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Criminal en una oración (en ingles)

  1. You are the criminal here.
  2. He had no criminal record.
  3. The criminal is brought out.
  4. But still he was a criminal.
  5. Now, I’m almost a criminal.

  6. It’s not just criminal law.
  7. The criminal actions of the.
  8. He’s not a known criminal.
  9. The real criminal would never.
  10. He had a criminal record at an.
  11. He feared the criminal might try.
  12. Who was the criminal, then?
  13. And that was pretty damn criminal.
  14. He was a criminal, said the woman.
  15. You see, I have a criminal record.

  16. Every criminal says the same thing.
  17. The criminal element engulfs this.
  18. Criminal diversion? I think that yes.
  19. It is the busiest of criminal courts.
  20. This criminal has not full man brain.
  21. As fond as he is of his criminal.
  22. Does she look like a criminal?
  23. You'll not treat her like a criminal.
  24. Plus I don’t have a criminal record.
  25. At first, he was going to go criminal.

  26. Then, as he is criminal he is selfish.
  27. These criminal acts are always to the.
  28. Criminal turf wars had already started.
  29. It’s a very serious criminal offense.
  30. It was almost as if he were a criminal.
  31. Q: Not even the ugly and the criminal?
  32. France and Germany, is a criminal act!.
  33. That would be criminal, Hilar said.
  34. Sure, if I knew he was a war criminal.
  35. I understand that the criminal justice.
  36. He pointed out that the criminal could.
  37. Locating the criminal and arresting him.
  38. Would we replace the Criminal Code with.
  39. What do you know about criminal law?
  40. This criminal refused to lodge an appeal.
  41. I’ve lived the life of a criminal for.
  42. You need to work on this criminal stuff.
  43. Well, he’s a criminal and I was a cop.
  44. All those charges and my criminal record.
  45. The other criminal recognizes him as the.
  46. This is a criminal, not a military matter.
  47. Hamilton was the real criminal, after all.
  48. Out of the ordinary, yes, but not criminal.
  49. I would also love to be a criminal profiler.
  50. The Yank was obsessed, and criminal as hell.
  51. Or, in the case of the criminal, notoriety.
  52. This kind of enterprise breeds a criminal.
  53. Criminal and civil charges, the whole works.
  54. Anyone with a criminal record was fair game.
  55. Another criminal, thin and pale, stood near.
  56. The Count is a criminal and of criminal type.
  57. That’s his dirt, that’s his criminal way.
  58. Why, they’ll have you in the criminal court.
  59. The juries who acquit every criminal are ours.
  60. It is the first rule of criminal investigation.
  61. She continues to pursue in their criminal ways.
  62. Th e Criminal Personality and the Problems of.
  63. Was that criminal in the eyes of the Republic?
  64. The government have turned her into a criminal.
  65. I got the vibe that he was a hardened criminal.
  66. No known criminal activity or political activity.
  67. You don't understand how the criminal mind works.
  68. He's a scoundrel, a criminal, and a manipulator.
  69. What did he have to fear from another criminal?
  70. Because those demands are criminal and wicked.
  71. The most criminal thing that came out of the ad-.
  72. They all cited him as a high profile war criminal.
  73. All criminal charges, of course, would be dropped.
  74. By running with the kid, he had made her a criminal.
  75. He would always have other dreams, criminal dreams.
  76. Bullying is positively related to criminal behavior.
  77. The disposition of Rodney’s criminal charges was.
  78. States vary in how they define criminal harassment.
  79. I told her there's a criminal investigation and I.
  80. I didn't want to be a witness in a big criminal case.
  81. Make the failing of any business a criminal offense.
  82. It was cowardly, I confess, but it was not criminal.
  83. That he’s not simply a criminal, said Puller.
  84. To the Court of Appeal, criminal department, etc.
  85. Romans could kill a criminal, so the Jewish leaders.
  86. We'll find a way to beat this stupid criminal trash.
  87. He was later identified as the criminal Sicarius.
  88. In South Africa, rape is defined by the Criminal Law.
  89. Like John Hinckley, Leslie is a cold-blooded criminal.
  90. They survived because they operated in criminal gangs.
  91. This kind of a criminal could become a real danger of.
  92. You didn’t know that guy was a criminal at the time.
  93. All in all your criminal history looks squeaky clean.
  94. One law abiding citizen against a seasoned criminal!.
  95. I know that you deal with the criminal element every.
  96. Background of the defendant including criminal history.
  97. Most of her classes had focused on criminal law so far.
  98. She was afraid of Alexia, who was no ordinary criminal.
  99. They could either pay the hush money or risk criminal.
  100. He then decided the cook would have to be the criminal.

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