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Cod en una oración (en ingles)

1. Cape Cod is freezing over.
2. Jill’s COD had gotten out.
3. Just so with the Word of Cod.
4. Cape Cod Grey, and Weathered Wood.
5. At F/L, the cod is prepared sous-vide.
6. Followed by cod, so I’d say it was fishy.
7. The cod cheeriness associated with your own.

8. A DEADHAND: (Writes on the wall) Bloom is a cod.
9. H umphry was a rock cod who lived on the Yonga-.
10. They tasted strange, I guessed: chopped cod liver.
11. The fishermen iced the cod and then discarded the rest.
12. Go to Cape Cod if it is summer or go skiing if it is winter.
13. But the chowder; clam or cod to-morrow for breakfast, men?
14. The harvesting of cod to excess was all about money and greed.
15. Actually, Sir, she is flying to Otis Air Force Base on Cape Cod.
16. All header files have interface to libraries and their cod for.
17. What they found was an endless supply of fish – all kinds, not just cod.
18. This is also true of cod liver oil, which contains vitamin D and vitamin A.
19. On arrival at Cape Cod, they were turned over to the Echo Team interrogators.
20. Jane picked up a fork and speared a chunk of cod, wrapped in the spicy sauce.
21. I rented a forty-two-foot sailboat and planned to go sailing around Cape Cod.
22. Hussey's clam and cod announcement, I thought I would try a little experiment.
23. Since the Middle Ages, cod liver oil has been used to prevent and treat rickets.
24. They picked up fresh cod and shrimp along with some basic cooking necessities and.
25. His fifty-four-year-old cock flopped around in his pants like a cod in a catch basket.
26. Other varieties of fish ate the cod eggs, thus making them more difficult to flourish.
27. Estate near Cape Cod where touch football games were a common occurrence in the 1940s.
28. Is your credit bad? Order COD and I'll be there with a check when the delivery comes in.
29. Brown that the cod wa’n’t bitin’ much at that season, but he said cod be jiggered.
30. Because Newfoundland is simply an underwater peak, you could call these cod mountain fish.
31. Others who catch crab, cod and tuna don’t have it easy either, despite the remunerations.
32. However, if you live in a primarily sunny climate, I wouldn’t advise taking cod liver oil.
33. You prepare the best damn deep-fried cod in the country, she said, watching Matt eye.
34. He was a native of Cape Cod; and hence, according to local usage, was called a Cape-Cod-man.
35. We shall not be approaching her for a job though, as she is a complete and utter cod wrangler.
36. I cant help wondering just what he would have put into his cod piece, if he in fact wore one.
37. Old Ben, the fisherman of the day before, was there clearing out his tiny sloop, the Fried Cod.
38. Stepping to the kitchen door, I uttered the word "cod" with great emphasis, and resumed my seat.
39. Besides, Frenchmen, Englishmen, Americans, Danes, and Norwegians catch these cod by the thousands.
40. The guy at the stand was from Massachusetts, Provincetown, he said, right up at the tip of Cape Cod.
41. We’re told, buddy, that you can identify the Israeli soldiers held on Cape Cod, the agent said.
42. The house you own today hardly compares to the brand new Cape Cod that you had built twenty years ago.
43. It wasn’t long ago that the fishermen found an almost endless supply of cod off the Atlantic seaboard.
44. The vitamin is usually found in dairy products, yeast; cod liver oil and lots of green leafy vegetables.
45. What, you mean those earthlings never did cod? But they had so much of it just naturally in the water!?
46. My life and travels mostly kept me near water, surrounded by the sea or along shorelines from Cape Cod to Key West.
47. Why would anyone fish when there was nothing to catch? In the early 1990s, a few cod could be located, but not much.
48. The reason for this is that cod liver oil has a level of vitamin D that can be toxic to those in very sunny climates.
49. I cooked some of the fish using the recipe for poached cod from chapter 3, except that I used white wine instead of red.
50. I had spent many a summer evening walking on Craigsville Beach, near Hyannis on Cape Cod, listening to Harold’s stories.
51. In 1930, Vitamin D was isolated and shown to be the fat-soluble compound in cod liver oil that was effective against rickets.
52. They first remove the skin and then place the cod with unfiltered olive oil in vacuum bags in a water bath that maintains 100.
53. Veal cutlets, fillets of beef, fillets of white fish, or cutlets of cod or hake, are excellent when prepared by the same method.
54. Without trying to make her look like the stupid one, I calmly explained, Cape Cod is in Massachusetts; Cape Town is in Africa.
55. Then in the calm of the sunset the Fried Cod drifted back with the tide into the little harbor on the nose of the rocky promontory.
56. It was from here that the big fishing vessels sailed far out into the North Atlantic to gather fish like Cod from the colder waters.
57. In the time it took her to do that, Michel Lorrain had also caught and pulled in a big cod, while Nancy’s line was back overboard.
58. Eunice’s son Anthony Shriver recalls one afternoon’s sail to a local Cape Cod restaurant with his mother, Rosemary, and a friend.
59. Salmon and cod are a good source of omega 3 fatty acids and there is some evidence that animal fats are connected to neurological health.
60. As well as this, we went for cod cheeks, which while very pleasant, couldn’t quite match the satisfying goodness that is bread and dip.
61. In place of pike they ate chunks of flaky white cod in a pastry coffyn, with some sort of tasty brown sauce that Dunk could not quite place.
62. The bloody thing had stolen my fish suppers! There they were, two portions of cod and chips, gently steaming away inside the cash dispenser.
63. Whose territory and trading contacts covered the entire Eastern Seaboard from Cape Cod, to the Mississippi, to Lake Winnipeg, to Hudson’s Bay.
64. She finally ate it herself, throwing the leftover fish over the porch rail where she was sure some animal would appreciate the best cut of the cod.
65. The “Virgin Queen” slowly dips as a sudden wave submerges the “bow” and forces a dozen barrels of “salt cod fish” to float off the stack.
66. Is there anything else I feel towards that overgrown halibut? Its progeny have sustained me and the rest of this planet for cod knows how long, after all.
67. My mother told me that when she was young her mother gave her some orange flavored cod liver oil and she and her sisters used to call it their liquid candy.
68. In 2011, the cod were still not what they had been but they were starting to make a comeback, as witnessed by Carl Safina, who hauled in a few decent sized cod.
69. Sarah felt there was a plot line to the conversation between Shapiro and Katz that she was not catching, but she agreed somebody should go to the camp on Cape Cod.
70. Harold Russell had told me a story once while walking on the beach in Cape Cod about how a Republican had met a Democrat and asked him how come he was a Democrat?
71. While I appreciated his theory, the results were not quite what he maintained, since he always looked like he had just emerged, dripping from the surf on Cape Cod.
72. One cannot fault him for ambition, for he writes in a cod Shakespearean style reminiscent of the worst of Hollywood, but sadly his imagination is limited by watching.
73. Ah, they are dead! she whispered, in a kind of horrified way; then stooping, she picked up one of the fish—a small cod, curved in a rigid bow from nose to tail.
74. They possess a quite dazzling and transcendent beauty which separates them by a wide interval from the cadaverous cod and haddock whose fame is trumpeted in our streets.
75. Right after Procter & Gamble purchased the Duncan Hines business, my father learned that all of the big shots at P&G took their vacations in New England, many at Cape Cod.
76. For a decade he has run a parfumerie on the rue Vauborel: a straggling business that prospers only when the cod are being salted and the stones of the town itself begin to stink.
77. In the late twentieth century, cod could hardly be found as fishing boats had lowered their monstrous nets off the northeastern coast of the United States and Canada years before.
78. Before any settlement was even attempted at the landing at Province Town on Cape Cod Island, it was marred by an English sea captain seizing 27 natives and selling them into slavery.
79. And, on top of all of these wonderful benefits, when combined with cod liver oil, coconut oil’s fatty acids help the body to manufacture the adrenal hormones needed to deal with stress.
80. Reacting speedily, her companion took out the knife she was always wearing at her belt and stuck it in the 150 centimeter-long cod, then expertly gutted it while it was still thrashing around.
81. Cottam said that he was about ready to retire Sunday night, having partially removed his clothes, and was waiting for a reply to a message to the Parisian when he heard Cape Cod trying to call the Titanic.
82. I didn’t mention that the house was built on 1903 and had a few changes soon after, resulting in an eleven-bedroom, four-story, shingle-style cottage of eight thousand square feet on thirteen acres of land on Cape Cod.
83. I saw that under the mask of these half humorous innuendoes, this old seaman, as an insulated Quakerish Nantucketer, was full of his insular prejudices, and rather distrustful of all aliens, unless they hailed from Cape Cod or the Vineyard.
84. The family doctor gave her cod liver oil, then iron, then nitrate of silver, but as the first and the second and the third were alike in doing no good, and as his advice when spring came was to go abroad, a celebrated physician was called in.
85. Recently there had been reports that there were ships now also, but the profit from the fishing of makailo (cod), a large, bland fish popular with the northeast bands, outweighed the danger and they sailed anyway, much to their subsequent regret.
86. True, she had shown a tender heart toward the lifeless cod and hake; and sometimes, as she looked at the sea, in the uproar of a summer squall or in the silvery silence of a fog, Glyn would be startled by the look that suddenly crept into her eyes.
87. Every one knows that by the peculiar cunning of their gills, the finny tribes in general breathe the air which at all times is combined with the element in which they swim; hence, a herring or a cod might live a century, and never once raise its head above the surface.
88. And I'll mention—for the record—some little banded blennies that follow ships into the northernmost seas, sharp–snouted carp exclusive to the north Atlantic, scorpionfish, and lastly the gadoidfamily, chiefly the cod species, which I detected in their waters of choice over these inexhaustible Grand Banks.
89. Our nets also hauled in a bold, daring, vigorous, and muscular fish armed with prickles on its head and stings on its fins, a real scorpion measuring two to three meters, the ruthless enemy of cod, blennies, and salmon; it was the bullhead of the northerly seas, a fish with red fins and a brown body covered with nodules.
90. Strange it may seem, won’t the socialistic slant negate the economic justice that it seeks to provide? After all, socialism, as per the COD, is a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the community as a whole should own and control the means of production, distribution and exchange.
91. He later changed the COD to “acute ethanol poisoning” due both to the absolute BAC and the “frequency distribution” of the alcohol in tissues which indicated that Mike had chugged the pint of Southern Comfort which his drinking companion that night, certainly “no friend”, had bought for Mike and then left him alone.
92. You feed yourself on great slakes of cod and minnow, on rivers of jellyfish, and you rise slow through the autumn months, through September when the fogs started, through October with more fog and the horn still calling you on, and then, late in November, after pressurizing yourself day by day, a few feet higher every hour, you are near the surface and still alive.
93. Monroe! Will you say to England, "end the war when you please, give us the direct trade in our own produce, we are content?" But what will the merchants of Salem, and Boston, and New York, and Philadelphia, and Baltimore, the men of Marblehead and Cape Cod, say to this? Will they join in a war professing to have for its object what they would consider (and justly too) as the sacrifice of their maritime rights, yet affecting to be a war for the protection of commerce?
94. As for mollusks, they consisted of exhibits I had already observed: turret snails, olive shells of the "tent olive" species with neatly intersecting lines and russet spots standing out sharply against a flesh–colored background, fanciful spider conchs that looked like petrified scorpions, transparent glass snails, argonauts, some highly edible cuttlefish, and certain species of squid that the naturalists of antiquity classified with the flying fish, which are used chiefly as bait for catching cod.
95. What wonder, then, that these Nantucketers, born on a beach, should take to the sea for a livelihood! They first caught crabs and quohogs in the sand; grown bolder, they waded out with nets for mackerel; more experienced, they pushed off in boats and captured cod; and at last, launching a navy of great ships on the sea, explored this watery world; put an incessant belt of circumnavigations round it; peeped in at Behring's Straits; and in all seasons and all oceans declared everlasting war with the mightiest animated mass that has survived the flood; most monstrous and most mountainous! That Himmalehan, salt-sea Mastodon, clothed with such portentousness of unconscious power, that his very panics are more to be dreaded than his most fearless and malicious assaults!.
96. Why, I thought cod were flat,.

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