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    1. You need not belong to any caste, class or region to be able to pray

    2. Most of them are caste or religion oriented

    3. Even the right to worship is restricted based on caste, gender or any other consideration

    4. We will spill our holy seed on this land, raise a caste of warriors, and still they will bend to the will of the Kassikan, and not our God, because of airborne viruses that program their behavior

    5. on shoulder about being upper caste

    6. have a ruling class or caste in the church

    7. He was warrior caste through and through, and he would only raise his hackles at the idea of government power for businesses

    8. “There are several ladies there, all of flawless warrior caste bloodlines, all of child-bearing age

    9. Maldynado offered the sort of sweeping bow the warrior caste had spent generations perfecting, then ambled across the room and flopped onto a sofa

    10. “A fencing expert?” Amaranthe knew little about the sport dueling the warrior caste practiced, except that enlisted soldiers had little respect for it

    11. But then, the warrior caste tended to think itself above the law

    12. All she knew was that young members of the warrior caste found it fashionable as a means to acquire a scar or two before heading off to officer candidacy school

    13. Though the warrior caste might appreciate the luxuries their wealth bought, few forgot their roots

    14. “Where we have a warrior caste, Nuria is ruled by a wizard caste

    15. Though not of the warrior caste, he had already impressed his superiors and earned numerous accolades

    16. “A warrior caste family has owned it for generations; it should be neutral territory for all parties

    17. path is open to all, men and women, irrespective of caste, creed,

    18. I compared the beliefs of the Sikh caste in India with those of a fundamentalist Protestant sect…the Nazarenes, if I recall correctly

    19. irrespective of caste, creed, nation, colour, race or religion

    20. >>its bind, age, caste or creed but in its bond

    21. from the location of the recalled past life and in a separate caste so that his current family,

    22. claimed definitively he was a Thakur, the second highest-ranking caste of Hindus in India

    23. One can be forgiven for mistaking the soldier caste for another species when comparing a soldier with a worker

    24. A caste system for a social species might be the most efficient way to organise such a species: the greatest benefits for the collective, at the least costs for the collective

    25. But forget about the rights of the individual under such a caste system

    26. So, putting one and one together, I would suggest the State is embarking on its most daring social experiment yet: forging a truly collective society by introducing a physical caste system, with the Occidental Union Administrators being the royal—elite—caste

    27. If I were an Administrator, then such a caste system would seem like the next obvious step in human evolution—although this manmade step would, strictly speaking, fail to be evolution by natural selection

    28. And what better way exists to control the workers than to mould a physical caste system? A system where the workers are designed to work obediently for the collective—for the State—no questions asked

    29. We, the people, will be the worker caste; they, the Administrators, will be the royal caste

    30. Each caste contributes to the survival of the Colony; each caste has its role to play

    31. And the members of each caste are materially equal

    32. So by introducing a caste system into our species, we are erecting rigid boundaries between each group: the workers, the State's Spawn, Worldwide Industries employees, and the Administrators

    33. To each caste, their own

    34. "So everyone is equal within each caste, yet some castes are entitled to more privileges than others

    35. democracy, their subjection to caste control and wage slavery

    36. see the concern he felt, not quite hidden, in the caste of his eyes

    37. midafternoon work, caste only a quick furtive glance in their direction as the two entered

    38. Saigon had become the classic example of the abandoned courtesan reduced to abuse in the hands of the lower caste

    39. Caste Based Discrimination in the Hill Districts of Mid and Far Western Developments Regions,

    40. Many reformers have tried to improve their lot and now it is illegal to discriminate on the basis of caste in India

    41. Gāndhiji believed in equal treatment and justice for all, without consideration of religion, gender, caste or language spoken

    42. Some Hindus, Muslims and Dalits (scheduled caste) did not see this and opposed him vigorously, even tried to kill him on multiple occasions

    43. People are divided along the lines of religions, caste, languages spoken, etc

    44. Indians were divided along the lines of caste, religions, and provincial languages

    45. Gāndhi decided to work on issues related to colonialism, ‘divide and rule’ policy of the British, caste system, oppression of women and untouchables, and exploitation of the poor by educated and rich Indians and the British

    46. Voters were segregated on basis of their race, religion and caste and could vote only for their own kind to further divide the society

    47. These recommendations would further divide the country along religious, class, and caste lines

    48. Sham governments without any power were created to keep educated Indians happy and also promote divisions in the society on the basis of religion and caste

    49. He did not represent any particular religion, caste, community, or special interest

    50. During his life time, Gāndhiji tried to change, reform, and remove colonialism of the British in India, the oppressive aspect of caste system, discord among different religious groups, improve living conditions of the poor, untouchables, and women; promote simple living, and an outline of how to create a ‘true democracy - a government of the people, by the people and for the people

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