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1. The clubhouse needed some work.
2. Clubhouse, then she was all ears.
3. I caught at her words the clubhouse.
4. Half way towards the Clubhouse he stopped and.
5. He walks out the door that leads to the clubhouse side exit.
6. The townhouse had a nice pool, clubhouse, and tennis courts.
7. With that understanding we parted at the door of the clubhouse.
8. I inquired at the marina Clubhouse and was told the vessel in.
9. Whilst I was homieless, the day center becomes a kind of clubhouse crib.
10. At the Clubhouse I probed further and learnt that she had trained and worked as a.
11. We entered the Clubhouse and I gave a quick scan for Roy but could not spot any silver.
12. Then, if you insist, we can discuss the propriety of trunks on our way to the clubhouse.
13. It was our secret clubhouse but now Mom locks the doors and said that we can’t use it anymore.
14. Four guys went golfing; one went in the clubhouse to pay while the others waited at the first tee.
15. Wickland waved at Gordon as he approached from across the parking lot and headed toward the clubhouse.
16. At least I could take I-25 to NMSU, returning via Solano for AA meetings at a clubhouse just south of U.
17. And Sheila, of course, wants to make sure we don't use the secret password to keep her out of the clubhouse.
18. In the clubhouse, Watkin tells everyone who wants to listen that he’s going to the Japan v Wales rugby match.
19. It had watched the third in tense silence—except that moiety of it ebbing and flowing through the clubhouse.
20. Without saying anything further, Peter turned and walked across the courtyard toward the entrance to the clubhouse.
21. But then we hit the jackpot when we decided to invite the sergeant for a beer at the clubhouse before we all left.
22. That changed with the desegregation of the park when the Monarchs used the all-white clubhouse and its facilities.
23. Every second Thursday; it was either the roast beef; or a good old standby like the toasted clubhouse or a western sandwich.
24. The playing fields had dissolved into a foetid swamp, but the concrete changing rooms with their upstairs clubhouse were intact.
25. The sound of waves crashing against the beach beyond the clubhouse was muffled, further heightening the apparent tension in the room.
26. Weather permitting he would normally be on the golf course, then onto the clubhouse for lunch, or working from the office in his flat in Knightsbridge.
27. The New York Athletic Club’s facility there, completed in 1888, sprawled over thirty neatly manicured acres at the center of which stood a posh, sprawling clubhouse.
28. Returned home, a fortnight later and working at the Samuels Crescent, Whitchurch rugby clubhouse, Watkin, on his fifth pint, resorts to visual descriptions of his favourite comedies:.
29. Looking in his rearview mirror, he saw that the other four members of the committee were heading back into the clubhouse, evidently for further secret discussions to which he would not be privy.
30. While there is nothing wrong with having usually catch up with them at the clubhouse later and their fruit and sipping on energy drinks, skip the water on the first advice has been pretty useful.
31. Now, the floors were all plush and shiny granites, clubhouse and tennis courts added, profuse greenery as lawns and creepers on well-laid walls, and shrubs and plants trimmed as landscaped gardens.
32. Or, if a golfer sprained a knee or ankle, which is highly possible, then the one iron could be used as a cane, allowing the golfer to limp back to the clubhouse or the 19th hole for a little refreshment.
33. It was only for the first few moments, while the carriage was driving out of the clubhouse gates, that Levin was still under the influence of the club atmosphere of repose, comfort, and unimpeachable good form.
34. At the prestigious country club, François played golf while she lounged with other women’s husbands in the clubhouse bar, orchestrating countless real-life dramas, complete with steamy sex scenes and her as leading lady.
35. The Chief Secretary had just won his seventh end when one of the staff walked from the clubhouse and stood respectfully by as Robert McNamara and his opponent discussed the fine points of the bowls they had just rolled down the green.
36. There was something quite casual and social in the way in which everybody sat about on the lawn, under, I verily believe, the most brilliant parasols that the world has ever seen; the clubhouse behind us, and on the side a long line of coaches.
37. One by one the freshman crews boarded their shells and began to paddle upriver to the starting line near the Columbia shell house—an elegant structure that looked as if it could double as the clubhouse at any of the East’s fine country clubs.
38. The condominium development was luxurious in every detail from the elegantly landscaped walkways complete with low-level lighting and always blooming flowers to the fountains that graced the entrance to the lobby to the buffed marble exterior that matched the Versailles clubhouse to the bronzed doorknobs, plaques, and rails.
39. When he stepped through the double doors of heavy mahogany leading to the men’s members’ locker room, he immediately sensed something was awry, aside from the musty smell and lingering stench of cigar smoke (despite the nonsmoking status of the clubhouse) that was entrenched in the thick wool carpeting and overstuffed armchairs and benches.
40. The stately clubhouse modeled after the Palace of Versailles could be seen in the distance in an almost spooky haze as Wickland and Del, accompanied by a contingent of law enforcement officials, turned off the tree-lined and fountain-lined main entrance leading to the clubhouse and onto a service road that took them parallel to the tenth and eleventh fairways flanked by deep pothole bunkers filled with loose white crushed marble as sand and mounds of pampas and switch grass.

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