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    1. I grabbed my hat and coat on the way out

    2. Jerm threw up his hands and reached for his coat on the top of a clothes pile in the corner

    3. Coconut Oil will coat the cockroaches and will suffocate them

    4. ’ I said as he takes his coat off

    5. Zitteraal as in the opening scene, dressed again in the pressed white lab coat, a dress shirt and a tie,

    6. A WORKER in a white coat, young kid with long blond hair, rock-and-roll t-shirt approaches pushing a gurney with a patient on it

    7. Peter had some money in his coat pocket all of a sudden, though the change had fallen through the hole at the bottom and had spilled out all over the sidewalk

    8. Topher watched the doctor rub his hands along the sides of his clean, white coat

    9. coat, David picked up his darling girl, manoeuvred her down the stairs to the street

    10. ‘A coat of paint would put that right, Stephen

    11. There’s no denying the wallpaper has to come off … but that shouldn’t be too difficult to do and a coat of paint on the walls will soon brighten the place up

    12. It's a ten penny ticket and yellow's two cents inside but I bring a skin of green in a nightcoat, I don't wear the coat, I just have that skin in the sleeve, I say the coat's for later

    13. ‘It calls for tights and a little fur coat

    14. In fact she wore a long leather coat, a little incongruous for the summer day outside

    15. He counted it, placed it neatly into his coat

    16. He handed his brother’s blade to him and he slid it under his coat where its scabbard waited

    17. "Yes," I struggled with the wads of cash in my coat pocket, "it's everything we have sir

    18. ’ The man said … is he some sort of doctor? I think he’s wearing a white coat, though that is a bit foggy, more a sort of white blur just out of focus

    19. ’ The man in the possible white coat said

    20. Danton stood perfectly still, his hands thrust into his coat pockets, staring straight

    21. Throwing my coat round my shoulders, I walk down to his car with him

    22. He stays until nearly eleven, then rises, reaching for his coat

    23. I was never allowed to watch when he was varnishing though or doing the last coat of French polishing – I remember that quite clearly

    24. Joris had bought her five years ago … she’d fallen in love on sight with the beautiful gg, with her white blond mane and tail setting off the pale tan colour of her coat

    25. Device safe in the deep pockets of Joes’ long coat

    26. and put on his hat and coat

    27. If someone needed a coat, then they were given a coat

    28. quietly, simply, in a house coat, head bowed and looking away

    29. She grabbed her leather coat and headed for the top of the mountain

    30. His bright red coat was

    31. He was with me all the time, hidden under my coat while I worked in the fields

    32. It was getting close to winter and it was cool out so wearing my coat was no problem for the time being

    33. will be the new coat of many colours

    34. one is black, in the centre, wrapping his coat tails

    35. burns blue a coat and shoe cluttered hall

    36. a range burns the first coal of winter and a dripping coat is draped

    37. into my feather coat

    38. ’ I replied, holding out the coat to him and trying to think of anything I could have forgotten

    39. For Miss Jones, however, the social breeze, which she had until now only briefly caught the coat tails of, turned into a full-blown tornado

    40. They bound the finished documents in real red leatherette and hand embossed the government's coat of arms on each cover

    41. She rises, as I put on my coat and pick up my bag

    42. The manor house was beautifully appointed, inside and out, sporting a novelty coat of arms above the door and a beautiful wisteria that twisted and flowered around the porch and around the front bay windows

    43. I think I’ll have to give them another coat of paint fairly soon

    44. They were bare and he felt the path of her nipples right thru the lab coat

    45. In fact, television is so popular in Great Britain that even the royal family, when not entertaining foreign presidents or giving the halls of Buck House a fresh coat of magnolia emulsion, spend their evenings with their eyes glued to the box

    46. The lights, the pictures, the coat stand, his sad old shoes, everything was OK until I saw a photo of me and him kissing and I was in shreds again

    47. Annie sighed, stuck her hands in her coat pockets and followed her brother along Barlow Moor Road towards the offices of Dawson, Dawson & Dawson, chosen by their father in happier times because he could always be sure of remembering the name of his solicitor when exceptional circumstances required the expertise of a legal beagle

    48. Sam is walking along with her tongue hanging out of the side of her mouth – it must be hot in a fur coat

    49. He straightened his long coat, checked the knot at his waist, and smoothed back his long mane

    50. The coat was complete with gold buttons, gold braid on the sleeves and of course gold epaulets at the shoulder

    1. Apple maggot Traps, apple sized red spheres coated with a sticky substance

    2. Wide mouthed jars coated with petroleum jelly on the top

    3. Though they were less than a thousand miles from the equator, snow lingered deep into Morningday on the dense forest of shaftwood that coated the hills miles above

    4. he buries his head a while in the frost coated tails

    5. the image away to dust coated corners as I break

    6. this sugar coated, soft-iced doughnut ring,

    7. My tongue slipped like it was coated in that oil as I tried to speak

    8. Then they are put together in sections and each section is coated with a non-flammable liquid; it cannot burn

    9. raw and wild nature in its many coated splendours

    10. Forward and backward across the deck they pushed and pulled like giant inch worms, rubbing the thinned varnish into the grain of the wood, being careful not to step on the deck planks already coated

    11. I was picturing you for coated karga strips on seasoned greens

    12. naked, sweating profusely, and coated with dark almost black blood

    13. coated peaks marching along the southern horizon as we

    14. And indeed, the dwarf left the head as it was – a foot of silver coated spike sticking out from between its eyes

    15. Brice approached the gate of Shattered Rock and put his hand out, letting his palm slide over the slimy, grease coated exterior

    16. " The words slid down the council members ears as though coated with grease

    17. Maise came up with a bowl of thick soup and a thick slice of home baked bread admirably coated in local butter

    18. An oily taste that coated the back of the throat

    19. Somehow, I expected her to be coated in slime, but instead she her skin was decorated with a golden sheen

    20. Blood coated her dagger and dripped, dotting the white ground

    21. “I needn't have been coated as Enthilesté, but Sire Alviss wasn't taking any chances

    22. It had coated their HEPOs with great efficiency, and resisted light efforts to shake it off

    23. As we moved along a heavy rain started and this had a depressing effect on us not only were we getting coated in mud now but rain was running down our necks

    24. The Raven before him died and Seraphia danced in the blood that flooded the floor, her body writhing as she became coated in the red, sticky liquid

    25. Dust coated the surface of what was once a road, a park, somebody’s garden

    26. Blood spattered the ring and a red spray coated Alexia’s face

    27. On the table before him was a short-bladed knife, sharp, coated in thick, matted blood

    28. And coated everything

    29. Marshmallows grow chow mein legs and and candy coated eyes

    30. "Apples on sticks coated with semi-sweet chocolate and peanut butter candy coatings for a variation on an old classic

    31. "Creamy and sinfully rich, these chocolate candies are coated with a fine layer of almonds

    32. Arrange the coated nuts in a single layer on the buttered pan

    33. Add the nuts, and stir until well coated

    34. Evenly spread coated nuts over melted butter in pan

    35. “Mai?” he whispered between trembling, blood coated lips

    36. The light was sucked up by the fibrous black dust that coated everything

    37. A thick layer of mud coated the path’s surface with pools of water

    38. Her stomach had been coated with the gel and the ultrasound was underway

    39. When less performance was required, a condition of richness of fuel supplied was in evidence wherein incomplete oxidation (burning) left a residue of carbon that slowly coated the burning chamber and exhaust piping, shortening the lifetime of the engine that supplied the umph of performance

    40. Coated with the halo of ten gods, His strength was unrivaled with all its terrible flashes

    41. Soon the hidden corners of Dauntless headquarters will be coated in multicolored paint, blocking the lenses of the surveillance cameras

    42. He wears a Dauntless traitor jacket, and one side of his head is coated with blood

    43. edges, so to avoid touching the blood and puss that coated the inside

    44. The sun’s rays broke through the prison-like grating that coated the outside window, creating an intricate pattern that slowly danced across the floor as the minutes rolled by

    45. Add all the dry masala and salt to this mixture and keep stirring till all the vegetables are well coated

    46. Its sweeping walls had been coated with a layer of

    47. severed limbs and mutilated figures coated in their own blood

    48. Kumiko’s boots squelched through the thick layer of mud that coated the floor

    49. interior, coated with decay, their grinding cogs and greasy pistons

    50. I panted, exhausted in my pursuit, wet with the sweat that coated my body, the drops of my perspiration specking the floor from my damp hair as I bent at the waist, using my knees for support wheezing from the exhaustion

    1. and took a sip, feeling the smooth warmth of the liquid coating their throats and

    2. ‘Have you lived here long, Stephen?’ I asked, dipping my brush carefully into the pot so that I don’t do what my father always said was the worst crime of all – coating the entirety of the bristles in paint

    3. coating of thick, black, flowing cloth

    4. Since they arrived, a very thin coating of fine dust had settled on the ship

    5. An irregular mass elongated and stretched itself, revealing the rough shape of torso, limbs and head, all of them covered in what seemed to be a coating of thick, black, flowing cloth

    6. coating tiles, mirrors and glass with droplets

    7. The enamel coating on the fridge has given up the ghost and brown chips of rust show through the face of the door

    8. “Depends on the coating,” she said with a grin

    9. his colleague walked through the thick dust coating the

    10. coating that the Flower would insist on

    11. "I will just give them a coating of white, for that is as it ought to be; besides, it is good for the oranges and the grapes

    12. The strange substance coating her skin kept me from hearing her screams, but I could see them

    13. The coating hardened and gained pigment

    14. He had his left arm around her shoulders and was stroking her hair and face, coating her braids in red streaks from the blood on his hands

    15. The Elf only smiled, “The same as each and every arising and realized individual in the cosmos actually: to aid the most rapid perfecting of all beings, irrespective of their exterior coating, up to the level of the sacred Martfotai

    16. ChériAna chose her coating using myself as the paradigm

    17. Our outer coating is just that---a coating

    18. Which is why, as you are now likely realizing, your 'family' can adopt any coating required in the moment

    19. The boy continued to groan and moan as his come entered her mouth and passed down her throat, coating her insides

    20. hand and machine coating, for porous materials etc

    21. When the cave entrance was opened, they were surprised to see that the ground outside had a very fine coating of powdery, white snow, barely more than a heavy frost really, but it gave the landscape an entirely different appearance

    22. He couldn’t stop the images that haunted him: Alexia’s final, brutal moments, the knife slicing quickly and cleanly through her delicate throat, the red spray coating the ring, the light fading from her eyes… Raven lashed out at the table in his room, kicking it with as much force as he could muster

    23. Another open cell had an inch of water coating the floor, which trickled away through a stinking, blocked drain

    24. Eyes widening, Grindel studied the familiar shape tossed carelessly on top of the sickening mass, the black and white stripes still plainly visible through a thick coating of congealed blood

    25. That way you can make sure all information is told exactly as it happened, with no sugar coating

    26. 1 pound chocolate confectioners' coating

    27. Melt confectioners' coating in a heavy saucepan over low heat

    28. Gently roll balls in cocoa mixture, coating all sides

    29. Melt confectioners' coating in a double boiler or in a small saucepan over low heat

    30. Shape into 1-1/4 inch balls; coat with cocoa, powdered sugar or Coating Selections

    31. 1 cup white confectioners' coating

    32. "The caramel coating is very gooey, so refrigerate the apples for about 15 minutes, or until the caramel has firmed up

    33. 1 pound white confectioners' coating

    34. Place white confectioners' coating (almond bark) in a microwave safe bowl, and microwave on medium heat until melted

    35. As the chocolate melts, spread it into a coating over the candy

    36. 8 ounces vanilla flavored confectioners' coating

    37. Place candy coating in microwave safe bowl; microwave uncovered on high for 40 to 60 seconds

    38. 16 ounces vanilla flavored confectioners' coating

    39. Place candy coating in a microwave safe bowl

    40. chips and a small bar of parafin or chocolate coating melted on top

    41. Dip in chocolate coating to which a small amount of

    42. Irish moss: This can be taken internally for its soothing and protective coating properties it can be used for colds and coughs plus it also relieves minor irritation in the throat

    43. Apparently, the anti-gravity booties wouldn’t work on the stealthy surface coating of his ship

    44. Wynne tensed in surprise, before cleverly coating his lip with excess soup from

    45. There was a fresh coating of mud on the shoes

    46. Her hair had already started graying, but she kept coating it black, allowing only a few gray hairs to show

    47. Will she see my bleeding heart, the sadness coating my smile?

    48. around glittered with an iridescent coating

    49. a thin coating of olive oil

    50. spray coating and sprinkled with the cornmeal

    1. hats, coats and walking sticks

    2. coats and hung them on the hooks, removed the wellingtons

    3. coats of paint and times and days aboard

    4. a deer caught in the baying convergence of dogs and coats

    5. and the needle finger, blues in twos and white coats,

    6. With Jake’s help, Miss Susan had gone to the warehouse and searched for large long leather coats

    7. tearing their coats on bramble thorns

    8. There will be plenty of air coming in thru the vents, but wear your coats, it gets cold up above

    9. coats and bags as best they could before the lorry set off with a jerk

    10. For all of his summer singlet bicep flexing, Davie's dreams are heavily populated with sheepskin coats and pints of Heavy

    11. He noticed one of his own coats hanging on a peg inside the door

    12. Heather pushed the coats to one side and stepped in, smashing the shoes

    13. But then the screen cut back to the two Reptilian Creatures in lab coats

    14. Most of them removed their coats after exiting, revealing the belts

    15. I suspected a lump hidden somewhere under the coats

    16. shuddered and huddled more closely into their coats, even

    17. “I think these are two coats that Mr

    18. It swirled and clutched at their coats

    19. In the dining room, heaps of blankets, heavy weather coats, boots, gloves and other items of clothing and more candles

    20. Then, with clumsy male stitching, he had converted two of the coats into a full-length cloak

    21. The lead of the passing band of patrol glared at them; muttering loudly to his men, “Ilk in pretty coats is still ilk

    22. Before we began our journey, the animals" coats had been rubbed to a high gloss

    23. Whatever happened to their coats, these horses stepped high, their heads held proudly, almost regally

    24. Frank helped them on with their coats and walked them to the door of the hotel and wished them a good night

    25. ” There were twelve Alit’aren standing along the walls to either side of the thrones all dressed in their black coats and cloaks

    26. The rest of the small crowd in the room were Alit’aren and Ael Tarael, the men in their black coats and the women in bright silks with shimmering embroidery

    27. They also wore black coats and trousers with brown leather knee boots, though Carl wore a crimson breastplate and Wil’s was golden, both with black dragons scrawled across the chest

    28. Tobin and Orion rode to the left of Adem and his friends in black coats and breastplates

    29. Some remained, mostly women, staring wide eyed or pleading for help, crying or screaming as they pulled at the coats of men who ignored their pleas

    30. Carl and Wil joined him on their brown horses not long after, and then they were joined by Tobin and Orion, Torin and Kailus, all mounted and wearing armour over their coats

    31. While the young woman was setting the tray down on a table next to the bed, Orion and Tobin entered the tent, both in black coats and trousers under their shadow cloaks

    32. One by one each of them joined in the whistling and painfully slowly started putting their coats on

    33. I had sixty dollars in my pocket as I entered the anteroom where coats and hats were

    34. How we wanted to appropriate the thick winter coats the Army issued! We would have too if they came in decent Police blue and not a horrible brown colour only their mothers could like

    35. Red coats! He’d landed himself right in the middle of…

    36. Our coats were brought promptly, and I stepped outside with mine folded over my arm

    37. Who would perform medical procedures in his own home, alone, other than a quack or a butcher? Where were the doctors? The nurses? Their lab coats and stethoscopes and clipboards, their machines that beeped and hissed?

    38. He flung the door open, slapping on the light to reveal a row of coats within

    39. Then his mouth silenced mine, his body driving me back into the coats, hard against the wall

    40. I clung to the coats as if they could offer some support

    41. He took our coats, called someone to dispose of our luggage, and told us where the main party was at

    42. back, their coats shiny, their stand balanced, and their eyes appear

    43. Reaching the barbed wire fence at the far side, they milled about, the ones nearest the fence getting caught on the barbs, tearing lumps of fleece from their coats

    44. The back of our smudge pots were covered, the tops were covered, yet air came in, and the insides of the wooden angles were painted with thick coats of whitewash

    45. They were able to take off the heavy coats only when the train pulled into a station on the eastern outskirts of the city, just as they finished eating their breakfast of K rations

    46. They were met by three men wearing trench coats

    47. On their way to the medic quarters, they had passed through the examining room, and Colling had seen two men in white coats and two women in nurses’ uniforms tending to patients

    48. It was in the back of a bedroom closet, with coats hanging in front of it

    49. While it was quite chilly, we could survive without coats for ten minutes or so

    50. Colling tried on the clothes, finding that while the jackets and suit coats were a little large, but not noticeably so; the trousers fit too loosely in the waist and their cuffs fell short an inch or more from reaching the tops of his shoes

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    coat pelage coating cake surface protective covering integument pellicle hide epidermis fleece fur outer garment jacket cover layer overlay glaze finish lacquer paint wash whitewash varnish enamel