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    1. And though the tax, which that institution imposes upon the whole body of the people, may be very burdensome to those who pay it, it is of very little advantage to those who receive it

    2. In order to prevent exportation, the whole inland commerce of wool is laid under very burdensome and oppressive restrictions

    3. A legal exportation, subject to a tax, by affording a revenue to the sovereign, and thereby saving the imposition of some other, perhaps more burdensome and inconvenient taxes, might prove advantageous to all the different subjects of the state

    4. In the days of their grandeur, when no enemy appeared capable of opposing them, their heavy armour was laid aside as unnecessarily burdensome, their laborious exercises were neglected, as unnecessarily toilsome

    5. Suddenly, he felt guilty his part of the “gift” wasn’t more burdensome, to put them on even ground

    6. These companies, though they may, perhaps, have been useful for the first introduction of some branches of commerce, by making, at their own expense, an experiment which the state might not think it prudent to make, have in the long-run proved, universally, either burdensome or useless, and have either mismanaged or confined the trade

    7. When they have been allowed to act according to their natural genius, they have always, in order to confine the competition to as small a number of persons as possible, endeavoured to subject the trade to many burdensome regulations

    8. It is in some one or other of these four different ways, that taxes are frequently so much more burdensome to the people than they are beneficial to the sovereign

    9. All nations have endeavoured, to the best of their judgment, to render their taxes as equal as they could contrive ; as certain, as convenient to the contributor, both the time and the mode of payment, and in proportion to the revenue which they brought to the prince, as little burdensome to the people

    10. He would be apt to abandon the country in which he was exposed to a vexatious inquisition, in order to be assessed to a burdensome tax ; and would remove his stock to some other country, where he could either carry on his business, or enjoy his fortune more at his ease

    11. In the meantime, the people might be relieved from some of the most burdensome taxes; from those which are imposed either upon the necessaries of life, or upon the materials of manufacture

    12. Those are annoying and burdensome inconveniences, of course, but at the same time they produce tranquility to whoever travels throughout this world enveloped in terrorism

    13. Well, after all, he was destined to become Faery King, a vast and, in some way, burdensome honor

    14. businesses were concerned when considering regulations they considered to be burdensome

    15. Though sympathetic and understanding of his friend’s new physically and overwhelmingly burdensome situation, Roger was unwilling to go along with Josie’s idea of adopting his friend’s daughters

    16. Living under the same roof in such conditions was burdensome and intolerable

    17. For a period of eighteen weeks he would be in his native country, away from the burdensome problems that were besetting his life at the time

    18. On February 7, 2011, the Wall Street Journal reported that the EPA was the worst agency as far as businesses were concerned when considering regulations they considered to be burdensome

    19. Why, hasn’t it become burdensome already? Though vacuous, life was still a make-believe in the past

    20. She is dead and gone, and as they say, the dead have no problems, but my crime has made me a lifeless corpse! Wouldn’t it be burdensome living in the denial mode? It serves me right for depriving the possibilities of her life!’

    21. “Don’t you know that gratitude is burdensome?” he said, as if cracked by the last straw on his burdensome back

    22. The burdensome religion of the Pharisees could never have had origin among a people with a sense of humor

    23. After considerable debate one of the crowd stepped forward and asked Jesus, "Why do the rulers seek to kill you?" And he replied: "The rulers seek to kill me because they resent my teaching about the good news of the kingdom, a gospel that sets men free from the burdensome traditions of a formal religion of ceremonies which these teachers are determined to uphold at any cost

    24. Regardless of the case, Bobby Dan was reputed for his assiduousness and attention in dealing with his clients and the legal system, even if the cards were stacked dreadfully against him; however, it had long been said that his total dedication to his work and his aspirations were proving very burdensome and trying to his marriage, though the couple appeared happy enough when in the public eye at parties or other social galas

    25. burdensome obstacles, and to outlast the most stubborn resisters to realize

    26. ” There was evident disappointment in her tone as if she were not accustomed to handling financial matters that were considered a burdensome task

    27. The effort of creating becomes burdensome when we realize that we also share in the creation of all the suffering that lingers deep inside each of us

    28. We all have full responsibility for creating reality not c-r-a-t-i-n-g crating, carrying around a burdensome reality laid upon us at birth and handing it off at our death

    29. And His commandments are not burdensome

    30. Save a Gandhi, even the best of the rest of yore were not averse to their fellow-beings scavenging their latrines; now I wonder why I never thought of it before, maybe, we put up with what we come to grow up with; if not, why don’t the Sikh males find the turban burdensome and the Muslim dames put up with the inhibiting burka? Whatever, the world seems to care two hoots for the plight of the sex-workers as it had been to that of the scavengers, and God knows when it would be wiser to the ills of the unlicensed prostitution, if not AIDS, it’s the VD that’s the return on investment for these pleasure-givers; why, the malady of the flesh-trade is the bane of those who bring in the wares

    31. This unjust happenstance should be a cause of regret for the caste Hindus that their progenitors so mistreated the ancestors of these folks that forced them into an alien faith with a slavish ethos to God and a narrow vision of life that is firmly coupled with burdensome religious precepts and practices

    32. But parenting is not supposed to be about burdensome duties alone it also involves a lot of other far more gratifying emotions

    33. treated like a burdensome child even if it was evident he was older and more successful then her

    34. “Would that explain why there’s a burdensome object hidden within the layers of

    35. to falter abound, the lifestyle is burdensome, and the constant investment of themselves that

    36. Swinging around in agitation whilst he fought off the burdensome object upon his wrist, he came face to face with Cedar

    37. Burden: Something taken up by someone that is hard, heavy, grievous, and burdensome, as a prophecy to be proclaimed or a physical or emotional load

    38. Grievous: Something that is hard to bear; burdensome

    39. The game had become gloomy and burdensome for everyone and they packed it up early

    40. And from this insight, allow Self to unshackle the burdensome chains of personal fear driven by misinformation and innocent ignorance manifest through Self’s thoughts and emotions regarding personal annihilation, obliteration and disintegration

    41. 6 Nor of men sought we glory, neither of you, nor yet of others, when we might have been burdensome, as the apostles of Christ

    42. But never being completely satisfied can be burdensome and incongruent for the requirement to self-acceptance

    43. Sore– A severe and burdensome affliction or torment, and a source of pain

    44. He looked at Sonia and felt how great was her love for him, and strange to say he felt it suddenly burdensome and painful to be so loved

    45. It was the amount he perspired that was burdensome

    46. It was not poverty which had broken her spirit; it was not a want of courage which rendered her poverty burdensome

    47. was a burdensome task for an unselfish man such as Edmund, who exercised his power for the benefit of the

    48. The amount involved, it was true, was not very burdensome, the gipsy's valuation being admitted by local assessors to be approximately correct

    49. For insurers, NQTLs allowed care to be restricted through burdensome pre-authorization procedures and obstructive medical management that sometimes prevented the most important medical “step-downs” in treatment

    50. The innocent festivities over the election, and this gloomy, burdensome love to which he had to return struck Vronsky by their contrast

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