never heard of your organization

    46. This was linked to the highest government security organization, it was their job to know of every security matter – and indeed he had been briefed by their representative before embarking on the project, there were considerable issues regarding espionage

    47. And why should they? It was part of their protection! But there must be someone or some organization who looks out for them? The Gardaí? Hah! He didn't think so

    48. I planned and founded the organization CHANGE

    49. By developing this organization, I met a lot of people and gained some recognition for being a concerned community member

    50. I worked with this organization for two years until it was time for Johnny to enter high school

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    constitution establishment formation organisation organization system arrangement administration brass governance governing body plan form creation structure construction grouping group society league club fraternity order classification correlation alignment