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    1. forgiveness of your sins, and settle that issue with Him

    2. The cars fumes (carbon monoxide) will settle into the tunnel and kill them

    3. Out of the windshield, Ricci waits for his thugs to settle into place, then starts slowly toward Russ’ side of the Rover

    4. Please, at least settle your cherub on one of the hundreds of big islands I've scattered in a lazy arc across this water

    5. would settle all with him the following evening when she was due to leave for her

    6. Taking her arm, I lead her into the lounge and settle her on the sofa

    7. until it began to dawn on Smith that there was simply no way to settle on a universal

    8. Ten minutes later, after sharing a warming moment with tea and cigarettes, throughout which Menachem told awful jokes, Robbie returned to settle us down for the evening

    9. Smith took the melody and the rhythm of the void into the soul of creation, swinging in allegiance from every note to every other note in a crescendo of perfect solitude, until it began to dawn on Smith that there was simply no way to settle on a universal truth in un-sound

    10. She propped up two pillows behind him and he winced once as he tried to settle himself

    11. It’s not as though I can settle down to anything else until this blasted quest is out of the way

    12. “Hey settle on, what’s this about a trial” asked Fred

    13. I settle myself to hear the story he so clearly wants to tell, tiling my head a little and smiling at him to show my interest

    14. People naturally settle at about a thousand to the square mile because that gives them plenty of cropland but keeps them surrounded by other gardens to help keep the pests down and give them enough social and cultural opportunities

    15. Everything seemed to settle down and things were going along okay

    16. I felt the weight of Papa Nero settle in his seat

    17. I tried to rearrange the packages and parcels into a nest where I could lie with my discomfort but it soon became clear I should have skipped the cheese pie and lemonade because before long my stomach was trying to settle on whether or not to surprise me by throwing up over American parcels, Australian parcels or the fragrant cabbage

    18. ‘We’ll settle on that gg, Lintze

    19. "I guess I'll have to settle for that," he said

    20. "Oh the only other thing I'm thinking about is what we were talking about earlier, if we each had to settle for second best

    21. My mother was now sitting beside me in the car to talk to me and settle me down

    22. With great care, Manolis placed a sprig of marjoram behind his left ear, 'You know, my friends, when I was touring with Pantelis I took my cat with us everywhere, but when he ran away to settle down, more than anything, I missed his teachings

    23. The rest, as they say, is history, although throughout his long years of retirement, when he published his memoirs and his diaries and tried to settle into a state of fatherly grace in the House of Lords, the once great politician told anyone who would listen that he had been right, that his opponents had been wrong and that a report with blank pages was exactly what he had intended all along

    24. dates tend to settle in

    25. In the end we settle it that I’ll pay for the lunch and he’ll pay for the petrol

    26. He would wait for someone desirable before he would settle for one of the present singles

    27. ‘How long have you been living here, Anna?’ she asked as we settle on the sofa

    28. we’re too young to settle down

    29. Between us we carry my stuff up to the flat and settle down to lunch

    30. They both assumed that the song was being played on the television when they heard the now familiar first few notes settle on top of the thick walls of late afternoon air that folded around them like hot summer blankets

    31. This encounter leaves us all a little subdued - after a few minutes, Gary gets up and goes to settle the bill

    32. of something settle in the bottom of his hollowed out body

    33. After a while everyone began to settle in for the night

    34. and tried to settle into a state of fatherly grace in the House of

    35. Remember, he knows Matai better than anyone and he has a score to settle with him

    36. ’ I offered and we settle that I will go over to her house for three in the afternoon

    37. When it’s done, I carry it into the lounge and settle down with the newspaper

    38. “Do you mean to settle me in her universe?”

    39. Couldn’t settle to anything … I ask you! Is that rational?’

    40. Ava was banking on slipping into the next one unnoticed because the planets they would settle would have never produced souls before, so the creature in that area wouldn’t search for silicon intervention in the harvest of those souls

    41. the yard and directed to the upper floor to the barn to settle in

    42. television when they heard the now familiar first few notes settle

    43. I explain that I am about to settle down with Dave and he congratulates me, going on to say that he met Dave at a corporate function sometime last autumn

    44. on the settle and trying – unsuccessfully, as it turned out – to suppress

    45. The bolder one of the two does most of the talking and they exchange a few jokes and comments about the punters, all of which helps the newly founded foursome to settle into something approaching a rhythm

    46. would return to their homes after a few years, or settle down with

    47. For her part, Belle remained silent in the face of their ranting and simply waited for the squall to settle

    48. She resigns herself to the long hours of dead waking, and as she tries to settle, as she tries to find a position of relative comfort, she asks herself a simple question; "Why, Billy, why can't you do something useful for a bloody change?"

    49. A chance to settle things, for Rezarta and your daughter

    50. The doors close with a rush of cold air as we settle down for the journey

    1. They weren't convinced, but eventually settled into drowsiness in the sun

    2. It was a local year by air to reach Alan, three to six weeks by air to reach the area the Brazilians had settled

    3. It was settled that they would park it by rope and would not run the motor

    4. This was still the inhabited part, this cove was a small area of wilds in a thickly settled region at least as large as Asia

    5. Herndon settled in grumpily to nap

    6. After a couple of weeks he got over it and we settled down again, though he wasn’t interested in sex … I tried to seduce him a couple of times, but he just shook me off … not nastily or anything, just indifferent

    7. He would understand that they were just getting settled into their lives together, and during this phase there might be some loose ends from previous lives to tidy up

    8. He continued to throw sticks in while she got settled

    9. I have to admit that he wasn’t overly bothered when she went away, so maybe it is just as well he didn’t propose, but all the same, it is worrying that he hasn’t settled down

    10. ‘But not until this business has been settled

    11. Slowly as the effects of hyperthermia set in and the cold and the fatigue settled into

    12. He knew the Brazilians had settled out into the chaparral, but twelve to fifty miles, not two hundred and fifty

    13. couple settled down for another meal under the stars, Kleftiko this time for each of

    14. essentially pre-war cars, and we two settled into mid-terraced obscurity

    15. "You hear about the asteroid?" Taktor asked once they were settled into a hoisting rhythm

    16. "There's about ten miles to the east that's well settled, then spotty habitation for the next hundred miles, beyond that, it gets seriously barren

    17. It will not leave the dwelling where it has settled

    18. Johnny settled back onto the rather comfortable chesterfield, topped up both his and

    19. completed he and his aunt settled down with yet another large one

    20. They had settled into the plush wicker loveseats overlooking the Caribbean

    21. "They are still flesh, most have settled among the natives

    22. By the time a year had passed since she rode that android to no avail, Glenelle had pretty much settled in

    23. She didn't want to believe a planet settled by biological humans about the time of the ice age could be part of baseline reality

    24. the heaving skies settled down to their endless game of birth and erosion

    25. Although he went away to join the army, when he came back, he settled down apparently quite happily, living with his elderly mother until she died and then coming to live here at The Laurels

    26. While an already crackling Tipperary settled in position just 2Ks from the point in the vacuum where she would breach space, Jordo zoomed in with his flight helmet and interrogated the closing alien warships one more time

    27. Rose is settled in a chair beside the fire

    28. There was a lot for her to do what with the baby boom after all the men came home and people got settled again

    29. Once the euphoria of the meeting subsided a little, we four settled into the habitual comparisons that dominate male conversation, sharing our stories of capture, and gabbling away ten to the dozen in a mixture of Arabic and English about our shared experiences in the hostage hotels

    30. "We're settled in, most of us

    31. We've got some disagreements about some details but most of us have settled down

    32. Since they arrived, a very thin coating of fine dust had settled on the ship

    33. The erosion was not so bad deep in here, but dust had settled even thicker

    34. Their own small community was twenty seven miles inland of Gengee City in sparsely settled cerrado far beyond the reach of the city's irrigation canals

    35. Selecting a chair that put her back against the wall, facing into the room, Kara settled herself, from habit scanning the room for potential danger

    36. "The raft that he's on will be getting to a very thinly settled part of the river in about one native week," he began

    37. He stared out of the back of the Metro, stared down the long, straight highland road, and settled himself into a damp and steamy slump

    38. ‘What will you do if you come across, Iain?’ she asked as he settled himself opposite her in the front room

    39. As they settled themselves, he went around to his own seat

    40. You might want to bring a weedhook and snips in lightly settled neighborhoods

    41. A glance at the clock speedily obliterated her self-satisfaction and set her running … her train was due to leave in five minutes’ time! Safely on the train, though still panting from the exercise and more than a little overwhelmed by the crowds of commuters thronging the station subways, she settled herself in a seat and, leaning her head against the headrest, closed her eyes, forcing herself to relax

    42. ‘But why do they call it the Wintergardens?’ Kara asked some twenty minutes later as they settled themselves under an umbrella at a table set beside the seafront

    43. As darkness settled, three hundred seventy one campfires twinkled out away from habitation

    44. So Catwhiskers and Cosmicblasto settled into a daily routine of

    45. landed based birds, they had never seen a bird that had settled

    46. They washed him off and bandaged his shoulder up and got him settled in the bed

    47. If he settled down with his girlfriend in the native lifestyle any one of the millions of places he could have reached by this time, his disguise is impenetrable

    48. Kate climbed on Jake’s wing and made her way to the sixth ridge and Steve followed her and settled himself behind her

    49. Daniel settled himself down and turned his gaze on this amazing woman

    50. So, I made my place in the upper caves and settled there with him

    1. John puts a bag in the overhead, settles into a window seat, puts his laptop on his knees

    2. He looks chirpy enough when he comes back into the room and settles into his chair again

    3. But ‘Total Rest’ occurs when the mind settles down

    4. John settles in as Dave gets things underway

    5. When the dust settles and the true-bloods realise just how alone

    6. It still had his major's duty-suit on and that was still relatively clean, not much dust settles in the vacuum of space

    7. ’ I said as he settles himself in a seat opposite me on the other side of the fireplace

    8. “Oh dear, well that settles it then

    9. that settles on those eyes,

    10. The bird is heavy; it settles on my left arm, its claws gripping firmly onto my shirt as I stagger under its weight, the points touching my skin through the fabric

    11. Berndt settles Adamant into the stall beside her and begins unloading our bags

    12. Treacle jumps onto the bed and settles by my waist, purring and nudging my hand gently with his head … I stroke him … it seems to help

    13. I load the car; Sam settles in her place on the passenger seat

    14. ’ He closes his file of papers and settles down to have a chat

    15. He settles for a full tactical withdrawal and goes back to thoughts of Maggie and Jock

    16. He should see it there … that done, she settles down again, rolling the name round in her head, and closes her eyes

    17. " Maggie settles back into her own chair and catches the weather bulletin

    18. Alex sits on the bed, but before he settles he takes out the hand gun and puts it on the duvet

    19. The lime green effervescence settles in the glass and she swallows the potion in one long gulp, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand before putting the glass back on the chair next to the bed

    20. Well, that settles it

    21. ‘Well, then? That settles it, doesn’t it?’

    22. He settles on a pair of dirt brown corduroys, and a blue and green plaid flannel shirt

    23. He then settles into the driver’s seat and starts the engine

    24. As he released the tresses, they fell against my back like drops from a waterfall settles on wayside bushes

    25. “That settles it you must go love and see the lads

    26. In its flight it moves with such intense rapidity, that the eye cannot follow it, and when it settles it alights so quietly that the victim does not feel it

    27. A blanket of calm settles over me

    28. When life settles into the more mundane, the setting is often

    29. As the dress falls and settles in the shape of my curves, I see Mother’s deep frown reflected in my mirror

    30. He comes closer, puts the cooler bag by the side table and settles down beside me, his eyes on my laptop

    31. She settles down at a desk and my phone rings

    32. The wolf settles down, lies on the stone floor with its great head resting on its front paws

    33. It is despite their faith that Jesus calms the storms and settles the sea

    34. With the strength of a trapeze catcher, he pulls himself up into the attic, re-closes the opening, finds a comfortable corner, and settles in

    35. As he struggled to get his hoof back in the fake foot, I thought, Well, that settles it

    36. And when the joy settles down there is just peace and a knowing that all is fine

    37. The air settles

    38. Age settles like a soft snow, cold and lifeless, though calming, peaceful… and fun to play in

    39. Acts 2:38 it is written in the Word of God and that is the final Authority on the issue of what Baptism means and settles the matter; our part is to accept the Word of God by Faith as the Eternal Truth

    40. He lovingly greets several of his wives (the rest are home in Yathrib), and then settles a minor disagreement among his commanders as to what to do with the captive enemy soldiers

    41. Little Killer squirms around a bit and she settles him down and tucks him under her shawl

    42. Then confusion settles in

    43. time as the storm settles down

    44. A servant sets a chair down behind him, and he settles into it; a carrion-bird on its perch

    45. D’ven smiles at the tea sitting on the table waiting for him, and settles into a chair opposite me

    46. Old men on settles before inns under spreading oak branches called greetings to the wayfarer

    47. The shadows were thick with the overpowering quietness that settles over a wilderness at sunset—the time when day sounds cease and night sounds have yet to begin—causing goose bumps on Samson

    48. Predator appears a good choice and taking it out of its case he puts it in the player and presses �play� and settles back down on the couch

    49. Tuning in to the Movie Channel he settles back on the couch and with broadening smile settles down to watch John Wayne as Rooster Cogburn

    50. Taking a sip of coffee she sighs contentedly and settles back in the chair

    1. "That seems to be the basin where the Yingolians are settling

    2. She found herself settling in

    3. How do we justify the exploitation of poor, wastage of food, raping women, killing people, settling disputes through war, grabbing land to build temples, churches, mosques in God’s name and minting money on the name of faith and so on

    4. They moved on, settling into the rhythm of the land again

    5. ‘What does your son-in-law do for a living?’ I asked, settling down on an old stool which used to stand in the kitchen

    6. Night is settling over the shantytown as the taillights of the Rover -- it’s chassis loaded down with hooch

    7. It was settling right in front of them, with the pointed end toward them

    8. ‘Any idea when that is likely?’ I asked, settling myself on the chair beside the bed and trying to angle it so she can see me

    9. This has been going on for a couple of years now and she keeps going on about settling down

    10. I discarded the wilder fancies, settling instead on asking for the small and the mundane, settling on things that might make me just a little more human

    11. Once back in my room I let the guard chain me to the pipe, settling on my camp bed with a show of outward serenity

    12. ’ Iain said settling himself in a chair opposite her

    13. settling to the pore and the age endured,

    14. in the settling of earth that flew in that bitter

    15. To think I’d been concerned at Gilla’s apparent lack of enthusiasm for the proposed marriage! And you thought she was making the best of a bad job, settling for any man rather than none at all, Lintze! You idiot! Her delighted welcome for Caderl certainly knocks that idea on the head

    16. Have some fun before settling

    17. ’ He invited, settling back in his chair comfortably

    18. Settling down has never appealed to me – I have no roots now - I live fast

    19. ’ He replied settling himself down on the box he prefers and pulling me down beside him, his good arm round my waist

    20. He lay on his back under the drowsy influence of the heat haze and pondered his future, concluding that he really must think about settling down

    21. He often thought about singing another song and had, as a result, kept himself in tip top condition, but as the years passed he found himself thinking more and more about settling down, and so it was that he decided to marry

    22. Better ring Alastair when you’ve finished washing up – hmmm - Jo and Alastair - I stand with my hands in the water in contemplation – how’re they finding settling down together? Hope there are no major problems

    23. favourite spot on the beach and cast out his lines, settling down in a

    24. “Many of us who lived in the later days of the Minoan civilization, especially those of us who watched the mainlanders smash and grab everything they could, chose to wander back in time to greater days, just like your captain’s mother has done in America, settling in the 1932 echo

    25. future, concluding that he really must think about settling down

    26. and more about settling down, and so it was that he decided to

    27. boy,” Old Ged began, clearly settling into his stride, and leaving Tom

    28. Settling comfortably against the rock behind her, she closed her eyes and basked in the warmth of the sun, feeling it relax her

    29. ‘But what is it doing here?’ she asked, settling into her chair again

    30. He counts out the rings, settling on five

    31. Okay, so calling Tracey would be unpleasant … she’d probably be less than forgiving, but with a bit of luck he could talk her into dropping charges … he even contemplated the possibility that she might take him back … settling down with a baby wasn’t his idea of the perfect life, but it would be somewhere to go

    32. Dad had trouble getting a job after the war, he’d seen a bit more of the world in the Navy and this made it difficult for him settling back into the old life

    33. Miss Bunker was settling nicely into the village's social fabric

    34. Britainic for New York and then set off by train to San Francisco---part of the conditions for Harold's extensive honeymoon holiday from the offices was to deliver certain matters personally into the hands of his counterpart there, only then to enjoy the sights and settling in Tahoe for an extended stay

    35. ” He folded his arms as if settling the matter once and for all

    36. The pilots were settling in and beginning their pre-flight checklist

    37. It was settling down to a normal life

    38. As we were settling into our room later that

    39. touching his chest and then the knife, settling finally on just holding Carl’s hand

    40. settling in, we gathered the food and headed off with

    41. Though in settling them some regard is had commonly, not only to his labour and skill, but to the trust which is reposed in him, yet they never bear any regular proportion to the capital of which he oversees the management ; and the owner of this capital, though he is thus discharged of almost all labour, still expects that his profit should bear a regular proportion to his capital

    42. In settling the terms of the lease, the landlord and farmer endeavour, according to their best judgment, to adjust that rate, not to the temporary and occasional, but to the average and ordinary price of the produce

    43. by settling into bed and turning on the TV

    44. Evening was now settling quickly, and the fires of a

    45. Then there was the good side that kept reminding him of the unfulfilling life he’s had thus far and the advantages of settling down with a good woman by his side

    46. Still, it doesn’t mean I don’t think about settling down at some point, when all this is said and done

    47. The Spaniards, in virtue of the first discovery, claimed all America as their own; and though they could not hinder so great a naval power as that of Portugal from settling in Brazil, such was at that time the terror of their name, that the greater part of the other nations of Europe were afraid to establish themselves in any other part of that great continent

    48. Settling back in her seat, she directed the driver and opened her cell phone to begin her search

    49. Just as he was settling again, he glanced across at the two large stones that had been used to hold the tent entrance closed

    50. He could feel the tip questing about for some easy entry point, settling finally on the area just below his left eye

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