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Coordinate en una oración (en ingles)

  1. I can coordinate it with you.
  2. Each group would coordinate with the.
  3. They are the ones who coordinate and.
  4. X coordinate of the Cat is equal to ten.
  5. X coordinate of the Cat is equal to one.

  6. X coordinate of the Cat is equal to zero.
  7. Y coordinate of the Cat is equal to zero.
  8. They would plan and coordinate strategy.
  9. Y coordinate of the Cat is equal to eight.
  10. The J indicates that a coordinate system.
  11. Jack and Marie would also coordinate their.
  12. X coordinate of the Cat is equal to minus five.
  13. He took advantage of this time to coordinate with.
  14. The coordinate uses random values between 1 and 100.
  15. This does not coordinate with their earthly desires.

  16. They did not coordinate this plan with anyone, but.
  17. Few areas managed to coordinate an orderly withdrawal.
  18. Y coordinate is responsible for the movement up and down.
  19. If only the nice gentlemen would coordinate these things.
  20. I coordinate the operations, give the orders and briefings.
  21. SG 2 Coordinate and Collaborate with Relevant Stakeholders.
  22. At the advanced level you can coordinate this breathing with.
  23. The more she shivered, the harder it became to coordinate her.
  24. And you plan to coordinate this all yourself? Steve asked.
  25. The angry sharks coordinate and swim the ship towards the left.

  26. She had to remain within the keep to help coordinate the attack.
  27. Perceptual-motor ability, or the capacity to coordinate what you.
  28. You do need to coordinate the flower colors with other colors in your.
  29. Komer had come to Vietnam to coordinate all counterinsurgency programs.
  30. Let’s read the spot by the x coordinate followed by the y coordinate.
  31. Sir Richard needed Gary to help coordinate the operations in the States.
  32. All you have left to do is coordinate the unloading with the dock master.
  33. The whispering trees tried to help, to coordinate the sweep of the forest.
  34. Could the generals have used another strategy to coordinate their attack?
  35. Organization that helps coordinate the fight against crime around the World.
  36. I had to coordinate with the pricing department and then set up a flight to.
  37. He left to coordinate the mop-up and took the still unconscious Ricbom with him.
  38. They could coordinate attacks and direct the Fairies and other animals to safety.
  39. Is there any way we can computer coordinate with all satellites and ships for.
  40. If we coordinate the behavior of long-term debt to capital with our knowledge of.
  41. The key to using oscillators effectively is to coordinate them with other signals.
  42. Lord Fukuda will go with you to help coordinate the delivery of aid into our port.
  43. Sam would operate the app on a safe computer and coordinate everything from now on.
  44. Although they coordinate their strike, they have misjudged the psychological timing.
  46. The T’Pau has medical facilities as well, and their staff is ready to coordinate.
  47. We will therefore need to coordinate our communications, information, and intelligence.
  48. The former has the capacity to coordinate functions such as movement, smell, and memory.
  49. Well; we are supposed to coordinate with Belgian Intelligence, I relented somewhat.
  50. Nodes composing these optimal sets are grouped in several areas in the coordinate space.
  51. The pattern of point distribution in the two-dimensional coordinate system (see Figure 4.
  52. They were to coordinate the android attacks and bring the Riaz attack on Old Earth to a.
  53. If the two of you can coordinate flowers and split the cost, you’ll save a lot of money.
  54. There are numerous clues in various places that coordinate to redundantly prove that this.
  55. We have to coordinate this better, got to keep you out of any possible dangerous situation.
  56. It is this three dimensional x, y and z coordinate system that we walk around in all day long.
  57. He got out of here early so that he could coordinate some things with our friends down there.
  58. Its imperative you reattach the transmitter to the packing crate so that I can coordinate the.
  59. The CIA has access to all of these resources, and often, helps to coordinate and share gathered.
  60. However, due to both keeping hectic schedules, it was difficult to coordinate their travel plans.
  61. These ancient scribes also failed to properly coordinate editing changes made in one part of the.
  62. Who else could first promise, then flawlessly coordinate all of these events, cycles, myriad souls.
  63. For now, I was to stay behind in order to coordinate our efforts and to revamp Operation NewVision.
  64. Setting a spacetime coordinate was more complicated than just simply selecting a date and a location.
  65. Delta-neutrality boundaries and topographic maps, presented in a common coordinate system (see Figure 1.
  66. His mind was still ringing with all the hails from various ships wanting to help coordinate with rescue.
  67. Furthermore, so-called prophetic assertions by later religions that fail to properly coordinate with the.
  68. Gary, Sir Richard and John were at the complex using VICi to help coordinate the operations in Shreveport.
  69. Synchronizing permissions allow the user (or group) to coordinate (synchronize) the use of such programs.
  70. Carla correctly assumed that the men kept in contact using their mobile phones to coordinate an intercept.
  71. The computers will calculate the flight times to position and coordinate the optimum timing of the attack.
  72. The sea animals fly over land eating fruit that float into the air and coordinate attacks on land animals.
  73. The best location within Auberdine to fish is next to the NPC Gubber Blump located at the coordinate (35,46).
  74. A king is part of six symbol of power set as an intermediary between God and mankind to coordinate activities.
  75. My job is to coordinate and disseminate all tactical information from this headquarters and that is what I did.
  76. His legs trembled and he shifted them warily, first one then the other, until he could coordinate his movements.
  77. Thus, the traditional organization, where a few top managers coordinate the pyramid below them, is being upended.
  78. He was much older than most of us and helped us organize and coordinate the moves of different cells of dissenters.
  79. These volunteers helped set up and coordinate with the booth-level committees that are so critical to any election.
  80. He had a matching helmet on with only small slits for the eyes, and the boy could barely coordinate his own movements.
  81. There it was! The scan had stopped as it picked up the signal, and he pressed a switch to initiate a coordinate search.
  82. The Nanites in her system would communicate with the ones in his and they would coordinate and facilitate the procedure.
  83. I’m merely trying to determine how much of an effort we still have to coordinate in this area, the FBI man replied.
  84. I would like to discuss with you and Major Villamor how to coordinate your actions and those of the 27th Bombardment Group.
  85. The first thing to do is to coordinate signals (flares or fires for example) so that you are best prepared to receive rescue.
  86. They can provide you with a GPS scan of the trail just by having the coordinate perimeters which I would be glad to send them.
  87. I'll need two men to deliver reports and coordinate with your staff face-to-face, not to mention oversee the movement of cargo.
  88. His arms waved feebly in an effort to grab the sword and pull it out of his chest, but he was not able to coordinate his movements.
  89. Once the reinforcing armies are in place, coordinate aerial recon, scouts and the surveillance satellites to find those zealots.
  90. Most importantly Kasserine Pass taught the Americans the doctrine of massed firepower, and to coordinate aircraft with ground forces.
  91. If they will coordinate with me, I have a plan to drive the Cardassians out of this system, or destroy them, whichever comes first.
  92. For now, as you know, the three countries are governed as before with an additional level of administration to coordinate activities.
  93. To make it more illustrative, the graphs of all five normalized utility functions are shown in the common coordinate system (Figure 5.
  94. If what we believe to be their current inventory of warships is correct, if they were to coordinate an attack, they could overwhelm us.
  95. The time, of course, can’t be considered as a fourth coordinate (4th dimension) that can be used with respect to the bodies in space.
  96. When an intelligence bill is signed to improve matters by adding another in order to coordinate all the rest, things may only get worse.
  97. This ship is faster than the Harbinger and we have every resource to track it down and coordinate a strike against it with the Fifth Fleet.
  98. Once Nesseris is no longer an issue, we can move to deal with the remaining three nations before they can coordinate a proper counterattack.
  99. What actually happened in the 9/11 debacle was beyond the ability of any living human conspiracy to orchestrate and coordinate successfully.
  100. Using the color wheels, which you can find through a number of sites through the internet, is one of the easiest ways to coordinate colors.
  1. Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee, n.
  2. Aina was in charge of coordinating the meeting.
  3. Coordinating Conjunctions and Correlative Conjunctions.
  4. He’s been coordinating the rescue and cleanup efforts.
  5. Many couples are very good at coordinating compatible lives.
  6. Coordinating Within Your Organization To Keep Updated Lists.
  7. Tierney wants someone on his side, coordinating or at least.
  8. Coordinating my appointments and the appointments of my mother.
  9. NORTHCOM Command in, Colorado Springs is coordinating the effort.
  10. You just need to overwhelm their defenses by coordinating your attacks.
  11. The doorbell rang and Cami grabbed her coordinating clutch and headed out.
  12. As for taking those areas, coordinating two simultaneous strikes would be best.
  13. Molly’s been coordinating teams, getting the coalition out on the streets.
  14. You will derive enormous benefit from coordinating your breath with your movement.
  15. She will be coordinating the close air support from the 99th Wing for our benefit.
  16. While I’m sending the data to the other robot I’m also coordinating their thoughts.
  17. The details of coordinating the twin treks were the subject of much animated conversation.
  18. Coordinating the group was beneficial to me as it kept my energy directed and my mind occupied.
  19. Randal’s remit extended beyond that of monitoring their success and coordinating the campaign.
  20. Coordinating anything requires keeping a number of variables and influences in mind rather than.
  21. I’m coordinating something on those lines, and when there are options I see to invest a little.
  22. At first it will feel awkward, that is, coordinating your breath with the pose flows, but it’s.
  23. They’re organized, and the captain believes they’re coordinating their attacks with radios.
  24. Far, but not too far away, atop the Empire State Building, the witch was coordinating a family outing.
  25. One of the best and easiest ways of coordinating colors properly is by accessing the internet for it.
  26. We are coordinating with the Denver Temple, and Guardians are already making sweeps across the state.
  27. This could be used on the battle field when coordinating back to the commander’s tent, unless under fire.
  28. Bliss, coordinating relief efforts on the ground with the ship, but she generated a second one to query Brock.
  29. Stocks rallied on news that the world’s top central banks were coordinating efforts to help the global economy.
  30. Yes, but Delphi can check my availability and add sessions from her office, so she should have no trouble coordinating.
  31. She was coordinating the release of the Power Base expose and the announcement of MacArthur's intention take over the Presidency.
  32. Leo is coordinating his old organization and all of the ex-military into a team that is now tasked with the process of nation building.
  33. I would imagine that a number of the folks who signed on to support my candidacy just assumed I was coordinating with my dad and his office.
  34. Lurking in the background was GHW Bush, who I believe was the chief coordinating authority for the Bay of Pigs and the Kennedy assassination.
  35. Coordinating their movements with jabs of his massive war pick, the wicked boulder dwarf Gunt kept the crowd moving at a constant and ordered pace.
  36. The overall command of the exercise was being handled by Peter Thornton from the federal police who was coordinating the various teams and their tasks.
  37. Reluctantly, the driver stopped the car, and Mike Green exited the vehicle first, talking into his sleeve and coordinating the move with all the other agents.
  38. They were undeniably brilliant at coordinating space-messages, getting so many offers for their service that it eventually left them little time for protests.
  39. The coordinating body of the various British unions, the Trades Union Congress, created the Labour Party in 1900 so as to get more labor representatives into Parliament.
  40. Navy Forces in Vietnam in 1968 and directed the Coastal Surveillance Force, the Riverine Assault Force, River Patrol Force, and Coast Guard activities while coordinating U.
  41. But by its actions, it was possible to deduce this one fact: all the alien nanoparticles were coordinating their actions and communicating with each other for a greater purpose.
  42. Specifically, the business of IT—that is, investigating new technologies and new needs, planning, budgeting, and coordinating efforts had not been done in any organized fashion.
  43. Specifically, the business of IT—that is, investigating new technologies and new needs, planning, budgeting and coordinating efforts was not being performed in an organized fashion.
  44. Also, given a background in corporate finance, Professor Friedman would have understood that there are three general ways for coordinating the economic activities of millions, not two:.
  45. Conjunctive adverbs look like coordinating conjunctions (and, but, or, so, for, yet, nor); however, they are not as strong as coordinating conjunctions and they are punctuated differently.
  46. He was now free to concentrate on his job in the new government, which consisted in coordinating the selection and reception of the Jewish immigrants who wished to come live in the Holy Land.
  47. The novelty and power of this aggressive stock market strategy arise from coordinating bearish information cascades with the position of the S&P 500 relative to the appropriate moving averages.
  48. Demery was very aware of the heightened tension the detention of Mosley was likely to cause and had an officer dedicated to coordinating the monitoring of movements of the key members of these extremist groups.
  49. An engine startup unit then rolled to besides the prototype and technicians proceeded in starting one by one the two huge turbofan engines, coordinating their actions with the two crewmembers inside the tandem cockpit.
  50. When Fernand Brunet was satisfied that they were well established, he went down to the ground floor to find Sean Brady and Jack Crawford coordinating the arrival by spacetime jump of part of their force of combat robots.
  51. Their rate of fire was hopelessly lower than that of whoever was attacking them, but at least they had protection while they reloaded and he could hear Kohrazahn’s deep voice holding them together, coordinating their fire.
  52. My Ninth Tactical Air Command will dedicate itself to the close air support of Allied troops and to protecting them from the Luftwaffe, and I will have no qualms in closely coordinating my operations with those of our ground units.
  53. Hanks has us visiting Headquarters this afternoon to file a report on the progress on the Smith-Hughes case, and I have permission from the Captain to interview Detectives Ciminelli and Hannigan who are coordinating the investigation.
  54. She had thus left her deputy, Colonel Hainsworth, at her headquarters in Middle Wallop, with Hainsworth in charge of coordinating the successive waves of aircraft that were going to fly out of England and towards France in the hours to come.
  55. That allowed the Germans to alert the defenses of the probable objectives in advance and to start allocating and coordinating fighters to attack our bomber formations, thus ensuring that our planes would be under near constant attack during their trip.
  56. I’m putting Flint in charge of coordinating the ground assault and while we will need extensive backup ready to move in fast at a moment’s notice, I think it’s best if the retrieval team be small and one based out of stealth in their attempt to rescue the boy.
  57. The daemon coordinating input from the fighters' and the junks' LiDAR arrays had compared all the available views of the stars from all the friendly craft in the immediate vicinity, and those views of the surrounding stars should have been identical, but they weren’t.
  58. He could only tell by coordinating the sound with the motion of the player that this sound was coming from something which looked sort of like a long-stringed autoharp with a keyboard on it, but the keys were just painted on a chunk of wormy driftwood that covered the ends of the strings.
  59. General MacArthur and Admiral Hart, motivated by the information from Nancy Laplante brought from London by Ken and Ingrid, had also taken the unprecedented step of fully coordinating the activities of Army and Navy units around the Philippines and of exchanging all the tactical information as it came.
  1. Coordinated teams of Canadian and U.
  2. Unity Rally, coordinated all over the.
  3. Their moves were coordinated as they came closer.
  4. Most pure bred Leftists are not well coordinated.
  5. Their attack wasn't properly planned and coordinated.
  6. Besides the coordinated meaning and function of the core.
  7. He’s about as coordinated as a zombie, but he’s moving.
  8. It is all purposely coordinated with wisdom about our 11-.
  9. Their heads scanned left and right in a coordinated pattern.
  10. The old man looked very satisfied at the coordinated intake of.
  11. I did remember what style was and what clothes coordinated well.
  12. Instead they focused and coordinated their efforts against Azura.
  13. He’d once coordinated a subterranean campaign against the Nagas.
  14. His movements were faster and more coordinated than the days before.
  15. There is a lack of coordinated care for many patients with chronic.
  16. The profession needs a well coordinated and responsive queuing system.
  17. A coordinated strategy throughout the organization can take care of this.
  18. The helicopters coordinated their attacks on anything that fired at them.
  19. But he orchestrated and coordinated everything that led to Carson’s death.
  20. Lawrence River, where he coordinated operations with the Canadian Coast Guard.
  21. Their coups and conquests were being coordinated and sponsored by another party.
  22. That was his girl! A second enemy ship fell to the coordinated barrage of lasers.
  23. Lighthouse Service (USLHS), founded in 1789, coordinated activities with the USLSS.
  24. In Canada, Melissa Miller had coordinated the publication of the damning information.
  25. Thereby, humanity should understand that the Creator of the Universe has coordinated.
  26. Coordinated as she whirls, though how she knows what dancing is, he could never guess.
  27. They each grabbed an oar and, with a coordinated effort, guided the boat into the river.
  28. In fact, we could define that - in terms of physiology - the coordinated activity of all.
  29. Since most stocks track earnings, the acceleration of earnings can easily be coordinated.
  30. When the evacuation of the village was coordinated they found some weeks of time to flow.
  31. They knew it was still active because ground troops were being coordinated from somewhere.
  32. One of those is proof of how and why they coordinated the Christian calendar so the second.
  33. It was coordinated with the Hebrew calendar and the zodiac by ancient sage-scientists and.
  34. This huge mass of towed barges was to advance in line at night coordinated by loud hailer's.
  35. The other thing that seemed very odd is how the Christian year was perfectly coordinated to.
  36. This certainly looks like the big coordinated air attack predicted by General Dows yesterday.
  37. Once you know that stars, angels, and seals are coordinated time symbolism, you then know two.
  38. He proceeded to smoothly perform two perfectly coordinated barrel rolls; one left and one right.
  39. Implementing a Knowledge Management program takes time and requires the coordinated timing of events.
  40. He began concentrating on his musculature, and it wasn't long before he was making coordinated moves.
  41. But it should be coordinated closely with a IRA to enhance the overall strategy for long-term growth.
  42. In other words, the virtual reality in your individual simulations will be coordinated with the others.
  43. In a perfectly coordinated attack, the bullets began hitting the tires, which exploded like small bombs.
  44. See these bones here? Arms and legs with the ability to move in a coordinated way, muscles to move them.
  45. The plan should identify who will address each issue, when, and how, and how the work will be coordinated.
  46. Dress the part: You don’t have to wear a suit or dress but a lady always wears clean, coordinated clothing.
  47. The fighting-machines were coordinated and animated to an extraordinary pitch, but nothing to compare with this.
  48. Allen coordinated Coast Guard operations in the Atlantic and Great Lakes regions immediately after the 09-11-01.
  49. A horrific, coordinated series of bomb attacks took place in November 2008 in Mumbai, India’s financial capital.
  50. Maruts started dropping in large numbers unable to withstand the coordinated flap of two thousand Ghandharva wings.
  51. We believe this to be an isolated attack by terrorist groups and not part of a coordinated attack by the Alliance.
  52. They needed to work as coordinated teams, combining their firepower and protecting one another’s vulnerabilities.
  53. The man was seriously pissed off now, and threw a badly coordinated punch that glanced off the back of Max’s head.
  54. Liu Yang (China) entered orbit on 16 June 2012 at 10:37 UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) in the Shenzhou-9 spacecraft.
  55. We would define and demand the level of coordinated and proactive care that is required to treat these illnesses properly.
  56. In these aspirations, much more than in deliberate, rational coordinated ideas, is the real character of a man to be found.
  57. The biggest lesson she taught me was that, in war, all air, sea and ground units must fight in a coordinated, joint fashion.
  58. If we want to win, then all of our forces will have to fight in a coordinated way, instead of competing against one another.
  59. Seconds later, violent bursts of gunfire fill every lane in the maze city and drown out the coordinated State-is-great chorus.
  60. Remember: A leadership must have the face of the Savior to cross the line for the message to be delivered in coordinated sense.
  61. The color coordinated plates and glasses where then put in their places, along with some fine silverware found in another box.
  62. Events have not gone as we expected, and the resistance have both been more coordinated and much more devious than we expected.
  63. These volunteers coordinated with anywhere between 80,000 and one lakh swayamsevaks engaged in a massive door-to-door campaign.
  64. Sylvie stumbled as she walked out of the clinic but seemed to gain strength, and her steps became more forceful and coordinated.
  65. All four pairs are connected to the central training information system and the missions you'll be practicing are coordinated.
  66. Thus permitting coordinated attacks on the battleships moored in battleship row by dive bombers, level bombers and torpedo planes.
  67. Larger animals shifted boards, worked into teams coordinated by Barnes, who pointed here and there with his wings as he gave orders.
  68. The woman who coordinated the printing of promotional materials stopped by to get final approval on the program for the next concert.
  69. This was utterly inconceivable; the British admiralty was totally unprepared and their reaction was to be piecemeal and un coordinated.
  70. The hornets were milling around and making of noise, but they had not come together in anything that looked like a coordinated response.
  71. The system performed a perfectly coordinated ceremonial bow before me that had been a custom of my people for an untold number of centuries.
  72. Details are therefore being laid before those Governments today, in a coordinated public briefing operation of which my statement is a part.
  73. Recognizing that their bounty was rapidly slipping through their fingers, the pirates attacked not as a coordinated body, but as a loose band.
  74. Her hair hung perfectly around her shoulder, just barely showing off black plastic hoops that coordinated amazingly with the clasp on her purse.
  75. This was beautifully coordinated with those staff members whose sole responsibility was to serve the drinks that specifically went with each dessert.
  76. But Rohsail’s better coordinated than he’d expected—than I’d expected, for that matter—and with the wind conditions he’s been encountering.
  77. Especially his gunner "Bobby" Woll who could interpret his commander's decisions resulting in a highly coordinated and extremely efficient fighting team.
  78. There were some voluntary organizations in the cities that coordinated certain projects but they were more like a chamber of commerce or volunteer group.
  79. The arrangements were coordinated and executed, the dinner hour approached, and Sarah Bunker walked with the Livingson's up the boardwalks to Miss Hill's.
  80. Amy by nature was different to Carla, but both were highly intelligent; physically, they were extraordinarily lithe and coordinated with remarkable stamina.
  81. Coordinated aerial attacks and motorized ground troops moving too fast to predict where they would hit or when was what made the invasion of France a success.
  82. A Japanese unit commander that had finally succeeded in assembling a coherent force launched a coordinated counter-attack from Malabang Airfield, to the East of Lae.
  83. Mophi, Grimes and the mercenary who had coordinated the attack repeatedly studied the footage, until the mercenary and Mophi persuaded Grimes that it had been a glitch.
  84. I laid Asia down and they lost no time, but showed their experience in how they coordinated together at cutting away the bandage and shirt in order to examine the wound.
  85. He opened his mouth to yell out the word, but by the time he had his brain and his tongue coordinated, the horse, shaking its head and snorting, had come to a stop on its own.
  86. The pickets coordinated their action against the local defenders with the lasers mounted on the big ship and fended off the first wave of attacks at the cost of two of their own.
  87. Too many things about the capabilities of Charisian spies and how smoothly Sharleyan and Cayleb functioned as a coordinated team even when they were tens of thousands of miles apart.
  88. Marines and Coast Guard personnel coordinated security and search operations on board Coast Guard cutters and on shore in Operation Harbor Shield, a model for subsequent training missions.
  89. However, that attack proved to be disorganized and badly coordinated and it fizzled out into a series of small scale fights, with the Marines succeeding in holding tight to their perimeter.
  90. It appears that our investigation into Mark and the abducted girls is part of something much bigger and they want a coordinated effort put in place so that we don’t trip over each other.
  91. We waited, our breathing tight within our chests, as within minutes of the first barrage another came as coordinated as the first, only this time it wasn’t stone but fire that fell instead.
  92. Though she was wearing a large diamond ring over her elbow-length white gloves, a bracelet coordinated with her ring and her necklace would add more charm and grace to her rather simple style.
  93. The room was coordinated to create an atmosphere similar to a beach home but which was more appropriate for one of the condominiums at the numerous high-rise developments, a favorite of tourists.
  94. Another Modi man from Gujarat, Vijay Chauthaiwale, who was a molecular biologist and an ABVP activist, handled the back-room operations and coordinated between the Delhi and Gandhinagar war rooms.
  95. The commotion attracted the other pups that were circling Carlos and Bubba like Indians around a wagon train and several headed for the two combatants, stumbling on their less than coordinated legs.
  96. The net was so thin, that while it would prevent Captain Darwin’s crew from descending to the planet, it was not enough to fend off even a loosely coordinated pirate attack of more than a few ships.
  97. The further rezonationally coordinated dynamics of all Focuses automatically inertially reproject in these Directions: FCA of the Formo-Creators of the brain and FDR of conglomerates of Formo-copies.
  98. As early as 1968, US General Robert Porter urged, In order to facilitate the coordinated employment of internal security forces within and among Latin American countries, we [US military and intelligence] are.
  99. Yamamoto couldn’t help frown on seeing that the attacks by his navy planes and by army planes were not being coordinated, more than probably due to the running inter-service rivalry between the Army and Navy.
  100. If there is anything I learned while fighting in the Philippines, Guadalcanal and Papua New Guinea, it is that we will win this war only if we all fight in a coordinated way on the ground, in the air and at sea.
  1. Johnson typed in the coordinates.
  2. You have the coordinates I want.
  3. Walker gave him the coordinates.
  4. By the coordinates you gave me.
  5. He saw the coordinates had changed.
  6. Where put the coordinates and why?!.
  7. S: Tell me the coordinates anyway.
  8. Each crew was given search coordinates.
  9. She called a set of coordinates to the.
  10. We even double-checked the coordinates.
  11. We have the coordinates to beam you down.
  12. I’ll relay the coordinates over to you.
  13. We’re almost at the coordinates, sir.
  14. I know those coordinates nearly by memory.
  15. First at the perimeter of his coordinates.
  16. The coordinates to this location are 31,34.
  17. The voice read out the approach coordinates.
  18. The 1302 and the 6350 are coordinates that.
  19. We think Elizabeth is at these coordinates.
  20. The coordinates have been set, Sasha said.
  21. Just give me the date and coordinates, miss.
  22. You should have the coordinates available now.
  23. The sixth point has coordinates of 30 and 105.
  24. Checking his GPS, he wrote down the coordinates.
  25. I heard the coordinates before they took you off.
  26. I overheard the coordinates of where you were sent.
  27. The center is the node with coordinates 18 and 105.
  28. The coordinates appeared on the top of our screens.
  29. I'm going to broadcast the location coordinates now.
  30. Fortunately, she had input the coordinates into the.
  31. Instantly it located him and the coordinates flashed.
  32. The trace picked it up, and the coordinates are …'.
  33. They got the exact GPS coordinates direct from Google.
  34. I provided you with the coordinates to come save me.
  35. I told him to transfer those coordinates to the air cars.
  36. All four helicopters are uploaded coordinates for their.
  37. Craig handed him a PADD with the coordinates to his ship.
  38. I’m just checking what coordinates Timms laid in here.
  39. Here are the coordinates of the ship’s hiding place.
  40. This nervous system coordinates the sides of the organism.
  41. Exactly the coordinates 10 ° 57 '42'' north latitude and.
  42. Spears read off three coordinates he had Shacked up earlier.
  43. Fleet of the Einstein’s predicament and their coordinates.
  44. You recognize those Galactic coordinates? said Zaphod.
  45. You see? Her fingernail traces a line of coordinates.
  46. There was a set of coordinates written underneath the words.
  47. As soon as she got her coordinates, Nancy disappeared again.
  48. FuckMoney for BSGPS coordinates for the sanctuary nearest you.
  49. Jista interrupted, That diagram isn't of those coordinates.
  50. Here are the coordinates of the head of the column…’’.
  51. Timms already laid in coordinates for the Algol-Mizar transit.
  52. When they reached camp, Seven gave the last known coordinates.
  53. Shall I notify the helm of the coordinates? Losira asked.
  54. From the coordinates on the map, Brent triangulated Seven’s.
  55. Here’s our coordinates, and that’s where we’re going.
  56. And the coordinates of the location of the characters x and y.
  57. He coordinates a penpal network called BIB Penpals at Youtube.
  58. The coordinates have been sent to your neural interface array.
  59. He relayed the coordinates to Avi and they jumped toward the.
  60. Set in the coordinates for Sherman’s planet, Garcia said.
  61. He transmitted a set of rendezvous coordinates to Avi’s ship.
  62. Roidon was telling the ship to move towards certain coordinates.
  63. The wormhole should very soon be connected to those coordinates.
  64. Do we have the coordinates of their last known position?
  65. Buddy? Where are we? Buddy rattled off a set of coordinates.
  66. Dana Mulano looked at the spacetime coordinates of the emergence.
  67. I know them by coordinates on the charts, the ones I taught you.
  68. It was modified with a stabilizing motor to hold the coordinates.
  69. The entrance to this cavern is located at the coordinates (46,36).
  70. I will need the coordinates of this rock field and its projected.
  71. Navigator, set destination to the target coordinates, I said.
  72. The Covert efficiently moved to the coordinates entered by Martina.
  73. R: He gave me the coordinates for a place he called Pioneer Base.
  74. Coordinates of the new global maximum are 30 and 100, respectively.
  75. By the time he reached the coordinates, Brent felt as if his heart.
  76. Paul, alert all ships to jump to these coordinates on your mark.
  77. No interstellar coordinates, planetary descriptions or letters home.
  78. They relayed a new set of coordinates for the cargo ship to jump to.
  79. The fifth point with coordinates of 30 and 170 is, thereby, obtained.
  80. And you’re right, these coordinates have been stored in the navicom.
  81. The coordinates are crossed out and a second set is visible below them.
  82. I’ve programmed the coordinates that you gave us into the computer.
  83. We are, Tammas informed her, pointing to the Texas’ coordinates.
  84. Open up a channel to the sentry ship and set up rendezvous coordinates.
  85. Good for you, Dar replied, punching in the coordinates for landing.
  86. Your primary care doctor then coordinates all of your health care needs.
  87. I am now sending the precise coordinates of the corners of the courtyard.
  88. It had been raining between the coordinates Jack gave since this morning.
  89. Within each of the three coordinates (dimensions), we can move indefinitely.
  90. Can you open the navigation program so I can give you the coordinates?
  91. At first, the character is going to a point with other coordinates x and y.
  92. Glenelle relayed the new coordinates, deep on the far side of the mountain.
  93. Suppose that the node with coordinates of 60 and 130 was selected randomly.
  94. Calculate the center of the segment with coordinates 18 and 110, 18 and 100.
  95. Velocity locked and coordinates set, General, Officer Remmit tells him.
  96. Then program them with the same coordinates as for Private Tonen’s unit.
  97. The coordinates he had given Fiona put them on the edge of the asteroid belt.
  98. The operator gave Boshnikoff the coordinates of where the C-130 had popped up.
  99. Zorn set the coordinates, targeting the top of the tower, and pushed the button.
  100. Destination coordinates straight ahead Captain, within view, Martina said.

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