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  1. Patience truly is the cornerstone.
  2. These all symbolize cornerstone or.
  3. He’s the cornerstone of my universe.
  4. The cornerstone of building a better.
  5. W resurrection is the cornerstone of the.
  6. Loyalty is the cornerstone of friendship.
  7. But the weight of it sank its cornerstone.
  8. Sincerity is the cornerstone of friendship.
  9. Slavery is the cornerstone of the South.
  10. Blessing of the Cornerstone of a New Building.
  11. Language is the cornerstone that defines a Culture.
  12. This survey is the cornerstone of the Human Resources.
  13. Jesus spoke of himself as being the cornerstone of the.
  14. Steve Warner had been a solid cornerstone of that story.
  15. Choice remains the cornerstone of a free and open society.
  16. Jesus is our elect Brother and the Chief Cornerstone of.
  17. Christ‘s Resurrection is the cornerstone of Christianity.
  18. Fruit, not surprisingly, is a cornerstone of the Thai diet.
  19. The dinner table is the cornerstone of a closely-knit family.
  20. Unfortunately, this alleged cornerstone of the American con-.
  21. Historical data are the cornerstone of any backtesting system.
  22. Address on laying the cornerstone of the Bunker Hill Monument.
  23. Each planet is a link, a cornerstone on which others are built.
  24. Evolutionary advance is the cornerstone of the whole rebellion.
  25. Jesus spoke of himself as being the cornerstone of the religion.
  26. After her mother died he had become the cornerstone of her life.
  27. Using what you already know is the cornerstone of Lynch’s advice.
  28. The second cornerstone is what we call: The Magic of Odds Reversal.
  29. However, a cornerstone to a successful portfolio is diversification.
  30. Health is the cornerstone of self-esteem perfect outlook on life values.
  31. One of them, Bernard continues, is a cornerstone estimated to.
  32. The summit of the golden pyramid or its fifth cornerstone or the result.
  33. The verse in Isaiah shows us a picture of Jesus as the cornerstone of a.
  34. Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life.
  35. Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior, the Chief Cornerstone of The Church.
  36. Any history of squeezes in the 1980s includes Chase Medical as a cornerstone.
  37. This is the cornerstone of a responsive mailing list, and I talked about it.
  38. Fat Sal's pawn shop had been the cornerstone of Flushing Avenue for many years.
  39. The Broadview Savings stock became a cornerstone for shorts' asset evaluation.
  40. Thus, life in the present moment became a cornerstone of Salesian spirituality.
  41. That said, research is the cornerstone of creating an effective trading strategy.
  42. A cornerstone is a key piece of the foundation of a house and thereby represents.
  43. Remember the cornerstone of the scientific method is to establish cause and effect.
  44. The Freedom of Choice, within acceptable limits, is the cornerstone of a Free Society.
  45. Why was that? Because total health care control is a cornerstone of socialism/communism.
  46. For successful companies, timely and accurate financial statements are the cornerstone of.
  47. Berkshire also bought insurance companies, which became the cornerstone of Buffett’s success.
  48. There, upon a low black hill, stood the House, its cornerstone bearing the inscription 2005 A.
  49. This is the ‘stone which was rejected by you builders, which has become the chief cornerstone.
  50. Placing the Bible like a brick on the lectern, an ignored cornerstone to his peroration, he lit out:.
  51. Projects such as Syncrude’s are what the IEA hopes will become the cornerstone of future oil supply growth.
  52. While male-female attraction is the cornerstone of creation, man seeks to blindfold woman with marital fidelity.
  53. Here comes the fourth golden cornerstone that completes the golden square that represents the rule of sustenance.
  54. This is like a pyramid with four cornerstones as its base and the fifth cornerstone is its summit or the result.
  55. Yet, this is still the cornerstone of our legal system: minds that misremember due to biases they are unaware of.
  56. God didn't make sex the cornerstone of our existence, but recognize, that those who do often can not acknowledge God.
  57. The idea that diversification is a good strategy in portfolio allocation is the cornerstone of Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT).
  58. This new kind of strength gradually becomes the cornerstone of a true individual existence -- the life you've always wanted.
  59. The cornerstone of a life together, being built around the family unit, a good job, a house, a car and three lovely children.
  60. How to give away your faith to others, without demand? The resurrection, the cornerstone of Christianity grants a rapid belief.
  61. We believe this margin-of-safety principle, so strongly emphasized by Ben Graham, to be the cornerstone of investment success.
  62. A cornerstone is a key piece of the foundation of a house and thereby represents foundational and defining knowledge, hence wisdom.
  63. That Humankind enjoys a certain capacity to contemplate eternal designs represents (the) cornerstone of its (potential) immortality.
  64. Furthermore, when you parse the word into “brim” and “stone,” brim is a boundary and a stone is a cornerstone or foundational wisdom.
  65. This is especially striking considering that the notion of risk is the cornerstone of economics, finance, and many other related disciplines.
  66. Stone: Sturdy; believer; witness of the Holy Spirit; the Word of God; good works; a believer; Jesus the chief cornerstone; unruliness; strength;.
  67. Who stretched out the measuring line and who laid the cornerstone? He asked Job if he could bring forth the constellations or command an eagle to soar.
  68. This belief in the ease of life is a cornerstone of modern academia, as was obvious when Peter Atkins debated William Lane Craig in Manchester a few years ago.
  69. In the tables and graphs, we will refer to this strategy by its abbreviation MF CSG Improved, which stands for Multifactor, Cornerstone Growth Strategy Improved.
  70. He had been conditioned since the early 1960s to only invest in stocks with strong earnings, as such stocks were the cornerstone of his massive success in the markets.
  71. I do not hesitate thus to glorify family life, for your Master has wisely chosen the father-child relationship as the very cornerstone of this new gospel of the kingdom.
  72. It tends to be much easier for outsiders to gain some degree of conviction if a cornerstone of their analysis is an approach that emphasizes high-quality NAV acquired at a discount price.
  73. This is a far cry from that which Christ was building with His people, fitly joined together, with Him the chief cornerstone, meeting here or there, mobilizing each other as God gives the increase.
  74. Their strong emphasis on self-awareness, knowledge, practical skills and caring has made the members of this group an important cornerstone in our society's quest for growth and spiritual evolution.
  75. Some of this was about money, of course: Insel was looking for more funding for NIMH for RDoC and Lieberman was also protecting DSM, which is an important diagnostic reference and the cornerstone of APA’s budget.
  76. Other religions had suggested the thought of the nearness of God to man, but Jesus made the care of God for man like the solicitude of a loving father for the welfare of his dependent children and then made this teaching the cornerstone of his religion.
  77. He that was called a stumbling block, is now the chief cornerstone, therefore we that follow Him are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a Holy nation, a special people to proclaim the praises of Him who called us out of darkness into His marvelous light.
  78. This new effort would use a different President Kennedy milestone as its rallying point: the upcoming fiftieth anniversary of the signing of the Community Mental Health Act, the cornerstone of much that had gone right (and wrong) in the care of brain diseases.
  79. Viewed in this light, there can be no hesitation in fixing upon the death of the Son of God as the most prominent event in the divine order, and therefore upon the doctrine of justification, which is founded upon it, as the cornerstone of the Christian system.
  80. A lot of personality traits are a direct product of individual experience with toilet training, which is as severe an exercise in concentration as any advanced mind training technique – not only is it the root of societal shame, but also the constant, moment-tomoment focus of attention upon not soiling oneself becomes the cornerstone for constant, moment-to-moment focus upon an inner dialogue– except that it is imposed upon people when they’re two years old.
  81. Chief Cornerstone, The Truth, The Soon Coming King,.
  82. It is thereby also referred to as the philosophers’ stone (cornerstone,.
  83. Notice that a cornerstone also infers other corners, which means it doesn’t stand alone,.
  84. Stone–This merges the symbolism of both a cornerstone (corner) and a gemstone ( pearl, emerald,.

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