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Stark en una oración (en ingles)

  1. She is cold and stark.
  2. He was also stark naked.
  3. It was a stark contrast.
  4. Stark cliffs reared on all.
  5. His library was stark and cold.
  6. I’m talking about Tommy Stark.
  7. It was stark, simple, irrefutable.
  8. They became stark raving mad fiends.
  9. A more stark example of this is the.
  10. The man was clearly stark raving mad.
  11. Kestrel’s stark face loomed over me.
  12. Within hold something most find stark.
  13. It was all there: stark, bloody murder.
  14. We see Christianity standing in stark.
  15. This understanding stands in stark and.
  16. The difference between the two is stark.
  17. No, that stark, defeated voice said.
  18. Stark realities are always hard to digest.
  19. This anger was in stark contrast to that.
  20. Telehouse itself was stark and grey, and.
  21. The purchase price was a stark $1,350,000.
  22. And taken the consequences, however stark.
  23. This was in stark contrast to the influx.
  24. The front room was massive and two stark.
  25. The light in the passage was stark and poor.
  26. They can’t come in here, Stark said.
  27. Pale, inscrutable, stark in the valley below.
  28. And Chief Stark was here a few minutes ago.
  29. I honestly thought I'd gone stark raving mad.
  30. The general’s flushed face went stark white.
  31. Stark, naked fear was unmistakable in his voice.
  32. I give you our chief of police, Peter Stark.
  33. No, I’m fine, but call Chief Stark on this.
  34. Good idea, Stark said, coming up behind me.
  35. It had stark concrete walls, almost like a cell.
  36. A glimpse of the heavens, stark and silent above.
  37. You will not want to leave it so stark and bare.
  38. Just a few meters in and the place was stark dark.
  39. The stark difference between the tanned and very.
  40. Any thoughts on who did this? Stark asked me.
  41. Stark told me that the victims were all married.
  42. At least he could see the interior in stark detail.
  43. Dr Preston’s office was stark, cold and unfriendly.
  44. All the houses were painted brightly in stark colors.
  45. The symbols that I achieved, however, were in stark.
  46. Oh my God is that you Will? Will Stark? Oh thank God.
  47. The stark message read: You’re needed up top now.
  48. A gain, the sun appears to be stark white light as it.
  49. As she started to turn away she froze in stark terror.
  50. There is only stark despair when I do not have my wife.
  51. The open garden was stark and simply laid out to lawn.
  52. The bridge was sparse and stark compared to the Cunik.
  54. I was shaking Ramos’s hand when Chief Stark came over.
  55. Harry was having a torrid time in the plain, stark cell.
  56. A stark, bewildered feeling, as of death, came over me.
  57. Maybe the ramifications of erasing my history are stark.
  58. This stark truth is brought out in the following verse.
  59. In stark daylight, much of what I read sounds like folly.
  60. It brings us the stark realities about the ways of the.
  61. He sees a stark choice—to drown or to come up for air.
  62. He was overwhelmed with the stark beauty of the outback.
  63. Under the blue sky, the castle was stark white and black.
  64. It was exciting to hold him in the stark roaring daylight.
  65. The children looked around at the stark walls of the cave.
  66. The number of bears held captive in farms is a stark and.
  67. Her pale skin was in stark contrast with her brown uniform.
  68. Stark! The sound of his voice ignited my blood pressure.
  69. It was a fierce contrast to the stark white of the waiting.
  70. Staring upwards, he could see nothing but a deep, stark blue.
  71. Despite the evident stark truth of it, everyone roared with.
  72. Meaning the ramifications of erasing my history are stark.
  73. But there was a stark contrast between the latter and former.
  74. It most dramatically serves as a stark reminder of just how.
  75. Allison was seeing a far different side to the stark Sheriff.
  76. She came in at last and stood over me, stark naked this time.
  77. Hispaniola island in the Caribbean interesting, is the stark.
  78. There, in his bathroom stood a complete stranger, stark naked.
  79. In answer to questions from reporters, Chief Stark said, Dr.
  80. Zero not wishing to go stark naked, clothed himself in vanity.
  81. Inch preferred gin and the stark violence of the neon overhead.
  82. The lecture room was large and rather stark room, with rows of.
  83. Stark ruth of man his errand that him lone led till that house.
  84. Bastard broke in through the skylight upstairs, said Stark.
  85. Stark naked, with my thing standing up for all the world to see.
  86. Ruiz has been cleared of the charges against him, said Stark.
  87. Though he and Teef were the same age, in stark contrast to the.
  88. She sat up, taking in her surroundings in the stark light of day.
  89. The girl's make-up is stark and brutal; greys, browns and blacks.
  90. Please let me be absolutely clear on this and give you the stark.
  91. Black except their snow covered tips, stark even in the distance.
  92. And she had all the curves of a woman under the stark white sheet.
  93. Sam was frozen to the spot, shaking, his eyes wide in stark horror.
  94. Then… put them next to two poor people who are also stark naked.
  95. Her knees knocked uncontrollably, as she shuddered in stark terror.
  96. The reality here was quite stark, even if this guy lived through it.
  97. Occasional flashes of lightning threw everything into stark relief.
  98. She was in a stark black dress, made of twisted lace and thick silk.
  99. He was sitting up in bed now, looking at me with stark bewilderment.
  100. The past served as a stark reminder to never again fall prey to the.

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