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    1. I can confirm to you that, subject to formal ABC accreditation, it easily fits in the category of [0 – 10] copies [and sadly I do mean easily!]

    2. The entry hall went thru the middle of the formal side of Kulai's apartments

    3. I half expected something grand, formal even, but it’s not

    4. It’s still hot and sunny and this formal, interview suit is rather warm

    5. Continuing his good work, I encourage her to get changed out of her formal suit and to come and help me in the garden

    6. Stephen looks smart in his evening wear, and that cannot be said of every man who dons a bow tie and formal suit

    7. "Yes?" rather formal

    8. Formal attire with two thousand years of tradition

    9. Speaking amongst themselves was forbidden on a formal occasion like this for the ranks of most of the crew

    10. This was a big formal public meeting held with all crewmen present

    11. Most of it was just a long formal list of who got how much return on the graft that went into making up this expedition, but there were a few paragraphs near the end called the 'Haad Directives,' couched in dense theologian

    12. ‘Do call me Betty, Kate, Mrs Livingstone is so formal

    13. "I don't think they have one, not a formal one

    14. It was on that third day, as evening approached, that he suddenly found himself surrounded by a throng of surprised crewmen, most of them surprised to find themselves clad in formal robes and turbans, all walking along the colonnade of the Haadij toward what could only be the amphitheater

    15. Because Brasil claimed formal discovery of Kassidor after the Pan Solar League disavowed its existence, and because Kassidor was also mortal, Talstan and the remaining Angel states were quick to suspect a Brazilian-Kassidorian alliance, in spite of the 11

    16. He never got any feedback from the notes he sent to the Kassikan other than a formal 'thank you for bringing this to our attention, we are grateful for any knowledge

    17. 'I think the simplest way to repair the rift would be to tell her you would be delighted if she would arrange a formal family christening ceremony

    18. I’ll have a word with Sally about more formal lessons

    19. He was sitting with Darryl, but as usual, as soon as they were not in a formal meeting, Darryl began arguing with his critics

    20. This review stage can strengthen community support, which may prove instrumental once your charter is ready for formal submission

    21. The Scather female lowered her head and went down in a formal bow

    22. A formal letter offering her promotion and a pay rise - she must have been proud of that to have kept it

    23. 8 October – Formal Governors meeting

    24. ‘Please don’t be so formal, Sarah

    25. present each of the companions to his father in turn, in a rather formal

    26. from the more formal gardens which had, he presumed, been laid out

    27. formal training, but was blindingly obvious in hindsight, was the

    28. He set it on the patio table in front of them and they proceeded to enjoy slices of pie with milk as if it were a formal high tea

    29. dispatches” in the formal reports sent to the Boards of Control in both

    30. governance of the crossing and the formal British government in

    31. ‘That’s as may be, sir, we shall still require formal identification – is there any other family member who could do this?’

    32. 'If you were to send a formal representation, you’d

    33. We seriously considered promoting you instantly to the Lower Sixth, but I had to account for your inexperience in a formal educational setting, and therefore would wish you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with both that new arena and our own culture here at Malvern

    34. Jo laughed and explained that the invitation was couched in very formal terms inviting the Lady Josephine Symons to join the Ladies Katie and Abigail for an al fresco entertainment

    35. It was then that the lady of the house made a formal introduction of herself and absent husband, and Harry introduced the ladies and himself, careful to avoid last names

    36. Those who had always made efforts to raise their scions properly, enjoyed the addition of formal assistance made through the school's Mistress and her lieutenants

    37. She wasn’t at all fake and formal like the souls he was used to, she was so ‘by your side’, so natural

    38. So he took out some vellums of his own supply and reworked the plans---as a formal exercise, of course

    39. She wasn't going to consider this a formal promise because of the volatile nature of Alan's mind that he was showing tonight

    40. After years of enduring these sorts of formal necessities, and the insipid arrogance of some participants whom I've met along the way

    41. Before Christmas, the plans were entrusted to Hipolyta for formal documentation in letters to Harry and to the Allcocks

    42. He might not know much formal technique, but he has fast fingers and a great sense of timing

    43. She greeted us all with the most formal and polite

    44. The man, who called himself AlfredMikreedy, was covered from head to foot in a long heavy worksuit with a sleek and formal mountain shirt over it

    45. To really see results faster use a more formal, deeper method of meditation,

    46. dressed in a formal shirt and trousers

    47. How she ached for him! He looked so handsome in his formal attire and she resisted the urge to run to him and kiss him full on those lips! She blushed at the thought and turned her face away from him so that he wouldn’t see the redness spreading up from her neck to her ears

    48. I hope their accommodation is satisfactory?” He kept his reply formal for the benefit of the ears listening

    49. Resiliency is also produced by having more tools at our disposal – and these tools come through both formal and informal education

    50. For example, when practicing mindfulness in formal meditation, you may start by being aware of your breathing

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    dinner dress dinner gown evening gown formal ball courtly stately conventional schematic conforming conformist ceremonial orthodox ceremonious sententious ritual prim precise punctilious starched stiff explicit express official rigid rigourous strict stodgy fixed methodical regular set