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    1. The Antis try to whip up antagonism; my role is frequently to ascertain what is being done and to counteract it if at all possible

    2. It helps to counteract skin

    3. And now here is another breathing exercise which will help to counteract bad posture, drooping and round shoulders, and curvature of the spine

    4. We were taking turns sitting with her although she was pretty well out of it most of the time due to the drugs they gave her to counteract the pain

    5. The thief could not do much more to counteract his nervousness except rupture forth with awkward laughter

    6. “Hey…you got hit with that stuff? You got anything to counteract it, any potions?”

    7. In order to counteract this notable piece of mercantile policy, and to render herself as much as possible independent, not only of Sweden, but of all the other northern powers, Great Britain gave a bounty upon the importation of naval stores from America; and the effect of this bounty was to raise the price of timber in America much more than the confinement to the home market could lower it; and as both regulations were enacted at the same time, their joint effect was rather to encourage than to discourage the clearing of land in America

    8. We know that while the subterranean water layer existed, the Earth’s magnetic field was strong enough to counteract the gravitational pull that was exerted on the water, suspended above the atmosphere

    9. She cleared her throat and speciously threw on a more permanently contrived smile to counteract her teary eyed face, “Hi Bob” she said

    10. partner when this makes public manifestations that counteract

    11. We can also counteract our own anger, unhappiness, and other negative states of mind

    12. ▪ Promise not to repeat the negative actions and apply yourself diligently to doing virtuous actions – in order to counteract the negative ones

    13. ▪ Traditionally in Buddhism one can use practices such as prostrations (to destroy pride), making offerings (to counteract greed), reading Buddhist texts (to counteract ignorance and negative thoughts), and acts of kindness (to cultivate a heart of compassion)

    14. The reason is that we have all acted destructively many times – and so cannot expect to counteract all the negative seeds at once

    15. It is also effective to purify oneself using these four opponent powers each evening in order to counteract any negative actions done during the day

    16. There was a list of prosecution witnesses as Sandra had found it hard to counteract the tide of feelings against the heinous crime

    17. ” That would require some form of “equal time” for “liberal” views to counteract the predominantly conservative views expressed on talk radio

    18. and beans there are many products that can counteract that problem

    19. counteract some of the affects of the aging process

    20. counteract the effects of aging

    21. But none of that could counteract the pain I was experiencing

    22. What you have detected there does nothing more than counteract some of the pull of weight on our world, reducing that pull to one third of what it would be otherwise

    23. "Keep your stick in the left rear corner to counteract the quartering left cross wind," he told the struggling backseater

    24. She concentrated a moment, then exchanged what she’d been wearing under her armor for a blue wool spring dress, warm enough to counteract the slight chill

    25. Most of them are gathering closer to the dividing line between our dimension and yours, partly in order to project positive energies to Earth, which will counteract the negative energies here

    26. “We can only hope the OSHA report to the Senate is positive enough to counteract this crap

    27. The best way to counteract this problem is to work together as a team

    28. But the pressure tends to counteract the gravitational force that is

    29. This view was developed to counteract claims to knowledge based on faith, divine

    30. From the reflections I passed to the resolutions and decided to use the maximum of my faculties and all the possible and impossible means of which I had personal knowledge of to counteract the curse of the spell and save my life

    31. I would also quickly run out and buy the accompanying books, hoping to somehow counteract the effects on my child's delicate brainstem

    32. this negative mankind has to create a positive to counteract or to swing the pendulum back

    33. And no one else in Cary Town was strong enough to counteract the

    34. up a potion to counteract the drugs, but there wasn’t time

    35. Tristan’s voice was gentle, to counteract the pain and fear in Brandon’s

    36. forum to counteract the consciousness-lowering aspect of women's socialization

    37. They were, of course, disconcerted by the increasing spread of rumors that Jesus had risen from the dead, but they depended upon the bribed guards effectively to counteract all such reports by their reiteration of the story that a band of his followers had removed the body

    38. certain thing to counteract a certain

    39. be ready to counteract the action

    40. compensate, you’ll need to eat more protein to counteract this effect

    41. Built to counteract the growing wave of software

    42. Stallman-to counteract those effects

    43. You can counteract this by putting on your own music

    44. Perhaps another type of revolution to counteract the one dealing with computers is really what is necessary

    45. seamanship to counteract a rogue while he also knew that any chance of

    46. reasonable attention; to counteract the very rigid timing of these events assigned by a lot of existing prophecy teaching

    47. be no tax benefits to counteract the change in default probability and the result will be a

    48. A few times I was just too drawn to acid foods, but I just mixed some greens with my water to try to counteract my indiscretion

    49. large metal balls either side on arms to counteract the effect of the ship’s iron on the magnetism of

    50. It has been said that water is a natural way to counteract hunger pains

    1. be more than happy to cross any picket line that counteracted a conspiracy of this ilk against the

    2. is any evil thereby counteracted? Or

    3. Elinor submitted to the arrangement which counteracted her wishes with less reluctance than she had expected to feel

    4. The moist air of the cavern might possibly be counteracted by the heat of my body, but even so, I knew that I could not hope to get a light for many hours

    5. (1980) showed that treatment with either amitriptyline or imipramine counteracted

    6. Under this infatuating principle, counteracted by no real affection for her sister, it was impossible for her to aim at more than the credit of projecting and arranging so expensive a charity; though perhaps she might so little know herself as to walk home to the Parsonage, after this conversation, in the happy belief of being the most liberal-minded sister and aunt in the world

    7. Rushworth’s return, but was so much counteracted in Wimpole Street by the influence of Mr

    8. Rushworth's return, but was so much counteracted in Wimpole Street by the influence of Mr

    9. But the tendency to rapid sinking in this substance was in the present instance materially counteracted by the other parts of the head remaining undetached from it, so that it sank very slowly and deliberately indeed, affording Queequeg a fair chance for performing his agile obstetrics on the run, as you may say

    10. The Congress is therefore of opinion that these evils should be counteracted by the publication of accurate statements and information that would tend to the removal of misunderstanding among nations, and recommends to the Inter-Parliamentary Committee the importance of considering the question of commencing an international newspaper, which should have such a purpose as one of its primary objects

    11. The Congress is therefore of opinion that these ends should be counteracted by the publication of accurate statements and information that would tend to the removal of misunderstanding amongst nations, and recommends to the Inter-Parliamentary Committee the importance of considering the question of starting an international newspaper, which should have such a purpose as one of its primary objects

    12. The congress believes that the warlike prejudices and traditions which are still fostered in the various nationalities, and the misrepresentations by leaders of public opinion in legislative assemblies or through the press, are often indirect causes of war, and that these evils should be counteracted by the publication of accurate information tending to the removal of misunderstanding between nations, and recommends the importance of considering the question of commencing an international newspaper with such a purpose

    13. This is a great law of politics; it is to the political what gravitation is to the physical world; it cannot be counteracted

    1. counteracting medications or other mechanical devices that blunt dis-

    2. If there is a counteracting desire, they cancel each other out

    3. rebelliousness will not be long-lived unless it becomes a means of counteracting the

    4. While JFK was trying to work for peaceful coexistence, the CIA was acting like the dirty tricks faction of fascist thinkers and counteracting presidential control of foreign policy

    5. Another example of counteracting the risk of higher growth occurs with a price

    6. Autumn tried to ward them off with magic, but the witches were right behind them, counteracting her spells with the greatest of ease

    7. “Yes,” Phillip said, counteracting with a smile

    8. Counteracting forces to the force

    9. counteracting the nutrient profile of the meal

    10. Gravity is pulling the weight of the ship down, counteracting the “Nor'easter's” gale force winds trying to tip the “Virgin” over

    11. being is just a matter of counteracting any

    12. The audience would see instantly that “the hardening of the face” was a process of counteracting the force of the consumption, and the more the Lord would consume them, the harder they must make their faces, and just laugh and revel in sensualism as of old

    13. This doctrine, plainly as it is taught in the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures, is at once distinguished from the debasing superstitions respecting evil spirits found in heathen systems of mythology and religion, as in China, Ceylon, and India, by this—that it is taught along with the equally clear doctrine of the counteracting agency of good spirits called the angels of God

    14. ’ But according to the measure of that probability miracles are probable, in the great supernatural work of counteracting sin and death

    15. What quality did it (his hand) possess but with what counteracting influence?

    16. Lydgate certainly had good reason to reflect on the service his practice did him in counteracting his personal cares

    17. 5% of chief financial officers admitted that counteracting the dilution from options was a major reason for repurchasing shares (see CFO Forum, “The Buyback Track,” Institutional Investor, July, 1998)

    18. Now, it was plainly a labor of love for Captain Sleet to describe, as he does, all the little detailed conveniences of his crow's-nest; but though he so enlarges upon many of these, and though he treats us to a very scientific account of his experiments in this crow's-nest, with a small compass he kept there for the purpose of counteracting the errors resulting from what is called the "local attraction" of all binnacle magnets; an error ascribable to the horizontal vicinity of the iron in the ship's planks, and in the Glacier's case, perhaps, to there having been so many broken-down blacksmiths among her crew; I say, that though the Captain is very discreet and scientific here, yet, for all his learned "binnacle deviations," "azimuth compass observations," and "approximate errors," he knows very well, Captain Sleet, that he was not so much immersed in those profound magnetic meditations, as to fail being attracted occasionally towards that well replenished little case-bottle, so nicely tucked in on one side of his crow's nest, within easy reach of his hand

    19. The meaning of Caprivi's speech, translated into simple language, is this, that money was not needed for counteracting the foreign enemies, but for bribing the under-officers, so as to make them willing to act against the oppressed labouring masses

    20. Consequently, there is in these men a counteracting force, whenever they have to do something which is contrary to their convictions

    21. We, the men of state, who are counteracting this impoverishment by wise enactments, and we, the capitalists, who are counteracting it by the dissemination of useful inventions, we, the clergy, by religious instruction, and we, the liberals, by the establishment of labour-unions, the increase and diffusion of knowledge, in this manner, without changing our position, increase the welfare of the masses

    22. The exercise of powers counteracting principles most dear to every part of the community, ought to be assumed with the utmost caution

    23. " Send your vessels to the Brazils, you meet them there intriguing against your commerce; to Buenos Ayres, you find them there; to Cayenne, there also; to Terra Firma, you there find them in conjunction with Miranda intriguing and counteracting your commerce; to Barbadoes, Surinam, Demerara, Trinidad, Martinique, Guadaloupe, Jamaica, &c

    24. The water contained in the ground, (that is, in that part which is within the reach of a freezing temperature) by congealing, expands and demands more space; a movement must necessarily take place in the direction where there is the least resistance; this will evidently be upward, because the atmosphere, the only counteracting power in this direction, cannot resist the expansion of the freezing water as much as it is resisted by the earth below the freezing stratum

    25. This, not only on account of its elevation, but from its containing less water, would not be able to exert an equal counteracting effort

    1. Jaden counteracts the gravity forces around his body pulling him down while concentrating on his shield around him

    2. This counteracts the electrical resistance and keeps the ion migration process in order

    3. lights of the world, the Spirit counteracts the spiritual

    4. It is this second movement of realization of essence, presence, and fullness of Being that counteracts the belief that since I (as ego) do not exist, therefore nothing exists and all is illusion

    5. It is this second movement of realization of Presence that counteracts the belief that since I (as ego) don't exist, therefore nothing exists and everything is an illusion

    6. objects in relation to specific density and because of this motion counteracts any size, mass or weight by

    7. use as a substitute for the vocational preference test which also counteracts the

    8. Sometimes the market overreacts to or even counteracts favorable or disappointing news

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