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    1. a very cute bald-headed Southern gentleman, very courtly and obviously used to

    2. With a courtly bow he said, “Be well, Seer

    3. It is a courtly gesture, one he would bestow on a lady in Asgard had he distressed her accidentally

    4. In his most courtly tones he says, “Loki has read that and more

    5. “Good evening, Laeron,” Loken greeted the dragon with a smooth courtly bow from his saddle

    6. For example, imagine a second skin player pursuing real world love in a medieval courtly virtualsphere

    7. As soon as they were all comfortably situated, Kirby asked if they were all set, and upon hearing their affirmative replies, he leaned across Joel, and with a courtly bow, presented Kathy with the silk rose he’d found in the road

    8. At first she felt bemused and flustered by this tender, courtly gesture, but within a short while she became accustomed to having Joel holding her hand

    9. He lifted her hand to his lips again, and the courtly gesture made her tingle all the way to her toes

    10. And Conderley, who had again absorbed himself in bread and butter, thought, "This is really a great pity--" which was the courtly man's equivalent for what, in a coarser mouth, would have been Damn the women

    11. His manners were courtly and precisely polite, but his smile was cold, chilling me to the bone

    12. arrayed in courtly splendor

    13. Daksha was surprised when he entered the main throne room, as the usual courtly

    14. courtly bow tucked it into the pocket next to his heart

    15. He gave a smile and a courtly half bow to Desirée, who in cautious stillness watched the representation of my guardian, visible now in the form of a man

    16. flotsam and jetsam of courtly life

    17. Elven standards, and she wore it in a courtly, coiled braid, entwined

    18. Doctors who made great fortunes out of dainty remedies for imaginary disorders that never existed, smiled upon their courtly patients in the ante-chambers of Monseigneur

    19. Monseigneur received him in a courtly manner, but they did not shake hands

    20. As he bent his head in his most courtly manner, there was a secrecy in his smiling face, and he conveyed an air of mystery to those words, which struck the eyes and ears of his nephew forcibly

    21. "In the name of the assembled companions in misfortune," said a gentleman of courtly appearance and address, coming forward,

    22. As for fixed abode, he said he had no other than that which chance offered wherever night might overtake him; and his words ended in an outburst of weeping so bitter that we who listened to him must have been very stones had we not joined him in it, comparing what we saw of him the first time with what we saw now; for, as I said, he was a graceful and gracious youth, and in his courteous and polished language showed himself to be of good birth and courtly breeding, and rustics as we were that listened to him, even to our rusticity his gentle bearing sufficed to make it plain

    23. And besides all this they are harsh in their style, incredible in their achievements, licentious in their amours, uncouth in their courtly speeches, prolix in their battles, silly in their arguments, absurd in their travels, and, in short, wanting in everything like intelligent art; for which reason they deserve to be banished from the Christian commonwealth as a worthless breed

    24. Pure, correct, elegant and lucid language will be met with in men of courtly breeding and discrimination, though they may have been born in

    25. "And what's more," said Samson Carrasco, "I am, as all the world knows, a very famous poet, and I'll be always making verses, pastoral, or courtly, or as it may come into my head, to pass away our time in those secluded regions where we shall be roaming

    26. Villefort's dusty garb, his costume, which was not of courtly cut, excited the susceptibility of M

    27. He opened the door for her and let her in first, with a courtly gesture

    28. us?” Their family GP was a kindly, courtly grandfather

    29. ” Perry shook their hands and with courtly gestures offered seats to the women

    30. attached to his song, and as he proceeded, Payne, who was ghastly pale and very nervous, went through a lot of galvanic motions and gestures, bowing and scraping and sliding about and flourishing his handkerchief in imitation of the courtly graces of the Marquis

    31. the meekest man and the kindest that ever laid husbandly hand under hen and that was the very truest knight of the world one that ever did minion service to lady gentle pledged him courtly in the cup

    32. Philippa was a remarkably direct woman, despite her courtly manners

    33. James Wilder, demure and courtly, but with some trace of that wild terror of the night before still lurking in his furtive eyes and in his twitching features

    34. The guy was old, Reacher figured, slow-spoken and courtly, and if he wasn’t from Memphis, he was from somewhere very close by

    35. In appearance he was a man of exceedingly aristocratic type, thin, high-nosed, and large-eyed, with languid and yet courtly manners

    36. The boys followed her to the wagon and assisted her in, courtly for all their rags, gay with the volatile Fontaine gaiety, but with the picture of their destitution in her eyes, she What a pleasure it would be to know people who were rich and not worried as to where shivered as she drove away from Mimosa

    37. His words stay courtly, but their timbre is tougher

    38. ale as soon as we came to the homes of wise and courtly men

    39. Ah, La Rochefoucauld is right in saying that when we complain of Flattery, we are but complaining that it is not artfully enough done! For Flattery is the Universal Lubricant; it greases the Wheels of Commerce and Industry, creates Good Will both in the midst of Courtly Pomp and upon Humble Hearth; and it e’en eases the Path to Glory of the Dauber or the Scribbler (tho’ the Latter both pretend to be above it)

    40. "Oh, Madam Mina, I know that the friend of that poor little girl must be good, but I had yet to learn…" He finished his speech with a courtly bow

    41. " He made this last appeal with a courtly air of conviction which was not without its own charm

    42. ‘They even say,’ remarked the ‘man of great merit’ who did not yet possess courtly tact, ‘that his excellency made it an express condition that the sovereign himself should not be with the army

    43. With courtly adroitness de Beausset half turned and without turning his back to the

    44. : Lancelot and Guenevere, a Study on the Origins of Courtly Love, Chicago, 1930

    45. With the same polished courtesy that had marked their manner toward me they extended their greetings to the great Thark, nor, to my surprise, was he much behind them in ease of bearing or in courtly speech

    46. Though not a garrulous race, the Tharks are extremely formal, and their ways lend themselves amazingly to dignified and courtly manners

    47. “They even say,” remarked the “man of great merit” who did not yet possess courtly tact, “that his excellency made it an express condition that the sovereign himself should not be with the army

    48. De Beausset bowed low, with that courtly French bow which only the old retainers of the Bourbons knew how to make, and approached him, presenting an envelope

    49. With courtly adroitness de Beausset half turned and without turning his back to the Emperor retired two steps, twitching off the cloth at the same time, and said:

    50. Key,) not indeed for his very courtly conduct, because if a man is ignorant, he does not like to be told of it

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    courtly formal stately gallant noble polite courteous dauntless