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Arduous en una oración (en ingles)

1. It is a long and arduous work.
2. The conversation would be arduous!.
3. Travel was arduous and unbearably slow.
4. It was an arduous but fruitless effort.
5. This process is time consuming and arduous.
6. The training proved to be extremely arduous.
7. It was a long and arduous task as the only.

8. The trip was a long and arduous one, but with.
9. It was going to be a long and arduous journey.
10. It was a long and arduous series of flights home.
11. The swim out to the buoy was arduous for them all.
12. It was a long and arduous journey by land and sea.
13. RACHEL FOUND THE DEBRIEFING process arduous and painful.
14. Transport can be long, arduous; without food, water, or.
15. Flower-borders always have weeds, and weeding is arduous.
16. It’s been arduous and I tire of his incessant direction.
17. I’m sure that you are greatly fatigued by your arduous.
18. The journey back to his base had been long and arduous for Gomes.
19. It was time for my long and arduous spiritual quest to bear fruit.
20. With scant resources and arduous conditions on the trail he always.
21. It was a shorter route, more arduous, but safer for a hunted fugitive.
22. Krishn admits that restraint of the mind is the most arduous, but he also.
23. In the end of that long, arduous search, my conscience finally delivered.
24. Thousands had made the arduous trek to the mountain and had climbed to its peak.
25. The climb down proved to be more arduous than their climb up, but they kept their.
26. In her matter there were no voices in disarray, no arduous discussions with no end.
27. This is an arduous and time-consuming process that, even if handled properly, could.
28. I’m not too worried about it, I don’t think the Lhar’s that arduous a journey.
29. It’s been lifetimes since our arduous escape to Gaul, which we almost did not survive.
30. His expression was arduous, the expression of the leader, the strong, proud, immovable.
31. Numbed from the effects of the ale, their arduous travels had finally caught up on them.
32. The large machines conducted the arduous task of pushing Loki’s forces out of the city.
33. There was no point in dampening the energy they were putting into our arduous rescue work.
34. The human body has an amazing ability to cope with arduous situations and testing environments.
35. Once she was settled she began the arduous task of establishing Baal-Melkart as the principal god.
36. All of their arduous effort was a colossal waste, as I hadn’t been paying them any attention.
37. This new route, very steep and hence very arduous, quickly took us close to the surface of the sea.
38. It was an arduous task, like rewinding a ball of yarn while putting the pieces of a puzzle together.
39. They gathered fruits and fauna from the nearby abundant rain-forest, which had been slow arduous work.
40. Yes, the life of a medical man is very arduous: especially when he is so devoted to his profession as Mr.
41. This had been far from the most arduous commission of his life, but it was definitely among the strangest.
42. To climb to the highest peak constitutes a very arduous deed, which not everyone can, nor tries to achieve.
43. My heart beats because the flights of stairs were arduous to climb, and because I know I shouldn't be here.
44. It was an arduous undertaking, but he said Prayer and pains through faith in Christ Jesus will do anything.
45. It was as if they had leapt over the arduous calvary of conjugal life and gone straight to the heart of love.
46. Needless to say that in these arduous activities, Abramka Stiftik, the ladies' tailor, played a prominent role.
47. In the prow, with a glow of satisfaction in his eyes, José Arcadio Segundo was directing the arduous maneuver.
48. It felt like breathing water, except much more arduous; imparting pain through his fear and into his awareness.
49. They walk outside the cemetery where they re-enter the town car and begin their arduous drive to the courthouse.
50. It would be premature to write the obituary of any party, but the Congress does have a long, arduous road ahead.
51. After an arduous spell of patrol duty, our submarine had hove to to allow the crew a much-needed breather and smoke.
52. The work was extraordinarily arduous and often dangerous, and shifts went on day and night, some for eighteen hours.
53. I can only imagine your frustration and pain - I can see in your eyes that your journey has been long and arduous.
54. Of course, that arduous process took time and concentration, two things that the havtrol would not have afforded them.
55. Their trek would be long and arduous, and so the travelers were selected for their patience and virtue of perseverance.
56. There, five villagers, gross products of the arduous life in the region, waited for the city milk truck from Costelloe.
57. Grandmother responded with unaccustomed passion and after an arduous nine months and a difficult birth, Esther was born.
58. It had been an extremely arduous and painful experience for him, but well worth it – his limp was scarcely discernable.
59. Certainly, these powerful reveries have their moral utility, and by these arduous paths one approaches to ideal perfection.
60. Since Corey said he was going to the Florida Keys and required space she started to understand the arduous task of delegation.
61. For two hours we were sometimes led over plains of sand, sometimes over prairies of seaweed that were quite arduous to cross.
62. His heritage, the arduous way of the warrior was a thing of history not of contemporary Miccosukee and Seminole Indian tribes.
63. Laino’s eyebrow shot up and for a short second gave him an almost gentle, laughing expression, but then the arduous was back.
64. Let us make room for Smithforge so that he may begin the arduous task of smelting the ore necessary to hone a permanent seal here.
65. It was an arduous climb over sharp lava and pumice stones in the midst of air often reeking with sulfurous fumes from the smoke holes.
66. This has been the fate of at least 10 American whalemen while braving the dangers of the Arctic seas in pursuit of their arduous calling.
67. But after three years of increasingly arduous wedded life they began planning for their house, and during the next year went ahead with it.
68. For Sam Ferris the journey to Nuremberg had proved to be the most arduous of his short life and there would be one more epic journey to come.
69. They blindly accept what they read, as being true without going through the arduous process of developing their own understanding of things.
70. It was arduous to go through this just to become diagnosed, but that is each person's individual journey, like life and the progression of self.
71. Varnum, in testimony of their approbation of his conduct in the discharge of the arduous and important duties assigned to him while in the Chair.
72. Varnum, in testimony of their approbation of his conduct in the discharge of the arduous and important duties assigned to him whilst in the Chair.
73. Charles went at the food with gusto: he had not eaten that well in a long time and was positively famished from his long, arduous trip from Germany.
74. Through the arduous process of the person unlatching the various locks, he clenched his teeth together, firmly pressing his frame against the wall.
75. Reverse mergers are a way for companies to become publically traded entities without going through an arduous and expensive initial public offering.
76. But the subtlety that comes from experience, the quality that nothing but a long and arduous apprenticeship can produce, are leagues beyond her ken.
77. Spotting no one, she increased the throttle until she had left the patrol perimeter, and then began the arduous task of circumnavigating the Cluster.
78. If this measure proved fruitless, it could arouse the captain's suspicions, make our circumstances even more arduous, and jeopardize the Canadian's plans.
79. That they were keeping her away from me was not a matter for surprise, but that they should subject her to dangerous and arduous labor filled me with rage.
80. When she asked, the man simply told her that Sheik Bousaid wanted to ensure that she was okay after the arduous trip but she suspected something was wrong.
81. They were the personification of cordiality and hospitality and I spent several days with them, resting and recuperating from my long and arduous experiences.
82. He then contemplated the arduous task of a long distance relationship and ultimately the absence of her love and friendship in the bustling metropolis of Miami.
83. Into it enter all the elements which go to form art—vocation, inspiration, fantasy, inventiveness, ambition, and a long and arduous apprenticeship to the science.
84. According to his biographer this experience changed him drastically: Some extraordinary physical and spiritual transformation occurred during this arduous period.
85. He then felt it would not be inappropriate to ask more of the Pilgrim, the strain from the arduous walking evident in his voice, gasps of breath between his questions:.
86. It was pleasing to him; he augured well from it for the success of the arduous mission with which he meant to entrust the Capataz so marvellously restored to usefulness.
87. I didn’t have much to say to Bull—finding it to be extremely arduous to weigh the pro and cons of my friendship with him and deciding whether or not to remain friends.
88. He was alone, if the solitary sentinel who paced the mound be excepted; for the artillerists had hastened also to profit by the temporary suspension of their arduous duties.
89. Lawrence Spelman had begun the arduous process of the disposition of properties no longer deemed useful to themselves, or which might be better employed in the use of others.
90. But I, who can look at some arduous years when their duty was my duty too, and their feelings were my feelings, can remember some of us who once upon a time were more fortunate.
91. Yes, he knew how, recently, during their long and arduous journey to Gathandria, he had told Johan everything about that day and had walked some way towards forgiveness, of a sort.
92. Feltus fanned himself with his hat as if the lobby was excruciatingly warm; beads of perspiration had formed on his forehead, evidently from the long, arduous journey across the lobby.
93. Rest yourselves from the arduous labors of the kingdom and enjoy the refreshment that comes from reverting to your former vocations or from discovering new sorts of recreational activity.
94. For so many people with early-onset, the road to a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s is long and incredibly arduous, the symptoms often mistaken for other potential culprits, like depression, for years.
95. When the thousands of adventurers going after gold looked for the best starting point for their arduous sojourn, they realized that the best penetration by boat lay in the north end of Lynn Canal.
96. Getting through it had been an arduous task, yet the shortest alternative route would have added over a hundred miles to the length of the canal and required almost as many locks in the end, anyway.
97. Resolved unanimously, That the thanks of this House be presented to Henry Clay, in testimony of their approbation of his conduct in the discharge of the arduous duties assigned him while in the Chair.
98. Here the struggle was protracted, arduous and seemingly of doubtful issue; the Delawares, though none of them fell, beginning to bleed freely, in consequence of the disadvantage at which they were held.
99. The partially completed rough draft of the petition was presented to Frank who cautioned Mac that it may wise to lessen the impact of the arduous ordeals into which convicted drunk drivers were immersed.
100. Castillo moved his Cubans forward to El Pozo, where, under De Coro and Gonzales, they did efficient outpost work a mile beyond the American lines, thus relieving the soldiers from much arduous guard duty.

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