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Vicious en una oración (en ingles)

For though she was vicious.
The vicious bird flung the.
Thus a vicious cycle begins.
William was not just vicious.
That is a vicious practice.
They looked hungry and vicious.
It is a vicious, vicious cycle.

Eponine and Azelma were vicious.
His vicious breath suffocates me.
It is an unchanging vicious cycle.
What a vicious little creature.
Not the dynamic of vicious cycles.
What a vicious secret projectile.
It’s a vicious network effect cycle.
On his face appeared a vicious sneer1.
In this way, the vicious cycle goes on.
But he’s vicious for days afterward.
Guy had always been a vicious character.
His eyes narrowed into a vicious stare.
In Asia, there will be a vicious tyrant.
I gave the steering wheel a vicious jerk.
He was sick, dying from a vicious fever.
She would become the vicious witch who.
It then becomes a vicious cycle of eat-.
Destructive anger creates a vicious cycle.
Madame Thenardier was vicious with Cosette.
He had been the victim of a very vicious.
Another example of a vicious cycle is pain.
Cats that lose a vicious fight may end up.
Marcos responded by unsheathing a vicious.
Every vicious cycle is ultimately destroyed.
It was a vicious fight and things got out of.
Vicious hatred invaded and blackened his fire.
A vicious tyrant called the Bird had just left.
So vicious! And he picked up the broken.
Left me flabbergasted by his vicious behaviour.
The vicious thoughts will by themselves vanish.
A sounder of boars in this region can be vicious.
Surely you must have suffered a vicious attack.

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