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    1. In the scene that this emulated, one went to private cubicles to consummate the arousal, and she used one of the cherubs for that

    2. Olivia and I have discussed this thoroughly and are in consummate agreement on this point

    3. No only to be discussed as a manifestation of the female breast, but also as recognition that the purveyor of such sentiments is, more than likely, a consummate asshole

    4. The consummate bureaucrat

    5. It seems that our society‘s consummate pursuit of Material Things proportionate to its increasing indifference to Spiritual Things has sterilized our souls in a manner that has left many of us intellectually and morally barren and susceptible to whimsical notions of corporeal designs

    6. They have been refractory since General Shafter refused them the consummate gratification of their dreams, the slaughter of the Spaniards and seizure of everything Spanish

    7. Who was he to judge others? A consummate traitor, by any account

    8. hold like a space alien, when they fall into the black hole of Washington? Have they been muzzled as a result of the Clinton White House’s acquisition of those confidential FBI files? What is it? Why do they give up their power? Are they consummate pragmatists?

    9. John Adams was also a consummate

    10. They maneuvered around for us and certainly seemed well disciplined and could handle the awkward weapons with consummate skill

    11. And although my father took his job as the consummate teacher very seriously,

    12. William’s Mother had somehow decided that William and I would not consummate the marriage until the following night

    13. She was the consummate professional

    14. With consummate skill he introduced the concept of foreign wives to maintain peaceful relations with the neighbors

    15. “Good lad, your learning” said Stu, as they got into the elevator and chatted about the thirty seconds that it had taken Pon to consummate with Kim

    16. And he had the consummate courage to do this in the face of the rabbinic teaching which declared that it was "better that the words of the law should be burned than delivered to women

    17. The girl reeled suddenly and, consummate climax of exquisite cruelty, reason and understanding flooded back into her eyes, which flared with awful fear

    18. 8 I am not only intrigued by the consummate ideals of this religion of your Master, but I am mightily moved to profess my belief in his announcement that these ideals of spirit realities are attainable; that you and I can enter upon this long and eternal adventure with his assurance of the certainty of our ultimate arrival at the portals of Paradise

    19. The LSSAH reached Utrecht after breaking through Dutch defenses with consummate ease

    20. 1 On several occasions Jesus had made statements which led his hearers to infer that, while he intended presently to leave this world, he would most certainly return to consummate the work of the heavenly kingdom

    21. This spontaneous sharing of earthly possessions was not a direct feature of Jesus' teaching; it came about because these men and women so sincerely and so confidently believed that he was to return any day to finish his work and to consummate the kingdom

    22. 5 At the time of the writing of the New Testament, the authors not only most profoundly believed in the divinity of the risen Christ, but they also devotedly and sincerely believed in his immediate return to earth to consummate the heavenly kingdom

    23. The rancher‘s leg was healing without complications, another testament to the consummate skill of George Martinez, MD, PhD

    24. “What the captain is saying is that with as much time as he has spent on ships and as important as his job is and as hard as he works at being the consummate Space Force officer, having a family has not been a priority

    25. Everything was fine at home, as usual, as Ed was the consummate househusband

    26. have to consummate their marriage, have a wedding ceremony, and

    27. Apart from having played many roles in films and on television, notably in the Fox series ‘FRINGE’, Cerveris was a consummate theater actor

    28. you will have after you Consummate," Dafa disciples hurting their relatives become good people helping others

    29. demise of the most consummate in blood and of an entire

    30. experiences pale before the consummate Reality of the boundless One

    31. Complete: “The entirety needed for realization; consummate

    32. It is consummate cognition, unmediated discernment,

    33. sanctuary, my consummate inner being absorbed into the saving

    34. might, ah < consummate the rest of his promise

    35. So was the environment in which Stratavynski had elected to bring Hamid to wine and dine, along with Katarina, to successfully consummate the 276

    36. discussing ways to consummate the merger, the companies decide that the most equitable

    37. How could it be that around them he was an all-American guy, yet out of their presence he was a murderous, violent, and corruptive thug with total disrespect for the law? How could it be that he had managed for so long to conceal that dark side from everyone and play the part of consummate law enforcer to the hilt? The old saying that there were two sides to every coin and every man was perfectly apt here

    38. After taking on debt in 2002 to consummate the merger, it would be

    39. He was the consummate mingler and handily spoke in the tongue of the rich

    40. Emotions swell, catching her off guard, but being the consummate actress, she reveals no sign of his words effect

    41. “It is necessary for us to consummate our relationship in order to create a child

    42. the consummate professional and was considered the best

    43. His brother was a consummate liar

    44. He was now Modi, the consummate stage performer, acting before an adoring audience

    45. But he commenced them with consummate skill, and in a manner most likely to obtain a footing for the gospel

    46. Not exactly saying the rosary, is it? What’s more, unless the mare was very small, like a small Shetland pony, the chief must have had to stand on a box, or an altar of some kind in order to consummate the act

    47. He waited patiently for her initial gasp to subside before he began, with languid strokes, to firmly and rhythmically consummate their love

    48. views the consummate, detached Self as the doer is dull-minded and

    49. Who has made you, human, in such circumstances, and who has furnished you with such a consummate appearance?

    50. The result is a moving and magical journey, told with consummate skill by one of the masters of contemporary animation

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    consummate arrant complete double-dyed everlasting gross perfect pure sodding staring stark thorough thoroughgoing unadulterated utter masterful masterly virtuoso