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Corruptive en una oración (en ingles)

  1. Pride-wealth-greed-power-stupidity-laziness, etc are all part of the same corruptive process.
  2. That’s my worry with money, she said as her apprehensions resurfaced, for its corruptive influence.
  3. The acts of many of these executive’s and of company official’s is truly alarming, because to many of them are acting in very corruptive ways.
  4. As is well known, towards the end of its era, the Ottoman Empire was still an Islamic state with its time- held traditions, and in general it was against all corruptive practices.
  5. How could it be that around them he was an all-American guy, yet out of their presence he was a murderous, violent, and corruptive thug with total disrespect for the law? How could it be that he had managed for so long to conceal that dark side from everyone and play the part of consummate law enforcer to the hilt? The old saying that there were two sides to every coin and every man was perfectly apt here.

  6. Astonished indeed am I, that a gentleman so eloquent, so well qualified to uphold the honor and dignity of his country, should so abandon them! Is it possible such doctrine should be advocated on the floor of Congress? Has it come to this? Was it for this the martyrs of the Revolution died? Is this great continent and the free millions who inhabit it, again to become appendages of the British Crown? Shall it again be held, in its orbit by the attractive, the corruptive influence of the petty island of Great Britain? No.

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