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Base en una oración (en ingles)

  1. That gave us a base.
  2. I base this on the.
  3. We have a base that.
  4. When I am in the base.
  5. At the base of her feet.

  6. Around the base of the.
  7. Cycle A forms the base.
  8. He stood at the base of.
  9. Buried at base of plants.
  10. Now that's the base level.
  11. Try and call Earth base.
  12. We're on the Biology Base.
  13. I need to call the base.
  14. It provides a strong base.
  15. Kenya, where I have a base.

  16. A base for a sun umbrella.
  17. At its base, a tiny shack.
  18. It is an accumulated base.
  19. Base Two no longer exists.
  20. Earth Orbiter and Moon Base.
  21. Show her the base model.
  22. The base & infamous angel:.
  23. Near the base of the tree.
  24. You act as a home base, a.
  25. Who owns; What’s on base.

  26. Beeswax is the base for a.
  27. The crust is the base upon.
  28. Traffic analysis is the base.
  30. Nearby was Edwards Air Base.
  31. All ships return to base.
  32. FEETED, her base chakra was.
  33. Loose stones lay at the base.
  34. I need you locate their base.
  35. It’s down at our base camp.
  36. Remove the base from the oven.
  37. Your base has been destroyed.
  38. It is located at the base of.
  39. Does she live on base?
  40. How could anyone base their.
  41. Laying as the base his reason.
  42. It was base of me to say that.
  43. The pop-tent base is a hexagon.
  44. Of his animus, his base motive.
  45. A man appears at the base of.
  46. Terms such a base plate, top.
  47. It is our only base right now.
  48. I guess that was her home base.
  49. Everest and resting at a base.
  50. Louis base was the closest to.
  51. Asteroids towards her home base.
  52. Moon Base the following morning.
  53. The base of each structure was.
  54. It’s the nearest Star Base.
  55. You can use a theme as a base.
  56. Once I was in a base camp on Mt.
  57. All still base their religion.
  58. They have their main base there.
  59. Will do, replied the base.
  60. Her heart was at its very base.
  61. The womb was the first base of.
  62. Instead he got back to his base.
  63. The camp base was reconstructed.
  64. He was thrown out at third base.
  65. You do not stand on second base.
  66. At the base of the steps, they.
  67. We reached the base of the jetty.
  68. He is at the base of the stairs.
  69. I heard they use that as a base.
  70. This is sort of a secret base.
  71. Markson leave the base Cohen?
  72. Depreciation Base Other than Cost.
  73. Several base MP vehicles in the b.
  74. We’ll see the second base soon.
  75. Not much was left of the old base.
  76. The Power Base understands greed.
  77. We're moving onto the base at St.
  78. But, I still had first base open.
  79. The base of hard scars under the.
  80. There are no weapons on this base.
  81. Then they walked back to the base.
  82. Nothing of the base would be left.
  83. He had led her safely to the base.
  84. This base is one of the trappings.
  85. Enid and the boys stayed at base.
  86. Encircling the base of the Great.
  87. On and off the base, unfortunately.
  88. A pleasure base populated almost.
  89. Prick the base of the pastry all.
  90. It’s their base, their hideout.
  91. The base commander had started an.
  92. The word is that the base has been.
  93. Also, touch base with Coach Warren.
  94. Helps with maintenance at the base.
  95. So while I was off base I found a.
  96. It's a national computer data base.
  97. The base of this tower had no guard.
  98. It revolved on its base and had a.
  99. At the local town for the base we.
  100. There was a base in New York?
  1. Basing on this fact and.
  2. Basing upon the fact that.
  3. Basing your business on one product.
  4. He was basing his present actions on the assumption.
  5. That is why I am basing this advice on an appeal to self-.
  6. Basing upon the afore-mentioned concepts one may interpret the.
  7. Basing on the chakra conception of diseases described above, we.
  8. This is not what you’re basing your assumptions on, I hope.
  9. Basing upon the above listed methodological approaches and tak-.
  10. Indeed, what are you basing your convictions on, if they did not.
  11. However there are some principles, basing on which one can build.
  12. We may answer this question basing upon contemporary concepts of.
  13. Basing upon results of investigations performed in such systems we.
  14. Basing upon analysis of description of patients who were subjected.
  15. But then I don’t think I could start off my new life by basing it on a.
  16. Darrell - How did you come up with the idea of basing a mystery series around wine?
  17. In stating your salary range, avoid basing your desired salary on your current salary.
  18. Wave 1 is part of a basing process at least half the time and should see rising volume.
  19. Basing our opposition to the Swordsmen on how they treat their populations is too simplistic.
  20. In addition, there are other publicly exchange-traded securities basing performance off of the VIX.
  21. The most famous blunder along these lines was basing the forecast of Dewey over Truman in the 1948 U.
  22. In her eyes, that counted a lot more than simply gaining basing rights in Japan or making a new ally.
  23. I was still dealing with a mate of mine but basing it from a girls flat I was seeing to play it safe.
  24. We're basing this recipe on the previous one; however, you don't need to go back and work through that recipe.
  25. What is important about the pattern is that it shows that the downtrend has stalled, and some basing or stability has finally arrived.
  26. The managers making decisions on where to invest are not often basing their decisions on the particular country’s investment regime.
  27. And what are we basing this on? How do I handle the media when they call for more information? I have to have more than this at least.
  28. These are basing your exit point on the value of the option or basing your exit point on a specific price level of the underlying commodity.
  29. The whole idea of basing the value upon current earnings seems inherently absurd, since we know that the current earnings are constantly changing.
  30. She felt that she finally had something to offer to these discussions, basing her opinions on her direct experience with these poor unfortunate people.
  31. Much longer than the Deana program, and I don’t believe that the program has been basing its behavior patterns totally on my expectations or fantasies.
  32. I believe that she guessed where Cooper was being held through simple but solid reasoning, basing herself on her extensive experience as a war correspondent.
  33. Then the Almighty clarified to us that His Guidance is presented to mankind by means of His merciful envoy who reveals it basing on an enlightened discernment.
  34. But when the price is basing after a pullback and the RSI is holding the 40 level, not giving up bullish territory, it can help clear up confusion in a pattern early.
  35. This might not show up as a good thing for basing the overall location of the garden on; however, you would be surprised and happy about having it planned out in advance.
  36. By basing your affirmations on the clear, rational assessments of facts that you made using Rational Thinking, you can use them to undo the damage that negative thinking may have.
  37. When looking for pocket pivot points, limit your universe of potential candidates to fundamentally strong stocks with constructive basing action leading up to the pocket pivot point.
  38. Optionz Traderz: You can write monthly out-of-the-money Calls, basing the strike price of the Calls on a price target maybe right above the resistance of the current price of the stock.
  39. The basing of common-stock values on reported per-share earnings has made it much easier for managements to exercise an arbitrary and unwholesome control over the price level of their shares.
  40. Examples of discretionary intervention include:• Enough leading stocks breaking out of sound basing patterns, such as we saw in March 1996 when stocks such as Iomega (IOM) were breaking out to new highs.
  41. As a much more extreme solution, you could calculate separate indicators for bullish and bearish divergence, basing the tool for bearish divergence off the highs of the price bars and the other off the lows.
  42. As with all our tests, all the portfolios are composited so that every month is represented, and even though we are basing this on six-month price appreciation, we use an annual holding period for the portfolios.
  43. I realize that the funding for such a project was cut years ago, when the overseas basing scheme for our medium range missiles and our submarine-launched missile system were deemed as effective while much less costly.
  44. Survival is so important to human beings that entire cultures—Gus gestured around at the room full of pseudopunks—crop up, basing their identities solely on the bucking of traditional survivorship practices.
  45. Christian art (basing itself on a religious perception which demands the union of man), excludes from the domain of art good in subject-matter everything transmitting exclusive feelings, which do not unite but divide men.
  46. Even academic views on the equity premium have evolved during the past decade—perhaps reflecting a shift from basing equity premium estimates on historical average returns to basing them on forward-looking analysis like the DDM.
  47. Charles Armitage Brown, the author of a very curious work on Shakspeare's Sonnets, declares that he must have visited Italy, basing this conclusion on the minute knowledge of certain Italian localities shown in some of his later plays.
  48. Preserving this obsolete document, and basing a modern functioning Nation upon it by adding a few Amendments the American Constitution: is like trying to add a few Amendments to James Watt’s steam engine, so you can build a rocket that can go to the moon.
  49. A direct Charisian attack on Geyra or Desnair the City hadn’t seemed very likely until the Empire began building and basing so many privateers and Navy commerce-raiders along the coast between there and Desnair the City, but Rahdgyrz believed in being prepared.
  50. This is a very constructive shakeout, which is simply part of the process of bringing in strong hands and cleaning out weak hands that every stock goes through as it forms what may later become a basing formation for an eventual successful upside price move.
  51. Forward-looking analyses of the ERP became more popular after the tech bubble, partly because they sent a good warning signal about low future returns (albeit prematurely) and because they highlighted the shortcomings of basing equity premium estimates on historical average returns.
  52. Fifteen years ago no attention was paid to it, and the pedagogues of every school, convinced that everybody else was talking to the wind and that they were right, most calmly prescribed their laws, basing their principles on philosophies of a very doubtful character, which they used as a substratum for their wee little theories.
  53. Important Note: The 10-day moving average violation on August 11 is not a sell signal because while GMCR obeyed the 10-day moving average for at least seven weeks prior to its 10-day violation in June and thus was sold upon violation of its 10-day moving average, the count is reset once the stock reverses trend either by basing for at least three weeks or at least touching its 50-day moving average once.
  54. Just basing on this good intention from brother,.
  55. Therefore basing on the keywords that the searchers enter,.
  1. It is based on a.
  2. She said based on Mr.
  3. As a color based on.
  4. Based on how we all.
  5. On what is it based?
  6. It is based upon fear.
  7. Based on a True Story.
  8. Based on my years at J.
  9. Greed is based on fear.
  10. Based on the needs you.
  11. This story is based on.
  12. Pay is not based on the.
  13. Based on its pattern of.
  14. Best in oil based paints.
  15. Based on the survey, 80.
  16. We argued that based on Dr.
  17. It is based on networking.
  18. Based on this research, Dr.
  19. Based on the report, the.
  20. The plan was based on the.
  21. Wars are often based on a.
  22. Based on love or illusion?
  23. Based on results, this is.
  24. Kenneth Campbell based at St.
  25. It is based upon the idea….
  26. Latex and oil based paint.
  27. It is based upon inequality.
  28. Privacy is based on secrecy.
  29. It's based on how students.
  30. Society seemed based on hate.
  32. Fear is based on the unknown.
  33. So based on their needs and.
  34. It is based on mastery, not.
  35. You went ahead based on….
  36. Decide on a frequency based.
  37. Based on the depositions of.
  38. This venture was to be based.
  39. Islam is based on five pillars.
  40. Gold and Diamond based economy.
  41. It is based upon hopelessness.
  42. Law is not based upon equality.
  43. Based on the technologies of.
  44. They are based upon hierarchy.
  45. They ran a campaign based on.
  46. It will be based on ability.
  47. This poem is based on Isaiah 10.
  48. What the images mean is based.
  49. Based on how people respond to.
  50. Many of their canons are based.
  51. What would you do based on the.
  52. The title itself is based on a.
  53. Your reaction will be based on.
  54. It is based upon dynamic balance.
  55. Everything is based on the cross.
  56. Based on this understanding, it.
  57. MM Illness is reflection based.
  58. We live in a prison based in fear.
  59. It’s all based on the hormones.
  60. The organic results are based on.
  61. This is based on the law of Qisas.
  62. Only Testing based Defect Removal.
  63. These are based on two assertions.
  64. All are based on strong lies and.
  65. His choice was based on the good.
  66. The weight of the soul, based on.
  67. Probably it is based only on big.
  68. This was originally based on the.
  69. Was your rejection based on lies?
  70. The last title was a book based on.
  71. The value is based on knowing the.
  72. What data is that claim based on?
  73. The OBE (Outcome Based Education).
  74. Based upon the business model the.
  75. What use was a job normally based.
  76. Your Christianity is based on this.
  77. You forge a relationship based on.
  78. Therefore, the return is based on.
  79. It is based upon the fear of dying.
  80. With the old web based advertising.
  81. Because Divine Plan is based.
  82. Based on the answers you have just.
  83. Even a meal that is protein based.
  84. The not guilty plea was based on a.
  85. It is based on the identity of the.
  86. That is based on a misunderstanding.
  87. All wealth is based upon exclusivity.
  88. This is based on point’s В and C.
  89. Family relationships are based more.
  90. Their survival is based upon hiding.
  91. What is all human power based upon?
  92. Marine based in Japan was arrested.
  93. The term duodecimal is based on the.
  94. Sports are based upon imaginary lines.
  95. Adam's undying soul theory is based.
  96. Its all based on money, said Q.
  97. Create a website based on gardening.
  98. Based on the site module you should:.
  99. All Science is based upon measurement.
  100. The miracles of Jesus are all based.
  1. I want to touch all bases.
  2. I have all my bases covered.
  3. He certainly had many bases to.
  4. Were all the bases covered? He.
  5. All the bases have been covered.
  6. New Highs off Properly Formed Bases.
  7. Military bases were put on full alert.
  8. Even big important bases like Bien Hoa.
  9. Stationed at various bases around the U.
  10. One-, two-, and three-week bases are risky.
  11. They connect all of the Frooginite bases.
  12. Bases Temperaments of the Lengths of String.
  13. Rex had dedicated one of Ariel’s bases as.
  14. Tours of the other three bases of Ariel were.
  15. Tobias was confident he had covered all bases.
  16. There were two outs and the bases were loaded.
  17. Such bases are connected with our impressions.
  18. Bases on the moon, we can see that quite clear.
  19. Cross Selling of Products to Both Customer Bases.
  20. Plants become bare at their bases and unappealing.
  21. They have bases all over Japan; they surely have.
  22. US bases, and listening posts in far-away countries.
  23. There they established safe house and training bases.
  24. We believe that all military bases have been cleared.
  25. Among the ornaments were several with flat wooden bases.
  26. You really are trying to cover all your bases here huh?
  27. He felt he had covered all the bases he had in his mind.
  28. Sole Manufacturers of BLACKMEN’S PATENT REFLECTOR BASES.
  29. Even though most of the military bases around Boston had.
  30. Websites should be reviewed and updated on a regular bases.
  31. The Battle of the Coral Sea was fought in 1942 from bases.
  32. That evening, the search planes turned back for their bases.
  33. His work was essentially done until all the bases were in.
  34. The best in the market, and adapted to the Reflector Bases.
  35. They tried to put him in to prepare air bases to bomb France.
  36. They have several bases in the area and sending some to Waco.
  37. In all, Frank had 42 staff members spread over his four bases.
  38. When they reached the bases of the trees the soldiers stopped.
  39. Allotment, the breakup of tribal land bases, also came to an end.
  40. They join the vast lists of missing persons on police data bases.
  41. Otherwise, number systems of other bases work essentially the same.
  42. I have covered my bases and debated all the options, haven’t I?
  43. Also, first-stage bases had to be a minimum of six weeks in length.
  44. If enough good names are breaking out of sound bases, start buying.
  45. Most of Wall Street bases its investment decisions solely on growth.
  46. The paleo or paleolithic diet is one which bases the concept of the.
  47. Deploy additional fighter bomber squadrons to Southeast Asian bases.
  48. Learn to read charts and recognize proper bases and exact buy points.
  49. Sounds as if you’ve covered all the bases, apart from Sam Kaliea.
  50. Therefore, this free will view of the foreknowledge of God that bases.
  51. The stones loomed in the half light, deep shadows clouding their bases.
  52. Although no runs scored, the bases were now loaded and the tying run.
  53. You can base a great cover letter that covers all bases on this model:.
  54. The numbers of Military Bases and facilities around the world are a FACT.
  55. I had packed a sexy negligee and flannel pajamas just to cover my bases.
  56. Cup-with-handle bases were seen in stocks like Suntech Power Holdings Co.
  57. If you are just beginning to practice this pose, press the bases of your.
  58. There are also motor systems down here that run the portals in the bases.
  59. The power bases of their oligarchic monopolies might be slightly weakened.
  60. The rest of the TCN ships then retreated to their sector bases or to Earth.
  61. Firm the outer arms and press the bases of the index fingers actively into.
  62. The bases were now loaded again and the lead-off hitter coming to the plate.
  63. They seize and hold strategic land bases until the regular troops take over.
  64. Navy ships and bases need enhanced port security (Kelley, The Shoal Waters.
  65. I said there are over one thousand military bases outside of the United States.
  66. United States government tried to set up military bases like the ones we have.
  67. We were up by four runs thanks to a two out bases loaded triple by yours truly.
  68. Firm the outer arms and press the bases of the index fingers actively into the.
  69. Van Loon, who found it, is only a part of two crystals connected at their bases.
  70. We’d also hit the houses and watch for ambushes on convoys and American bases.
  71. Rudimentary training bases were set up for seven-day courses on kamikaze tactics.
  72. At their bases there is a short subsidiary row of obliquely transverse lamellae.
  73. This was the ship of choice for defending pirate bases or drug smuggling depots.
  74. The fact that different things are being administered (systems, data bases, etc.
  75. This allowed the cheesecake cream mix to relax before the sable bases were added.
  76. I think that most are going to San Antonio, to one of the military bases there.
  77. Then she suddenly switched bases: By the way, Joan is your anima; I can feel it.
  78. All the information was carved into signs screwed to the bases of the huge trunks.
  79. Some of our leading companies have established important bases of operations there.
  80. NSA: You mean the new model? The one designed to hit the underground bases in Iran?
  81. Then they usually decline, build new bases, and in some cases resume their advances.
  82. Furthermore, there are a number of underground and undersea Alliance bases on Earth.
  83. Although I had successfully secured a place, it was always wise to cover all my bases.
  84. We’d also hit the houses and watch for ambushes on convoys and American bases.
  85. You seem to have covered all the bases, let’s get down to the bones of the problem.
  86. The windows were in and they’d begun to frame in the bases for the kitchen cabinetry.
  87. The last I heard from them they were in Sector 574 gleefully annihilating pirate bases.
  88. Admiral Pearson had his hands full trying to cover all the bases with such a small force.
  89. Once reassembled there, we will go establish temporary bases of operation in 1942 ‘B’.
  90. This theory which clarifies the basis of creating and providing depends on three bases:.
  91. You evolve so fast that we need to update our research and data bases on a regular basis.
  92. We have reason to believe that the attacks on the Star bases are diversionary in nature.
  93. Opposing players soon realized that if they tried for extra bases, he’d throw them out.
  95. Relationships should be the bases of mutual respect, fairness and sincerity to one another.
  96. The next flaw in the system is that teachers in specific areas project their bases to their.
  97. In order to cover all our bases, we made a second pass, checking unsolved murders in general.
  98. I am speaking in his left ear and showing him military bases left empty after the cataclysms.
  99. Therefore, we have come up with a contingency plan in the event one of our bases is attacked.
  100. His bases of operation in Afghanistan and the one he had in northern Iraq have been destroyed.

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