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Station en una oración (en ingles)

  1. This is a gas station.
  2. Of station of New Time.
  3. It was a ferry station.
  4. GFMK is a jazz station.
  5. Go to the station and.

  6. Go back to your station.
  7. At the New Time Station.
  8. I work for a gas station.
  9. Three ships and a station.
  10. When I was at Station -.
  11. The station was all chaos.
  12. Dinner at the station WAS.
  13. He works in a gas station.
  14. He went inside the station.
  15. Lock him up at the station.

  16. Jupiter Station at this rate.
  17. The train station was grand.
  18. We stopped at a gas station.
  19. The guy who ran the station.
  20. Then at a gas station that.
  21. David met her at the station.
  22. The gas station I worked at.
  23. I drove into the gas station.
  24. Saved by the Station Cleaner.
  25. The bus station was deserted.

  26. I said, Go police station.
  27. He started around her station.
  28. He said that the station was.
  29. Station and Alexis Nihon Plaza.
  30. The station master said they.
  31. That was the police station.
  32. They entered the train station.
  33. In the station, under a huge.
  34. He switches to another station.
  35. Calvin went to the ops station.
  36. Maybe we’re at a gas station.
  37. The two men were at the station.
  38. Ted down at the station tells.
  39. And so the station wagon it was.
  40. It was hardly a station, more.
  41. You stay in Station Control.
  42. Tim picked me up at the station.
  43. Ford station wagon and sat down.
  45. Hubert Air force Station PMQ's.
  46. It’s in the station car park.
  47. I walked up to the gas station.
  48. The gas station was boarded up.
  49. The Predator was on station at.
  50. An OWG electrical power station.
  51. They finally took station on a.
  52. But Henry’s station was closed.
  53. The airport / the train station.
  54. I’m at the police station now.
  55. You could try another station.
  56. Mobley to the nurse’s station.
  57. Garcia went to Lenar’s station.
  58. Joy to find in every station.
  59. It was a busy station, Green Park.
  60. Masan train station, South Korea.
  61. Infirmary of RAAF Station Darwin.
  62. You should get to the station.
  63. The station was crowded and noisy.
  64. Turning towards the bus station.
  65. Arriving at Romney Sands Station.
  66. He found the station easily enough.
  67. I stopped the car at a gas station.
  68. A station like the herald Mercury.
  69. Down at the station, the smirking.
  70. Change the station or the channel.
  71. Mark Rizzo, USCG Station Sault Ste.
  72. She rang the station this morning.
  73. The nearest station was Green Park.
  74. A bus station is where a bus stops.
  75. On my desk, I have a work station.
  76. STATION NO 12 Resurrection morning.
  77. I had to enter the station after.
  78. After finding a station and much.
  79. She’s up on the space station.
  80. She’s the clerk at the station.
  81. He stopped at the nurse’s station.
  82. It’s still down at the station.
  83. Carter smiled, and left the station.
  84. Still at the police station, sir.
  85. Junya walked into the gas station.
  86. Office of the CIA Chief of Station.
  87. STATION 8 The carrying of the Cross.
  88. He wasn’t one of your station.
  89. Dana is still at the police station.
  90. Well tell it at the station!.
  91. It was an abandoned mining station.
  92. His C sharp radio station messages.
  93. The driver entered into the station.
  94. I crossed the railway station safely.
  95. I have him in view at the Station.
  96. What about the railway station?
  98. Twelve hours and no radio station.
  99. I am at the Stanford train station.
  100. Finding a way onto the station was.
  1. Not in Vinary Heights - stationing.
  2. Both animals turned abruptly running to George and stationing themselves on either side of him.
  3. Stationing himself in the angle between a roof and a chimney atop a house overlooking the alley, he settled himself and waited.
  4. Jamal insisted on stationing two of his boys on the porch for the night in case Getman returned even though I felt it wasn’t necessary.
  5. His naturally dark complexion had assumed a still further shade of brown from the habit the unfortunate man had acquired of stationing himself from morning till eve at the threshold of his door, on the lookout for guests who seldom came, yet there he stood, day after day, exposed to the meridional rays of a burning sun, with no other protection for his head than a red handkerchief twisted around it, after the manner of the Spanish muleteers.
  1. Allen, who was stationed at.
  2. My father was stationed there.
  3. We are now stationed very near.
  4. COTPs were stationed in major U.
  5. There was a guard stationed there.
  6. My parents were stationed in America.
  7. We have never been stationed there.
  8. Our corps was stationed on a hillside.
  9. A gendarme stationed opposite frowned.
  10. I'm stationed here in Winnipeg for now.
  11. I’m stationed at (name of base / city).
  12. How long were you stationed here?
  13. Stationed at various bases around the U.
  14. He was a soldier and got stationed there.
  15. A dovecote is stationed in an open area.
  16. The officer was stationed on Shanes left.
  17. A Marine buddy of mine is stationed there.
  18. Miriam stationed in the river reeds nearby.
  19. Where is the regiment stationed now?
  20. Stationed along the wal s were even more M.
  21. We know where all of the angels are stationed.
  22. At that time we were stationed in a small town.
  23. Men and woman were stationed to retrieve messages.
  24. Other ships stationed in the yard joined the battle.
  25. The general isn’t stationed here at the Palace.
  26. Apache Nation, was stationed there at Pueblo Bonito.
  27. We had taken up supplies for troops stationed there.
  28. Her parents were in the military, stationed overseas.
  29. I’m a sluice box operator once again, stationed here.
  30. We saw several spaceships stationed on what was once a.
  31. A guard stationed by the fountain raises his baton at me.
  32. Aye joined the armed forces and was stationed in Germany.
  33. Two Federal security agents were stationed close at hand.
  34. Their stationed in Montreal and were dropped at Ohiopyle.
  35. The door was open, though Guardians were stationed there.
  36. My liege, I am the eldest of my brothers stationed here.
  37. Our unit was stationed in the northeastern part of the city.
  38. The English army was stationed above, the French army below.
  39. No Arab troops will be stationed on the East Bank of Jordan.
  40. I assumed that Captain Nemo was stationed in the pilothouse.
  41. They're crack assault troops stationed with Russian fleets.
  42. She drifted away and we stationed ourselves above Jons drain.
  43. Marius called to Enjolras, who had just stationed himself at.
  44. He had been stationed in West Germany during the Vietnam War.
  45. This organization was stationed at Charleston, South Carolina.
  46. While you are stationed here in Erie you may want a local bank.
  47. They saw troops stationed on the walls in four six-hour shifts.
  48. Wall directly before them was visible, stationed proudly as the.
  49. When Dad told us he had been stationed back here I was so happy.
  50. Upstairs, he stationed her just inside the door to his apartment.
  51. The police SUV where Westman and York were stationed was in sight.
  52. He cannot attack us, not with the numbers we have stationed here.
  53. Godwyn was stationed outside the castle on the other side of the.
  54. RCMP officer stationed at the High Commission, the freebies even.
  55. Our crew had been stationed outside the back doors of one of New.
  56. The police had stationed detectives everywhere, two of them were.
  57. If only you could see, when they are stationed before their Lord.
  58. Fulfilling that pledge was impossible from where he was stationed.
  59. Emily turned to one of the random guards stationed throughout the.
  60. They are stationed in the mountain stronghold of the Gorgon Plane.
  61. Reporter for the New York Times, stationed in Moscow in the early.
  62. There were tens of thousands of military personnel stationed there.
  63. Sir, said one of the soldiers that were stationed at the gate.
  64. Anything besides being obvious sentries stationed around the church.
  65. He joined the US Navy at 18 and was stationed in San Diego, CA, and.
  66. We have both come to learn from you where our regiment is stationed.
  67. The local gossip has it that you were stationed hereabouts during.
  68. The mounted men who had been stationed on the northwest side of the.
  69. Nakaya had been one of her roommates when she was stationed in Tokyo.
  70. Didn’t he have a car stationed in front of his house? I asked.
  71. Samara turned to see Aquarius stationed behind him in the back of the.
  72. I had lots of connections so I got stationed at Kelleys Island too.
  73. All joking aside, said Stoke, the highlanders stationed at the.
  74. Although Sgt Frizzell was an RCMP officer stationed at Headquarters who.
  75. Tomolson reasserted that the NEST team was stationed at the Mercury site.
  76. Heather sat down at her mom’s computer, stationed in the computer room.
  77. I have men stationed at every stairwell, emergency ladder, and—.
  78. Unshaken by these squalls, Captain Nemo stationed himself on the platform.
  79. Our infantry were stationed there, and at the farthest point the dragoons.
  80. After that he was stationed at this tiny navy base in Southern California.
  81. Chaplain Phillips, now stationed in France, got the news on Christmas Eve.
  82. Small picket ships were stationed in a textbook pattern around the system.
  83. We escorted him here and are stationed here as a symbolic guard for him.
  84. Everywhere in Mozhaysk and beyond it, troops were stationed or on the march.
  85. Stationed on the top steps, one of the seamen undid the bolts of the hatch.
  86. Everywhere in Mozháysk and beyond it, troops were stationed or on the march.
  87. The company was stationed along the defensive wall toward the sixth bastion.
  88. Vernon Jones, the activist, was stationed an arm’s length from the family.
  89. The men had been stationed in the inn, holding the owner under house arrest.
  90. She could see the guards stationed at the gate and beyond that her own house.
  91. As he did, he drew the fire of the marines stationed at the next guard point.
  92. Guardians were stationed at both of the windows in the room, shooting demons.
  93. I should tell you about my girl friend while I was stationed at Clark Air Base.
  94. Ah have stationed men tae stay behind at each home in the event she shows up.
  95. Most had guards stationed outside the doors, they saluted as Conn hurried past.
  96. You are to be hereby stationed to outpost Zeta for the duration of your life.
  97. But my sister is stationed at a drone operations base in the center of downtown.
  98. Though back then, there was a squadron of Death Guards stationed in their place.
  99. Plus, whoever it was would have to get past Guardians stationed outside his door.
  100. It was stationed in Sevastopol, but they were to move on Wednesday, Your Honor.
  1. Stations #1, #2, and #3.
  2. Call radio and TV stations.
  3. Stations of the Cross, 262.
  4. The Stations of the Cross:.
  5. Even police stations need to.
  6. All the TV stations were there.
  7. We like to surf the TV stations.
  8. All hands to stations, he.
  9. All personnel to battle stations.
  10. David had sounded battle stations.
  11. Too many newspapers and TV stations.
  12. They moved quickly to their stations.
  13. WHOOP WHOOP, man your battle stations.
  14. WHOOP WHOOP! Man your battle stations.
  15. TV stations and radio networks saying.
  16. It’s just the busy stations that do.
  17. And ya don’t get off at the stations.
  18. Stations of the Cross are over by now.
  19. Trains and stations always fascinate me.
  20. Elizabeth, please sound battle stations.
  21. All sorrowful roads have their stations.
  22. Send the bridge crew to their stations.
  23. After changing stations depress the red.
  24. Over seven hundred stations are involved.
  25. The ship’s crew raced to their stations.
  26. It’s them pretty yella stations in town.
  27. All stations: Flight director shift change.
  28. Power stations and railway depots made up.
  29. Park saw gold in owning broadcast stations.
  30. At least four radio stations could be heard.
  31. Power plants, refineries, gas stations and.
  32. In fact, the radio stations are down as well.
  33. The shortage of band aids & nursing stations.
  34. The crew ran to their stations, all but Quell.
  35. I will call battle stations in about an hour.
  36. All the jokers on the other stations had got.
  37. He had tables and stations setup for each boy.
  38. Insects, colour of, fitted for their stations.
  39. The TV stations are here, Gary, I shouted.
  40. I can only find about a half dozen TV stations.
  41. For the Stations of the Cross? she asked.
  42. Number of polling stations: 12 Fixed, 7 Mobile.
  43. Many police stations outsource police interviews.
  44. The match was later aired by TV stations across.
  45. Anthem, the stations have chosen a capitalistic.
  46. I counted eight guard stations as we came in.
  47. The guards had al disappeared from their stations.
  48. We were ordered at the double to action stations.
  49. Message coming in on all stations and all decks.
  50. There were ten game stations in a row along the.
  51. But between these two stations there is an area.
  52. The three European betting stations she managed.
  53. I can’t go to airports or train or bus stations.
  54. The bars on the space stations were much livelier.
  55. Some radio stations publish transcripts of their.
  56. Behind the petrol stations were a couple of lorries.
  57. The other stations keep replaying the same stuff.
  58. We had no television and radio stations in the area.
  59. All hands to battle stations and strap in, CO out.
  60. Nation news stations now had small makeshift camps.
  61. Often, radio stations will set aside time in their.
  62. Nuclear stations currently operate at about 37 per.
  63. Then you press the yellow button to change stations.
  64. The original Stations of the Cross are as follows:-.
  65. Charley had his meals and his walks in gas stations.
  66. Return to battle stations, everyone, Picard said.
  67. Elizabeth! Sound battle stations! Moses shouted.
  68. Once on board the Pa Nun, they fell to their stations.
  69. Living here in the town, not the stations, of course.
  70. This anomaly ended up on the mortals’ news stations.
  71. I draw some of the scenes for the stations cartoons.
  72. Two other men sat crouched at their computer stations.
  73. But morale in police stations everywhere was not high.
  74. Fire units responded from all four city fire stations.
  75. Stations of the Cross, Icons, Ordination to Religious.
  76. Panic stations as I phoned Roger and humbly apologised.
  77. Alright then back to your stations both of you!.
  78. The majority of his radio stations were ABC affiliates.
  79. Some reporters: from the AP, local television stations.
  80. The Metro stations and city buses were within walking.
  81. They are two of the last stations on the mystical path.
  82. She has done nothing but look at the various stations.
  83. Thousands more swastika flags hung in railroad stations.
  84. Tell me, what stations are north and south of you? Over.
  85. Peter experimented with the various stations, after what.
  86. I had to take the subway, switch stations and then walk.
  87. She waved to Alicia and Thelma at their panning stations.
  88. Television and radio stations alike also run shows that.
  89. Radio stations for streaming radio broadcasts with iTunes.
  90. Headsets for use with Softphone Stations You will need a.
  91. The fact was, the other stations might just as well have.
  92. Park readily agreed to sell off the sister radio stations.
  93. The job involved upgrading the stations for safety reasons.
  94. None of the databases on the stations can teach me?
  95. Between each pair of stations a walkway lead to wide doors.
  96. Radio) stations, as well as other fundraising organizations.
  98. Shockingly though, some radio stations received disturbing.
  99. Lewis floated behind Johanssen’s and Martinez’s stations.
  100. They reached the beach and separated to go to their stations.

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