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    1. She was playing coy one minute, and attacking him the next

    2. “Harry, why were you so coy about admitting to your training before; when I asked if you knew about the Ten Tigers?”

    3. Her light, unsure steps clicking on the ground, her twisting shadow, the coy clearing of her throat - it all bore out in his memory as clearly as the previous day

    4. "She wanted money, Mr Pinscher, let us not be coy," said Mr Snickerty

    5. “Find anything interesting?” Helen was looking at Paul with a coy smile

    6. “Okay,” I said still playing coy

    7. He had to look behind him to see if anyone was following: he couldn’t believe that Caroline Steepleton would be shinning her radiant smile and making such a coy motion with her finger for his benefit

    8. 2 Tuff chimed in, “The mom wouldn’t reveal her age and the daughter didn’t want to date a younger guy,” Miguel told us with his usual coy smile

    9. writers where the writer has tried to be coy: "For the complete details, you'll need to

    10. “Who was he?” echoed the jesterfish with a coy smile and brimming eyes

    11. My Mom is so coy

    12. Finding his picture staring at him at the entrance, as he looked at her in surprise, she turned coy in her response

    13. But then, she turned coy as she began with the pictures at the end

    14. “Why are you shy,” he said heartily finding her coy as she finished, “having turned the leaf?”

    15. “It’s like you’re in the wait,” she said turning coy

    16. “You are probably right, did you notice the police when you came here?” asks Suzy with a coy smile

    17. I brought the popcorn over and sat besides her, not bothering to be coy about putting my arm

    18. He felt less like a vengeful man and more like a stupid coy child

    19. “It depends on what you were looking for, Coy?” Billy said never moving, but keeping his hand at his side and Jamie behind him

    20. “How did you know I was here Coy?” Billy asked still holding Jamie where she was

    21. Brent knows where I am and he would not have told anyone, especially Coy

    22. “James, Coy is one the Eastern Force Commanders

    23. Billy laid the paper down thinking of Coy

    24. He had been tracking Coy’s movements for months, he had made a point to know where everyone one was that needed watched, and Coy definitely fell into that category

    25. How had Coy crossed into the zone without someone knowing or at least EDWARD knowing?

    26. Billy knew Coy had come for her and why, but how had they found her

    27. Coy was a dangerous man, and if he was involved, it meant Maxi was too, and if Maxi was involved trouble was than he expected

    28. “I have been notified you are to meet with Commanders Maxi and Coy in regards to your application

    29. ” Coy asked as he sat carefully

    30. Paul looked at Commander Coy, who appeared to have been on the losing end of a fight, even his movements looked difficult and painful

    31. ” Coy sneered and then laughed

    32. ” Coy said glaring at Maxi

    33. Coy had disappeared also, and it was said his disappearance was the result of a certain squad from the East that had lost their Commander before the events unfolded

    34. The smile on her face was sly but coy, one of her more endearing qualities, and indicated her satisfaction with the situation

    35. Wickland’s shrug was meant to be coy in an effort to hide his ignorance on the underpinnings of his theory

    36. The Cascades, on the other horizon, were playing it coy, dimly visible through the mist

    37. Garcia is distracted by Susana, a coy smile aimed at him

    38. Why is everyone so coy in this town?

    39. “Well, you don’t have to be coy about it, mister,” the barten-

    40. “In that case,” the disgruntled dwarf told his coy little companion, “you can

    41. And their customers were so far being equally coy, publicly, about their difficulties, probably because in some, if not all cases, the cash they were now short of was ill gotten in the first place

    42. “Now you"re just being coy with me,” she said tapping his

    43. ‘Captain, the time for being coy is over

    44. She giggled, her face coy and her eyes alluring

    45. A coy grin on her face she stepped past him into his flat, parking herself on one of his cream sofas

    46. ‘That’s the threat,’ she said, turning coy

    47. ‘I never thought,’ she said turning coy, ‘that you’re such a shameless character

    48. However, as she neared him, her pace slowed down while his pulse increased, and finding her coy to climb up the cot, he clenched her waist to catapult her onto the bed

    49. Thy sauntered in the paddy fields and roamed about the mango groves until Sandhya became sore footed to go any farther, and ignoring her coy protests, he carried her in his arms, inducing her to cling on to him comfortably

    50. ‘It’s as though some magnetic force would draw women to him! Isn’t Tara, the veteran of many a fill, coy to him as if she were a virgin? It looks like he appreciates Tara’s undeniable charms but he doesn’t seem to be enamored of her

    1. coyed it indeed, but coyed it to the purpose; for with all her straining, her

    2. Thus Emily, who knew no art but that which nature itself, in favour of her principal end, pleasure, had inspired her with, the art of yielding, coyed it indeed, but coyed it to the purpose; for with all her straining, her wrestling, and striving to break from the clasp of his arms, she was so far wiser yet than to mean it, that in her struggles, it was visible she aimed at nothing more than multiplying points of touch with him, and drawing yet closer the folds that held them every where entwined, like two tendrils of a vine intercurling: together: so that the same effect, as when Louisa strove in good earnest to disengage from the idiot, was-now produced by different motives

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