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    1. So who did he want to share this sunshine with this dawn? That girl heading north, why did her face spring to mind, just because she was so exotically Elvish? It had been years, she was a cartoon in his mind now, it had been two meals and a sleep

    2. On the walls, there were all sorts of posters of superheroes and some Indian cartoon of a monkey guy with a beard

    3. Tenth story: In another cartoon on TV, the hero has been captured by his enemies

    4. A few hours later, I watch a cartoon where there is a concert given by a woman singer

    5. She has that button nose that cartoon animators

    6. She had great globes on her chest like a cartoon character, a good strong shape to her hips and she was dressed in a snug, thin jersey just long enough to touch her thighs in the back, but she was entirely free of underwear like a cherub from Alan's universe

    7. The card had a hand-drawn cartoon of a boy lying in bed

    8. It’s almost a cartoon moment and Billy finds a new song

    9. If George had been in a cartoon a giant light bulb would have appeared

    10. with relative ease, almost something out of a cartoon, but that energy had darkened

    11. The distortion effects continued: trees twisting to become malformed grotesqueries, as if animated in a child’s cartoon nightmare, before they vanished along with the flowers

    12. The girls were watching Recess, a cartoon Helen had not seen nor was she interested to watch

    13. That was about all he knew, except that the one kilo packages always carried a seal, or trade mark, bearing the likeness of the cartoon character Tweety-Bird

    14. ‘Blood and Guts,’ it said, in white cartoon lettering

    15. His arrest had come as the result of a tip slipped to Edgar because the cocaine came from a new Colombian lab making inroads in its competitor’s marketplace and using the distinctive image of the cartoon character Tweety-Bird as its logo

    16. To the right of the pub entrance was a large glass window with a cartoon mural of Homer and his family

    17. LP recollected a cartoon of Blitz and his handler, looking forlorn, with their heads sticking out of a large dog box

    18. That cartoon prompted senior police to handle Blitz's case proactively, to achieve an outcome in line with public opinion

    19. Next was a cartoon of the Premier of Queensland in bed with the Police Commissioner

    20. Another cartoon depicted senior police as snails, slow to investigate an indigenous death in custody on Palm Island, which resulted in rioting that burnt down the only police station, barracks and court house on the island

    21. That cartoon was not very funny

    22. The room was at least fifteen feet by fifteen feet and was rather boring to be honest with you, save for the Woody Woodpecker cartoon that was playing in the background

    23. He looked like one of those cartoon characters Ganesh had sometimes seen when switching TV channels

    24. The theme song for the cartoon Doraemon played, and her

    25. looked up at her, smiled, and then went back to watching the cartoon

    26. The Americans took their instructions from the South Park cartoon to “Blame Canada”, and they blamed Canada

    27. 1957 they produced a cartoon, “Our Friend, The Atom , ” which depicted the positive

    28. I feel like I’m in the cartoon The Jetsons and the movie Star Wars

    29. Or, you are what you eat, or, as Popeye says, sitting in the employment agency office, ―I yam what I yam‖ – he told me about this cartoon

    30. And the other side of that is the New Yorker cartoon which I told him about and which he remembered – the child at the dinner table saying, ―I say it‘s spinach, and I say to hell with it

    31. I am not the only person with a cartoon villain as a

    32. maybe it was a cartoon

    33. ons saying “Honey, I saw this in a cartoon but

    34. with a cartoon of a fat chef turning burgers on an out door grill

    35. Below the cartoon were the words “Hot Stuff” Jeb decided he

    36. interacting with the cartoon characters and horses and penguins, and

    37. As a feature in the issue, they even hired an artist to illustrate, cartoon style, the events that led up to my Cornell demise

    38. the morning seemed to be a cartoon movie that Lucy

    39. One showed a cartoon of a robber running away with a phone

    40. End-to-End concept with the cartoon, and closed the presentation with some Brazilian

    41. I couldn’t keep from smiling as the cartoon

    42. Of course, because the cartoon was for children

    43. Like something out of a Road Runner cartoon, no sooner had he said that when a car

    44. to share humor, so it could be a cartoon, puzzles, or any of those types of things related to your

    45. He flicked on his television to the Cartoon Network station to see the Bugs N' Daffy Hour

    46. Roadrunner was Wisdom's favorite cartoon character

    47. Somehow all the horrors of the last month had been converted into a type of Bugs Bunny cartoon where I"d been run over by a train and blown up by a bomb, but magically reassembled myself

    48. Bad breath stench of stale cream and sugar envelops you as the bean starts chewing away like a cartoon Venus flytrap

    49. “Any thoughts on how we should proceed?” asked the man with the cartoon cats on his tie

    50. We were greeted by a bevy of nurses in cheerful scrubs who took us over to a bed with the rail pulled up and a small mound under bright sheets with cartoon characters

    1. about everything from politics to cartoons and a lot of the time the bell would ring

    2. her childhood weekend watching cartoons), she prepped

    3. her collection of cartoons on video tapes and read all of

    4. To dream that you are watching cartoons indicates that you are not taking life seriously

    5. I soon gave up, content to let some mindless cartoons rot Nathaniel’s impressionable young mind, while I, wrapped in an afghan, collapsed, shivering, onto the floor’s heating vent

    6. I smiled at him and then had the pleasure of watching him pull out the variety of things in his package – shirts with funny cartoons printed on them, Bob Marley tapes, and a leather neckband with a shark’s tooth attached to it

    7. And another thing," she added, "he does nothing but watch those silly children's cartoons on the television all day

    8. see her and the cartoons that were playing on the television in the room

    9. He had not seen an issue of the Post since leaving home, and he realized how much he missed seeing its Norman Rockwell covers and the cartoons scattered through its pages

    10. Those cartoons jogged LP's memory of how small local football clubs raised money for the upkeep of their fields and clubhouses back in the early seventies

    11. We walked into the family room where cartoons were playing

    12. “Take kids who are raised in a box, like Hitler’s Jungvolk, or the children in the Mid East who are shown cartoons that glorify the killing of Jews and Christians

    13. 've Probably seen it in cartoons on

    14. The articles and cartoons that fil ed it were what

    15. One of my favorite New Yorker cartoons is of a father jerking his thumb toward his young son who is seated at the piano and saying, ―Van Cliburn he‘s not

    16. There were colors and cartoons everywhere

    17. My gaze shifted to Katelyn who was enjoying cartoons on the TV then back to Carmen

    18. on cartoons, like butter

    19. just a guy who was bad, but a bad guy, like the villains in cartoons

    20. let me live in a padded room, watching old Tom and Jerry cartoons,

    21. the cartoons, Lucy began to relax

    22. cartoons on, and then running to get the water going,

    23. Before me stood a diminutive French maid in exactly the type of outfit which had been the butt of jokes for ages, though without her feather duster in her hand and without that little white cap they wear in cartoons

    24. When he first visited Alex Tew's web site, he couldn't believe his eyes, this most famous home page is full of images of bikini babes, cartoons, flags, brands, it looks like an advertising train wreck you can't look at

    25. Do you remember those old cartoons where a character will shock itself by electricity? Yellow lightning radiated from their body and their insides would be black with bones

    26. cartoons, where the picture jerks) and there you have it: the illusion of movement come to life

    27. My father, who never even let us watch Saturday morning cartoons, would be horrified

    28. When he was younger, he would watch cartoons every time his parents would fight

    29. Cartoons always made him forget his problems at the time

    30. hold up, are you watching cartoons?"

    31. Nathan sat still next to Aidan while his eyes were glued on the TV which played cartoons

    32. Anderson called Nathan and told him there were cartoons on the TV

    33. Saturday morning cartoons with Dan when Mrs

    34. Stef reaches for the remote control and turns the television on; it is early and all he can find is news programmes or cartoons

    35. Tom: From the Tom and Jerry Cartoons

    36. light and the cartoons; the breathing sunrise and the speed; the creatures that

    37. hired an artist to draw small cartoons to

    38. new laws and cartoons to be sold in 1999 as a

    39. “Because that what they usually call it in the Japanese cartoons

    40. “Jody, you don’t mind the cartoons in the background,

    41. Thankfully, there were cartoons showing

    42. cartoons that include animal characters

    43. The three of us decided to watch cartoons for a few hours

    44. He did the voices on cartoons such as Hey Arnold! and Garfield, composing songs for those feline episodes

    45. cartoons, bumper stickers about the IRS, FBI, ATF, CIA, and the police) are now labeled as

    46. 'Then there were your cartoons in the Rag week Mag' Forbes said

    47. Stories of the heart interspersed with cartoons of Zacharias and Ee Hondree, his fat wife, cookery and embroidery read to the accompaniment of sounds from the roof caused by the expansion of corrugated iron being pounded by the midday sun

    48. I didn't mind the murmur of her insipid cartoons, I just enjoyed feeling someone against me

    49. However, the original premise in the cartoons, about her coming to fight the Nazis while wearing the colors of the U

    50. Those cartoons were started during World War Two and were nothing more than crude war propaganda, feel-good materiel meant for American readers

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