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    1. He was almost too hung over to stand and knew it would be senseless to chase

    2. In truth he was anything but naive and would get the better of people in negotiations while letting them chase him directly where he wanted them to go

    3. I watch him as for and against thoughts chase themselves through his head one after the other …

    4. The joy of the chase

    5. Five of you shall chase a hundred, and a hundred of you shall put

    6. Barney comes running over, the ball in his hands, giggling as the two men chase after him as Molly emerges from the house carrying a tureen of potatoes

    7. What would I have done in this or that situation? How would I react if I found myself facing similar choices? Would I have been as bold as Menachem and entered into a passionate affair with an English woman, a civil servant, just as he had done? Would I have dared to chase a French politician through the streets of Paris to ask that one final question, a question that resulted in Aban spending three days in a French gaol?

    8. The soldier gave chase, swinging his sword as Son dodged while running

    9. have the strength to chase it

    10. Son gave chase through the moonlit forest

    11. He would chase a few sporadic butterflies or gape at the

    12. I watched the road to Marston chase contours

    13. That was a joke! He was an idiot who screwed anything female; for him it was all about the chase

    14. I am the black dog, spike claw, red eye, the hound in the chase,

    15. for the chase and the duck and weave

    16. Sally was beaming with excitement over the chase and flaming

    17. Don't chase too hard toward the least significant digits of perfection," Byia told her

    18. Trying to chase it beyond there was futile, it required knowledge of theoretical physics that he just didn’t have

    19. “And remember when the twins went to chase Oreo, and she ended up chasing them!”

    20. • Splashy Surge: A splashy surge indicates that the trout will most likely chase any whitebait or smelt into shallow waters

    21. We will chase useless first divisions but

    22. ’ He said mournfully, at which point we both burst out laughing and chase each other up the hill

    23. 'I suppose I have - it's not just that I feel a certain amount of sympathy for Bunty herself, it's also the thrill of the chase

    24. Did your foolishness in taking this crazy risk have anything to do with a desire to chase me down?”

    25. In fact she owed him because without the letter he had kept, she wouldn’t have this address to chase down

    26. ‘I’ll lead them on a rabbit chase, for a bit

    27. Matt smiled too with relief, ‘How did the chase

    28. This chase is over, they’ve beaten us

    29. ‘You’ve held back all through the chase

    30. each terrible moment during the chase and capture

    31. I’m guessing he didn’t chase her to the Yakhan at the time because she was running from him

    32. This could be a wild goose chase

    33. Unfortunately it was some guy up beyond Chardovia and she was reluctant to go back up there and chase that down so soon

    34. He’d told Angie a little about the dig, skimming over the nastier aspects, saying that it had been a wild goose chase – well, it wasn’t so far from the truth

    35. She imagined them as Internal Investigations operatives and lead them on a merry chase

    36. “You two pull on your rain gear and tie yourselves onto that rope, its going to get slippery here, very fast, and I don't want to have to chase down this canyon after either of you,” said White Feathers as he donned a poncho and demonstrated with his own length of cord

    37. “I had to chase you for ages,” she said

    38. “I was hoping I wouldn’t have to chase this back up to Chardovia again

    39. “Lets just get a stick and chase it out of here

    40. Jean was about to give chase when

    41. Chase, was out to prove that she can run that Place of hers without me

    42. Emma Chase, our hostess for the night

    43. led him a merry chase

    44. Some pastors worry that if the Spirit is moving it may chase people out of church

    45. "But why would that make you chase him all the way from Wescarp? Did he take something with him? Is this really a theft case?"

    46. "It is instinct for a woman to chase money, hey what?" Alfred blurted out, glancing sheepishly at Viktor

    47. He put tiny entries for them all on his own clue sheet in case he got desperate enough to chase leads such as those

    48. What if you have to chase this thief all the way to

    49. ‘What if we have to chase him all the way to

    50. will hear the truth of Heaven, and like light it will chase away

    1. She writes down the address as I read it from the sheet of headed paper which Stephen chased after me with as I was reversing round his car

    2. world, a storm brewing up with the wailing mewl of legion cats being chased by

    3. He felt like shutting down the houri on him, or better yet, transform it into a whirling malestrom of rusty, broken knives that chased him for days, something reminiscent of what he had to endure

    4. It was raining fit to flood the world, a storm brewing up with the wailing mewl of legion cats being chased by battalion dogs

    5. I have chased slow moving water up a thick and sluggish hill,

    6. Loud brush rustling often stopped at the firelight's horizon when a small inglethor came running near, more willing to take it's chances with the humans than with what chased it

    7. What chased it probably would have been a nice meal if they could catch it in the dark, if they dared go out there

    8. A small crowd of children and idle onlookers has gathered on the quay to watch the boat as it prepares to sail; I scan their faces wondering if any of them know who I am, half looking for the men who chased me through the streets of Ercolano

    9. Chased, laid waste, the pull

    10. Father stood in the hallway open mouthed as his wife raved and ranted at the kids and chased them up and down the stairs until she came to a sudden, spluttering, coughing halt

    11. "I chased down all the sightings of our possible spy," she said as she sunk into his guest chair at one percent gee

    12. The Hindu mob chased him

    13. and chased them up and down the stairs until she came to a sudden,

    14. The mountain is clear, and word has come that the ship you chased crashed and the evil was

    15. The clear fresh water spouted into the basin and chased itself into the sink drain

    16. I chased him out of my house

    17. He looked at all their files and chased down all their friends files that were in the system, but he didn’t find anyone who had gained anything by the overdose or the download of the ghost

    18. It’s fascinating watching the water drops being chased down the window by the hot air

    19. He was even willing to be chased by the villagers rather than take his hat off

    20. She should try and loosen him up a little however, before some less patient woman chased him back up to the desert

    21. Now that he had made the final break with the ship, was he about to make the final break with Desa? He began to shake with the very real possibility that his elders might know more than he thought and he might soon be chased out of town

    22. He had fought, chased, and killed

    23. ” she chased after him

    24. and man he had chased for so long

    25. Klowa chased her

    26. “Well yes, just for a second or two, but Fliss chased it away

    27. Squeals broke the silence of the courtroom as Nimblefax romped and chased

    28. I chased that cargo all the way down and got only twenty five coppers for it

    29. The room was blue with smoke and the two candles flickered their orange light across the walls and chased shadows across the wood beamed ceiling

    30. down the table, before being chased off by the

    31. They were chased by evil, but Jakkar knew that an even greater evil awaited them at the Hangar

    32. But no cry came and no one chased her

    33. that almost ten policemen chased them with so many guns and

    34. The storm had chased away Nerissa’s resentment, too

    35. The civil wars of Flanders, and the Spanish government which succeeded them, chased away the great commerce of Antwerp,

    36. To dream that you are being chased or stalked by the paparazzi indicates that your privacy is being violated

    37. To dream that you are being chased by a turtle indicates that you are hiding behind a facade, instead of confronting the things that are bothering you

    38. "During the time after that I chased the guys who did this to me

    39. They would start off by her being chased

    40. she chased bears away with it?”

    41. They had chased him, but he had eluded them

    42. Children chased each other, played tag, teased one another, then became interested in the animals joining the throng

    43. But eventually and having suffered major looses the Turkish attack fizzled out and our counter attack chased them back up the Krithia road were we took some new ground

    44. On the same day, Waddell chased and captured the bark Adelaide Pendergrast out of Baltimore

    45. Finally, he jumped off the dog, and with a few more swipes with his razor claws, he chased the bulldog down the block

    46. own ship and then chased the Barracuda until they were within hearing distance

    47. It was chilly in the large room, but more than that, eerie shivers chased up and down his spine as he replayed the Richards fight in his mind

    48. At first they only brightened her heart, but as they continued, they gradually chased the chill away

    49. chased Underhill out of the house till about 7:00 that morning

    50. “Only the one ship has chased us

    1. While perhaps receding in the popular imagination, the image of the "dirty old man" that chases after young women has not disappeared

    2. Too bad everyone always chases it with bad news

    3. Laughing, he chases her round the kitchen, as I, keeping well out of the way, watch

    4. He becomes excited and chases off after the animal

    5. excitement at the chases to come, something ferreting in the undergrowth, the whine

    6. Ram: If it chases you, there will be a delay in paying a debt or fulfilling a promise; if it hits you, it augurs loss of money

    7. “He never barks or chases anything

    8. He chases me off when I steal his grapes

    9. twenty-two hundred barrels of oil and other products, so Jon had plenty of individual chases with which to practice and learn the job of boatsteerer

    10. and chases were made

    11. During this time, most of the chases

    12. The seer related tales of near misses and chases and what happened when they caught a stranger

    13. We lived for car chases but it was not something to be abused

    14. The handler, not being stupid, and acknowledging the danger of explosives, would start running! At that point the dog, thinking this is a great game, chases after him still holding the explosives but now biting it firmly to ensure it does not fall out of his mouth during the chase

    15. beware; and reprove one who has understanding, and he will understand knowledge; he who wastes his father, and chases away his

    16. I felt her think, “Sir, I know what demon chases you, and so long as there is any power left in me, it will never catch you

    17. But these types of chases frequently end badly

    18. The meal was enjoyed with a great deal of discussion of the battles, chases, and revelations of the day before

    19. The spray of stinging cold salty water and hot pepper juice on open sores temporarily chases away the waves of starving, biting, stinging creatures

    20. And Galluk chases after the thing, leaping over small boulders and a streambed, fallen logs and deep ditch, through a small field and… And he stops, stops and cries

    21. To perhaps not be able to have babies, what could be sadder? But then she thought about how she herself had refused to join in the mating play, the chases of other squirrels she had met

    22. "You can fly if the cat chases you, and I may be able to outrun it, but my best defense is to leap through trees

    23. kind of animal it chases

    24. The charity that runs the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island is being asked by Congress to explain some of its expenses, including high salaries for its executives and $45,000 a year for a dog that chases away geese

    25. That chases away potential

    26. She chases after him as he runs away puffing and blowing like a toy train

    27. Rather than being a typical lunatic who values and chases life’s bullshit and expects everything from the

    28. Charlotte suddenly runs at the back of the stage as a headhunter chases after her with a sword in his hand! Charlotte disappears off the stage as the headhunter disappears off the stage after her! Suddenly Diane D and The Dianettes appear back on stage dancing and twirling high in the air with swords in their hands as they go after the headhunters!

    29. The hungry tigress chases her prey until it wouldn’t tire and fall down on the ground, and breathe helplessly

    30. Bernice chases after Charlotte! Charlotte turns around and runs to the opposite side of the stage with Bernice in hot pursuit! She turns around the other way and runs back to the opposite side of the stage! She frighteningly goes under a box on the stage and hides underneath it

    31. “And out of sixty two sighting and chases, I have only managed to knock one of these things out of the sky

    32. Now running, he chases after the

    33. He slips away and chases the girl, leaving me with no one to talk to

    34. Abundance of virtue chases it away

    35. It was life as usual for half-Demon Avery Tywella when she chases a Demon convicted of murder into a local club

    36. But he chases after you the same

    37. “He still chases after the ice cream trucks…” Kathy added with a grin

    38. Gregory exits the building, Madeline chases him

    39. The shadows of day races away, for wherever they come and go; as the dark of the evening chases the day, forcing an end to this show

    40. “No way! Haven’t you ever seen a horror movie in your life? The hockey mask guy always chases girls into the woods, and I don’t wanna be chopped up with a meat cleaver!”

    41. " And with that he chases off after Rapunzel wondering how he's going to come up with twelve hundred crowns

    42. The Roadrunner runs back by and Willie chases after the

    43. If everyone gets scared, and no one Chases, who will protect normal humans? They don't deserve to be slaughtered by vampires



    46. Twisleton, 'in the bitterest language, and in the sweeping chases of hypocrisy which He made against them, He might even, at first sight, seem to have departed from that spirit of meekness and gentleness in judgment which is one of His own most characteristic precepts

    47. were many an opportunity for such heavenly chases to lead to final conquests, here in these

    48. When they peak inside, they see the maintenance man, way in the distance! They see him cleaning around the mineral bath with a plugged in radio nearby, playing reggae music! Missy and the triplets become frightened! They try to keep quiet so the maintenance man would not see or notice them! They start to back up! As they back up, they suddenly spot Dana inside the mineral bath place! They spot her way in the distance, standing several feet behind the maintenance man! They see Dana quietly standing behind the maintenance man as he cleans around the mineral bath! They see Dana angrily staring at the maintenance man! The maintenance man does not see or notice Dana! He does not know that she is standing there, several feet behind him, angrily watching him! His radio is playing a few feet away from Dana! Therefore, he does not hear Dana or know that she is standing there angrily staring at him! As the maintenance man continues to clean around the mineral bath, Dana suddenly picks up a big rag that is on the floor! She takes the rag and grabs the big radio with it! She picks up the loud radio and starts to run straight towards the maintenance man with the radio in her hands! She angrily shoves the radio hard into the maintenance man and pushes him right into the mineral bath as he begins to shout! Dana continues to hold on to the radio as she catches her balance! The maintenance man makes a big splash as he goes down under the water! Then an angry Dana holds the radio high up in the air and throws the plugged in radio right into the water right on top of the man! The radio hits the water and starts to spark up and smoke heavily! The maintenance man begins to scream and yell in pain! He is being electrocuted! Missy and the triplets watch frighteningly from the gate entrance! The radio continues to spark up in the water as the maintenance man's body jerks and shakes! He continues to yell and scream as blood comes from out of his eyes, nose and mouth! Then his screaming stops! His body then becomes still and lifeless! He is dead! His body lays in the water as the heavy electric sparks continue to come from the radio! Missy and the triplets watch horrified from the gate entrance as Dana angrily stands over the edge of the mineral bath, glaring at the maintenance man's dead body! Missy and the triplets see the maintenance man's body floating! They see his eyes wide open! A frightened Missy starts to scream! Dana quickly turns her head around and sees Missy and the triplets standing frighteningly at the gate entrance, looking on! Dana angrily rushes towards them! Missy and the triplets frighteningly turn around and run out of the place! Dana angrily chases after all of them! She catches up to her sisters outside and angrily grabs them all! She jerks and pulls on her sisters as she shouts, "WHAT ARE YOU ALL DOING OUT OF THE CAB?" Missy and the triplets are all scared as they frighteningly stare at Dana! They cannot believe what she had just done! They do not know what to do or say! Dana looks back towards the mineral bath place! Then she takes each of her sisters by the hand and quickly walks away with them! They start to go through the tropical weeds, grass, bushes and trees again!

    49. The man grabs at Landa again! He grabs Landa by the arm! Suddenly, he pulls out a knife! He holds the knife up to Landa's face! Landa suddenly kicks the man real hard in the groin area again! She breaks hold of his grip and rips her jacket in the process! She starts to run away! The man starts to chase after Landa! He chases after Landa with the knife in his hand! Landa runs as fast as she can! She runs a couple of blocks towards her grandparents' home! She approaches closer towards her grandparents' home with the strange man still in hot pursuit!

    50. As Dana is running off, she notices that an Indian woman sees her! She sees the woman frighteningly staring at her! Dana stops and glares at the woman! The woman frighteningly turns away and run! Dana does not want any witnesses around! She does not want to leave any witnesses around, so she puts on chase and charges after the woman! She charges after the woman with the large hammer swinging fiercely from her hand! She chases after the woman through a very dark field under some very dark trees! The woman is running in fear! She turns her head backwards and sees a fierce looking Dana charging after her with the large hammer swinging fiercely from her hand! The woman turns her head back forwards and screams out, "HELP ME! HELP ME!" She is running and screaming for her life! She is running as fast as she can! Dana is running after the woman as fast as she can! The woman continues to run and scream through the very dark field under the very dark trees! She turns her head backwards again and sees a fierce looking Dana gaining up on her, getting closer and closer! The woman turns her head back forwards and screams out again, "HELP ME! HELP ME! SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME!" She continues to run as fast as she can, but Dana is still gaining up on her! Dana is almost close to the woman! She chases the woman right towards a fence, which is along the highway! Dana soon reaches the woman! Then she raises the hammer high in the air and takes a baseball bat swing right towards the woman's head, when all of a sudden, the woman bends her upper body down, causing Dana to miss her head! The woman then crashes her entire body right through a hole in the fence! Dana suddenly bends down and crashes her left hand and arm right through the hole, trying to grab at the woman! The woman rolls down the field, towards the highway! She rolls directly onto the highway! She gets up and gets hit by an oncoming car! The car flies the woman forward several feet into the air! The motorist slams on the breaks causing the car to slide! The woman lands on the highway in front of the car and gets run over by the car! The motorist is finally able to stop the car! The motorist, a white male hurries out of his vehicle! He runs to the woman that he had just hit! Other motorists stop! They also hurry out of their cars! They run to the woman! They are all hysterical! They ask the first motorist, "How did this happen?"

    1. She would forget his name as she slipped into her next role chasing Ava's fortune

    2. One second it was thundering along chasing the sunset in the deepening darkness, the next it was accelerating at thirty-six feet per second per second from under her, its legs spread in all directions and at angles that looked pretty painful

    3. "We're just running around chasing four tons of missing aluminum," Ava answered almost absently

    4. There's an asteroid coming that's going to leave a crater the size of Lake Entisonggas somewhere on what may be the only planet we humans have left, and you're still chasing around after that damned shuttlecraft

    5. her mother’s choice, the path that lead to feeding on carrion, of chasing down the

    6. "We're just running around chasing four tons of missing aluminum," Ava on the ground answered

    7. "Why are they just waiting there? Why aren’t they chasing Hardway and the battlegroup?

    8. The projectile’s energy swept the alien away with all its limbs chasing after

    9. That was her mother’s choice, the path that lead to feeding on carrion, of chasing down the rabbit and the rat and vole just to fill your belly and your veins

    10. If you are walking on ice, it means that you risk a lot by chasing futile pleasures

    11. The closest thing we've seen to a secret plot since we got on this boat is when the rumor got out that Vyinga was chasing her steersmen out of her nest

    12. He was sometimes chasing the

    13. In his dreams, chasing the bones of creation,

    14. When they were chasing us out of the town I didn’t get much of a look at them

    15. "Now this is what life should be like," she called from the far bank, "Nothing chasing us, perfect weather, a great campsite

    16. With both dogs chasing them up and down the paving

    17. ’ I replied, chasing that elusive memory with no success

    18. They would grab something and run off with Daniel chasing them, shouting obscenities

    19. When Alan saw what was chasing this herd he didn't think this tree could be high enough

    20. After snapping once, it began to pick up speed, chasing the thongas once again

    21. True the other people or ghosts from YingolNeerie chasing them into the wilderness had been a real bother, but Alan himself was still just a human kid, no different than he would have been if he really was raised by fundamentalist hermits on the desert rim

    22. “And remember when the twins went to chase Oreo, and she ended up chasing them!”

    23. True love might be a holy grail worth chasing, but in its absence a good marriage with plenty of publicity did wonders for the old bank balance

    24. They were discussing the phenomenon they were chasing, which they had already observed even before they finished the calibration

    25. “So we could be chasing a probe with a recording

    26. “We have some nasty company way high up; but we also have some angels up there chasing them

    27. Who was the Ambassador at that time? Any mileage in chasing that in the hope someone might remember Bunty? I sit back, chewing my pen and revising my vision of Bunty sitting alone in her flat, moping

    28. worth chasing, but in its absence a good marriage with plenty of

    29. “The creature we were chasing may have gotten away

    30. “Imogene has been chasing me, using her body from Alan’s World

    31. and behold, all is vanity and a chasing after wind

    32. I perceived that this also was a chasing

    33. do; and behold, all was vanity and a chasing after wind, and there was no profit under

    34. vanity and a chasing after wind

    35. “You have your own quest in the city, chasing the ghost of a woman you compare me to

    36. This also is vanity and a chasing after wind

    37. The Sun's first rays lifted the gloom chasing the

    38. The news reader cuts from the lead report on Exeter City's vital game chasing promotion from the Conference to the story about the girls in the nightclub

    39. This one’s swooping back and forth obviously chasing the insects that are now starting to come out

    40. who in real life would be chasing you were all things that gave new meaning to the

    41. sure that the King had been chasing phantoms

    42. guards with their shirts off, chasing the zebra-colored ball around

    43. Before chasing him down, she reached in and set the flashers to clicking

    44. He would’ve just gone chasing after Jim again

    45. "Have you and he been chasing ghost's all along?"

    46. Next he somehow equated a girl attracting a man with chasing money

    47. Instead of chasing after her, Alec found himself kneeling on the floor, picking up coins

    48. "I wouldn't be chasing Alan today anyway, but I'm ready for all of that distraction you care to lavish on me," he said, confident now that she was playing him better than he was playing her and unable to do anything about it

    49. "After all your years here you have to come chasing back after me? What about the women you were with last year?"

    50. “And stop chasing that Harvest Festival Poster around the glass

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