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    1. conciliate each other, because the word

    2. 22 And when Reuel had heard the words of Moses, Reuel said within himself, I will put this man into the prison house, by whom I shall conciliate the children of Cush, for he has fled from them

    3. 22 And when Reuel had heard the words of Moses Reuel said within himself I will put this man into the prison house by whom I shall conciliate the children of Cush for he has fled from them

    4. He made no attempt to conciliate them

    5. He expressed the opinion that it was more important to conciliate the Russians than to remain on good terms with the British

    6. to conciliate discipline with freedom? That was a problem which

    7. The efforts of his father to conciliate him next day were a great humiliation to him

    8. * It has long been a practice with the whites to conciliate

    9. She watched his countenance as if she were particularly wishful to be assured that he took kindly to his reception, she showed every possible desire to conciliate him, and there was an air of humble propitiation in all she did, such as I have seen pervade the bearing of a child towards a hard master

    10. "Mother," replied the young man, "you have especial reasons for telling me to conciliate

    11. The men said, behind his Atlanta had done and he made as little attempt to conciliate the one as he had the other

    12. As it was, she constantly doubted her own conclusions, because she felt her own ignorance: how could she be confident that one-roomed cottages were not for the glory of God, when men who knew the classics appeared to conciliate indifference to the cottages with zeal for the glory? Perhaps even Hebrew might be necessary—at least the alphabet and a few roots—in order to arrive at the core of things, and judge soundly on the social duties of the Christian

    13. The British and French had intended that appeasement would conciliate and deter Hitler

    14. ‘Altogether such heroism as was displayed by the Russian warriors cannot be imagined or adequately praised!’ said Berg, glancing round at Natasha, and as if anxious to conciliate her, replying to her intent look with a smile

    15. “It is useless to attempt to conciliate you: I see I have made an eternal enemy of you

    16. From then on an offering of food was daily placed below the great tree from whence the arrows had disappeared in an effort to conciliate the mighty one

    17. “Altogether such heroism as was displayed by the Russian warriors cannot be imagined or adequately praised!” said Berg, glancing round at Natásha, and as if anxious to conciliate her, replying to her intent look with a smile

    18. Knowing what was proper, and feeling at the moment a special need to conciliate and get on with them, Mr

    19. The United States had a right to expect something like justice from this able Minister, because he entertained a sincere desire to conciliate the friendship of this nation by acts of justice

    20. The present measure is evidently intended as a propitiatory sacrifice to conciliate Napoleon—to induce him to become our friend, and to cease to rob and plunder our defenceless citizens

    21. While all is uncertainty and embarrassment with France; while her decrees remain merely suspended and not revoked; while your merchants, trusting to the plighted faith of the Emperor, have been drawn into the French ports and there betrayed and sacrificed; while commerce is bleeding at every pore under the merciless gripe of Napoleon, we are called on to go farther to conciliate France, than she was entitled to, had she faithfully revoked her decrees

    22. To bring about a separation of the States, under distinct and independent governments, is an affair of more uncertainty, and, however desirable, cannot be effected but by a series of acts and a long-continued policy tending to irritate the Southern and conciliate the Northern people

    23. " What think you, sir? Would you ratify such an arrangement if you could help it? Does a proffer of settlement, connected with such language, look like a disposition or an intention to conciliate? I appeal to the common sense of mankind on the point

    1. This timidity, which might proceed from the astonishment of innocence as well as the shame of guilt, conciliated some in his favor; for men who are truly generous are always ready to compassionate when the misfortune of their enemy surpasses the limits of their hatred

    2. He ought to have conciliated

    1. of my head so instead of being conciliating I was quite

    2. So, seeing whence the original sin of the affair had sprung, I said nothing; but the same night I wrote a humiliated letter from myself to the member, telling him how sorry we all were for the indiscretion that had been used towards him, and how much it would pleasure me to heal the breach that had happened between him and the burgh, with other words of an oily and conciliating policy

    3. The drowsy answers—grumpy, conciliating, savage, jocular, or deprecating—came out into the silent darkness in which the horseman sat still, and presently a dark figure would flit out coughing in the still air

    4. They wanted to go on a conciliating errand to the victor under the wing of the Gould Concession

    5. Bulstrode's naive way of conciliating piety and worldliness, the nothingness of this life and the desirability of cut glass, the consciousness at once of filthy rags and the best damask, was not a sufficient relief from the weight of her husband's invariable seriousness

    6. "Inspector Javert," replied the mayor, in a calm and conciliating tone, "listen

    7. Sir Thomas and Lady Bertram received her very kindly; and Sir Thomas, seeing how much she needed encouragement, tried to be all that was conciliating: but he had to work against a most untoward gravity of deportment; and Lady Bertram, without taking half so much trouble, or speaking one word where he spoke ten, by the mere aid of a good-humoured smile, became immediately the less awful character of the two

    8. If you have never seen that sight, then suspend your decision about the propriety of devil-worship, and the expediency of conciliating the devil

    9. Learned men found societies (there are more than one hundred of them), they assemble in Congresses (like those held in London and Paris and the one which is to be held in Rome), they read essays, hold banquets, make speeches, edit journals devoted to the subject, and by all these means they endeavor to prove that the strain upon nations who are obliged to support millions of soldiers has become so severe that something must be done about it; that this armament is opposed to the character, the aims, and the wishes of the populations; but they seem to think that if they consume a good deal of paper, and devote a good deal of eloquence to the subject, that they may succeed in conciliating opposing parties and conflicting interests, and at last effect the suppression of war

    10. Yet, though she foresaw all the unpleasantness of her predicament, she did nothing to escape from it by (for instance) conciliating this one, giving presents to that other one, and forbearing to grumble—the last a precaution which it would have been easy for her to take, seeing that by nature she was in no way exacting, as well as very good-tempered

    11. Having now finished his medical studies, he was prepared to visit the continent of Europe with peculiar advantage; for his continued attachment to mineralogy, a liberal distribution of American specimens then comparatively new in Europe, and his social habits and dispositions, which were very conciliating, secured him the best introductions from Edinburgh, and laid the foundation of permanent friendships

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    accommodate conciliate reconcile make up patch up settle appease assuage gentle gruntle lenify mollify pacify placate moderate concede compromise make amends propitiate