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    1. to be a caricature of the unorthodox glory

    2. "Why?" he repeated her question before he answered it, "because she's a caricature, I mean no one's had breasts like that since the days of silicone and piercings

    3. the his prize collection of amusing caricature pottery

    4. Even in the caricature of native cold-weather costume that he was dressed in, there was no mistaking the machine that had pretended to be his father thru his childhood

    5. Instead, he transformed himself, by his own ineptitude, into a political caricature of himself reduced to spending his remaining political capital on ceremonial issues while making obscene concessions to Big Business whose inexhaustible demand for cheap(er) labor at the expense of (native) low income wage earners, many of whom are younger African Americans living on the fringe, are morally and providentially unconscionable on every conceivable level

    6. levied at kids and teachers most susceptible to caricature

    7. You ought to think of raiding the costumes and fit yourself out in caricature

    8. The juxtaposition of the two boys seemed bizarre to the kids who came to hear the caricature

    9. He reminded George of a caricature of a used car salesman

    10. He smashes flies against the lamp lit wall, his caricature

    11. certain libertarians and other hyper-individualists has given credence to this caricature

    12. This is, of course, only a caricature, both in

    13. Sanjay got to his feet and stood impressively behind his wife like a caricature Victorian paterfamilias

    14. The red ax lurched up and crashed down and a crimson caricature of a man catapulted back against the legs of the attackers

    15. seeing a stereotype or a caricature rather than the real person and those

    16. caricature could be something that’s is known as a (n,s,d) nervous system disorder

    17. As he turned the corner into Shirl’s street he immediately knew he’d hit pay dirt, fifty metres from the entrance to Shirl’s flat was a grey Commodore and sitting in the passenger seat reading a newspaper and drinking from a Styrofoam cup was a caricature of a Hollywood cop on a stake out, Murray had never seen him before but that didn’t matter, he now knew were he’d find Mr Hawk, Murray drove two streets away before pulling over, getting his list of possibles from the glove box he looked down the list of vehicle registration numbers that are required by all hotels and motels, and bingo, there it was, the number of the vehicle outside Shirl’s, the name of the owner, the hotel was the Plaza and finally the room number, Shirl was worth her weight in gold, the watcher was booked in under the name of Mr John Kennedy of Brisbane, and on the day Mr Kennedy booked in a Mr Mario Cruz also booked in and Murray was willing to bet Mr Cruz and Mr Hawk were one and the same person, a jubilant Murray drove into the underground car park of the Plaza Hotel, after doing a lap of the parked vehicles and checking the plates it was clear that Mr Cruz was out and about in Melbourne, Murray thought that he was probably visiting his relatives at the zoo

    18. Some examples they may come up with are small picture frames, carving a small statue of something their friend or family member would be quite fond of, such as fish, birds or even a caricature of themselves

    19. The risk is that the pose grows into a caricature of the person you would like to be

    20. maligned caricature documented date saves it for the staged life born to fate a slave robed

    21. But now, the interview only confirmed the caricature of him as a babe in the political woods

    22. A former armyman who loved his Scotch and literature, he was a reminder—with his clipped British major accent delivered in his fruity baritone—almost a caricature, of a bygone colonial era

    23. The three monastics followed her in what appeared to be a caricature of a liturgical procession

    24. I can laugh loudest and longest when I see a caricature of a coloured woman gossiping with her neighbour over the fence – it happens in my family even though now it is over the Cellphone, and sometimes in the doctor’s waiting room

    25. If you can make it a cartoon character, that caricature is a Rorschach blotch of the Nism's psychological state

    26. ” Henri laughingly replied, and proceeded to recite, from memory, what they’d printed below Beau’s caricature, in big, bold, and colorful lettering…

    27. And she pictured herself turning gradually into her own caricature, an unkind caricature--more than unkind, a highly malicious parody of what she used to be--still going to parties because she couldn't bear to be alone, and when she got to them hardly able to keep her eyes open, still snatching at invitations and ordering new frocks; an old woman who would be explained to the indifferent young ones as somebody who once was much more beautiful than they could ever hope to be

    28. I am a mere caricature of my old self

    29. Broad-shouldered and with coarse features, Jacques Bezart was almost a caricature of a cinema ‘baddie’

    30. This universal caricature of human evil is displayed endlessly in the depictions of all the villains and monsters in all human cultures… who ever who laughed their sick death-laugh as they commit their unfeeling crimes of horror

    31. The introduction of every episode tells you that Satan, cast down from Heavens is now roaming the Earth, a grotesque caricature, aping human emotions but always getting them wrong because it is not human

    32. The man’s face twisted into a caricature of extreme fear as he whispered out brokenly, “You’re too late! They're back, the Lion Men of Itarga!”

    33. Her face was a caricature of a human in that moment that appeared more skeleton than it did flesh and blood

    34. Bugled and belled the air struts and the usual spell of mania, it takes us tamely near the bowl of colour, caricature and picture

    35. of feeling are too great, the result will be a caricature

    36. Maurice, regard the papal sovereignty as a diabolic caricature of this divine monarchy, but think that the Kingdom of God is truly found wherever, as in England, the State acknowledges the Christ, and consecrates the Civil Power by the establishment of Christianity

    37. He turned himself into a type of a caricature and what caused it to happen? His behavior raised eyebrows all over the world and it also got police investigations started against him

    38. He was one of the numerous and varied legion of dullards, of half-animate abortions, conceited, half-educated coxcombs, who attach themselves to the idea most in fashion only to vulgarise it and who caricature every cause they serve, however sincerely

    39. Sancho, when he reappears, is the old Sancho with the old familiar features; but with a difference; they have been brought out more distinctly, but at the same time with a careful avoidance of anything like caricature; the outline has been filled in where filling in was necessary, and, vivified by a few touches of a master's hand, Sancho stands before us as he might in a character portrait by Velazquez

    40. By keeping Dulcinea in the background, and making her a vague shadowy being of whose very existence we are left in doubt, he invests Don Quixote's worship of her virtues and charms with an additional extravagance, and gives still more point to the caricature of the sentiment and language of the romances

    41. Andrea Cavalcanti found his tilbury waiting at the door; the groom, in every respect a caricature of the English fashion, was standing on tiptoe to hold a large iron-gray horse

    42. Cissy came up along the strand with the two twins and their ball with her hat anyhow on her to one side after her run and she did look a streel tugging the two kids along with the flimsy blouse she bought only a fortnight before like a rag on her back and a bit of her petticoat hanging like a caricature

    43. After hearing this caricature of Clare's opinion poor Tess was glad that she had not said a word in a weak moment about her family—even though it was so unusually old almost to have gone round the circle and become a new one

    44. He was one of the numerous and varied legion of dullards, of half‐animate abortions, conceited, half‐educated coxcombs, who attach themselves to the idea most in fashion only to vulgarise it and who caricature every cause they serve, however sincerely

    45. "Fred has sense and knowledge enough to make him respectable, if he likes, in some good worldly business, but I can never imagine him preaching and exhorting, and pronouncing blessings, and praying by the sick, without feeling as if I were looking at a caricature

    46. Then she took the chair across from him at his leather-topped desk and stared past his shoulder to the wall hanging behind him that showed the caricature of a big red dog gripping a bone in its teeth

    47. Chief O’Neil looked like an unflattering caricature of Churchill and he couldn’t have cared less

    48. She was a pitiful caricature of her former self

    49. Goldman was known to be somewhere to the right of Pat Buchanan and Rush Limbaugh when it came to politics but, like most rumors, or what he called “caricature assassinations,” this one was off the mark

    50. ” There was a knockoff caricature of Garfield on the reverse side

    1. ” A caricatured I'mage of Prez Porn ejaculating drones and bots across the globe's poor who are watching him receive the Ignobel Piece of Shit Prize streams behind the Ain't

    2. It is at present encumbered by bad science and caricatured by bad economics and the more convinced we are of this, the less disposed we shall be to stake the existence of our faith on superstitions which are the religion of the religious and the science of the unscientific

    3. America has taken tokenism to the new height of caricatured grotesqueness of commercial cartoons

    4. Any religious forms, any philosophical speculations, any policy, any art, any literature, any civilization, any barbarism, you please, if Christ may be but set aside, or His truth caricatured, or Apostolic Scripture kept out of view, or the Gospel discredited, or its faithful teachers deprived of their moral power

    5. Enchantments of the sort travestied in those of Dulcinea and the Trifaldi and the cave of Montesinos play a leading part in the later and inferior romances, and another distinguishing feature is caricatured in Don Quixote's blind adoration of Dulcinea

    6. She heard Wulfric groan as he began to rub himself with the motion that caricatured lovemaking

    7. This worthless fellow who had hung about Stepan Trofimovitch for years, who used at his evening parties, when invited, to mimic Jews of various types, a deaf peasant woman making her confession, or the birth of a child, now at Yulia Mihailovna's caricatured Stepan Trofimovitch himself in a killing way, under the title of "A Liberal of the Forties

    8. And who's been encouraging it? Who's screened it by her authority? Who's upset them all? Who has made all the small fry huffy? All their family secrets are caricatured in your album

    9. Then he changed his dance to one in which he caricatured Piroo so cleverly in every turn and gesture that the people yelled and laughed

    1. I couldn’t help recalling the caricatures of General Tojo in the old propaganda newsreels from World War II---Mr

    2. Ÿ In the newspapers frequently caricatures of the Jew

    3. Demonizing opponents into idiotic grotesque, caricatures of ‘evil’ and caricaturing the other opponents as epitomes of good Captain America

    4. They were 2-dimensional caricatures

    5. And if you’ve seen the show, you’ve seen the caricatures

    6. The caricatures include hip/cool, sure/sensible,

    7. The fiercely anti-Semitic Der Stürmer newspaper—with its grotesque caricatures of Jews and its slogan, “The Jews Are Our Misfortune”—had been temporarily removed from newsstands

    8. THE FIRST TIME I EVER LAID eyes on Theodore Roosevelt—God, how he hated the nickname “Teddy”—I was surprised by how much he resembled the cartoons and caricatures with which the papers regularly mocked him

    9. The light was golden, and I recognized the caricatures of celebrities on the walls and the giant slabs of steak in front of the diners

    10. It imposes its caricatures as well as its ideal on people; the highest monuments of human civilization accept its ironies and lend their eternity to its mischievous pranks

    11. Lavrov was perhaps delivering a public lecture, was not only impossible but unthinkable, and might at any moment bring upon us the hisses of culture and the caricatures of Mr

    12. Caricatures were passed from hand to hand

    13. In the arts of painting and sculpture, all pictures and statues in so-called genre style, depictions of animals, landscapes and caricatures with subjects comprehensible to every one, and also all kinds of ornaments, are universal in subject-matter

    14. “After all my experience of this world of envy and malice, I should have recognized the man even in the caricatures of his enemies

    15. She drew amusing caricatures of everyone, which made her parents laugh, and show the door to the unlucky lover in the most polite manner possible

    1. fictionalizing current events, or caricaturing some of the actors involved in them, or telling

    2. caricaturing her appeared in the streets of Boston, and followed her in many other

    3. Demonizing opponents into idiotic grotesque, caricatures of ‘evil’ and caricaturing the other opponents as epitomes of good Captain America

    4. Thus, with beer-drinking, pipe-smoking, song-roaring, and infinite caricaturing of woe, the disorderly procession went its way, recruiting at every step, and all the shops shutting up before it

    5. What, if instead of a mere string of farcical misadventures, he were to make his tale a burlesque of one of these books, caricaturing their style, incidents, and spirit?

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