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    1. ‘Do you want me to organise something to eat?’ I suggested, my imagination running riot on the subject of this idea of his

    2. Basically, Smith could no more organise a cosmic booze-up in an

    3. Basically, Smith could no more organise a cosmic booze-up in an entire star field of breweries than could an ant recite the works of Rabbie Burns across the vast glens of Whisky sodden Scotland

    4. Hmmm … that will give us time to organise things

    5. ‘Drens said he will organise some transport for us – he’s coming with us to the kahtstation

    6. Gilla, we ought to organise some sort of announcement

    7. We must organise the memorial for Joris and I need Berndt here for that

    8. 'There's such a lot to organise

    9. organise an all-expense-paid booze party to motivate my partners at the shop

    10. Nikos would drop us off at the bay of Palatia then go back and organise the other two fishing boats to ferry up the volunteers in the morning

    11. For my part, I’ve had to re-think how I organise the bathroom as he has a set way of laying out his shaving gear and, as I am given to understand it, the world will end if it is not laid out just so

    12. We’re trying to organise a wedding

    13. I’ve got directions, though I haven’t looked at them yet - we take it in turns to organise these bashes, you see

    14. ‘How about you two organise something for lunch while I empty the washing machine?’ I suggested

    15. And as to how you organise the search, I’m

    16. operation and she will organise the injection when you get

    17. He and Tom decided to take all the adult males to the pub to wet the head of the new babe and left me alone with the ladies and children to organise specific games for the little ones

    18. the city, they organise weekly markets with

    19. It dawned on Zarko that she was referring to his encounter with Nuska earlier that day and he wiped a hand across his brow, trying to organise his thoughts before speaking

    20. He wanted to organise his thoughts for when he faced Helez later

    21. I might have to leave you for a short while to go and organise them, but I’ll be back before you know it

    22. You should organise the points you wish to make in a logical order

    23. ” The Captain nodded mulling this over as Ted Wallace saluted and then left to organise the defences and lookouts as I watched to my front I heard a shout of

    24. Every week he had to organise fixing energy supplies, electrical problems, drainage issues, replacing worn out heat insulation, getting damaged doors and windows fixed

    25. It took months to organise and the invitation were sent out by a fleet of secret riders, who delivered each secret invitation, sealed, to each king personally

    26. Even outnumbered ten to one, Cherva had easily taken them during a meeting in the Great Chamber, overcoming their weak resistance before they could organise themselves

    27. "Look at 'em, bleedin' cretins! Don't know 'ow the 'ell we ever managed ter win the war with that lot 'elping us!" Raising his voice a few notches, he continued: "Couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery

    28. "I sort o' told the vicar that you'd organise the fete fer 'im, didn't I?" he said

    29. "You sure you're up to this?" I asked Uncle Hobart, worried that, as it had only been a short time since Aunt Martha's funeral, helping to organise the fete for the vicar might prove a bit too much

    30. Now they just had to wait for the National Insurance Fund to organise contractors to fix their property

    31. In some twisted way, our conscience would feel better if we do everything in our power to organise the best funeral ever in a last desperate attempt to assure the deceased that we still love them dearly

    32. A caste system for a social species might be the most efficient way to organise such a species: the greatest benefits for the collective, at the least costs for the collective

    33. complimentary, and a long term wife, since I think we should get married as soon as we can organise the formalities

    34. let alone try to organise a wetting of the baby’s head

    35. There are about twenty known categories that the brain uses to organise knowledge, including fruits/vegetables, plants, animals, body parts, colors, numbers, letters, nouns, verbs, proper names, faces, facial expressions, emotions and sounds

    36. "Yes! Are you going to organise the rest?"

    37. "Did you organise all of this?"

    38. The room you were just in is a holding area while we organise a more permanent one for you

    39. The Brisbane homicide squad and Missing persons areas were happy to let the others organise the raid but wanted some observers to look after their interests

    40. In the days before credit cards and instant international money transfers, travellers had to organise traveller’s cheques that had to be cashed at a bank or major hotel for local currency, using passport ID

    41. He was Director of Education for Clackmannanshire in Scotland, and upon learning I was a Shakespearian actor with tertiary education, asked if I'd like to organise and run drama courses at his shire’s month-long residential schools

    42. As he left he said he’d organise three tickets for Coppelia at the Opera House the following afternoon

    43. “Ok, bring it in, and then escort Khun Ratray to the dining room and organise her some lunch

    44. “Thank you,” said Pon and the brigadier left the room, to organise the meal, leaving the two love birds to chat

    45. But first, he had to organise the odds in his favour

    46. Over the years, human breakthroughs in information technology—writing, printing, telephony, radio, television, computing, and the Internet—have consistently increased our ability to gather, process, organise and utilise information

    47. The sensible thing to do was to go back to the assembly point, report Steve as missing, then help organise a proper search

    48. Sitting on the bed Lewis angrily watches the doctor prepare needle and thread and organise her tray of medical equipment

    49. They organise themselves into cells of up to five soldiers only, but lots of them, spread all over the country and abroad

    50. You might have to organise a car for yourself to get you to the factory in Liverpool

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    coordinate organise organize direct engineer mastermind orchestrate devise get up machinate prepare unionise unionize form