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    1. including very competent doctors who were involved

    2. and I understood that the death came as the competent doctors had

    3. I've picked you because you are the most competent of those who's sympathy I trust

    4. She was technically competent with space drives and had to know the details

    5. She wondered if they would ever know, she doubted there was a soul on what remained of Gordon's Lamp that was half as competent with silicon as that avatar was, certainly none that would be able to detect what she had actually done

    6. ‘He seemed to be quite competent

    7. He never thought she had any mood other than contentedly competent with maybe a touch of bored-by-it-all

    8. competent (in understanding the following) then they will know how to

    9. “No, but the people who were at the dock were competent

    10. All those people were competent, Enjteen wasn’t involved until after the transmission

    11. He probably should have been warned by how testy Jorma was, but what could he say but the truth? “No, but the people who were at the dock were competent

    12. You are a competent driver and instead of occupying your mind with the multitude of other matters with which one is constantly reviewing once one becomes inured to a usual routine, you might have looked upon each trip as new and fresh every time you journeyed it

    13. Consequently, not all their operatives were competent

    14. After several steps each young woman was more and more competent in performing the movements with poise and grace, at which point he commended them and offered pointers of a minor nature to each

    15. ’ Giles Monchet was a competent

    16. competent, dependable Frater Millan

    17. Psychologists and psychiatrists are very knowledgeable and competent; unfortunately their science isn’t an exact one

    18. It was five years before I really felt competent

    19. Trouble is, this ‘imposter’ Silanus has been strikingly competent in imitating the original’s style and overall character of work

    20. It has generally been confined to what was necessary for paying competent salaries to the governor, to the judges, and to some other officers of police, and for maintaining a few of the most useful public works

    21. protestant countries, particularly in all the protestant cantons of Switzerland, the revenue which anciently belonged to the Roman catholic church, the tithes and church lands, has been found a fund sufficient, not only to afford competent salaries to the established clergy, but to defray, with little or no addition, all the other expenses of the state

    22. Alternatively, ask any competent archeologist

    23. Hayley looked competent when she ran through the forms the first time, then the second

    24. “The one Halfling looks mildly competent, but I’m pretty sure I could break the necks of the tall and short ones without breaking a sweat

    25. One could simply not take liberties with the law when they were around, for they were very competent and more than willing to have a fatherly talk with you

    26. Nevertheless, this self-serving has-been/know-nothing is considered competent enough to instruct impressionable young women on the ―deleterious‖ effects of food products that have traditionally provided nutritional sustenance for millions of people but whose nutritional value is suddenly being called into question by Animal Rights fanatics; many of whom would otherwise consider a rodent the moral equivalent of a child!

    27. A more competent president and head of FEMA could and should have prevented many of these deaths, as well as property loss and long term economic damage

    28. It is not reasonable to assume the death toll would be exactly the same had both hurricanes been dealt with by either competent or incompetent leaders

    29. “Well, they’re competent enough to be sent where the complaints are loudest,” I said

    30. “Think about it, Bob! Real two-seaters, doing real missions, escorted by nice, competent pilots with good training,” I told him as he stared into my eyes

    31. However, he was Mystic's First Mate and a competent racer, while I was fresh from a basic sailing course

    32. He was not very competent either, much more often injuring people

    33. “You’ve become a truly competent pilot

    34. Lewisohn informed Colling that he would be happy to sign any order assigning Colling to the Grabensheim dispensary as a medic, and expressed his relief that someone competent would be able to take sick call and take some of the workload off the Regimental aid station

    35. On the other side were comfortable accommodations, she was sure, and competent, caring people, but it hurt to think of her dear friend a prisoner for a minimum of four months and, more likely, the doctor had advised, six

    36. They had a range good enough to talk to the ship from here, and they seemed pretty competent at conveying inflections and little nuances of expression

    37. I am not a sufficiently competent scholar to give an authoritative judgment on this

    38. So, yes, it is likely that salaries of our elected officials will have to be increased to lure competent candidates from other pursuits

    39. are not that competent we would at least have a chance of fixing that at the local level

    40. Generation of Income for Totality of the People, Organizations and Countries in any country that is acting to turn them autosustainable, competent and generative of immense wealth without there is owner of those monetary resources and material goods, without the eternal conflict to exist among constituted powers

    41. competent and lucid, at least most of the time

    42. Hopkins would have a competent guide who was dedicated to his safety

    43. Students seek to do a task or activity well enough to be seen as proficient or competent – having mastered certain skills

    44. Henry, the late Khan of Anahuac was a good man, but he was not competent enough to rule

    45. We fed them and I had to admit he was right about my learning how to handle the sled, I felt quite competent with it

    46. I suggested to Buzun that he was the only one competent enough to see to the pontoon bridges

    47. In addition to having a competent long-

    48. One teacher, questioned whether she was competent to teach arithmetic, responded indignantly, “I don’t teach arithmetic, I teach children

    49. rently very competent people, in which the illusoriness of the

    50. appearing more competent at work, and hiding our faults

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    competent appreciable satisfactory enough adequate acceptable sufficient allowable fit able effective qualified skilled capable good