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Cod in a sentence

Cape Cod is freezing over.
Jill’s COD had gotten out.
Just so with the Word of Cod.
Cape Cod Grey, and Weathered Wood.
At F/L, the cod is prepared sous-vide.
Followed by cod, so I’d say it was fishy.
The cod cheeriness associated with your own.

A DEADHAND: (Writes on the wall) Bloom is a cod.
H umphry was a rock cod who lived on the Yonga-.
They tasted strange, I guessed: chopped cod liver.
The fishermen iced the cod and then discarded the rest.
Go to Cape Cod if it is summer or go skiing if it is winter.
But the chowder; clam or cod to-morrow for breakfast, men?
The harvesting of cod to excess was all about money and greed.
Actually, Sir, she is flying to Otis Air Force Base on Cape Cod.
All header files have interface to libraries and their cod for.
What they found was an endless supply of fish – all kinds, not just cod.
This is also true of cod liver oil, which contains vitamin D and vitamin A.
On arrival at Cape Cod, they were turned over to the Echo Team interrogators.
Jane picked up a fork and speared a chunk of cod, wrapped in the spicy sauce.
I rented a forty-two-foot sailboat and planned to go sailing around Cape Cod.
Hussey's clam and cod announcement, I thought I would try a little experiment.
Since the Middle Ages, cod liver oil has been used to prevent and treat rickets.
They picked up fresh cod and shrimp along with some basic cooking necessities and.
His fifty-four-year-old cock flopped around in his pants like a cod in a catch basket.
Other varieties of fish ate the cod eggs, thus making them more difficult to flourish.
Estate near Cape Cod where touch football games were a common occurrence in the 1940s.
Is your credit bad? Order COD and I'll be there with a check when the delivery comes in.
Brown that the cod wa’n’t bitin’ much at that season, but he said cod be jiggered.
Because Newfoundland is simply an underwater peak, you could call these cod mountain fish.
Others who catch crab, cod and tuna don’t have it easy either, despite the remunerations.
However, if you live in a primarily sunny climate, I wouldn’t advise taking cod liver oil.
You prepare the best damn deep-fried cod in the country, she said, watching Matt eye.
He was a native of Cape Cod; and hence, according to local usage, was called a Cape-Cod-man.
I cant help wondering just what he would have put into his cod piece, if he in fact wore one.
We shall not be approaching her for a job though, as she is a complete and utter cod wrangler.
Old Ben, the fisherman of the day before, was there clearing out his tiny sloop, the Fried Cod.
Stepping to the kitchen door, I uttered the word "cod" with great emphasis, and resumed my seat.
Besides, Frenchmen, Englishmen, Americans, Danes, and Norwegians catch these cod by the thousands.
The guy at the stand was from Massachusetts, Provincetown, he said, right up at the tip of Cape Cod.

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