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Frasi con counteract (in inglese)

  1. It helps to counteract skin.
  2. His cheerfulness will counteract this.
  3. We must counteract this solidification.
  4. Built to counteract the growing wave of software.
  5. You can counteract this by putting on your own music.

  6. Overuse of them can counteract their overall efficacy.
  7. But none of that could counteract the pain I was experiencing.
  8. Drink plenty of water to counteract all of the sugar consumed.
  9. And no one else in Cary Town was strong enough to counteract the.
  10. The best way to counteract this problem is to work together as a team.
  11. But the pressure tends to counteract the gravitational force that is.
  12. It has been said that water is a natural way to counteract hunger pains.
  13. In order to counteract a biological fouling of the resins, the facility.
  14. Then I finally started counteract, Your colleagues are fool and stupid.
  15. To compensate, you’ll need to eat more protein to counteract this effect.

  16. The necessity to counteract by impermanent sojourn the permanence of arrest.
  17. Tristan’s voice was gentle, to counteract the pain and fear in Brandon’s.
  18. He saw how ill he had judged, in expecting to counteract what was wrong in Mrs.
  19. Drug therapy with anabolic steroids is sometimes used to counteract these losses.
  20. One part does not counteract another part, he is the joiner, he sees how they join.
  21. This view was developed to counteract claims to knowledge based on faith, divine.
  22. What in God’s name could I say to counteract Carmody’s heartrending testimony?
  23. We can also counteract our own anger, unhappiness, and other negative states of mind.
  24. He holds ideas large enough to counteract and destroy all petty and annoying obstacles.
  25. Their thinking and thoughts are very out-dated and old fogy I kept on my counteract.

  26. Sensing the problem, the ascent software angled the ship into the wind to counteract it.
  27. There are still factors that could counteract seasonal demand cycles in all commodities.
  28. Hey…you got hit with that stuff? You got anything to counteract it, any potions?
  29. This will counteract what we’re trying to do and can actually slow your metabolic rate.
  30. Note the straight line introduced in seated female figure with flute to counteract rich forms.
  31. We can only hope the OSHA report to the Senate is positive enough to counteract this crap.
  32. The added resistance should counteract inertia to prevent them from ramming into us—in theory.
  33. Alas! I hadn't skill to counteract the effect his account had produced: it was just what he intended.
  34. Alas! I hadn’t skill to counteract the effect his account had produced: it was just what he intended.
  35. The thief could not do much more to counteract his nervousness except rupture forth with awkward laughter.
  36. Perhaps another type of revolution to counteract the one dealing with computers is really what is necessary.
  37. To counteract this effect, you might want to consider using gross assets by adding back accumulated depreciation.
  38. The rebels decided to counteract the governor’s show of force and prevent a confrontation by having children there.
  39. None of us are immune to emotion, but we can use superior reasoning to counteract our emotions and make good decisions.
  40. A rapid increase in the number of cars on the road could counteract many of the benefits obtained from reduced coal use.
  41. She was born to discover the falsehood of her own opinions, and to counteract, by her conduct, her most favourite maxims.
  42. The passion with which many misuse words, matches the fervor in which some like myself must indulge to counteract the sin.
  43. To counteract that dilution, the companies must turn right back around and repurchase millions of shares in the open market.
  44. A few times I was just too drawn to acid foods, but I just mixed some greens with my water to try to counteract my indiscretion.
  45. The Antis try to whip up antagonism; my role is frequently to ascertain what is being done and to counteract it if at all possible.
  46. There was a list of prosecution witnesses as Sandra had found it hard to counteract the tide of feelings against the heinous crime.
  47. The reason is that we have all acted destructively many times – and so cannot expect to counteract all the negative seeds at once.
  48. I would also quickly run out and buy the accompanying books, hoping to somehow counteract the effects on my child's delicate brainstem.
  49. She cleared her throat and speciously threw on a more permanently contrived smile to counteract her teary eyed face, Hi Bob she said.
  50. To counteract this tendency, England, under various but flimsy pretences, has endeavored to support her commercial superiority by monopoly.
  51. When the miserable husband heard this, he pleaded with him to counteract the magic’s effect, offering to pay him whatever price he wished.
  52. And now here is another breathing exercise which will help to counteract bad posture, drooping and round shoulders, and curvature of the spine.
  53. The best we can do is to be aware of these biases and errors and to attempt to counteract them; but be clear on this point—you cannot fix them.
  54. The governments know this, and tremble before this force, and with all the means at their command try to counteract it and to get possession of it.
  55. We were taking turns sitting with her although she was pretty well out of it most of the time due to the drugs they gave her to counteract the pain.
  56. It is also effective to purify oneself using these four opponent powers each evening in order to counteract any negative actions done during the day.
  57. Whatever we may think of her as an individual, it seems that Margaret Thatcher understood strategy and how to use it to counteract the actions of others.
  58. She concentrated a moment, then exchanged what she’d been wearing under her armor for a blue wool spring dress, warm enough to counteract the slight chill.
  59. And then, to counteract that, I would take a lot of stimulants and drink a lot of coffee to stay awake and alert at work—which I, basically, was able to do.
  60. To counteract his deadly pale skin he had lain in the sun, but he boiled and his skin fell off in pink leaflets, leaving only more pink, moist, sensitive skin.
  61. At last, when my silence had lasted so long that I began to be afraid that she would think me a stupid boy, I decided at all hazards to counteract such a notion.
  62. He was evidently making an effort to be gay, to counteract the feeling which she had concealed as she came in, but which had the upper hand now that they were seated.
  63. What you have detected there does nothing more than counteract some of the pull of weight on our world, reducing that pull to one third of what it would be otherwise.
  64. Everybody sees that things are going so badly that they cannot be allowed to go on so and that it is the duty of all decent men to counteract it as far as they can.
  65. The remedy with this approach is to teach the trader specific ways to increase the experience of gratitude in their life to counteract the need for immediate gratification.
  66. A choice between a personality disorder or psychopathic personality intended towards producing an antidote to counteract the poison inside him giving him the feel of importance.
  67. Finding the child more docile and amiable than her sister, the old lady felt it her duty to try and counteract, as far as possible, the bad effects of home freedom and indulgence.
  68. He has already declared, by his proclamation to Frenchmen, that he has gone to Moscow for no other end than to cultivate peace, and counteract the Emperor of Russia's desire of war.
  69. A marked firmness was about his mouth and chin; and when he seized the oars and rowed to counteract the boat's leeway caused by the tide, the grip of his hands was as that of a vice.
  70. To counteract any evil result of that bad conjunction he walked quickly past the ranch house, through the chicken yard, through the vegetable patch, until he came at last to the brush line.
  71. Most of them are gathering closer to the dividing line between our dimension and yours, partly in order to project positive energies to Earth, which will counteract the negative energies here.
  72. Note that a high intake of folic acid may mask a Vitamin B12 deficiency because it prevents the changes in red blood cells, but does not counteract the deficiency in the brain and nervous system.
  73. It will be in vain that you attempt to counteract her by laws; from the great length and contiguity of her possessions, she will forever evade them, unless by your laws you can change the nature of man.
  74. We know that while the subterranean water layer existed, the Earth’s magnetic field was strong enough to counteract the gravitational pull that was exerted on the water, suspended above the atmosphere.
  75. I wasn't surprised that it worked—incorporating an element of price momentum can counteract value investors' tendency to buy too early and fall into value traps—but I'll admit that I was surprised how well it worked.
  76. In his return to the camp, his acute and practised intellects were intently engaged in devising means to counteract a watchfulness and suspicion on the part of his enemies, that he knew were, in no degree, inferior to his own.
  77. From the reflections I passed to the resolutions and decided to use the maximum of my faculties and all the possible and impossible means of which I had personal knowledge of to counteract the curse of the spell and save my life.
  78. As a healthy conscious person, I’ve learned that one of the most effective ways to counteract high blood pressure and the onset of CVD is to be physically active, NOT – as the studies above prove - eliminate caffeine consumption.
  79. Then I said, in the quiet tone the army officer uses when he tells the mob that the machine guns will open up in two minutes by the watch: Gentlemen, in the effort to counteract my warning to the public, the Textile crowd rocketed the stock yesterday.
  80. Russian helicopter pioneer Igor Sikorski solved the problem of torque, which happens when the rotor forces the fuselage to rotate in the opposite direction to the engine, by introducing a tail rotor to counteract the torque and keep the copter flying straight.
  81. The hatred and jealousy of Terkoz, son of Tublat, did much to counteract the effect of Tarzan's desire to renounce his kingship among the apes, for, stubborn young Englishman that he was, he could not bring himself to retreat in the face of so malignant an enemy.
  82. You must resolve upon one simple and single line of conduct, and for a man of your intelligence, this plan is as easy as it is necessary; you must form honorable friendships, and by that means counteract the prejudice which may attach to the obscurity of your former life.
  83. He hoped that the example of these petitioners would tend to counteract those strenuous and unremitting exertions of passion, prejudice, and party feeling, which had attempted to stamp upon the majority in Congress the foul and unjust censure of being enemies to commerce.
  84. They were, of course, disconcerted by the increasing spread of rumors that Jesus had risen from the dead, but they depended upon the bribed guards effectively to counteract all such reports by their reiteration of the story that a band of his followers had removed the body.
  85. But she couldn't help thinking there ought to be a band on his left arm to counteract the impression of light-heartedness in his legs; a crape band, no matter how narrow, or a band of black anything, not necessarily crape, such as she was sure it was usual in these circumstances to wear.
  86. At this point Alexander III died, and the new pope thought it wise to make concessions to an uncompromising adversary in a rude and distant land, who had shown himself possessed of an extent of temporal power sufficient to counteract the power of Rome, even among the ecclesiastics themselves.
  87. As to the incompetency of this system to coerce either belligerent, I take that for granted, because no man, as far as I recollect, ever pretended it; at least no man ever did show, by any analysis, or detailed examination of its relative effects on us, and either belligerent, that it would necessarily coerce either out of that policy which it was proposed to counteract.
  88. Elinor would not argue upon the propriety of overcoming such feelings;--she only endeavoured to counteract them by working on others;--represented it, therefore, as a measure which would fix the time of her returning to that dear mother, whom she so much wished to see, in a more eligible, more comfortable manner, than any other plan could do, and perhaps without any greater delay.
  89. But I could not counteract Nature's law that everything shall beget its like; and what, then, could this sterile, illtilled wit of mine beget but the story of a dry, shrivelled, whimsical offspring, full of thoughts of all sorts and such as never came into any other imagination--just what might be begotten in a prison, where every misery is lodged and every doleful sound makes its dwelling?
  90. Now, sir, if the measure proposed could in any way counteract his views—if it went the full length of preventing him from procuring the various articles which his necessities require, I confess it would be inflicting a punishment, which not only the laws of war would authorize, but which the unprecedented baseness of his late attempt most loudly calls for; but no such effect will be produced.
  91. I rejoice, sir, that the State which I come from has, in this instance, been actuated by that magnanimity and patriotism which on all former occasions has distinguished her conduct; that neither selfishness, nor party rage, nor a spirit of intolerance, has induced her to counteract or embarrass the National Legislature in its pursuit of the great object of its institution, the good of the whole.
  92. The departments of the healing art as well as of the mechanical have not yet been touched: the questions how best to divide the period of labour, how and upon what it is best to feed, how best to dress, how to counteract dampness and cold, how best to wash, to suckle, and swaddle children, and so on, and all these applied to the conditions in which the workers now exist,—all these questions have not yet been faced.
  93. All questions as to how the time of labor is best divided, what is the best method of nourishment, with what, in what shape, and when it is best to clothe one’s self, to shoe one’s self, to counteract dampness and cold, how best to wash one’s self, to feed the children, to swaddle them, and so on, in just those conditions in which the working-people find themselves,—all these questions have not yet been propounded.
  94. Thus, when heat is urged upon incombustible[39] bodies with a force that overcomes the cohesive property by which their particles are tied together, it unites with them in large quantities, and becomes latent, by which union they are reduced to the state of elastic fluids; and as it is a universal property of heat to counteract the gravitating force of bodies, these compounds must necessarily become volant, and ascend as above stated.
  95. The danger to our lives! However much we may try to hide from ourselves the plain and obvious danger of exhausting the patience of those whom we oppress; however much we may try to counteract this danger by all sorts of deceit, violence and flattery,—it grows day by day, hour by hour,—it has long been threatening us, but now it is so ready that we are scarcely able to hold our course,—as in a vessel tossed by a roaring and overflowing sea,—a sea which will presently swallow us up in wrath.
  96. Marta had not been able to find one, and the matter was now becoming pressing; some organ was absolutely needed to counteract the effect of the lies disseminated by the Monterist press: the atrocious calumnies, the appeals to the people calling upon them to rise with their knives in their hands and put an end once for all to the Blancos, to these Gothic remnants, to these sinister mummies, these impotent paraliticos, who plotted with foreigners for the surrender of the lands and the slavery of the people.
  97. When I asked one of the governors why these tortures are committed on men, when they have already submitted and troops are stationed in the village, he replied to me, with the significant look of a man who has come to know all the intricacies of state wisdom, that this is done because experience has shown that if the peasants are not subjected to torture they will again counteract the decrees of the power, while the performance of the torture in the case of a few men for ever confirms the decrees of the authorities.
  98. In order to counteract this notable piece of mercantile policy, and to render herself as much as possible independent, not only of Sweden, but of all the other northern powers, Great Britain gave a bounty upon the importation of naval stores from America; and the effect of this bounty was to raise the price of timber in America much more than the confinement to the home market could lower it; and as both regulations were enacted at the same time, their joint effect was rather to encourage than to discourage the clearing of land in America.
  99. It is only thermometrical or sensible heat, that destroys the attraction of cohesion existing between the particles of bodies, the repulsive power of latent heat being barely able to counteract this property, when the elements under its dominion are removed beyond a certain distance from each other; now the very reduced temperature in the high regions to which these gaseous clouds will ascend, may admit their earthy and metallic particles within the sphere of cohesive or aggregative attraction, when the caloric will be expelled like water from a sponge, accompanied by all the phenomena above stated.
  100. And under what conditions are you doing this? Being liable to die at any moment, you sign a death-warrant, declare war or take part in it, pass judgment, torture and rob workmen, live in luxury surrounded by misery, and teach weak and trusting men that all this is right and for you is a matter of duty, while all the time you are in danger of your life being destroyed by a bullet or a bacillus, and you may be deprived forever of the power to rectify or counteract the evil you have done to others and to yourself; having wasted a life given you but once in all eternity, having left undone in it the one thing for which it was given you.
  1. Counteracting forces to the force.
  2. Yes, Phillip said, counteracting with a smile.
  3. If there is a counteracting desire, they cancel each other out.
  4. What quality did it (his hand) possess but with what counteracting influence?
  5. Another example of counteracting the risk of higher growth occurs with a price.
  6. Lydgate certainly had good reason to reflect on the service his practice did him in counteracting his personal cares.
  7. Autumn tried to ward them off with magic, but the witches were right behind them, counteracting her spells with the greatest of ease.
  8. Consequently, there is in these men a counteracting force, whenever they have to do something which is contrary to their convictions.
  9. The exercise of powers counteracting principles most dear to every part of the community, ought to be assumed with the utmost caution.
  10. This, not only on account of its elevation, but from its containing less water, would not be able to exert an equal counteracting effort.
  11. Gravity is pulling the weight of the ship down, counteracting the “Nor'easter's” gale force winds trying to tip the “Virgin” over.
  12. While JFK was trying to work for peaceful coexistence, the CIA was acting like the dirty tricks faction of fascist thinkers and counteracting presidential control of foreign policy.
  13. The meaning of Caprivi's speech, translated into simple language, is this, that money was not needed for counteracting the foreign enemies, but for bribing the under-officers, so as to make them willing to act against the oppressed labouring masses.
  14. The audience would see instantly that the hardening of the face was a process of counteracting the force of the consumption, and the more the Lord would consume them, the harder they must make their faces, and just laugh and revel in sensualism as of old.
  15. This doctrine, plainly as it is taught in the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures, is at once distinguished from the debasing superstitions respecting evil spirits found in heathen systems of mythology and religion, as in China, Ceylon, and India, by this—that it is taught along with the equally clear doctrine of the counteracting agency of good spirits called the angels of God.
  16. We, the men of state, who are counteracting this impoverishment by wise enactments, and we, the capitalists, who are counteracting it by the dissemination of useful inventions, we, the clergy, by religious instruction, and we, the liberals, by the establishment of labour-unions, the increase and diffusion of knowledge, in this manner, without changing our position, increase the welfare of the masses.
  17. The water contained in the ground, (that is, in that part which is within the reach of a freezing temperature) by congealing, expands and demands more space; a movement must necessarily take place in the direction where there is the least resistance; this will evidently be upward, because the atmosphere, the only counteracting power in this direction, cannot resist the expansion of the freezing water as much as it is resisted by the earth below the freezing stratum.
  18. Now, it was plainly a labor of love for Captain Sleet to describe, as he does, all the little detailed conveniences of his crow's-nest; but though he so enlarges upon many of these, and though he treats us to a very scientific account of his experiments in this crow's-nest, with a small compass he kept there for the purpose of counteracting the errors resulting from what is called the "local attraction" of all binnacle magnets; an error ascribable to the horizontal vicinity of the iron in the ship's planks, and in the Glacier's case, perhaps, to there having been so many broken-down blacksmiths among her crew; I say, that though the Captain is very discreet and scientific here, yet, for all his learned "binnacle deviations," "azimuth compass observations," and "approximate errors," he knows very well, Captain Sleet, that he was not so much immersed in those profound magnetic meditations, as to fail being attracted occasionally towards that well replenished little case-bottle, so nicely tucked in on one side of his crow's nest, within easy reach of his hand.
  1. Rushworth's return, but was so much counteracted in Wimpole Street by the influence of Mr.
  2. Rushworth’s return, but was so much counteracted in Wimpole Street by the influence of Mr.
  3. Elinor submitted to the arrangement which counteracted her wishes with less reluctance than she had expected to feel.
  4. This is a great law of politics; it is to the political what gravitation is to the physical world; it cannot be counteracted.
  5. The moist air of the cavern might possibly be counteracted by the heat of my body, but even so, I knew that I could not hope to get a light for many hours.
  6. But the tendency to rapid sinking in this substance was in the present instance materially counteracted by the other parts of the head remaining undetached from it, so that it sank very slowly and deliberately indeed, affording Queequeg a fair chance for performing his agile obstetrics on the run, as you may say.
  7. Under this infatuating principle, counteracted by no real affection for her sister, it was impossible for her to aim at more than the credit of projecting and arranging so expensive a charity; though perhaps she might so little know herself as to walk home to the Parsonage, after this conversation, in the happy belief of being the most liberal-minded sister and aunt in the world.
  8. The Congress is therefore of opinion that these ends should be counteracted by the publication of accurate statements and information that would tend to the removal of misunderstanding amongst nations, and recommends to the Inter-Parliamentary Committee the importance of considering the question of starting an international newspaper, which should have such a purpose as one of its primary objects.
  9. The Congress is therefore of opinion that these evils should be counteracted by the publication of accurate statements and information that would tend to the removal of misunderstanding among nations, and recommends to the Inter-Parliamentary Committee the importance of considering the question of commencing an international newspaper, which should have such a purpose as one of its primary objects.
  10. The congress believes that the warlike prejudices and traditions which are still fostered in the various nationalities, and the misrepresentations by leaders of public opinion in legislative assemblies or through the press, are often indirect causes of war, and that these evils should be counteracted by the publication of accurate information tending to the removal of misunderstanding between nations, and recommends the importance of considering the question of commencing an international newspaper with such a purpose.
  1. Sometimes the market overreacts to or even counteracts favorable or disappointing news.
  2. This counteracts the electrical resistance and keeps the ion migration process in order.
  3. Jaden counteracts the gravity forces around his body pulling him down while concentrating on his shield around him.
  4. It is this second movement of realization of Presence that counteracts the belief that since I (as ego) don't exist, therefore nothing exists and everything is an illusion.
  5. It is this second movement of realization of essence, presence, and fullness of Being that counteracts the belief that since I (as ego) do not exist, therefore nothing exists and all is illusion.

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