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    1. Secondly he was an ordinary man, and capable of

    2. one who is capable of the dealing with sin

    3. here is that, not only righteous are capable of loving God

    4. He wants you to see what you are capable of

    5. ‘She’s a very capable, sensible and efficient woman, I should think … just got a blind spot where this one man is concerned

    6. That Stephen Merrett seems a capable sort of man

    7. A cockroach is capable of traveling many miles in one day

    8. Physical power was one thing, but he had no real idea of what she was capable of, he didn’t know what other tricks she could be hiding

    9. There are N different ways to produce that signal and she is capable of using any method at her disposal to produce that signal

    10. When making bins or piles, the bigger the pile the more heat it will be capable of producing

    11. Everyone performs various actions under some influence that he is capable of controlling by self-discipline

    12. While the newly born child can experience only love, he has no fear, he is free to decide anything and considers capable of doing whatever he wants

    13. Once out of the confines of the body, your thought process becomes capable of unlimited access in space

    14. ’ I commented, more than capable of imagining the conversation they must have had

    15. She looked entirely capable of lifting

    16. the shovel, and Johnny knew instinctively that even were she not capable she would

    17. Cheron space is capable of much more interesting arrangements than the standard user interfaces can program

    18. "Look, I respect your tradition Travis, and I respect everything that you had to do in order to gain that mark, but you have seen what they are capable of, you saw what happened to Rocco

    19. The problem with mind control, she had immediately realized, is the problem of 'who controls the controller?' It was one of those dilemmas of recursions, like 'who created God'? If a device was capable of mind control, it had to be programmed, so the programmer could control it

    20. This qualification refers to one who is capable of instructing, publicly and privately

    21. You are a very capable woman, aren’t you, Kate?’ he commented

    22. ‘Don’t get me wrong, Kate, Gail was a nice woman, and capable, but it was just a job to her – I get the feeling that with you it’s more of a way of life

    23. ’ I said with a sigh, ‘I’ve always been the capable one

    24. He was capable of constructing it, but passing the suffering on to Jaseem was all out of proportion to the casual callousness that Jaseem had committed

    25. The instruments that were still running on the Presidente Lula were capable of detecting a signature given off by an approaching starship

    26. The world seemed to swing from the blackest depths to the sunniest heights, and all I seemed capable of doing was grimly hanging on to the elastic chord between these two poles

    27. We never knew how things would go, the mood of our captors capable of turning on a pin head

    28. " She dismissed them with her tone of voice and her wave, knowing she was capable of breaking the backbone of any nyobba before it could worry any appendage off her

    29. ’ Gilla suggested ‘Caderl would be more than capable of looking after both of us

    30. ‘A very capable man called Joris – you’ll like him, Lintze

    31. You all witnessed today what he is capable of doing

    32. There are times when being an independent, capable female is a bit of a bugger!

    33. Even in those far off days in the caravan, she had known how to manage their affairs, limited though they may have been back then, and he was quite content to leave the day to day nitty-gritty of bills and services in her capable hands

    34. ‘Jo, is it okay if Abi comes over for some lessons?’ he asked, ‘She’s very capable but if she doesn’t keep up the practice, she’ll lose it

    35. Neither of the ships was carrying anything intended as a weapon, but their point control laser was capable of damaging the other vessel's external systems and the naked fusion in either drive could slag the other with neutrons and gamma rays

    36. Gary had gone into great detail over dinner in the pub about what a capable cook he is - he laughs – acknowledging the hit

    37. So far there had been no real fear of encountering a hostile alien power out among the stars, but that confidence was groundless, based on the presumption that any civilization capable of space flight would broadcast signals that human science could detect

    38. In her work with Sound Medicine, Misa Hopkins has learned that we are all capable of hearing and vocally producing the very sounds that call our cells back into their proper geometric vibration

    39. Pro Dantu chastened her, “We should be over there with him; he has no idea what these creatures are capable of

    40. True he got no chance to partake in fleshly pleasures, but his med panel was capable of dialing that need out of his life

    41. That went well … Sue’s a capable lady, I think it’ll work out, though I’m really going to miss Anna – do you know she’s been with me for nearly nineteen years! Amazing – I don’t feel that old! Earlier in the week, I’d arranged with Anna that I’d take her out for lunch today but what I didn’t tell her was that most of the office would be coming with us

    42. Often the mind-body is capable of

    43. Women, when feminine, are capable of

    44. Altera was curious, and I was unsure if you were capable of mating with our women

    45. He reached peaks that he never knew he was capable of; she was one hell of a woman

    46. bills and services in her capable hands

    47. becoming more capable of giving and receiving love

    48. causes us to be more capable of doing more

    49. once have been capable of

    50. Mastery of Mind- The Vegetas are capable of finding instantly broadly

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    adequate to capable equal to up to able open subject expert competent accomplished proficient fitted suited intelligent clever efficient apt gifted strong admitting permitting needing susceptible