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Pursuit en una oración (en ingles)

  1. In pursuit of the bait.
  2. They set off in pursuit.
  3. Two cops in hot pursuit.
  4. After all, the pursuit of.
  5. Tozer : The Pursuit of God.

  6. In the pursuit of status 50.
  7. We have eluded their pursuit.
  8. The golden king gives pursuit.
  9. Two of our cars are in pursuit.
  10. Through the night the pursuit.
  11. Wil be seen as a pursuit worthy.
  12. Ruthless in pursuit of his goals.
  13. Goff, in full pursuit, yelling:.
  14. Live: in perpetual pursuit of the.
  15. They entered the tunnel in pursuit.

  16. He was much too swift for pursuit.
  17. It's an inward and selfish pursuit.
  18. I hate their pursuit of evil, when.
  19. Only a few would be sent in pursuit.
  20. There was still no sound of pursuit.
  21. It is not merely a cerebral pursuit.
  22. Relaxation in pursuit of the BIG YOU.
  23. In this hot pursuit, you will soon.
  24. Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
  25. The meaning of a life that is pursuit.

  26. Thomas and his pursuit of the ministry.
  27. So the third day of their pursuit began.
  28. In hot pursuit was the Taxation Office.
  29. He went away hurriedly, fearing pursuit.
  30. Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness?
  31. She was relentless in pursuit of this goal.
  32. The pursuit force hadn’t recaptured her.
  33. Controlling outcomes is a fearful pursuit.
  34. Colling wondered why there was no pursuit.
  35. They even wanted to rush in pursuit of him.
  36. Stralin was in hot pursuit of them as well.
  37. Brimm had no ships able to mount a pursuit.
  38. The man thanked him and resumed his pursuit.
  39. They’re not in clear pursuit of anybody.
  40. This pursuit destroyed her hope of quickly.
  41. Pursuit of knowledge was my 24/7 occupation.
  42. It was in pursuit of a career move by Martin.
  43. The Catskinner in pursuit had made up ground.
  44. Samantha was in pursuit of Dante and the rest.
  45. The Ram and the Bull are in pursuit of Haven.
  46. It is simply a pursuit that serves a certain.
  47. We would each have an extra horse for pursuit.
  48. The relief army picked up the pace in pursuit.
  49. Meanwhile, the pudgy chef continued his pursuit.
  50. He initiates this pursuit to a point where we.
  51. This pursuit of Christ is a pursuit of holiness.
  52. Golyadkin senior rushed in pursuit of his enemy.
  53. It couldn’t have been a more ludicrous pursuit.
  54. Two Knights had seen her and were in hot pursuit.
  55. They had not, like the dogs, given up the pursuit.
  56. He moved on after confirming there was no pursuit.
  57. Although you may have close pursuit the whole way.
  58. Seizing Keith by the hand, she set off in pursuit.
  59. Monygham threw himself recklessly into the pursuit.
  60. She had destroyed his dreams in pursuit of her own.
  61. I have never rejected what I have done in pursuit of.
  62. The shuttle will continue its pursuit, Spock said.
  63. Red Sea with the terrifying Egyptian army in pursuit.
  64. I ran away as a zebra would flee a lioness in pursuit.
  65. So relentless was this pursuit of information.
  66. He could have ended his pursuit and let it go at that.
  67. There she saw the Tesler in pursuit of Joey and Lezura.
  68. It was not, nor had it ever been, a spiritual pursuit.
  69. Like the interest in mathematical games, the pursuit.
  70. In that case the others would have followed in pursuit.
  71. Simon could sense no pursuit and all around was silent.
  72. However, in the case of a clear pursuit, that is legal.
  73. He went in pursuit of the spirit of the envied animals.
  74. Behind her, in hot pursuit, was a man in a yellow tunic.
  75. Only the very wise know when to stop this wild pursuit.
  76. For Admiral Holland the pursuit had gone entirely wrong.
  77. I have never rejected what I have done in pursuit of fear.
  78. I counted half a dozen blue-and-whites already in pursuit.
  79. Unfortunately, such a pursuit partly promotes unhappiness.
  80. Yes Captain, we’re still in hot pursuit of The Three.
  81. At the top of the hill, he swerved off the path in pursuit.
  82. The pastor had taken counseling classes in pursuit of his.
  83. Both night and day his pursuit of criminals was relentless.
  84. The pursuit of bold investors for the Venture Finance Fund.
  85. Within a half hour of their continued pursuit, Garcia’s.
  86. And in that pursuit he’s joined by millions of investors.
  87. It is not like the Greys to give up their pursuit so easily.
  88. What is the controlling factor in every commercial pursuit?
  89. This work acknowledges all religions as being in pursuit of.
  90. Opponents stretched out in pursuit of the Mongols were left.
  91. There’s only expedience, the pursuit of one’s own desires.
  92. Thus to be in pursuit of it means to be in competition for it.
  93. Unless that jackal’s ruined her, she can outrun all pursuit.
  94. His guide sprinted along in pursuit, shouting for him to stop.
  95. That, however, could not concern him in his pursuit of justice.
  96. And I knew the strange pursuit was over, and a final time begun.
  97. He was single-minded in the pursuit of his own interests, and.
  98. Somehow, that pursuit seemed more in keeping with Barnard's Inn.
  99. What she had endured in the pursuit of a child was humiliating.
  100. The pursuit of happiness becomes the source of our unhappiness.

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